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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Wheels and Tires

I'm purchasing a 2004 Canyon Z71 4x4 and would like to know what size rims and tires to give the truck a beefier look. A friend of mine told me to put on a leveling kit and stick with a size 15" rim. Any suggestions???



  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I am not sure how big you can go with the wheel wells, but 33" or 35" look pretty good.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    I put 16x8" rims and 245/75-16 tires on my '05 Canyon 4x4. I wasn't trying to get the "monster truck" look, as the set up is the same OD as the OE 265/75-15s. However, the handling is much improved, as the OE General tires are no longer on the truck, and the shorter sidewall of the 16" tires vs. the 15s also helped out.
  • My extended cab Colorado Z71 has 50,000 miles on it, and even though the OE General tires still have some tread left, the traction and handling has been getting worse. I wasn't terribly impressed with them to begin with, although I realize the light weight of the vehicle and high off road suspension doesn't help. I saw some A/T's on a Colorado just like mine, unfortunately I couldn't stop to look at them. I need good traction for off road, mud, or snowy conditions. There aren't many tires available in this size yet (265/75-15). I like the Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armor for about $150 ea. Hercules has a Terra-Trac A/T for $120, and Cooper has an ART tire for $130. I'm leaning toward the Goodyear, although I'd like any suggestions about your experiences with tires. I don't think I'm interested in changing rims or tire size. Thanks for the info.
  • Iam new to this forum and new to the colorado. I have a 05 crew cab 4wd ls with factory 265-7515 I was wondering if a 31-10.50-15 would fit without rubbing.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    I don't have one but heard that the tirerack website has a chart that shows what sizes will fit.
  • Thanks i will try that
  • I seen one today with 31-10.50-15 bfg at at a store and i looked and it didnt look like they rubbed anywhere. A 265 and 31 both measure 29 1/2 in tall In guess i will order a set next month.
  • Hey Puregreen Ive got a 2005 Extended Cab with just the Z71 package not the 4wd. Anyways ive got 265-75-18's there a shade under 33's on my Colorado. When I had them put on I had to crank up the torsion bars a little bit and modify the frame a little bit because they rubbed if ya turned lock to lock. I think you'll be fine with 31-10.50-15's though anything bigger then 33's I think will need a little bit of a suspension lift.
  • Ya thanks I think Im gonna get the bfg at I really like the looks and heard they wear very well
  • i have a 2005 colorado z71 crew cab and i was also looking into getting the bfg all-terrain (31x10.5 r15) and i was wondering if they rubbed any?
  • I havnt got them yet still debating on wheel i want to get im looking at the dick cepek dc1 blk and chrm, when i get them i will let you know. I did measure a 31x10.50x15 on a truck and they are the same height as the 265 so should be alright
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Make sure the wheel offset is correct. Some wheels have the center hub area further out than others leaving the tires sticking out of the wheel well not to mention this is bad for the suspension wear and tear.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    Good point, Poncho. I'm using 16x8 wheels for both my winter and summer tires. The summer tires are on MB Motoring "Rocker" wheels that I bought from Discount Tire Direct. My winter tires are on ASA wheels that I got in a wheel/tire package from Tire Rack.

    Both wheels fit well, however the MBs have a little less offset (1/8") that the ASAs.
  • Have a 2005 Canyon Ext. Cab 2wd with off road package. I have 10.50x31 on stock 15" rims. They just dont fill up the wheel wells, the truck still looks on the wimpy side. Actually the stock tires seemed bigger! What is the tallest tire I can use that will beef up my looks without a ton of modifications, i.e. lift kit? Maybe it's the massive fender flares that make the tires seem small?

    Take care guys, thanks in advance! :D
  • I posted a couple months back to another guy on here looking for a bigger setup on his Colorado. I've got an 05 Colorado extended cab Z71 2wd that I have AMP Bitterroot 18" wheels with 265/70/18 Open Country A/T's on. I had to crank my torsion bars and notch the front frame a small amount to make the tires work. They only rub lock to lock every now and then. The tires are very quiet though and ride alot better then the stock tires. My 265/70's are a shade under 33's. I think when I checked the size they were 32.50's or something close to that. I think when these tires are worn out ill throw some Open Country's M/T's on.
  • gators4megators4me Posts: 2
    Thanks for the info '05, will check your setup out!

    Take care! :D
  • leebyehleebyeh Posts: 2
    Hi guys i just baught the 2008 gmc canyon and was wondering whats the biggest set of off road tires i can put on this thing with out changing the rims for this year. As of now it has the 15x7 alluminum rims and standered 235 7515 tires on it. I want something that will make it look a little bigger and be good on the dirt roads. Do the bgf foot tires fit on the 15 inch rims, i'm newbie to this stuff so please help me out thanks Lee
  • puregreenpuregreen Posts: 24
    I just put on bfg at's 31x10.50x15 no problem
  • leebyehleebyeh Posts: 2
    thanks puregreen now do anyone know the cheapest place to get the tires i am located in northern quebec on the east coast line across from the straights of bell ille somewhere in NFLD would be very helpfull. Im kinda looking for the cheapest place possible any help will be much apreacited thanks BTW this is a 4x4 dont know if that makes a diff thanks again
  • blurredblurred Posts: 1
    As puregreen said, 32x10.5 on stock rims with the Z71 suspension fit fine with no rubbing/trimming. The fact it is a 4x4 doesn't matter either.

    For the best pricing on a set of BFG AT/KOs I would suggest calling multiple places that sell tires in your area as well as go online and browse. Use That should bring up several listings.

    Some places are and

    Good luck and you should love the BFGs. Never have heard any complaints.
  • hokie91hokie91 Posts: 1
    The stock tires on my 06 colorado were 235x75 15 i bought a pair of 31X10X50 15 but they rubbed and the guy wouldnt put them on. If i put an inch and 1/4 spacer on my front wheel will this keep the tires from rubbing?
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    You've got to be kidding!!

    A spacer that big would put an incredible strain on the lug studs and front hubs, it would be grossly dangerous! And, if ANYONE sold them to you, they should be arrested for gross negligence.

    I'll assume your 'Rado is a 2 wheel drive? I say that because the factory Z-71 4x4 equipped Canyon/Colorado came from the factory with a 265/75/15 tire on a 15x7 rim. No clearance issues. The 265/75 and 31/10.5x15 are very close in dimensions. If your truck is indeed a 2 wheeler, and you're set on a tire that big, you'll need a suspension lift kit.
  • anyone know how big of a tire i can put on my 06 colorado 2wd im looking for a bigger and more aggressive tire?
  • mbo222mbo222 Posts: 2
    Hi guys. Does anyone know if the cool 17" chrome 2009 rims will work on my 2006 z71 4wd crew colorado? Thanks
  • ECR223ECR223 Posts: 10
    Has anybody mounted Silent Armors on their trucks? I was looking for a good all season tire with the ability to hold it's own off-road. It comes in both the 265, and the 31. Just wondering if anyone knew from experience how they performed.
  • will Pro Comp Radial Mud Terrain 32x11.50R-15 fit on stock rims without rubbing or are they to wide, I have an 04 GMC canyon 4x4 3.5ltr L5 engine, i'm not sure exactly what suspension is on it but i know it had 31x10.50's on it origionally. it does have the 4x4 offroad decal on the bed if thats any help lol, if the 32's dont fit stock i'll just go with the 31x10.50's cause i know those shouldnt have any problems, until i get the front torsion bar lift and rear leveling blocks then i should be able to fit 33's or something. but hey if bigger tires will fit stock setup with no problems why not, right. i plan on adding a brush guard piaa driving lights window vent shades n get the front driver and passanger windows tinted to match the others, its an extended cab btw.
  • Vehicle: 2008 Colorado

    In under 15k miles my tires began to separate.

    3 of the factory 4 had "impact wounds" with no sign of the implement that made them separate.
    The fourth one just does not hold air for more than a week.

    I replaced them all with a set of Coopers. 15k miles later and No more "impact wounds". hhmmm
  • Will a 31/10.5/15 tire fit on my stock 6.5" wheel without any issues? If it does, will have much tire sticking out beyond my fenders? I like the clean look of my smaller charcoal fender flares and don't really want to have to swap them out.
  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 877
    A 31X10.50R15LT has an allowable rim width range of 7" to 9", so, No, you can not use this size on your truck.
  • Hey Poncho, I am new to this forum. I have a 2006 Chevy Colorado 4-door. I am looking for a bigger set of tires, whats the biggest or the best way to go...u seem like u know quite a bit about this stuff.
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