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Audi A5 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    shravshrav Member Posts: 1
    Did you get a 2010 or 2009? What was the MSRP?
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    shadiddyshadiddy Member Posts: 3
    I just closed on a 2010 Quartz Gray Audi A5 Premium Plus + Nav + Wheel Locks + Mats MSRP $43380 for $41796.. I think dealer invoice was $40,800!!!!!

    Dealer is Legend Audi in Long Island, Fast quick deal..
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    Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
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    peteraudifanpeteraudifan Member Posts: 1
    Did you take a lease or was it a purchase? What were the lease payments and did they include the state tax?
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    shadiddyshadiddy Member Posts: 3
    Purchase, and the damn financing went down to 3.99% like a week after my purchase :( I got 4.84% for 60 months, didn't ask about lease deals and state tax not included in price.
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    bsum70bsum70 Member Posts: 37
    Just order a Meteor Gray/black, Prestige, Driver Assist, Walnut wood trip. MSRP $46900(inc dest charge), invoice $43676. The dealer accept my first offer (which make me think that I can do better than this deal!!! well...) $44699 plus TTL. They just change one of the A5 on their order list which should be in production on the 47th week (11/16) and ETA 12/28/09!! Can't wait
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    miragetmmiragetm Member Posts: 1
    Sitting on an offer for a 2010 2.0L Manual Prestige Package. Deap Sea Blue Pearl Effect, Light Grey Interior. Was originally told by one salesman that they could do 2000 off MSRP, but later told the next day they couldn't... Anyway, MSRP is $44,775..
    the out the door offer including delivery is $44,020 before ttl.

    Is this a good deal?
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    Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,150
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    drhippodrhippo Member Posts: 8
    Sounds like a great deal...I'm happy, as well...just got a pearl blue 2010 cab with nav, prem. plus, milano (but unfortunately no wood & comfort package--but, is it worth 2400 to have a/c seats and neck heater??).....msrp 51050, got it for 47000k, plus a 1500 rebate from audi (traded in an 08 TT)...so, i think this was a terrific dealer...no BS from them
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    go8go8 Member Posts: 58
    FYI, just leased a new A5, ($38,275 MSRP, 2.0, bluetooth, heated seats, ipod interface) for $1,380 over invoice in NJ.
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    bamabillypbamabillyp Member Posts: 5
    All - I have been researching and negotiating for several weeks on wanted to share what I had, and also ask others on their advice. I also have a really good lease software package I used from ExpertLease that is well worth the investment.

    2010 A5 Premium with Nav with Wood Trim Package as the only option Auto
    MSRP $44,425
    $699 and $599 doc / acquisition fee respectfully
    $3,000 down
    7% tax
    $634 monthly payment (includes tax)
    This brings the residual to about 52% and money factor to 0.0016

    It seems the money factor goes down when you move to a package with Premium Plus. Also, Audi does offer Audi Loyalty that is $750 and also a Supplier Program that knocks off 6% from the MSRP.

    While they say the residual and money factor are set by Audi, I don't believe it and think they have room to move.

    This is in Atlanta and I'm wondering how this compares to others. I am coming off on Infiniti lease and they are offering a very, very aggressive program to keep me.
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    unartisticincunartisticinc Member Posts: 2
    2010 A5 2.0t Premium Plus
    deep sea blue/black interior
    manual transmission
    B&O stereo

    Paying $500 over invoice, including destination but not sales tax.
    60 months at 4.9%, although perhaps there will be a special rate that I can take advantage of before the car is delivered (~12 weeks?).

    Dealer offered $500 over invoice as a flat rate... didn't think I could do better than that for a factory order. Dealer is Tischer Audi of Silver Spring.
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    jj316jj316 Member Posts: 24
    Basic discount is 200 over invoice.
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    unartisticincunartisticinc Member Posts: 2
    If that's the case, it would have been nice to know that earlier. However, I've seen numerous people receive worse deals even in the past week. How did you come by this information
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    bozsterbozster Member Posts: 5
    Can someone please give a helping hand and give me some prices for current lease on A5s including money factor and residuals.. I'm looking at Premium Plus pretty much stock with possibly added Drive Assist and upgraded wheels to the 5-Y-spoke ones. I'm also looking at S5 but I am completely behind the curve on prices these days and what people are paying.

    I was looking at:
    S5 4.2 FSI® Premium Plus with six-speed manual transmission and quattro®
    Base MSRP$ 52,400
    Options price$ 400
    Destination charge$ 825
    Price as Built*$ 53,625

    and A5 3.2L Premium Plus with drive assist and upgrade wheels. ($ 46,275 MSRP)

    This is in Arizona

    I am interested how much would be a realistic lease rate for these models on 36 months/10k miles with zero down or in case of S5 possibly a $1k down.

    Is $800 tax included too low? My current lease on Q7 3.6L quattro premium with panorama and rear-view camera package or whatever it is is $790 tax included with zero down 36months/12k miles for $58k MSRP.

    I have a specific issue and have to trade in my Q7 and get an S5 with some luck for 36 months/10k miles. I was looking into some offers Audi Chandler gave me now and I can get an A5 (didn't specify which model but price was $44k including B&O sound and Nav) for same price I'm paying now for Q7 (tax included) with my Q7 trade-in.

    It does seem a bit expensive to pay $790 (tax included) for an A5 with zero down and a trade in but I'm totally out of the loop.

    Could someone chime in and help me out with some numbers here. What could be considered a good deal on S5 given my situation and whether or not A5 price I mentioned above is too steep? Is it completely unrealistic to hope for less than $790 a month (tax included) with $1k down and I'm giving my Q7 in?

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    ttnashttnash Member Posts: 3
    just got the car
    A5 2.0t ibis white with premium plus@ burlington audi
    all season mat and wheellock included
    39,800 otd with audi 1,500 cashback
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    armani335iarmani335i Member Posts: 19

    Can you provide with MSRP on your car? Was it auto or manual?
    What was the actual discount on the car?

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    slimmsterslimmster Member Posts: 1
    tnash, just confirming...you paid $39.8K AND received $1.5K back?
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    chakotechakote Member Posts: 12
    2011 Audi A5 Prestige with S Line Package
    $45k including destination pre tax which is invoice (order). Central California dealer.

    My question is whether or not the euro decline will affect 2011 prices on the downside. Any thoughts?
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    pdennenpdennen Member Posts: 2
    Looking for an idea on what type of discount I should get off this car. Sticker is $51,000. Dealer is offering $500 off plus an Audi "Loyalty" discount of $1,500. Seems like a lousy deal. Thoughts?
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    pdennenpdennen Member Posts: 2
    Seems like a great deal compared to what I got quoted for same model. Sticker (~$51,000) minus $2,000. Live in Michigan. What do you think?
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    pythonrulespythonrules Member Posts: 1
    edited August 2010
    Just talked to a couple of local dealers on the phone and looks like the 2011 A5s can be had for invoice price. A sales person from one dealership at first tried to make me believe A5s are "hotter" then A4s, but as soon as I told them that a different dealer was willing to sell at invoice price he immeidately said they can match that.

    So is invoice a resonable price? or there is more room for negotiating once I walk into the dealership with checkbook?

    Also does anyone know how much is the previous year model incentive Audi offers for 2010 A5s? I know it's $1500 for A4s.

    Thank you!

    P.S. I am not a previous Audi owner.
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    walcor34walcor34 Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone know what the invoice/cost to dealer is for the A5 with the Titanium package?

    From Audi's website I get an MSRP of $47,040 with 2.0 TFSI® Premium Plus ($41,490) meteor pearl gray ($475) Titanium ($1,650) Navigation ($2,550) and destination charge ($835)

    Thanks so much.
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    audivsbmwaudivsbmw Member Posts: 1
    I'm interested in the A5, and test drove it as well as the BMW 328 just for comparison purposes. Now, I'm finding it difficult to justify paying more to lease the A5 when the 328 offers more (i.e., remote lock-out service, run-flat tires, more power) for less money to lease. I know I'm comparing the A5 coupe to BMW sedan, but BMW's coupe has same engine as the sedan. BMW coupe is comparatively priced compared to A5.

    Thoughts? Advice? It's the A5 sleek exterior that keeps me holding on.
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 239,572
    It's a tough choice.... the A5 might be the best looking car on the planet... plus, Audi interiors are the best..

    A couple of things, though...

    1) Most BMW owners will tell you they wish they didn't have run-flats..

    2) Lock-out service? The last time I locked my keys in the car was 1985.. :surprise:

    3) No engine can match a BMW inline-6 for smooth, balanced power delivery....

    If you want a coupe, and they are priced the same, it's hard to go wrong with either one... if you are leasing, the BMW might be substantially cheaper..

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    avocatdiaboliavocatdiaboli Member Posts: 22
    i'm currently in the same boat. my other concern with the BMW is driving in the snow (but here in the DC area, i'm not sure how much of an issue that actually is).
    that said, are A5s really that hard to come by around here? I feel like i'm having to pull teeth to find one now! even used ones seem to come and go within a few days...would it be better if i were to look elsewhere? :confuse:
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    ganandganand Member Posts: 2
    <25K miles
    Preferable Blue or Gray
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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 239,572
    Hi, ganand

    We don't have a classified section in our forums.. You can click on Used Car Finder at the bottom of the page for listings..


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    gosox1gosox1 Member Posts: 17
    A5 Premium Plus with a few minor options:

    42680 MSRP
    41631 TMV
    39756 Invoice

    39780 Purchase price (2900 off MSRP). Doc fee/title prep an add'l 294.

    No financing, no trade. Maybe manual or color were not so in demand.
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    ahdannaahdanna Member Posts: 52
    Is that a 2012 or 2011? Where did you get it?

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    lichtman1lichtman1 Member Posts: 1
    Would enjoy hearing your evaluation of both deals. Is one better than the other. Florida resident.

    2012 Audi A5 Coupe Premium
    36 month lease / 0.00158 MF $617 p/month (tax lincluded)
    $3500 total due at signing
    Service/Maintenance included
    Sales price $45,405.00

    2012 BMW 328i Premium Convertible
    36 month lease / MF unknown $635 p/month (tax lincluded)
    Service/Maintenance not included
    $3500 total due at signing
    Sales price $51,775
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    gosox1gosox1 Member Posts: 17
    Hi, i had forgotten to write that it was a 2012. Purchased in MA.
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    ahdannaahdanna Member Posts: 52
    Thanks gosox!
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    chiquitachiquita Member Posts: 18
    Hi. can you kindly tell me what the apr % rate is for top tier if I BUY an 2012 A5 from AFS.
    I have always leased car and thinking i might want to buy?
    On the other hand, so i can compare, can you tell me if I leased what the current money factor and residual is for an 2012 A5 (prem plus?) for 36 mo lease and 15K miles? I i need more miles like 20K do they offer that?
    I need to compare buying versus leasing with more miles.

    when negotiating a price, are deals going under invoice currently? If I have loyalty and turning in a lease now, do I apply that loyalty amount in the negotiation price?? or negotiate , then subtract after that?
    thank you so much, i know I'm asking a lot but thank you!!!!
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    gavrikgavrik Member Posts: 51

    this may not a proper venue for my question but here it is:

    My Audi A5 came with BFGoodrich G-Force summer tire which makes my car sound like a freight train. I am looking to immediately replace it with all-season high-performance tire to avoid buying winter tires for mid-West driving. I am currently considering Bridgestone RE970AS tires. Does anyone have recommendations? Thanks.
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    blumustangblumustang Member Posts: 11
    The dealer has an ask of $36k on a certified 2009 A5 Prestige with 33k miles. The car is coming back from a 36 month lease. I've been looking around online and most asks are around this price point and seem to be selling fairly quickly. The dealer is already playing up how special the car is and won't last as expected.

    I'm hoping someone more experienced than me will be able to give me an idea of what my target price should be to purchase the car for?

    I'm looking to do a trade in as well (05 Mustang with 30k miles) but that's a diff story.

    Thanks guys!
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    morrisoba13morrisoba13 Member Posts: 1

    It's been a while since I've used Edmunds' Prices Paid forum. When I purchased my Acura TL-S 11 years ago, it played an instrumental part in me getting a good price so I'm hoping to get some insight once again. There are very few recent posts, but I'm hoping that my query will spark some answers.

    I'm interested in purchasing an A5 with the following:

    WL3 WHEEL LOCKS - A3, A4, A5, A6,A7,TT

    I tried using truecar.com, but after reading several reviews of the website, I don't feel confident. I'm hoping to get insight from the edmunds community regarding how much I should expect to pay. Thanks in advance!

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    sgibb16sgibb16 Member Posts: 1
    Okay so what do you think is a fair price for this car its a 2012 that the "Owner" of the dealership has been driving and it now has 2800 miles on it. The salesman offered me 42631 before he revealed the actual miles on the car.

    MSRP: 44275
    TMV: 42376
    Invoice: 41239
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    harcwharcw Member Posts: 3
    2013 A5 Coupe
    Premium Package
    $47,100 MSRP
    Zero money down (no inceptions)
    42 months
    10K miles
    $672 including tax
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    redlinepbredlinepb Member Posts: 12
    edited August 2012
    I am looking to get a 2013 A5 Coupe with Premium package with the following options:

    Phantom Black paint

    The best deal I have so far is (Car MSRP is around $41K) The are cutting me a deal on price, which they said they usually don't do on special ordered cars
    42 months/10K miles
    $1K down plus exceptions
    $559month (Tax included)

    I have to order the car because no one in Florida has it, so by the time it gets here in December they said they can probably adjust the lease terms to 39 months. What do you guys think of this deal?
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    ttrr93ttrr93 Member Posts: 1
    Prestige pkg
    Sport pkg
    19" wheels summer tires
    Exhaust tips
    All weather mats

    52,160 msrp
    1st payment, tax, title, license down
    60mo/15k miles yr

    Having to order the car. Thoughts on the deal?

    My real question is - is it normal for leasing companies like D&M or Autoflex etc to add profit to the cap cost?? The rep was upfront and stated the profit that is added to cap cost. My first lease so wanted to know if this was normal practice for these leasing companies.

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    redlinepbredlinepb Member Posts: 12
    Went back on Labor day and was able to get a better deal

    39 months/12K miles
    $1K down plus exceptions
    $557month (Tax included)

    My car gets delivered in December, and I may be able to get an even better deal, because that's when they will be having the season of Audi. I will post an update when my car arrives.
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    redlinepbredlinepb Member Posts: 12
    edited April 2013
    FINAL DEAL - leased on December 30th, 2012

    36 months/12K miles
    $1K down plus exceptions
    $527.87 month (Tax included)
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    crakecrake Member Posts: 1

    I am looking at a used 2011 Audi A5 that has 17k miles. The vehicle was stolen, wrecked (minimal cosmetic damage to front bumper/hood) and the airbag deployed. Repairs have been done and it looks outstanding (have pics if requested). The guy says he can't go lower than $30k, but I'm wondering if this price is too high? Am I being optimistic here, or does a deployed airbag in this situation call for a dramatic price drop? I don't have the exact details on how much the repairs cost, but can gather that information if it will help. I just want to make sure I'm paying the right price. Any insight/advice would be much appreciated.

    Thanks a bunch.
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    iamgortiamgort Member Posts: 82

    Has anybody gotten a lease on a new a5 as of late?

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