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Nissan Sentra Transmission Problems

I have a terrible jerking problem when I press gas after slowing down & stopping. Can anyone tell me what it possibly is?


  • Can you be more specific?

    Is is a manual or automatic?
    What year vehicle?
    How many miles?
    Is the vehicle warmed up when you notice the symptom?
    Is the fluid at the correct level?
    Do you have non Nissan floor mats?
    Are there any noises or vibrations that accompany the symptom?

    If there is any other information you could provide it you help greatly.
  • naonao Posts: 1
    > Do you have non Nissan floor mats?

    Huh? :confuse:
    I just gotta know - why did you ask about the floor mats?
  • In my 2001 Sentra XE I had purchased aftermarket floormats that didn't have the retention tab that Nissan original equipment mats have. The smaller cones on the bottom side did not properly grip on the short pile carpet, if you call it that, it was more like a thick felt. The mats would slip behind the pedals and would in my case interfere with their movements. The drivability problems it caused shared many similarities the described symptoms. Poor braking, hesitation on throttle, etcetera... etcetera... etcetera...
  • 97 Altima with 85,300 miles on it. When car is cold, automatic transmission has trouble shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. I have to let my foot off the accelerator and eventually it will kick in. It only does this in the morning when I start to drive to work. Then the rest of the day, it doesn't do it. Took car to transmission shop, they could not find any problems. I'm trying to sell the car. Can anyone offer suggestions as to what it might be?
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
  • Possibility of a completely clogged pcv valve. Surprising, but true. I own a 2005 nissan sentra 1.8 s automatic. Nissan has nothing on replacing these things, but when they clog up and can cause a pressure build-up within the engine causing it to work hard and idle higher. Please replace as soon as you can. The only other solution other than that could be a dirty throttle plate. I replace the pcv valve every 12 to 15 thousand miles and clean the throttle plate every 30 thousand miles.
  • Problem 1) I have a 1989 Sentra 5 speed manual transmision that will not advance while its in 2nd or 3rd gear
    2) after driving it for 30 minutes or so it will stop and won't start untill 1/2 hour or so later.
    So is there any one with similar problem or with skills to know what is wrong with my sentra? any help will be apreciate.

    Highly regards,
  • I have a 1997 Nissan Sentra and it doesn't want to back up, whats wrong with it?
  • My grandpa just bought me a 2001 Nissan Sentra Gxe. About a Month ago....

    First off.... the horn doesnt work, it's not the fuse....
    Anyone know what it might be???

    And for my main question.... about 2 days ago.... everytime I would switch gears from park to reverse or to drive ...It would make a clunking noise and then it would jerk. Also when I stop at a stop sign or press the gas to go it makes the clunking noise. Well, Come to find out, there was barely any transmission fluid. We had to put two quarts just to fill it back up....
    Do you think that the transmission is done for...
    The clunking noises does mean it's the transmission right?
    And what it the estimated price of a new Transmission?
    I heard it was like 2,000 dollars, that seems a bit much, does that seem right?

    Please help me out, maybe give me some advice. I'm only 18. And don't know much about cars....
  • We have a 94 Sentra 1.6 ltr. auto trans. with about 119k miles. Today while driving it will not go into 2nd gear. First and reverse are fine. Fluid looks and smells good. I have read that this might be related to the governor. I can't seem to find a replacement governor at the local auto parts shops. Thoughts and suggestions please????
  • lrs3lrs3 Posts: 1
    Hope you can help........The problem I am experiencing is the transmission isnt slipping, but it's stuck!! In either first or second gear (I cant tell) and it won't shift up to the next gear whether or not it is in Drive or moving the shift from 1st 2nd or to Drive manually. The fluid seems to be fine and the color seems normal. I don't know if I need to go to the extreme of replacing the transmission or could it be an easy fix? The few estimates I recieved are giving me the worst case but with them, it is all speculation with out really looking at it at all. Friends have mentioned that it might just be a linkage problem. If you could tell me what you think it might be I would appreciate it. I plan on doing the work myself but have never done this before. I've done just about everything else, but if you think it's not so easy please advise.

    Thank you
  • ntanntan Posts: 1
    i have a problem with my a/t of my sentra for about a yr now,the problem is that when the engine is cold and when i put it in drive it takes some time to drive the car its like it doesnt get into gear, but when the engine is hot it gets to gear normally, the fluid is pink in color and doesnt smell burned. what could be the problem/ any solutions or encounter with the same problem pls share thanks.
  • brzilianbrzilian Posts: 2
    Bought a new 2008 Sentra S back in Feb and have had an ongoing issue with the transmission. Any time I ease off the accelerator in 4th, 5th and 6th gear, I can hear a high pitched whining sound. Started noticing it before 1,000 miles and brought it to the dealership. They test drove the car and told me it was normal. The sound kept getting louder and the dealership agreed to replace the transmission at 2,500 miles. The sound was still their after the swap, just not as loud. I complained again to the dealership and they told me it was out of their hands and told me to contact Nissan USA's customer affairs dept.

    They weren't of much help either and told me it was normal. They are arranging a test drive with another 2008 6sp, but it apparently is taking them 2 weeks to hunt one down in Western Ohio.

    In the meantime, I'm currently at 4,000 miles and the noise has returned to full volume. I have posted a video on YouTube:

    At this point, I just want my money back since Nissan has let me down in a big way and I have no faith in their customer service.

    To any potential buyers out there - beware!
  • were you able to get the problem fixed, if so kid has the same issue with her car.. any help is appricated...
  • brzilianbrzilian Posts: 2

    It is becoming apparent Nissan USA stalling as much as they can so that I cannot defer to Ohio lemon laws. I have yet to get a call from a dealership for a test drive of another 2008 Sentra.

    I happen to work with a few former Honda USA engineers and asked one to go for a test drive with me. He confirmed that this issue is not normal and should not happen with a new car. He also believes the issue is caused by the differential.
  • firefitebfirefiteb Posts: 3
    We just had the same problem it is stuck in what they call limp home mode which tells the tansmission something is wrong but allows you to "limp home" we had a new governor plate installed at a small hometown transmission shop for around $250 and works just fine
  • firefitebfirefiteb Posts: 3
    We had a small 1/4 inch vacuum line that goes to the top of the transmission and cannot see where it re connects now car shifts very erratcially any ideas?

    Automatic transmission w/ 4 cyl 1994 nissan sentra LE
  • check the motor mounts and tranny mounts
  • bad ground or the horn is bad
    check motor and trans mounts
  • i have the same problem with a 01 sentra se r and i have been working on cars for 15 yrs im stressed with this one there is a switch next to the shifter i haven't tested yet if u find out what it is let me know and i will do the same
  • anyone know were the transmission governor is on an 01 nissan sentra se r
    or why it goes into limp home mode after it gets to temp
  • We ended up taking it to a small local transmission shop. They immediately knew it was the governor plate and was most likely stripped out or something. Cost us roughly $250 and a day to fix. runs great again/ the small 1/4 inch vacuum line that we had issues with was also found to be the overflow aka breather tube to the transmission it should be open to atmosphere and not plugged to anything but put it where it will not get dirt or debris into it.
  • I received a letter from Nissan indicating that they are extending the power train warranty on the CVT transmission from 5 years 60,000 miles to 10 years 120,000 miles. They will also reimburse all transmission repair or replacement cost and towing cost. And you don't even have to own the car anymore to get the reimbursement. Also, they stated that they lowered the price for transmission replacement that may be required after 10 year years or 120,000 miles. :shades:
  • nwraaanwraaa Posts: 174
    My 2003 Nissan Sentra, when checked with a code reader, indicates that there is a P0745 problem. What has to be done to the car to correct the problem indicated by this code?
  • dbb4dbb4 Posts: 2
    I have a 2009 nissan Sentra and I think it would be really cool to put a turbo on it for the fact it would be a steady flow of boost with the cvt but I have no clue how much the cvt can handle the steal belt stretches and it also has a breaking point but i was wondering if there was a upgrade or how much hp and torque the factory one can handle
  • My shifter has no tension when in neutral just flops back and forth, and I only have 3rd and 4th gears. no reverse. what could cause this it a 6sp manual trans
  • txn_egl_scttxn_egl_sct Posts: 20
    I am coming due for the 30K service, and I saw that my dealer here in Phoenix, is charging $360 for a fluid flush! Is this normal? I know that the CVT uses special fluid or somesuch but $360?

    Is the fluid so used up that is no longer good, or do they just "dump and pump" assuming that I won't know any better?
  • alpine1alpine1 Posts: 51
    The maintenace book that came with the vehicle states that the transmission fluid be checked at 30K miles and changed if towing a trailer, etc. You need to ask the dealer how he determines whether it needs to be changed. In other words, how does the dealer tell "good" CVT fluid from "bad" CVT fluid. Also, you can check with another Nissan dealer in your area, ask the same question and get their cost for the service.
  • azpathmanazpathman Posts: 2
    92 sentra automatic front end rebuilt engine runs good one day without warning car just stopped going in either direction or gear.from 55 to rolling stop,wheels roll fine no noise from tranny,new filter and fluid routinely is there a sensor?or something simple to check could it be torque converter.thanx in advance
  • hi everyone i'm looking for a reason why my nissan wont engage any gears. its a manual not automatic.
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