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GMC Yukon Noises and Sounds



  • My wife's truck is an 04 Yukon with a 5.3 V8. Engine light came on today, but when I plugged in my scanner to pull the code, nothing happened. Nothing on screen, no scan, Nada. I plugged the scanner into my Silverado and it worked just fine. Cannot find any bad fuses either in the cab fuseblock or under the hood. Any ideas??
  • Take a look at the gasket around the rear liftgate. I had the same problem & when I put it back together and glued it back in place, presto! no more road noise.
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    I wonder if your scanner is only equipped to pickup the the engine trouble codes, meaning those codes starts with "P"... while the light may be triggered by some sort of body related issues??? Just a guess.
  • Never thought of that. Would make sense with the solid idiot light, not flashing. But my scanner should activate anyway when plugged in. I'll have someone at a shop plug theirs in to try. Thanx
  • we bought a mercury sable from individual and we had to replace alternator and new battery , and we are having a draining of the battery problem over night. Nothing is left on and we have to unplug it every time we park it. We took it and put it on a DC and nothing is coming up, can the DC read the memory even tho the battery has been disconnected for a long time on the car? also when the car is shut off and keys out of ignition and door open the door dingeris going off even when lights and nothing is on? could this be the problem to our drainage and how do we fix it?? Thank you very much :cry: :sick: :lemon:
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Head over to Taurus/Sable Electrical Problems to ask about your Sable's problems. This discussion is about the GMC Yukon.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • Thank you for the sight and pardon me and so very sorry. Thank you again for your redirection.
  • tjbcrtjbcr Posts: 1
    i have a grinding noise in rear of truck that gets louder as i go faster then softer as i slow down it showed up a few days ago and keeps slowly getting worse, just put new rear brakes on it and checked emer. brakes all looked fine any suggestions?
  • rshtrsht Posts: 277
    It could a number of possibilities:
    1. No sure which year is your vehicle, but, in case yours is one of the later models, the parking brake (brake shoes) are inside the rotor, have you checked that and the cable adjustments as well?
    2. Could there be a small pebble got caught in between the rotor and the brake pad?
    3. Were you able to check if one side of the brakes is hotter than the other side (sticky caliper, or a hard spot on the brake pad)?
    4. Is the dust shield rubbing against the rotor?
    Just a few other things I would check... Good Luck!
  • I have a 2004 GMC Denali AWD with 6.0 liter. It has about 82,000 miles on it. I replaced the rear pad about 10K ago. I have it serviced regularly (oil/lube) but have not had the 60K or 70K (whatever it is) service done.

    The weather here in Atlanta just got real the teens and 20s. While driving yesterday, I just started hearing a popping sound coming from the rear of my 04 Denali. After a long drive, I parked and came out of a store....started to go and it seemed hesitant to roll almost like a flat tire but pulsed...smooth, resistance, smooth, resistance, etc. Got out, inspected all 4 wheels, got back in and it didn’t happen again. Then experienced some pretty good vibration while driving too for a minute or so but that has not happened since. Now it just pops from the rear of the vehicle. At first, I was thinking the automatic leveling system but now am thinking a rear u-joint?

    Thoughts or same experiences?

  • chuck120chuck120 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Yukon and the noise your hearing from what i've been told is the self leveling feature your Yukon has.
  • kdemonekdemone Posts: 1
    My Yukon has 90k miles and has recently started clacking and smoking upon start-up. The anti-freeze level is also low and there is a gurgling sound when turning and at quick start/stops. I had the water pump replaced but there is still loss of anti-freeze. My mechanic couldn't find anything related to the noise and smoke so suggested a high mileage oil change - done. The problem disappeared for a couple weeks and has now returned. It seem to clatter and smoke most after an extended ride (100+ mile), although has done it with local rides too. Was thinking maybe a small leak in the head gasket and considering a product called "Thermogasket" to seal any leaks.......any thoughts or advice would really be appreciated!!
  • dale49dale49 Posts: 1
    edited July 2010
    I have a 2005 Yukon 4wd. In the past 4 weeks, I have had the transfer case sensor and the speed sensor replaced, so it now knows what drive mode it's in and stays out of limp home mode. Now it makes 2 different noises. The first and most annoying is a constant metallic rattling/grinding that starts as soon as it starts rolling. The other is a whining that changes pitch with vehicle speed. Neither of these noises are affected by engine RPM, just by the rolling of the car. The first noise seems to come from the right mid-rear of the car. The other I can't tell. It just ticked over 100k on the odometer. Can't find anything loose underneath. Any ideas?
  • mreadymready Posts: 4
    Kind of suspect you have 2 other seperate issues going on. Pull the right rear wheel and check whether the brake caliper has frozen on 1 side. If the inner & outer pads are not wearing evenly, that is the first problem. The driveline whining is more difficult to trace, but I would first check the u-joints, then possibly the front hub bearings. I've had both of these things happen on mine with similar symptoms. Another possibilty exists that the brake pad wear indicators (stainless steel shims between the pads & the caliper) are touching the rotor due to excessive pad wear on the right rear.
  • gman68gman68 Posts: 10
    Have you checked to see if you have a loose heat shield or a bad baffle in your muffler?
  • I thought the wifes truck was about to throw a rod, but when I put it up on the stands and got under it to listen, the noise was coming from inside the converter on the left side and at the spot where the two pipes join.It sounds like a bunch of chain bouncing around inside the pipes! I think the cat has come apart on the inside and the pieces have now plugged up the wye connection as I cannot get up over 2000rpms.Looks like I'm gonna have to earn my keep and go pull that pipe! I'll let ya know what I find!
  • We just bought this truck last month. During the time we've had it, it has developed a whirring or a grinding noise on the front driver side. Took it to Les Schwab to have it checked thinking that it was the bearing going out. They said everything was sound. Took it home and put it up in the air in our own garage and pulled it apart and again bearing was great. put it together and went for a drive and it still makes the sound. you can feel it in the floor when your driving. Im out of ideas. anybody got a take on whats going on with my 2005 GMC Yukon?
  • Sure enough the left side converter had come apart on the inside and plugged things up. So to expedite her getting back on the road, I used...get this...a toilet auger on a drill motor and cleared out the converters on both sides. I will have them both replaced after the first of the year, after things get back to normal around here. The truck runs great and smells like one of my old cars from high school!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    wrightfamily07 ,
    I apologize for your experience. If you are unhappy with the dealer diagnosis I would definitely recommend taking your vehicle to a different dealer for a second opinion. You may even as a technician to go for a ride with you. Please keep me updated on your progress.
    GM Customer Service
  • You may want to put the truck in 2WD to see if the noise goes away. That's the only thing that works on my truck. It was a quiet as a mouse & then the noise started. GMC dealer indicated "no problem found", but did offer to sell me $1000 worth of other services. I believe the issue is the front differential. Either the output shaft bearings or differential bearings themselves. If I run it in either 4wheel drive mode, it's makes noise all day long. 2WD produces no noise at all. I plan on tackling this issue soon & will post if I am successful.
  • I am the original owner of a 2005 Yukon XL. It has approximately 46k mi, only mods are flowmaster cat-back and a hypertech programmer. Over the past couple months I have noticed a noise. It usually occurs in first gear or idle. I initially noticed it when I was parking. If I am driving and pass someone I do hear it but it is very intermittent and I need help figuring out what it is. If I stand outside of the car I can hear it in the engine but also all along the body as well. It is fairly loud. I have a Century warranty so I just want to get an idea of what it is and how bad of a problem it is before I bring it to the dealer for repair. The video I made is under 2 minutes. I appreciate your help! Thanks

    The video is at:
  • Anyone???? I really need an expert opinion on the noise I posted above. Thanks
  • sarah37sarah37 Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 GMC Yukon. When I am traveling about 10-20 mph you can hear a noise that sounds like marbles in the front left wheel. It is more noticeable when making a turn or especially when pulling into a parking space. I have checked the hub bearing, cv joint, and drive axle and they are all fine. The noise can not be duplicated when it is put on lift thus removing weight from the wheel. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? The noise is getting louder and can even be felt a little in the steering now.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I would definitely recommend speaking with your dealer. Please email me and let me know how things go at your dealer. I look forward to your response. Enjoy your weekend!
    GM Customer Service
  • Hi, Brought my truck to the dealer. Century warranty inspector was out yesterday. The inspectors report said that the hard grinding noise was heard in first and in second but completely disappeared in 3rd and nothing in reverse. The inspectors conclusion was that it's needle bearings and planetary washer problems and it would be more cost effective to put in the SRTA than teardown. So, the dealer is putting in the SRTA this afternoon, should have it back at the end of the day. I hope it works out! Thank you.
  • bdealvabdealva Posts: 4
    My wife's 2001 Yukon Denali XL just developed a whining noise that is most noticeable just in front of the left rear wheel when the car is idling at a standstill. I suspect the fuel pump.

    I would like to hear from others that may have experience with this symptom. I am also looking for a step-by-step procedure for replacing the fuel pump. I know the gas tank has to be removed.

    Thanks for any assistance!
  • Hi , I just bought a 03 Yukon and when I turn a poping noise comes from left front tire and steering wheel I am worried I made a bad purchase can someone please tell me if they know what it is.... :(
  • Hi, a popping noise is a little bit vague and there are a lot of working pieces in that area, so I'm wondering when this is actually happening. Is the noise present when you turn left? Turn Right? Is this a FOUR WHEEL DRIVE vehicle? You mention that you feel it in the steering wheel which leads me to believe you may have 4WD. You truck will almost feel as though it's "Hopping" during hard left turns if you are in AUTO, 4 HIGH or 4 LOW. If you want to "test" this, change the selector to 2 HIGH and go for a drive. The condition should go away. My two cents worth based on the information you provided, but at least it gives you something to go on.
  • Hi, I own a 2004 Yukon. We recently were on a 2.5 hour trip and started hearing a noise that was more of a thud every once and a while. There did not seem to be any pattern to when the noise would occur. We took it to a garage and they could not even hear where the noise was coming from. We next took it to a transmission shop who thought it might be coming from the transfer case. Guess what....Murphys Law....the noise is NOT coming from the transfer case. We disabled the 4wd and drove it all weekend. The noise is still there and now it occurs at lower speeds than the 65 mph I was originally driving at. I am supposed to take this to FLA next week and I am getting really nervous. Can anyone help with ideas on how to trouble shoot this? I know we had some work done on the heat shield a while ago. That use to rattle something awful when the car was hitting a certain rpm on the tach.

  • jime11jime11 Posts: 2
    Trimbleman, I also have a 2004 Yukon, and it started making a loud banging noise at higher speeds (over 55mph).

    Did you ever find out what was the problem? It is intermittent, and seems to occur after going over a bump. It will last only once, to continuous for 10-20 seconds then stop.

    I am wondering if it is a bad U Joint. I can not tell exactly where it is coming from but seems to be center or Front left. It is not tied to engine RPM, because I put it in neutral as it was doing it and did not stop.

    Has anyone else had this issue? Any ideas on what to check?
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