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Toyota Camry Check Engine Light - Catalytic Converter



  • wenhqwenhq Posts: 14
    Could anyone help me on this?

    I bought a used 2001 Camry CE in year 2005. I had no idea about the separate emission warranty until now. I failed my state inspection in MA last year (Setp. 2008, around 70K miles) for the bad catalytic converter. However, i never got the check engineer on. I went to Toyota dealer and replaced the catalytic converter, which costed me $1300. I remembered that i asked the service manager if this is under warranty, and he said no.

    Now (7 months later), I realized there is a emission warranty, which is for 8 yrs / 80K miles. Could anyone confirm this for me since i don't have the owner's warranty booklet? I just checked my repair receipt last night, and it stated as Exhaust System (Front). It didn't say Catalytic Converter. Is the Exhaust System (Front) same as Catalytic Converter.

    Tomorrow, I am going to the dealer and ask for the money back. Is there any chance I can get my money back since the catalytic converter is under warranty?

    Thanks and any inputs are appreciated.
  • toptechtoptech Posts: 11
    25 Dollars for an air fuel ratio sensor? lol some people are not even on this planet. And it only has one if it is california emission. It has afr in the front and ho2s in the rear.
  • toptechtoptech Posts: 11
    There is no good way to determine wich one is causing the light to come due to how they are tested is by looking at the rear o2 sensor and that sensor is monitoring both converters! But from experience aftermarket converters on these cars DO NOT WORK OR WORK FOR A VERY VERY SHORT TIME AND ARE A WASTE OF MONEY.Amazing how many garages have no clue and waste hard working peoples money. Take it back to the guy that put the aftermarket cat and let him fix it the rite way.
  • I replaced mine just for laughs. $31.99 Autozone. 1987 Corolla. 4 cyl.

    The new models have gone up. Does anyone go to junk yards? You can find cheaper prices and sometimes you get lucky and find a new part. A sensor should be easy to remove, (search blog 1990 Q-45, a trip to the junkyard). Although converters are sold for scrap and missing most of the time.
  • cbayhoocbayhoo Posts: 2
    The check engine light came on about 600 miles into an 850 mile trip. Everything was OK and had it checked at dealer upon arrival. $101 for diagnosis and $767 estimate for new cat converter (code p0204). Let me chew on that!! My son called his trusted mechanic and was told $300 total. Then called my mechanic at home---he said drive it! I'm home in VA and light is still on but car runs OK. So, what's next? State inspection is in Sept.
  • toptechtoptech Posts: 11
    U can drive it with no problems. But u may not get a sticker depending on or states emissions testing. Lol that suposid trusted mechanic is gona cost u alot more money in the long run. He is stupidly giving u a price on an aftermarket cat! I will give u 300 if it works because i know it will not! good luck with that. 767 is a good price from a dealer. And the code should be po 420 cat effeciency low bank 1.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Do you know that you're one of the reason's aftermarket catalytic converters, perfectly good catalytic converters, can be purchased so cheaply..??

    A lot more profit/markup for factory converters so of course aftermarket, possibly from the exact same supplier but absent the factory logo/#, converters are a lot less expensive, inordinately so.

    Supply & demand.
  • toptechtoptech Posts: 11
    Ur wrong. If u could read, u would see that this is the main problem people putting on aftermarket converters and having the same problem. Keep it up with the bad advise, U will be in the same boat as many on this thread. U must be like many other mechanics that put them on, and then when they dont work u have no clue what to do. Or how to propperly check one. Most aftermarket are not teir1 or lev complient.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    Compliant or not if the downstream oxygen sensor is "happy" then I'm happy.
  • toptechtoptech Posts: 11
    Well I have a pile of like new aftermarket converters,If u are intrested in them. No one pays more then 5 bucks for a used aftermaket converter. U get 5 to 10 times more for a used oe converter. I know why that is, do u?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "...I know why that is, do u?.."

    Yes, absolutely.

    Not even the after market service shops will install a non-OEM labelled converter, so the vendors are disposing of the stock on hand at firesale prices.

    Is it because those non-OEM labelled converters are less efficient, less reliable, or is it because there is a LOT more profit to pocket if you begin with the pricing level of an OEM labelled converer...??
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "...No one pays more than 5 bucks for a used aftermarket converter..."

    Who, in their right mind, would buy a USED converter, aftermarket or otherwise...??

    Maybe if I removed it myself from the low mileage donor car at the wrecking yard, otherwise I would be highly suspicious of the "source".
  • cbayhoocbayhoo Posts: 2
    Now the check engine light has gone off several days ago. Car is running fine and my mechanic insists its OK. I'm going with the status quo for now. Thanks for your input.
  • rrichardrrichard Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with the Cat Con on my 03 Camry LE. How can you find which one is bad? Can you buy OEM's at discount? And is there a special procedure for installation?
  • My dealer told me that there is a service bulletin instructing him to replace my catalytic converter under warranty. My check engine light came on, I took it in, dealer said the code indicated the catalytic converter and that for 02 - 04 Camrys ( I may remember the years wrong, but mine is an 03) they are reprogramming the computers in the car, and installing new converters, for free.

    The dealer said he give me a copy of the service bulletin. I can provide additional detail if anyone is interested later.
  • tink45tink45 Posts: 1
    Hello Middleroad!

    It would be VERY helpful to obtain a copy of the service bulletin concerning the Catalytic converter replacements. I phoned a local Toyota dealership (service dept) today and they could not find anything about this (perhaps it is new?). Any direction would be greatly appreciated.
  • noysecretnoysecret Posts: 3
    where would i be able to get a service bulletin about the free catalytic converter? Can you please email me a copy of that please cause i need a catalytic converter for my 2002 Camry. Thanks!!!!!
  • I, too, would love to have a copy of the service bulletin! I have a 2002 Camry and the check engine light code is for the catalytic converter. If you would send me any details you can, I would be most appreciative.
  • Just got a check engine light and took to my local parts store. I was told the catalytic converter oxygen sensor was giving the alarm code. I would like to have a copy of the service bulletin when available. Is this OK to continue to drive?
  • lori826lori826 Posts: 1
    Can I please get a copy of the bullatin from you I have a 2003 camry and it has been nothing but problems since the day I drove it off the lot. Thank you!
  • kaywpkaywp Posts: 1
    Can you email me the service bulletin info or post the info? Does it have a number to reference? My dealer claims they haven't hear about it.
  • tjmullintjmullin Posts: 1
    Dear Middleroad,

    I would greatly appreciate if you send me a copy of the service bulletin on the catalytic converter. Thank you kindly in advance...Tom
  • toptechtoptech Posts: 11
    The cats are covered 8years 80k miles I dont know of any bulletin for a pcm update but I will ck the next time I think about it at work. I dont ck this site to often because of the people that dont have a clue how to fix these cars. If i forget to post a responce of the bulletin e mail me and I will ck into it Or if u have a question e mail me direct
  • mariab3mariab3 Posts: 1
    I am very interested in finding out more details about the catalytic converter replacement/service bulletin. My check engine light came on for my 2003 Camry and took the car to advance auto and the diagnostic came back as catalytic converter, will take car to the dealer on Tuesday.
  • jessneljessnel Posts: 1
    I would definitely be interested in receiving info about the Catalytic converter replacement bulletin. I have already replaced the oxygen sensor recently in my 02 Camry and would love to avoid an expensive replacement.
  • eventdivaeventdiva Posts: 1
    I would also like to get a copy of the service bulletin about replacing the catalytic converter. I have been told by the dealer that it needs to be replaced and it will cost over $700 bucks!!

  • carwebcarweb Posts: 1

    Were you able to get a copy of the service bulletin? Can you post it?

    Thank you
  • Hi,
    My 2002 camry had the same problem and the error code is p0420. Can you take a look at the service bulletin see if it is under warranty? My email is
  • bberbber Posts: 1
    Hi- I would love to see the bulletin also. Can you post it please? have an '01 that needs replacing- not sure if it would be covered though.
  • mmoenmmoen Posts: 5
    I have the same problem, check engine light on, dealer says it is the catalytic converter and wants $986.17 to fix. Were can I find the service bulletin?
    Thank you.
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