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Nissan Rogue Maintenance and Repair

What problems have you experienced with your Rogue ? Please share any solutions!


  • Have been interested in the Rogue so researched the Altima for problems. There seems to have had more than their share of them with the 2.5 engine. Will keep checking on this forum for a while to see if problems start to occur at the 12-15,000 mile mark or not, will wait till spring or early summer to make my mind up. Any Altima owners want to chime in? thanks......
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    I haven't heard of any 2007 altima engine problems. there were some issues with the early 2006 2.5 engines, but those were corrected, and the engine in the 07's isn't the same engine that was in the 06's.
  • unresolvedunresolved Posts: 7
    I am hung up between the Rogue and the Subaru Forester. I looked at the maintenance suggestions for the Rogue and noticed that the transmission is supposed to be serviced every 30,000 miles. This seems like a lot of transmission service. Is this figure correct and how much does this servicing cost?
  • jd10013jd10013 Posts: 779
    If your talking about a CVT equipped rogue, then your information is incorrect. 60k is the earliest it is supposed to need done. and it may not necessarily need it then. the cost is a bit of an unknown, but it will be high. As of right now, nissan is the only place you can get the fluid, and it aint cheap. I'd say probably 300 to get it serviced.
  • I just took my Rogue in for the 1,000 mile check up. I was speaking to the service manager and he said that there is a service reccomendation for the transmission at 30K. He also told me that Valvoline is developing a transmission oil that will substitured for the Nissaan oil. This oil should be cheaper. This transmission takes about 10 quarts of oil.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    I wonder if that's just a dealer recommendation. The only Rogue transmission TSB at the Nissan Tech-Info page says if you don't use genuine Nissan ATV/CVT fluid, a warranty claim may be denied. link.

    The '08 Rogue owner's manual specifically says to use only Nissan CVT Fluid NS-2. (page 9-2). Might be a good idea to get the dealer to put it in writing that they'll cover any tranny problems if they substitute another fluid.

    The Edmunds Maintenance Guide says that the tranny fluid only needs to be inspected (I didn't bother to look past 90,000 miles).

    I'd be curious to hear if the Nissan maintenance schedule agrees with Edmunds. And if does say the same as the maintenance guide, I'd be curious to learn how the service writer justifies 30k changes.

    My Nissan Quest has 125,000 miles on it. I did a partial fluid change on the non-CVT transmission fluid last month - maybe 4 qts new fluid added. That's the only service it's ever gotten other than checking the level occasionally.

    Something tells me your service writer is on commission. :confuse:
  • pathtomaxpathtomax Posts: 215
    I have been reading more about the AWD transmission issues in the Rogue. Someone mentioned it in the Reviews section of the Edmunds website. Also, if you google Rogue transmission issues you will find additional threads regarding this bumping noise the AWD version makes when it is slowing down.

    Anyone here have the issue? I live in New England so I would only consider the AWD version.
  • Whle I've only got about 3200 miles on mine so far... it has not had any noises when slowing down or driving. Handles and drives just fine. I go in for my first oil change next week so I'm going to ask about the transmission... I know when I bought it that I was told I wouldn't need anything but an inspection of the tranny fluid till at least 60K miles... and since I only do 10-11K a year, thats a long way off.
  • mfsnmfsn Posts: 1

    I hear a clunk noise coming from under my Rogue not right after I start the engine, but a few seconds after I shift into D and start accelerating. I sounds like gears scratching when you don't step all the way down on the clutch pedal of manual transmission cars. It is a one time noise, then it stops.

    It is definitely louder and more noticeable after the car has been parked overnight or longer, but if it's a short stop at the grocery store I can't hear it. I've had my 09 SL AWD for about a month (600mi) and was wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problem?
  • Hello everyone,
    I just purchased my new 2008 Nissan Rogue and love it. The question I have is: What do I need to do with the Vehicle Dynamic Control Off Switch? Does it need to be on or off for everyday driving from work and back?
  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Posts: 102
    Leave it on... Owners Manual page 5-27 and 5-28.
  • Thank You very much for the reply.
  • I have the same issue with my 2008 Rogue, I'll be bringing mine in for check up next month. By reading all the previous Nissan Altima with the CVT engine forums as people are suggesting the problem might be caused by the Heat Shield. Please let know if you also have more info.
  • psfod3psfod3 Posts: 63
    I have a 08 Rogue and I just bought a locking gas cap . Does anyone know how to get the cord that goes to the factory one off without cutting it?
  • I am so frustrated..I have had my Rogue to the dealer 6x. I continue to hear a rattling and vibration in the front end. I am continued to be informed that there is nothing wrong with the care as they cannot hear anything. I have read some reviewes regarding the transmission. Can anyone help me with suggestions?
  • Yes, i have had my Rogue at the dealer 3 times. I hear noises from the front end at low speeds and when turning. Especially in the parking lots. The dealer told me they hear the noise and that Nissan is aware of the problem, however, they do not know how to fix it? I also called Nissan directly and they told me the same thing. I think i might claim a lemon law case???
  • I have spoke to Nissan Regional Specialist and have been told the same thing; that since the dealers cannot duplicate my issue I am pretty much out of luck. I have contacted the lemon law attorney and awaiting a follow up. Have you had any luck or resolution regarding the issue? Is anyone else experiencing this issue?
  • carzz3carzz3 Posts: 6
    Yes, Nissan has decided to replace my transmission. Hopefully this will solve the problem
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I just wanted to let everyone know, and don't mean to be so negative, but I am having the same issue....2nd time. I bought my 08 Rouge in Jan 08. I had my transmission replaced after fighting and fighting with the dealer that something was wrong last August. Everything was fine once it was replaced and then started having issues again. I brought it in and complained that it was not accelerating quick enough, there was a delay. Of coarse they couldn't duplicate it....Well it is Jan now, and I was just in again on Friday for my inspection and issues all over again....UGH. I am again hearing the "gurgling" noice from the front end, and major vibration while it's in idol. When it's in Park, it's fine. When it's in drive or another gear it vibrates and makes rattling noises. Anyways, I was in on Friday expecting to fight with someone. Well to my surprise they just told me within 20 min of being there, they have to call Nissan. They won't admit that they hear what I hear, just that they need to call Nissan. This will be my second transmission. I have now 18700 miles on it so far. At this point, I don't know about anyone else, but I just don't want another transmission. It's not going to solve this issue. I just wanted to let everyone know that this can happen again. Has anyone else had to have it replaced more than once????
  • Had the same problem, noise from the front end at low speeds (around 6 mph). Noticed it when driving in parking lots.

    Took it to the Nissan dealer here in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada and after looking at it they said it was a transmission problem and that they would replace it. So the car is in the shop right now. They also said that this is the 5th one that they have had to do.
  • 2008 Rogue SL AWD almost 9K miles. I too have reported this xmission sound when slowing down...the 1st time they said they could not hear it. The 2nd oil change I reported it again, I had to take head mechanic for a ride...he heard it when we went thru a parking lot moving at 5-10mph and then stopping. He said 'yes, that is the sound we thought, and others have reported this. Nissan is aware of this and are working on a fix'. The explanation given was with this CVT xmission, imagine you have 2 'cones' facing each other, and as they move in and out you are changing the tension on the belt (or was it beltS?) slow speed there seems to be a little slop in the belt. His opinion was they woudl probably come up with some type of oil treatment or something to add to the xmission. Well, we shall see.
    BTW: I really like my Rogue alot! I went from a 2001 Forrester, and was hedging between the 2009 Forrester and the Rogue....considering the better gas milage, the Forrester still has a 4sp (old) xmission, and a couple other small matters I decided on the will be 1 year in April...only complaint is this xmission noise! My wife thinks the Rogue is much much better than the (2001) Forrester in the snow and such we get here in upstate NY area!...and I think I must agree!
  • Nissan just replaced my transmission last week and so far i do not have the same problems......hopefully this took care of it.
  • I am just wondering if this xmission/belt issue could be brought about by 'rough break-in' on the cars? The original Rogue I was going to get was 'right off the boat' and I was quite excited about this, until my wife convinced me to spend extra and get the Bose/fold down seat/ I did and ended up with a Rogue with something like 34 miles on it. And if my memory serves me correct, this could be the one we originally test drove with the sales person, and this is why I asked the break-in question. They drove us in this thing at hard acceleration (brand new car mind you) and really locked em up to show us the breaking ability, did some tight circles in the parking lot to show us the turn radius and handling and a few other good things..but not stuff I would want to do to my new car!! I am just wondering if the folks who have experienced this xmission noise got the car with very low miles?
    And with this replacement xmission, maybe take it very light the first 1000 or so to see how she behaves? Based on what I have read, it looks like I need to push for a new tranny huh?....
  • That's a good thought, didn't think of the "break-in" thing. I had to order my car, and it had about 200 miles on it when I bought it. They had to drive somewhere to pick it up. After the issues I had stated about 1-2 weeks ago, they didn't need to replace the transmission for the second time....YET. While I was waiting for the dealership to get a hold of their Nissan rep, 2.5 weeks later, last Saturday while driving down the road, all of a sudden I started hearing loud banging/vibrating noises. It sounded like the transmission fell was so loud. I couldn't drive the thing. I immediatly called the dealer and he insisted that I bring it in, rather than them come tow it. They had the car for 2 days and told me that it was the rubber grommit that is located on the axel that got dislodged. Not sure what this is, or how it did it but it did. I have the owner of this dealer involved as I have been so irate from the "lack of ackowledement" from Nissan. I still think it's the transmission and it is STILL making the same gurgling noise. Of coarse I wasn't able to get it to duplicate while I was there to pick it up, he told me to come back in 1000 miles (due for an oil change then) and he will look at it again. I have told them that I want a new car, that I feel that the problems I'm having is uncalled for when purchasing a new vehicle. They refused to do anything for me. I don't know what to do at this point. Thank goodness for this I can see others are having the same issue. Anyone able to get their vehicle replaced/and or a second transmission? Thanks!
  • 2 times back to the dealership on our 2008 Rogue for transmission problems. When you slow down the tranny downshifts very hard and surges forward. Both times they just reset the computer which fixes it for about 1-2 months and then it starts again.

    We are also having the noises at slow speeds (parking lots) problems as well. It goes back this week and they are buying it back. :mad:
  • I don't believe it has to do with the "rough break-in" on the car. I started hearing the gurgling at approx 6,000 miles. I called Nissan directly and told them to either fix the problem or give me a new car. They said, OK. All i needed to do was bring it back to the dealer within 30 days. However, when I went to the dealer, they called Nissan's (tech-line), which told them to replace the transmission.

    The dealer stated that they just came-out with a new tranmission that should fix the problem.....not sure if that was true.
  • Is the dealer that is buying your car back, are they buying it back at the price you paid? or are they doing the "trade in" thing? They reset the computer on mine as well....then back into the shop we go.
  • I was also just told the same thing that they just changed something on the transmission, which should fix the problem. What I don't understand, is if you don't know what is causing the issue, how can you fix the problem? I'm not sure if I believe this or not, since it's coming from Nissan directly. They haven't even recalled the transmissions. Did you get a new car or the transmission replaced?
  • glad to hear there may be a fix for this. I suspect maybe a select few/batch exhibit this problem, otherwise a total recall ($$) would be happening....another reason I thought of maybe 'break-in' syndrome of something like that. I also at one time coming out of a gas station, on a hard-right turn had a POP which sounded like a GEAR jumed out...but it went away and never happened again. We also have a 2007 Nissam Altima, which is the 1st year they came out with the CVT in that car...and my wife has had NO CONCERNS WHATSOEVER in that. She tells me she would NOT be driving in a brand new car making the kind of noise mine does in the Wal-Mart parking lot!! In any case, I have no (major) complaints regarding service at this point....they are accomadating and seem to want to please their customers, which is how it is supposed to be. BUT, I will not hesitate to go speak to the SALES department or the owner or WHOEVER (Nissan?) if the need arises, which sound to me like what might be needed (escalation process) in the case where they give you the runaround. I love this forum! :shades:
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