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Ok, my mpv has been running real rough lately i have to put it in nuetral when i stop at a light or at a stop sign. I was told it was the coils. Someone else thought it was the plugs. I want to know if the ignition coil is bad what will it do, and how can i change it.


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    If you have a 2000 or 2001 MPV I would say it is the coils. I've read of the procedure on how to replace the coils at MPVClub.com but can't recall step for step. The front 3 are easy to replace, but the back 3 are a real pain.
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    The 2000 and 2001 MPV has a single coil (aka coilpack) and isn't typically having the issues that the 2002-2006 MPV's are having with single coils (one for each cylinder) going south due to a design issue that keeps moisture in the rubber boots. New coils for the 2002-2006 are supposed to be a different version that remedies the issue.

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    oops... got it backwards. :blush:
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    I just replaced the upper and lower intake manifold gaskets on my mazda, in addition to the pcv valve, spark plugs and and the corroded vacuum lines. I used fuel injector spray cleaner to clean the throttle body also.

    I started it up and it ran a little rough at first, but then cleared up was running great.

    I put in a small bottle of fuel injector cleaner, and filled the tank everything ran fine.

    Once I got back home, I sprayed degreaser on the motor and rinsed everything off.

    I started it up again and, drove out of my neighborhood it was running rough and then died, NO POWER the engine was still running but the car will barely move when I put my foot on the gas.

    Could I have shorted out the coils when I washed the engine, i have pressure washed this motor many times before and had no problems.

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    Could I have shorted out the coils when I washed the engine, i have pressure washed this motor many times before and had no problems.

    Well, this is a Mazda MPV forum. But, sounds like the coils to me. Over time coils may develop cracks from engine heat, the last power washing did em in.
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    I just want to say that I have now had to have 4 of the 6 ignition coils replaced on my Mazda MPV van & I am furious! This is a known problem & I think Mazda should have made it a recall. This last on (Ignition coil #1), is difficult to get to so the dealer charged me $400!!! to replace one coil.!!!

    DO NOT BUY AN MPV van - it will cost you a lot in repairs & Mazda doesn't care!
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    WARNING: If you have an MPV van, you are most likely going to have to have the ignition coils replaced at GREAT expense! I have complained to Mazda & gotten no where.
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    Hi my wife and i own a 2000 mazda mpv, recently the van has been missing or juddering a bit when in reverse and somtimes driving on the open road can feel it more in reverse. We thought it might have been the transmission but after reading all these posts I think our problem could be the coild i think people have been talking about...Any help and comments would be appreciated
    Thanks :confuse:
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    I posted a while back about my 2000 mazda MPV V6 juddering when the car idles or takes off.
    I had a few replies back - Transmission, PCV pipe leaking, Ignition coils anf fuel pump/filter.
    I have eliminated the transmission and I am still unsure about the PCV pipe and Coils. I have been putting in a bottle of fuel treatment stuff in the tank everytime I fill up and it seems to make it go away sometimes for short whiles or longer. So i am leaning more towards the fuel pump/filter/incectors.
    Is there away to test these 3 things or how do I go away bout cleaning them? :sick:
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    These cars suck! Read all the posts. I have had all the problems listed. Idle control valve, pcv valve, heater not working, etc.

    All started with running a little rough when first started. Auxiliary fan wouldn't shut off. No big deal. Replaced problematic valves, thermostat control, coils, wires, plugs. Same problem shortly thereafter. Took to dealer, told blown head gasket. Had this done for $3k. Got vehicle back and heater still didn't work. Started to run rough less than 24 hours after. Dealer is now telling me it is a cracked head gasket. There is a problem with the design of these engines. Good luck to all, my suggestion would be to get rid of any MPV. There is a real good reason why Mazda discontinued the vehicle. Mine is a 2005 with 70k. When we bought it, there was less than 30k on it. Over the last 6 years, we've only driven the damn thing 5-6k/year. Does that say enough? Had something wrong with it the whole time.
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    I have 195,000 miles on my 2005 MPV and have been very happy with it, but these ignition coil problems are getting bad! The first ignition coil was replaced in January 2013. The second ignition coil was replaced in October 2013 -- along with the EGR valve. Today, my mechanic told me that a third ignition coil is now bad. Maybe I'm being foolish, but I'm going to have this one and the last three replaced as a preventative measure.

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    If you replace one of the back coils ,replace all three , I had a friend that is a mechanic do it ,it took him 2 hrs real fast , but he has done many and did nt take everything apart just laid intake to side and worked around ,, also go ahead and replace plugs , cheap and he is already there .. Front ones had one already changed ,so two in the front are originals I can replace in 15 minutes but rear ,coils take removing the intake or unbolt ing and moving to the side not harming the throttle , I watched him do it and was best two hundred I ever spent ,,,
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