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Nissan Pathfinder Tires and Wheels

ganderiteganderite Posts: 9
edited September 2014 in Nissan
SAeveral other makes use the 6 stud, 5.5 inch space wheels. Chev Silverado and Toyota 4x4, for example.

I have a 1993 Pathfinder and would like to use some 16" Toyota or Chev wheels. Will they fit?

Will a 255 75 (or 70) 16 tire fit ok?


  • Second time repalacing the 255/65 16 tires. Had the Toyo OEM tires first. Great tire, poor tread wear (26K). Bought Michelin Cross Terrain's, again , great tire, poor tread wear (30K), and pricey $165. Now looking at the Bridgestone Dueler Revo's. Problem is they are not available in the OEM 255/65 16 size. Considering 245/70 16, close in size, or going up a size 255/70 16. Let me know if anyone else has changed sizes or using LT tires. Any fender rubbing issues? Thanks for your input.
  • Recently bought a used 2006 Pathfinder SE with 18K miles and BFG 265/70 R16s. Two front tires are starting to show signs of cupping. The local tire shop says due to not rotating tires and that Pathfinders tend to develop this problem. Says Armadas are even worse.

    Anyone else having this problem? Had the tires rotated and balanced but that won't fix this problem. What would be the next step -- alignment? check the suspension?
  • I have no personal experience with the Revo's, but they have a very good reputation. For sizing comparisons, look here -

    Bridgestone Alenza's are available in your OEM size. Cheaper than Michelin C/T's (which I just bought) and they have a very favorable Tire Rack rating. Whether they're right for you depends upon how you will use them.
  • mojo5mojo5 Posts: 1
    2 months into my 2nd set of tires on the Pathfinder (Pirelli scorpion ATR)....and I am getting some abnormal tread wear on the front tires only. It is a "feathering" of the tread from front to rear. Only thing i can find online about this kind of wear speaks of trailer tires for big rigs. Anyone seen this? Is it a known issue with the new pathfinders? Any reason to worry?

    I had the same issue with the stock Radial long Trails, but they needed replacement anyway after 35k. Tires are rotated and balanced every 5k.
  • kato4kato4 Posts: 1
    i've recently purchased my 07 PF, SE and am not satisfied with the small 16" wheel/tires. I'd like to go up to 18" but wasnt sure how well the vehicle would handle this size. I know the LE's come with 17" and offers up to a 20" for this model. I'd also be curious to know if there is a certain brand of tire that would improve the ride. I figured I'd use my 16" in the winter since they appear to have a pretty good tread so these would be more for clear weather road conditions.
  • deniedenie Posts: 1
    I just realized that someone stole my spare tire. Does anyone have an idea how much this is going to cost me? I have a 2005 vehicle and will need to buy an original spare tire.
  • alkcalkc Posts: 9
    My '01 LE needs tires and I would appreciate any & all recommendations.

    I commute on two-lane paved roads that have many turns, average speed 45mph. Because of the turns, I have never achieved more than 45K for each set of tires, 200K miles total for the vehicle, I travel via freeway to mountain spots during the summer & get into some bumpy, light rock terrain but no serious 4-wheelin'.

    After researching Tire Rack, I have narowed the choices down to these:
    - Avon Ranger TSE
    - Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza
    - Continental Cross-Contact LX
    - Michelin LTX-MS
    - Yokohama Geolander HT-S G051

    I had the Michelins once before and got only 45K out of them. I'm a bit reluctant on the Bridgestones because another Bridgestone model came with the vehicle & weren't very good.

    Opinions. anyone?
  • Did you ever hear back about this post (replies)? I recently had my spare stolen as well and am looking into options but keep hitting deadends. Can anybody help out with some info?

  • Anyone have 20" wheels on their Pathfinder? I have a 2008 SE V8 that I put aftermarket wheels on. When I hit 60 mph and above and hit any uneven or bumpy roads my steering wheel likes to bounce around (shake, jump..just plain squirrely). Not a balancing problem cuz it rides fine on smooth surfaces. Dealer says steering doesn't have any problems that it is the new wheels, tire pros say that it shouldn't be the wheel. I'm confused and pissed off. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • I want to put the OEM 18" Armada/Titan Wheels on my 06 Pathfinder. I know the bolt pattern does not match and will need to use wheel adapters. I have found several that would work but have not purchased yet. Has anyone tried this?
  • rolex33rolex33 Posts: 1
    Going to buy 3rd set of tires for my Path, my 2nd set is 265 60 R17, I'm not able to find that size anymore, I want to go to the 275/55R17, but I'm not sure if they will fit without using any spacers or adapters. If somebody can help me make my desicion I'll appreciate. Thanks!!!!
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    Alkc: I have a Pathy LE 2001, replaced with Michelin LTX-MS. Purchased from COSTCO. Great deal. Tire wear has been good. I have over 40K on them now. Mixed local and highway mileage. Smooth riding tire and good in snowy conditions, not great in snow, good. I would look at the Geolanders too. Highly rated tire. Had Yokohamas on my Mazda 6, what a difference form the Michelin Pilots in overall ride and price.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    I purchased Michelin LTX-MS tires for my 2001 Pathfinder LE in 2006. With about 22k on the tires, while driving on the highway at 65-70 MPH, in July, the tire Blew and the tread separated from the tire wall. Very Fortunately, my son who was driving at time, was able to get the Pathy from the left hand lane over to the shoulder on the right. IT"S A MIRACLE THAT THE SUV DIDN"T FLIP OVER !! After I was called and was able to get to him (he was realtively close to home), examining the Pathy revealed that the tread - still intact - wrapped around the rear wheel mudflap and tailpipe - like a huge Rubberband. The AAA tow truck that responded to change the tire [btw, AAA memebership is worth every penny] said that in 24 years of dealing with cars and tires, he never saw anything like this !!
    Brought the tire to COSTCO where I purchased the set of 4 tires. The service manager replaced the tire without question - it had to be ordered. But the damages to the vehicle had to be handled directly with Michelin. They required me to ship the damaged tire to them since their conversation with the Costco service techician initially indicated that it was "driver error" . I sent the damaged tire to Michelin. After their technicians inspected it, they contacted me and said the tire was a Run-Flat problem, not tread separation. Incredibly, they offered to pay a prorata share for a new replacement. I called them and told them how stupid they were, since Costco - backing the products they carry - replaced the tire for free immediately. I wanted to recover the costs to the dmaged tailpipe and rear mudflap from Michelin. Supervisors were contacted, but no chnage in their position. They sent brochures on Run-Flat tire damage. I don't have any expertise in tire failures, but I have been driving cars for over 35 years, and never experienced anything close this. Any intelligent person examining the tire (which I still have for I forced michelin to ship it back to me for further investigation), could see how the entire tread just ripped from the sidewall. This occured around the time that some of the Tire manufactures who produce the tire in China were experiencing major flaws. I'm not certain, but one of those Chinese tires was the Michelin LTX.

    Does anybody know where I might be pursue this investigation - objectively?
  • jecklesjeckles Posts: 87
    What a terrible ordeal!

    First, check your maintenance records and see when the last time the tire pressure was checked and what the values were... Also it would be good to know what the tire pressure in the other three tires were immediately after the accident (but not essential). Be sure they were checked with a good tire pressure gage. I took mine to work to make sure it was calibrated, but some of the newer digital ones shouldn't need this (supposedly).

    Second, check and see how often the tires were rotated and balanced, and what records you have of each event.

    Third, compare the data you have collected against Nissan and Michelin recommendations. This is the first thing the manufacturers will do, if they start an investigation.

    Take as many detailed pictures of the damaged tire and vehicle as possible, before anything is repaired. These will be essential for recovering costs later.

    You may be able to take the tire carcass to an independent tire dealer for evaluation, but I would approach this diplomatically so the dealer doesn't think he will end up in court.

    Hope this helps.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    You can file a complaint at the NHTSA too. If they get enough of them, they'll start an investigation.
  • alkcalkc Posts: 9
    almatti -

    First, thanks for your response to my tire post. My tire guy suggested that I go with the Toyos again & I decided to follow his advice. Next time I'll switch if I get lousy mileage with these.

    Re your Michelin problem: My initial act would be to send them a demand letter with copies of all the documentation you have. Make sure you sign & date the letter and give them 30 days to respond. If they fail to respond or do so in the negative, find out if they are members of the Better Business Bureau. If so, file a complaint with the BBB and see if they respond favorably; if not, file a complaint with your local district attorney's office & wait for Michelin's response.

    Should you fail to receive any satisfaction from initiating these steps, then you may want to consider litigation. You can check out your state's dollar limitation amount for filing a claim in small claims court. No attorneys are allowed there and it's just you against Michelin. From the facts you have mentioned in your post, it appears that you have a good case and I wish you the best of luck.

    By the way, I have a new inquiry for any reader who cares to respond. I recently discovered that the sway bar on my '01 PF LE has broken in half - that's right, clean in half within the curved section & not near the bushings where greater stress occurs. I talked to my factory-trained mechanic about this as well as a friend who is a former Nissan service manager, and both have never heard of this happening. I'm thinking this is a design or manufacturing defect rather than a mere worn-part repair situation. Granted, the vehicle has 200K miles on it now, but I hardly ever take it off road and have never hit anything that would initiate this breakage.

    Has anyone ever heard of this happening?
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    Soryy for getting back to this forum so late.... Never rec'd any satisfaction from Michelin or NHTA with the complaint. Michelin shipped the damaged tire back to me with the same response: Driver error - inadequate tire pressure!!! I contacted some local BBB - to no avail. I had to eat the expenses incurred for the damage to Pathy: Tailpipe, mud flaps, etc. but again to the benefit of COSTCO - they replaced the tire without question...

    I guess I will rethink a Michelin purchase in the future. I just Thank God that my son didn't "flip over" in the Pathy with a blow-out like that at 65MPH!!!. says something significant about the Pathy too!! There is no traction control or ESC system on the 2001.
  • glad to hear that no one was hurt....... i am very concerned about tires blowing up or having an accident due to tire failure or hitting some object on the highways...... while i own a 2005 xterra, i changed the oem tires at 44,000 miles with bf rugged trails "E" load range...... most will say the tire is overkill for a small suv but for what its worth, we are all not tire experts and i felt that by placing a heavy load range tire on my small suv it will eliminate any fears on the highways ...... i just wanted to give my input on tires and what us customers should consider.... i have seen these tires on the internet for around 119.00 a piece..... but they also sell the regular load rugged that many owners are not pleased with its thread life..... i just rolled 100,000 and still have plenty of thread on each tire..
  • rowellrowell Posts: 1

  • My son has a 1995 Pathfinder.

    In addition to the more or less stock tires he also has 4 studded snow tires (in my garage) which he has no need for.

    He want's to trade/sell the regular tires and the snow tires (rims and all) for oversized rims and tires.

    I won't go into the merits of what he wants to do, that's his thing. I am interested in getting the snow tires out of my garage as quickly as possible. He has agreed to let me post them on Craigs list.

    The tires are radial WINTER KING P235/75R15 108Q M+S. The rims are (factory) painted white enamel with a red and blue pen stripe around the circumference. I don't think either the rims or the tires have been used much. The rims are in very good to excellent condition and the tires have excellent tread and, as far as I can tell, no missing studs.

    Is $350 a fair asking price?

  • ctomctom Posts: 11
    I see several other folks have also had their spare tire stolen. Anyone have any advice as to how to prevent this? Have called a couple dealers and they have not been much help. I have an '08 Pathfinder S. Thanks.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    How about a cable type bike lock?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • the spare tire can be stolen in 2 seconds with a flat head screw driver....the U clip can be broken in 2 seconds. the perfect lock is the metal cable type because when you lock it its visible to possible thiefs. also place some duck tape where you place the key to keep dust and dirt.
  • ctomctom Posts: 11
    Many thanks for the tips - am going to use a rubber-coated steel cable with a weather-resistant Master lock. I'll let everyone know how this works out....
  • 2007 Nissan Pathfinder SE 4x4 (Although never used as 4x4) located in South Fl. I have previously reported many problems with this truck.
    Latest, I just took truck to dealer "Coral Springs Nissan" from hell, 30,000 mile service, and actual miles 29,500 mile. I ask them to rotate the tires, they say really not enough tread, three tires have at least 4mm, 1 has 3mm. I know why odd, when I constantly had tires rotated. This truck had the classic problem of, every time he hit a twig or bump, the front wheels shook, I told them several times. Eventually @ 22,500 miles they found tracking had a problem & needed an extended bolt. They now tell me need new set of tires. 29,500 "Need new tires", outrageous. Should get 50k on tires. Anyway, I pay & insist on rotate tires, they sell me another balance deal. Oil & Rotate $95.
    Surely tires should do better then 29,500 miles.
    I also tell them rear trunk lid, needs new struts, does not fully open, so constantly hit head. Service writer from hell says "no it’s fine". I refuse to deal with this writer, they get me another one. End of day, they oil struts, "See if that works, if not we will see about replacing”
    Is Coral Springs Nissan a bad dealer or is it an institution Nissan thing. Try to never fix the problems.

    Of course I still have the Tranny problem, rattles in doors, front windows that don't open properly, noisy wipers, tinny woofer.

    Reg. Frank R.
  • grn95grn95 Posts: 48
    Been running 275/55/17 on 2000 Pathfinder SE4x4 since 2000. No rubbing issues at all. They are Dunlop TG35 which are unfortunately not made any more. Fabulous tire.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    Interested in hearing opinions on replacement tires that the folks here have. The Michelins LTXs M&S have 50k on them, some tread left but replacements will be needed soon. Rotated & balanced every 5k. Elsewhere on this forum I disclosed the horror of a tread separation (Michelin called it a 'driver-error" Run Flat situation, Ha). Aside from that faulty tire which was replaced without question by COSTCO, they have been much better than the OEMs - Dunlops. Smoother, quieter ride - handled better than the Dunlops, But very $$$$.
  • 2007 Path SE 4x4, but almost never use 4 wheel drive. Tires are BF goodrich, 1st one worn out at 30500 miles. Not impressed. Just bought new tire + put brand new, never used spare on back. Problem with new spare, has 4 deep indentations on outside of rubber. Dealer says, caused by sparewheel, clamp. UGH! never seen or heard of such a thing. Dealer says can't do anything aboout it. Only 16 months to go, before give back the lease. Whoopee.
  • your struts might be worn... but should not be the problem.. i just rolled 105,000 miles and my second set of tires are ok...

    i will suggest... setting your PSI doing the white chalk line test... go to smooth paved parking lot..... take a piece of chalk and draw a line across the tire from the inside to the outside... you can do 3 to 8 lines.. then drive a little bit forward and watch to see if line is getting worn even....... if too much psi.. or too little will show ..... edges wear out faster or edges stay even and center of tire is worn ..or lighter .

    sounds dumb but .... each truck weighs different... each tire needs to be set according to how much weight is on the tire.... the chalk line test will tell you the exact PSI the tire is asking for..

    good luck
  • if you are going to buy new tires.... i recomend on-line.... i have the bf goodrich rugged trails "e" load range... you can find them for 129.00 and up... i put these on my truck at 44,000 miles...i am at 105,000 miles and they are holding up really good..
  • I just bought 4 new tires and I want to align the Pathfinder. What is the best machine for this? Any tips?
  • I live in a 4 season city and do alot of highway driving- looking for advice on best/recommended all season tires currently on the market for this car. thanks.
  • jedix5jedix5 Posts: 1
    If you decide to do re-alignment, check the parts. Excessive wear on parts combined with damaged roads or heavy off-road driving will throw off the re-alignment at some point. Also, check your struts for bleeding/corrosion or just a really bouncy ride. Then look at your brakes, if they have heavy wear or deep markings, clean them off and see how they look. Do not just look at the front but also the rear. The downforce when braking puts twice the load of the 2 front tires. So if your struts and brakes are not up to par, you will have issues. I have a PF SE 03 2WD w/ option to use 4WD and have gone through 2 sets of tires (Dunlop and Falken). These are LL TERRAIN. Currently I am on the Falkens. PF's have weight issues that really can not be overcome. It is a heavy vehicle. We all drive ours differently whether casual/aggressive, off-road, towing or combination. What I am going to do is rotate my tires more often to have even wear. Try this with your current or newly purchased tires. Take your LF and move it to the RB, and take your RF to your LB.
  • i have an 06 pathfinder se with the 16 in rim. can i fit the 17 x7.5 stock rim that comes standard on the le?
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