GMC Yukon Noises and Sounds

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Recently I noticed a thumping noise from the right passenger area that is present with the car is at idle (it is not loud enough to be heard if the car is moving) and when the ignition is on but the engine is off. Any thoughts?

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    Wasn't sure where to post this but we just last week a 2004 Yukon. Love it! But, when you turn it sounds like there is a pop coming from the steering column. It does so more when you turn right than left. Anyone have this problem? I kind of noticed it when we test drove it but decided against getting it looked at because for one it is still under manufacturer's warranty and we got an extended warranty that virtually covers everything so we took our chances.

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    I just had the exact same experience with my recently purchased 2004 Yukon XL. It seemed like a tennis ball rolling around when you turned. My mechanic said it's a common issue with these SUV's and GM has a steering unit lube kit for $19.95 that took care of the noise. No problems since then.
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    I Have a problem with some sort of engine noise which my friend said sounded like the Injectors, so I had them cleaned today! Wasn't the problem. Could it still be somthing to do with them? It sounds as if a helicopter has landed in my engine, NO kidding. Doesn't do it when it's first started but after about 30 mins and it's nice and hot you hear it loud and clear! My service advisor said it was "normal" RIGHT! It also gets louder with when raising RPMs in parked position.
    My husband is deployed to Iraq and I'm burnt out of getting no where! I had a belt replaced about 4 weeks ago. Before this happened.
    I'm trying my best to do this on my own, I have no choice, I don't like the dealership here locally but next one is 1 hr away. My service advisor back in TN always made sure any problem I had got fixed, and didn't push me aside. But stationed here in KS now....Someone also suggested cracked exhaust manifold? I just need some help here, also it seems to be when parked it idles rough/shaky since having the injectors cleaned??????
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    I don't know about a helicopter noise, but if it sounds like a prop airplane trying to take off when you raise the rpm of your vehicle when the temp is nice and hot than, believe it or not, this is normal. Your motor has a cooling fan that is attached to a fan clutch that is thermistaticly controlled. When your motor/radiator get to a certain temp then it will engage and cause your fan to turn close to the same rpm as the motor. When it cools down the clutch disengages and the fan turns at a fraction of the speed of the motor. If you want to test if this is the noise, than let your engine get nice and warm to were you hear that noise than bring your rpm up to about 2500 rpm (in park) and hold it. depending on the outside temp the noise should go away as the radiator gets cooled off and the fan clutch releases. A way to speed up the process is to "mist" some water in front of the radiator and it will do a swamp cooler affect and cause the fan to disengage faster.

    As far as your rough idle after your injector flush, I would run a tank of good quality gas though it and than see how it runs. They may have put in a tank additive. if you still have a rough idle, than take it back.

    Hope this helps, and that your husband makes it back soon!
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    gmclover, hopefully by now your 04 Yukon is all fixed and running normally... If so, can you share what were the problems and the fixes?

    Anyhow, it is possible that during the process of removing and installing a fuel injector, so dirt may gotten in to the fuel rail or one of the injectors and caused the rough idle... assuming each injector was properly cleaned. Just a side note, if I'd to clean the fuel injectors I would also replace the fuel filter too(unless the filter in built in with the fuel pump inside the fuel tank, then forget about it).

    I had a (small) cracked exhaust manifold once, I am not sure if I would describe the noise as a landed helicopter (sounded a bit flat, in my case it sounded more matel-ish, higher pitch); anyway, there was certainly loud Ticking sound when the engine was hot, shifter in Park or at low RPM with no load to the engine... Are you able to tell if the noise is coming from which area of the engine (e.g. top center close to the Intake Manifold, Right/Left front/rear close the valve cover, or front center close to the fan belts, and etc...)?
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    A guy at the dealership who listened himself told me that its not a normal noise, but it seems to do it when it gets hot and obvioiusly pressure may be involved, the longer the engine is on and geting hotter, the more pressure its building...but he wasn't the service guy, just a guy who has a suburban..He told me where to take it, I just have a lot on my plate right now and I'm trying to get I will keep ya'all posted! Thanks for the replies
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    Have you found your problem yet? I have an 04 GMC and just recently had to change the belts and when we changed the belts the tension pulley started making this tapping noise big time and I am on my second tensioner pulley and for some rreason this makes a loud clicking noise mine is the one locatyed at the bottom and runs the smog pump and I was wondering if you figured your problem out yet.
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    Have a fan belt tensioner on a GMC 04 and when replaced it started to chatter, it eliminated the bearing sqeel but now I have a loud chatter noise and it stops when the rpms are increased. any ideas out there!
  • gmclovergmclover Member Posts: 3
    I need to take it in still, just not ready to have another person tell me, well if your check engine lights not on..don't worry? (grr)I have somewhere I am going to take it, I was actually given the name of another mechanic, here where I live...My yukon still smells like new...but has this issue? go figure! My noise seems to be (on the left hand side when looking under the hood) somewhere middle to the bottom, just hard to tell. I will repost when I get it figured out (hopefully). :confuse:
  • 10mikeymike10mikeymike Member Posts: 8
    I just took delivery of a new 07 Yukon Denali. It has the navigation system and every time I open the door, I hear a faint sound like an autofocus camera focusing. The only thing I can think it is would be the navigation system rreading the disc, but the vehicle isn't running. Has anyone else noticed this?
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    Anytime you open a door on the vehicle when it's been sitting for some time, the NAV unit spins up and gets ready to do it's thing. It will also run for a while after shutdown.
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    I have developed a "Popping" noise that comes from the front of my XL Denali when making sharp right and left turns. The dealership recommended changing the fluids (which we did) and the sound still persist. I had already put new CV shafts on both sides which also did nothing to cure the problem. The service tech said it may be a "Carrier Bearing" in the front differential. Has anyone else come upon this problem? If so what was the fix.
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    Does this happen both forward and reverse? slow speeds? If so, it could be a loose cross member. Is it felt in the steering? Could be in need of a replacement intermediate steering shaft. More details would help.
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    I brought home my '08 Denali and the engine/exhaust noise is a loud rumble any time I turn on the car or touch the gas. The dealer said it is normal for the Denali engine but I don't remember this when I test drove. Any ideas or anyone with the same problem?
  • mikestgermmikestgerm Member Posts: 1
    I hear the same noise in my '07 Denali. I just completed my 5,000 mile service, and asked the dealer to check out the whirring sound (which, at times, is not so faint). They said that it was a normal radio or cd/dvd start up sound. I am not convinced of that, but had to get back to work, and didn't have time to argue. I will go back to the dealer when I am in the area, as it is annoying.
  • tpwallactpwallac Member Posts: 2
    Hello. I am hearing an annoying rattle right above driver's head anytime I hit a bump in my 03 Denali. I think something is loose where the speaker looking grate is in the headliner. If I apply pressure to the grate, it seems to go away. The dealer said they would have to take apart the entire headliner to tell what it was, and this would risk causing even more annoying rattles. Any ideas of an easier fix? I'm tempted to pry the grate off and see if I can put padding in through there, but I don't want to cause more damage. Any thoughts? Anyone else had this same problem?
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    I am having the same rattling issues in my '05 Denali. Let me know if you figure anything out tpwallac. Thanks.
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    I have a 04 XL Denali. Recently when I am turning, I hear a sound, not sure if it is a grinding sound or what it is. But when I straighten the wheel, that sound goes away but I can tell there something that is not right. The sound comes and goes. Anyone have any insight to this?
  • carterchapmancarterchapman Member Posts: 1
    Same popping noise on our 2004 Tahoe and 2005 Denali XL when turning the wheel to the stop - worse to the left than the right.

    There is a TSB on the problem and it was fixed by the dealer on both - no further problems.

    Also - the 2004 Tahoe had the "steering coulmn rattle" described earlier and that was fixed by a center shaft replacement.

    All on warrenty, so I don't know the costs - sorry.
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    I bought my Yukon 5months ago brand new and put 22' rims on when I engage it in 4wd I hear a noise that doesn't sound good I took it in to the dealership they couldn't figure it out so they fixed something on the front differential the sound is still their so the dealership put stock tires on and the sound was gone, I don't understand why this is only happening while in 4wd with the 22" rims, it did not happen with the stock rims while engaged in 4wd, any thoughts on this?
  • gaserupgaserup Member Posts: 7
    I have heard the same sound in my '07 Denali. It is the Nav DVD. I guess it's getting reved up as soon as you unlock the vehicle. The truck is assuming you are going somewhere and wants to be ready to show you where you are.
  • rkg1rkg1 Member Posts: 13
    I have noticed that my Yukon XL will occasionally make a "popping noise" when I back up (usually I hear it in the morning when I back out of my garage). It sounds like when you pop open a can of tennis balls or a can of pringles, or kicking an oil can. The first time I heard this, I thought I rode over a can, and got out to check.

    I know someone posted about this a long time ago, but I didn't see any replies.

    Has anyone else had this, too????
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    ABS self test?

    Maybe the self-leveling AutoRide suspension doing something?

    Do you hear it only when first driving it or can you hear it after running errands for a while?
  • rshtrsht Member Posts: 277
    Per your description, I would guess its one of the brake pad(s) that caused the sound.
    To check if that is indeed the case, after you have backed your car out of your garage on to a straight and flat road:
    1. put your transmission in "N" then let go the brake pedal (make sure the car is not rolling)
    2. slide the shifter in to "D" from "N"
    3. let your car "roll" forward (no need to give any gas) for a few feet
    4. then press the brake pedal, see if you hear the same "popping" sound???
    If you do, then there is a very good chance that one of the pads is sliding just a bit in the caliper. The pad that's sliding/hitting against the caliper caused the sound your heard. Hope that's all it is... Good Luck!
  • rkg1rkg1 Member Posts: 13

    It's usually only when I'm first driving it.

    What is an ABS self- test???

    thanks for the reply!!!
  • rkg1rkg1 Member Posts: 13
    I will try it out!!!

    thanks for the great instructions.. i will let you know what happens... :)
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    ABS brakes have a self test function - usually you hear and feel the test when you first drive away in your car. The sound in many cars is a dull clunk though if you hear it at all, not what I'd call a popping. Sometimes you can feel a shudder through the brake pedal during the self test as well.
  • gstoriegstorie Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Denali and when driving you hear excessive road and engine noise. It almost seems as if there is a door open. I have just purchased a new set of tires and the tire noise is worse. I have had other SUV's but none with noise like this. Am wondering if others might have the same problem.
  • flyperflyper Member Posts: 1
    My 06 Denali did the same thing. I became irritated and removed the speaker grate which seemed to do the trick. I think the speaker was rattling against the grate.
  • c650c650 Member Posts: 8
    When I turn the steering wheel on my 2003 Yukon LX, there is a griding noise, rough feel.  Centered up, no noise.  Noise seems to be from the front, and occurs with the Quadrasteer on or off.  Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • ahightowerahightower Member Posts: 539
    Intermediate steering shaft recall?
  • rshtrsht Member Posts: 277
    Does the grinding noise appear when you turn the steering left or right or either way, and if the noise appears only when the steering is turned all-the-way to the end? Have you tried to apply the brakes just lightly without stopping the car (when you hear the grinding noise) to see if the grinding noise disappears? If yes, if may be just one of the brake pads rubbing against the rotor...
  • c650c650 Member Posts: 8
    The noise appears while turning to the left and right, just had the brakes completely redone. Applying the brakes has no effect.
  • silverwolf2253silverwolf2253 Member Posts: 2
    I have a 97 Yukon that I love. It has developed a clunking noise when I come to a complete stop and then when I release the break to go. I had this same problem with a 96 Tahoe I had a few years back. I had the breaks done, diff. fluid changed and u joints changed and it solved that problem for about a year. Then I traded it in for a Ford....never again might I add. Well anyway...My Yukon is now doing the same thing. I had it looked at and the mech. told me to grease the slip yoke and it was dry. So I had that done and it solved the problem but for only a few weeks. Now it is starting to come back. He told me to buy this nickel plated slip yoke for over $200 but a different mech. told me that it wont solve the problem as his truck does the same thing and has for over 40k miles.
    I want the clunk gone and have heard many different things it could or couldnt be. Like the rear leaf springs could be clapping, a clip in the transfer case, the slip yoke needs to be replaced...etc...

    Has anyone else had this problem and how did they solve/fix the problem.

    Thank you.
    Can be reached at [email protected]
  • 02xldenali02xldenali Member Posts: 3
    Hi I have a 2002 gmc Yukon Denali XL and it makes a poping sound when I turn the wheel to the left when im parking.I was told it was the drive axles so I replaced them (Both left side)any other suggestions I would appreciate it.Thanks.
  • silverwolf2253silverwolf2253 Member Posts: 2
    I have seen on a differnt board here that something around the same to the problem you speak of is a recall and something to do with the steering column(sp?) but I could be wrong.
    Have you talked to a GM service shop?
  • rshtrsht Member Posts: 277
    Check out the post below, may be the same issue:!keywords=#628
  • 02xldenali02xldenali Member Posts: 3
    Yea but it feels like the rims want to pop[ off when turning slow.Im so confused.
  • 02xldenali02xldenali Member Posts: 3
    :mad: :mad: Hi I also have this problem on my 2002 Denali Xl.It is horrible it feels like my left side of mu Denali wants to rip off my rims.Whats the problem for that I already changed the the whole left side drive shaft axle unit but not fied yet??Any help please.
  • bdlifbdlif Member Posts: 2
    I have a 2004 Denali XL that has a squeek at the front but it's not the brakes. The squeek only comes from a full stop to about 30mph while accelerating. When it rains for a few days the squeek goes away untill it gets hot and dry. Can anyone tell me where to start looking.
  • rshtrsht Member Posts: 277
    Bushing(s)... I would check the sway bar bushings and also joints/links. I have used WD-40 before (lubricant that can be washed off with water if necessary) to locate the cause. Good Luck!
  • bdlifbdlif Member Posts: 2
    Thanks it took me a while but I discovered it was the u joint needing oil. Unfortunately on the 04's you have to replace the u joint, on the newer models you can collapse the joint and apply oil but I apreciate the help.
  • mbeaudmbeaud Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 and the same thing happens. It feels like there is something loose in the steering column also. I know that when it was under warranty they replaced it and it worked for awhile. It only has 35,000 miles on it and it sounds and feels awful.
  • tnt68tnt68 Member Posts: 1
    Did you solve your clunking problem. I have a 2000 GMC Denali and it makes the same sound as you describe.
  • blaktransamblaktransam Member Posts: 3
    Today, out of nowhere my 2007 Yukon XL with 52kmiles started making a horrendous grinding rattling sound in the rear (I think it originates in right rear but can't be sure as it's very loud when standing on the left too).

    It sounds like there are rocks inside a hubcap. Of course there are no hubcaps on this but that is what it sounds like.

    Literally out of nowhere.

    Any ideas?
  • ahightowerahightower Member Posts: 539
    When driving or only when parked? Is it coming from the exhaust?
  • blaktransamblaktransam Member Posts: 3
    It happened when the vehicle was in motion. Very slow, just starting to move. Both in reverse and going forward.
  • blaktransamblaktransam Member Posts: 3
    Dealer checked it.
    Turns out it was a stone in the break caliper (right rear)
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