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All-New 2009 Toyota Matrix



  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Interestingly, I was just reading a blurb on the '09 Vibe, and while the auto in the AWD Vibe is still a 4-speed, it seems you can also get an AWD Vibe with the manual transmission. So for all you manual fans out there that want 5 forward speeds, the Pontiac dealer may have what you are looking for, in what is otherwise essentially the same car mechanically.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • etchedetched Posts: 6
    I did my research/building online then called up a dealer close to me. It looked like they had what I wanted in inventory, but the options weren't listed on dealer website. When I called, I wanted to see the T Matrix Base 1.8L, but then confirmed that moonroof wasn't an option for the base. After some discussion, I decided that looking on the lot(s) was the best way to look at inventory. I settled on the 2.4 sport version with Cruise Control, All Weather Guard, and Power moonroof. I couldn't afford AWD (which I didn't feel the need for anyway).

    LIKES: Auto w/shift up down for those hills, Tilt & telescopic steering wheel, fold flat rear & fold flat front passenger seats, break away mirrors, pep, sound system is bass heavy, nice change for me, adaptor for mp3, 12V in front, moonroof, chime to remind you of key in ignition, night rearview mirror (I CAN SEE, FINALLY).
    DISLIKES: Haven't had the car a week and still can't get the doors to stay locked when shifting into park (followed all the instructions in manual, may have to pick up phone to dealer soon). No locking compartments in car. No extra 12V or 115V outlets in back. Currently difficult to find decent add-ons (full carpet when back seats down, other parts accessories too when searching by year) will have to custom make a carpet myself for now. Also wish I had upgraded to include hands free phone, steering wheel controls, etc.

    Would love to get advice on the door locks. By the way, they all lock the moment I put the car in gear, doesn't need to be moving. Once I shift into park, they all unlock, UGH! (once again, I did read the instructions pages 29 to 32 and my spouse tried it as well).
  • The fuel economy of the 2006 V Accord based on a manual transmission you speak of was juxtaposed to the 2009 Matrix which was an AWD with an automatic transmission would reveal that the Accord was using (city/hwy): 11.5 / 7.3 L/100 km, compared to the Matrix using (city/hwy): 10.2 / 7.6 L/100 km. The cargo capacity also differs significantly. The Accord is a Cargo Volume (trunk): 371 L (13.1 cu ft) while the Matrix is 1,398 L (49.4 cu-ft). When one needs the money in their pocket and the room to move things, the Matrix seems excellent.
  • Maybe I've misunderstood you - are you saying the 2009 model needs a fifth gear? Because my 2003 has a four speed (three speed with overdrive) and I like it. I usually set my cruise at 90 on the freeway, revving 2000 RPM. I think it revved much lower it would tend to lug down going uphill since I drive through mountains a lot. But at 2000 RPM, my 2003 Matrix never needs to downshift. I have no complaints about my fuel economy, either.

    Well, I hope Toyota or Pontiac get serious about next year's Matrix/Vibe and put back in all of the good stuff they took out in 2009.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    I think you mean 3000 RPM maybe? Actually, I am not even convinced of that, maybe you mean 4000 RPM.

    I had an '03 automatic, and at 2000 RPM in top gear with the TC locked it was doing about 50 mph.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • irishtigeririshtiger Posts: 4
    The passenger seat folds down in the 2009.
  • pokecheckpokecheck Posts: 1
    I installed a ProRac roof rack on my 2007 Matrix. It's a screw-down track-mounted type of rack with 2 crossbars that can hold up to 150 lbs. It is very quiet at highway speed without a load. They only load I've hauled so far has been 2 kayaks (fairly aerodynamic) and there was also very little wind noise at highway speeds. I used a Malone Autoloader J-style kayak rack, which attaches to the ProRac's oval crossbars.
  • swngswng Posts: 15
    Hi etched. I have just bought a similar car and the automatic locking and unlocking is just as you described in your last paragraph. You did not say whether you liked it but I don't. So I deactivated the automatic locking/unlocking according to the procedure on Page 31 of the owner's manual which you, as pointed out in your post, have read.
    Enjoy your car!
  • No, it's 2000 RPM. My bad, when I said 90 I meant 90 km/h. So in other words, it's about 55 mph. That's my normal cruising speed on the freeway, about 2000 RPM with the overdrive on. I have tried switching off the overdrive for comparison and it revs up to over 3000 RPM.

    I think the highest RPM's I've ever run was about 4000+ for a brief period when I was going 110 mph. Remote area with no one around, of course! XD
  • According to Toyota's own website, the front passenger seat only folds down on the mid-range or higher models for 2009. If you buy the base model to get the 1.8L engine (for fuel economy), their site says you don't have the option to have a folding front passenger seat. I can't see why you couldn't have that option with the base model 2009 but that's what Toyota's website says.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    It's another way they took a little something away for the '09: ALL trims used to have standard fold-flat passenger seats. The real shame is the rear glass. I just read the new Pilot will have separately opening rear glass as the Matrix used to. The new Highlander does too. Clearly it is something they think people like. Yet they removed it from Matrix.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • Has anyone tried to scoot the front passenger seat up all the way, take the headrest off and then recline the seatback to meet the folded down rear seats? I know this is possible in the Prius, making it sleepable.
  • oh_sh_toh_sh_t Posts: 1
    If you think 24k is alot, then you have bigger problems. Not to be rude. First, Toyota & Honda are like the pro-team, playing against the high school teams. No other manufacture comes close (ASE Master tech. since 1990) ask any good mechanic, and they tell you the same! Before you make such a bold statement, you really should drive (One of the quickest Toyotas - NOT LEXUS) vehicles I drove, and now own (Thats the S model by the way) Toyota is not known for speed, like Honda. Nissan, or :lemon: Mazda's. After driving, show me a better vehicle for 24k. (With a staight face) For 24k you get the Nav. system. Sun roof 115v power outlet. Audio/MP3 port. 17" wheels. Tip-tronix type automatic/manual 5 speed. It moves well. Handles great, and stops on a dime. It's not the greatest car in the world, but it's well worth 24k!! PS Its more of an American car, then the so called American cars, and thats a FACT. ;)
  • giantkillergiantkiller Posts: 273
    Mazdaspeed 3. Enough said.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    I have decided I really DO like about the '09 is that orangey/bronze color it is available in. I am playing with the idea of getting a new AWD, and it is between the Matrix and the Impreza, but Subaru has no really good colors like the Matrix does. Of course, Matrix has no available manual for the AWD models like Impreza does, so an impasse has been reached....

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • Anybody find an auto dimming rearview mirror w/compass included for the 2009 matrix? I have seen an article or two stating that the cars had it but the toyota dealership said they don't have it. I guess it was an option on the 2008 model, would it be the same one? also anyone get a trunk bike rack?
  • swngswng Posts: 15
    Hi matrixgirl09, I do have the auto dimming rear view mirror with compass on my 09 AWD Matrix with the Sports Package. I am in BC, Canada and sorry that I don't know if the same is available elsewhere.
  • No it's not available for the US ones, at least not yet. An aftermarket one was around 200.00 and I am not going to put it in if it's not guaranteed to work.

    For the 200.00 I could get a GPS (like a tom tom ) instead of the compass. I haven't decided yet.

    The mirror is only a problem when its real dark out and there is a truck behind me.. since we have more daylight now during my commute it isn't a problem. I don't drive a lot at night right now.
  • swngswng Posts: 15
    Hope you will get what you want in due course!
  • Hey everyone,

    Finally going to trade in my gas hog SUV for a smaller car in the next month or two.

    I've been looking at the 2009 Matrix/Vibe, but I'd prefer to have the 2.4L engine. I commute about 120 miles round trip for my job M-F (all interstate), and I'm hoping to get about 30 MPGs on the highway.

    What have your experiences been?
  • Anyone have this problem. More higher pitch and gets louder 65 -70ish to 80. Suspected wind baffle around antenna. Or, wind seepage under the cross rack covers in the black gutter. Dealer acknowledges hearing but hasn't a clue and not too interested to find source. Traded 04 Matrix - nothing close to this problem. They did superficial check of door hang and gaskets. Seem to be dismissive since not acknowledgiing as something Toyota has found in others and issued a TSB on. If you have issue or thought about how to get attention to problem, pls advise. Next message not going to be as polite. :mad:
  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    MSN is running aa story right now that compares cost/mpg for a number of cars in the Matrix's class (Fit, Versa, Xd etc.) The Matix is not even listed - I guess because of the FE hit the 2.4 is. The 1.8 engined Base version as well as earlier models would fare quite well in this type of comparison - begging the question why would Toyota make the larger engine standard on the 2 higher trim levels when it is mpgs that sell these days????
  • Hey All,

    I picked up the AWD 2.4l Matrix 09 a few months ago. I drive from Delaware to NY every other weekend. My gas mileage was roughly 24-25 mpg. I also have a heavy foot :) .

    I just change my oil from 5w-20 to 0w-20 synthetic oil. The owners manual said it gives you better gas mileage.

    It was right, my gas mileage when up to around 28mpg! Without changing my driving habits.

    On my next fill I’m going to try to watch my acceleration and try driving no faster than 65mph and see how it does.
  • rich505rich505 Posts: 33
    Not everyone cares about the best fuel economy! Some also care about the trade off of fuel economy versus acceleration. Also the 2 higher trim levels are being sold performance oriented.

  • captain2captain2 Posts: 3,971
    I agree with you here - because there is certainly a trade of as you note. My comment was more directed towards the mfgr. that has chosen to only make the smaller more economical 1.8 available in the base model - the 1.8L Matrix (and Vibe) have been available for years at all trim levels- now we don't have a choice? Even with the bigger 4 banger the Matrix is hardly going to meet any definition of a 'performance' car.
  • dchevdchev Posts: 38
    Hello Matrixgirl09,

    I just bought and installed Toyota Auto-Dimming Mirror. I send you a link to a Toyota Dealer that sells 2009 Toyota Matrix accessories ( I do not work for them, but prices are much lower).

    Good Luck!
  • Was it hard to do? I am not technical with cars, I can swap parts out but if it involves any kind of rewiring that is too much for me to do but i can find someone to help me.

    Thank you very much. That is a much more doable price.. :shades:
  • dchevdchev Posts: 38
    I did not do it. A Toyota Dealership installed it. They charge me one hour labor, which is $70.
    The mirror came with a small wire. Electrical parts are easy to demage, so I prefered Toyota mechanic to install it.
    It does not have a compass on previous generation Matrix/Corolla; however, it still helps me while driving at night. :D
  • The Passenger Air Bag Indicator light has not been lighting up unless someone is sitting in the seat or if I put something with the weight of a small child in that seat. I'm worried that since the light is not showing that the air bag is off when no one, or something too light to register is in the seat, that it may go off.

    I've had the car since Feb and the light has always been on showing OFF, unless someone was in the seat then it would switch to ON. This just stopped working a few days ago.

    Is this something I should have the dealer look at or is it no big deal?

    Is anyone else having this issue?
  • You mean if someone sits in the passenger seat it will not turn on? I think its programmed to not light up unless someone sits in the passenger seat.

    But if its not working, definitely have the dealer look at it. It's a safety issue they have to fix it. So far I have not had the problem, but I usually don't have passengers in it, but I check it once in a while.
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