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    "This may be true with the 4 cylinders, but I find my 3.5 V-6 to have tremendous pull at all speeds. I love the CVT--in fact it was the reason I decided on a Nissan. I had had experience with a CVT when I test drove a Saturn several years earlier, and altho I didn't particularly care for the car itself, I liked the utter smoothness of the transmission."

    The 4-cyl pulls plenty hard about 80% of the time. The only time where you get any remote feeling of hesitation is when you're below around 1500 RPM's and accelerating slowly. Push it up to 2000 RPM's, and acceleration is much much quicker and easier to modulate. At less than 1500 RPM's the engine feels very lethargic.

    I've test driven the V6 model as well, and you are correct. It has great power and pull. However, the power curve is far from linear. The engine still has the majority of its grunt in the higher RPM's. If you pair the engine with a manual transmission, it feels much more powerful... The engine was designed to work with a manual transmission first, and the CVT was designed around the engine. If Nissan was smart, they'd design the engine to have a much broader power band and make full use of the CVT. As it stands, even the V6, while powerful, does not take full advantage of the CVT.

    I seriously doubt we're going to revert to an era of 4-cyl's and V6's only. If anything, engines will continue to get bigger and more fuel efficient. I would expect the 4-cyl to gradually disappear again in favor of much more refined, torque rich V6's. That's what lexus chose to do with their IS250, and last I checked, that car was a huge success.
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    I just bought the 2008 Altima 4 cyl. that has CVT.... I was freaking out thinking my tranny was going to go. After researching on here and elsewhere I see that CVT works way different than conventional transmissions. My question is... Should my car really be redlining and not switching gears?! I punched the gas today the RPMs kept going higher and higher and no switch in gears. I was hitting 5500-6000 RPMs and nothing. It shifts normally when I'm just cruising, but if I give that car any good bit of gas... it just revs and revs. Now I read that this is normal, but to what extent?! Really, 5500 RPMs is high and still no switch. Someone please help me so I know whether to return this thing and get my car back before it's too late. :confuse:
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    it depends. if you have it in manual mode, it wont easily switch out of gear. But, if you have it in drive, then it should switch gears between 2-4k rpms. the only exception to this is if you are gunning it pretty hard. In that case it will function kind of like an overdrive so you can quickly accelerate. for example, if your trying to pass somebody, or merge into traffic you don't need your transmission gearing down and slowing you up.

    no if your just moderately accelerating and it won't switch gears, and your in drive (not manual mode), then you need to get it looked at.
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    Have test drove 5 CVT altimas and a bunch of it's competitors (both manual and auto trannies) and so far altima's is the best in my opinion. Feels good, kicks a good punch (i have been driving a manual 08 civic coupe) and seems realy smooth on acceleration.
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    Your car is completely fine armygirlcrys. Pushing the accelerator hard will cause the revs to rise to around 6000RPM by 60MPH, and it will stay there until you let off the gas. That's the best engine range for acceleration if you're gunning it. If you're just driving it normally, the RPM's should top out around 3000RPM, and if you're just feathering the throttle, it won't go higher than 2000 RPM (until you exceed 60MPH)

    It's weird, I know, but it's very good for both fuel economy and power. There's nothing wrong with your car. I promise :)
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    Anyone experiencing a whining sound coming from the engine when accelerating? I got 42K miles on my Altima. I was told by Midas that it was my tranny. If my it is my transmission, how much would it cost me and is it even worth fixing? The car is only 1.5 years old, bought it brand new.
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    if its your tranny then it will cost you nothing as your still within the 5yr/60k powertrain warranty. I'd get it checked out right away.
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    Hi, I am planning to lease a 2009 Altima SL that has an MSRP of 26,000. This is my first lease and I don't know whether I have a good deal or not. The specifics are 42 months, $279.00/mo, nothing down, taxes due at signing, dmv charges due at signing, 1st month payment due at signing. Gap insurance is included and they want $780.00 at signing to cover destination fee.
    Should I DEAL or NO DEAL? I thought it was good until they tagged on the destination fee at signon.
    ANY ADVICE would be welcomed and appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
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    I guess from the MSRP price what u are going to lease is an Altima 4 cylinder SL. One advise before leasing is to test drive the V6 SL or SE, and then make your decision. Technically speaking I prefer V6 engine. How many miles do u drive per year? How many miles per year are you getting with $279 per month payment? 42X279=$11718 plus $780 = $12498 your cost after 42 months.
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    Starting at about 15,000 miles our 2007 Altima 2.5S starting to having a jerking, hesitating problem on an irregular basis. When I had the transmission fluid change during the 30,000 mile maintenance (actual mileage was 32,500) the problem really became much worse. It ususally starts after driving at lease 7 miles at highway speed and it is very erratic in how and when it does it. Once it did 51 times in about 8 miles. One time it did 15 times within 1 1/2 miles after I had driven 8 miles. When it does the jerking motion, the tachometer will increase about 400 rpms and drop back to where it was in about 1 1/2 seconds. It is most likely to do it when you have driven at least 7 miles at highway speed and you have to slow down for traffic. When you give the car more gas it starts the jerking, hesitating motion. Lately it has been doing it in the 35 to 40 mph. Same effect-you slow down and then give it gas and it starts the jerking (jerkiness) act. Once drive about two miles on city streets in St. Louis for about two miles before I got on highway 55. After getting on the highway, even before I got up to highway speed, it started the jerkiness and did it approximately 15 times in the text 3 to 4 miles. I talked to a lady recently who has a 2008 Altima and she has had hers do it a couple of times.
    It is really irritating. It is as if the car wants to die and yet fights to keep going. Nissan tries to tell me that this is normal stuff. I tell them that it is not normal for a car to act this way. I almost forgot that another characteristic of this problem is that it is most prevalent when it is warm. If the temperature is above 85 it really will do it a lot. If the Temp. is lower than that it does it a lot less and when it does occur, it not as bad. I say what out for the CVT transmission especially if it is in a 2997 Altima.

    Rich Gray
    Arnold, MO
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    I have the same problem on my 2008 Altima with 17K miles. Dealer wants $200 just to check it but the problem is intermittent so they may not reproduce on a short test drive and I don't want to pay them $200 for that. Were you able to diagnose/fix the problem? Thanks.
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    I don't know how you talked to the dealer...but they shouldn't charge you a penny b/c the car is till under warranty.
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    I agree with gooddeal; as long as your still under the 3 yr/36k mile warranty there should be absolutely no charge for taking your car in; this dealership sounds like they are pulling something and if they continue to say that they need to charge you I would take your car to a different Nissan dealer and report that Nissan dealer to Nissan North America immediately; best of luck!!
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    I just purchased a used 208 altima coupe and initially I loved it. But when I drove it on the freeway for the first time for about 45 minutes or so it started to act funny. I started to lose horsepower and rpms would just go up but started to go slower. Even after flooring the pedal nothing would happen. Then I pulled over to see if it would reset, but when I tried to accelerate the rpms went up to around 4000 or so and I was only going 10 or 20 mph again even after flooring it. This was very dangerous could i could not pick up speed to merge back into traffic. Suddenly regardless of how much pressure i put on the accelrator it wouldn't rev up or anything, it was like I was jsut coasting. It doesnt return back to normal until after I stop the car for like an hour or so. I took it into the dealership and since there were no engine lights on they could do anything. They reset the ECM or something but the pronblems jstu happened again. Please someone help me is the car messed up or am I jsut doing something totatly wrong?

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    Well, I cannot tell you much b/c I don't this issue. I have the '07 w/ almost 18K miles now. I think you should try to document your case, talk to the dealer and hopefully they can replace the transmission under warranty if it needs a new transmission.
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    Have a 2008 Altima 2.5 SL with 7K miles
    My problem is:
    When I am traveling at 35MPH or less, and I have to go down a hill (steep or shallow) and my foot is off of the accelerator the engine RPM automatically goes up to around 3500. It seems that the CVT is locked and forces the engine RPM to rise thereby causing the car to accelerate.
    The only way to stop this is to jam on the brake or go to manual and push + twice.
    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?
    Does anyone know if this has this been declared a problem or a safety issue?
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    That's normal and I actually like it. It gives me a brief surge like when I'm driving my G using the sport mode. I don't think the car actually accelerates.

    You feel the car accelerates b/c when the RPM goes up, the speed is slightly reduced b/c of the high RPM but then when the RPM goes back to normal, it seems the car goes faster.
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    I was told by someone with Nissan that it normally starts after 15,000 miles or so. Thus, you do not have the problem where there is low mileage on the car. I talked with several people who have the same problem. It is not started yet on our 09 Altima because it only has about 5,500 miles on it. Since it is cooler, our 07 does not do it very much. Maybe Lou Fusz Nissan did something to the CVT transmission. I threatened, and did in fact call) to call a local "You Paid For it" program on Channel 2 in St. Louis. This morning it did just three times in 39 miles. Most of the times it does not do it at all. It likes the cool weather. When it was much warmer it did it a lot. You want to make sure that you have an extended warranty on your car in case they have to chane the transmission.
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    I have a 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5S. Love it and the CVT but I have been getting a clunk followed by griding when decelerating. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    I am having hell with my 08 Altima Coupe 2.5. I having these same problems with the accelerating and losing power. It started at about 34K miles (Aug 09) when I was driving 60 on the freeway and the car lost all power and died!!! Less than a year and a half old! Seriously! Ever since, it has just gotten worse. The dealership is telling me nothing is wrong because the check engine light doesnt come on so they cant get a read and the problem doesnt happen when they drive it. I have had it in twice since it died and it has not improved. The scary thing (like someone else mentioned) is when you turn into traffic and car just doesnt go.
    Well last night it died again. Stepped on the gas and it lost all power and died. I was able to get it started and drive about two blocks to my house. It would not go faster than 5 mph. I went out this morning and it would start but not go above 1000 rpms and then die shortly after.
    Called the dealer, scheduled a tow truck. Go out around 11, start it, and it runs fine. what the heck is up with this? I am so frustrated and I am tired of paying almost $500 a month for a car that breaks down and is less than 2 years old. I should have kept my 98 Honda with 130K miles. It never broke down on me. I am so dissapointed I feel like I was sold a piece! :lemon:
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    You are not doing anything wrong. As I just posted, they told me the same thing about not being able to do anything because the check engine light didnt come on. Luckily when it died yesterday, I think the check engine light did finally come on. I think there are serious problems with some of the CVT transmissions. I was thinking maybe it was just mine until I was able to read some others' blogs which makes me feel better but does not help the situation. I love my car and really just want it to drive dependably but it has been an awful experience thus far. You definitely need to document these problems, Nothing they have done has helped my car with this problem. I am seriously wishing I would not have purchased this car and would like just get rid of it at this point but because I owe so much money and I drive many miles for work I am stuck in it for now. It is in the shop now and I just hope they can figure out what the REAL problem is. I will keep you posted as to what their verdict is. Good Luck
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    I hope this doesn't become a problem on more Altima's and Maxima's since they all have the CVT now; could this be the reason Nissan just extended the powertrain coverage of the CVT on the Murano to 10yrs/100,000k miles? wonder if they are going to have to start extending the coverage on the altima and other Nissan model lines

    based on what you stated is happening it definitely sounds like a problem between the CVT and engine, I just hope the car constantly dying off and on for you isn't doing any damage to the engine

    I have been very displeased with Nissan and for that matter, Infiniti customer service both at the dealership level and headquarters level in regards to addressing problems or concerns with people's vehicle; if Nissan does not address this to your satisfaction or keeps telling you nothing is wrong I suggest getting a lemon lawyer involved and reporting the situation to your state's BBB, Lemon Law Department, and the NHTSB!!!

    Good Luck Man, Hope You Find Out What is Wrong

    Word to the Wise, Acura/Honda has way better customer service then Nissan does and even Toyota/Lexus treat you a little bit better then Nissan Consumer Affairs

    I've leased cars with all of them over the years and by far Honda and Acura have been the best at addressing my consumer problems and concerns!
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    I'm sorry I must correct some mistakes I just learned I made in my previous posts

    I just learned from that Nissan has extended the powertrain coverage of ALL Nissan models equipped with CVT due to the amount of problems people with early 1st generation Murano's and 6th generation Maxima owners have experienced

    The warranty coverage is now 10 years or 120,000k miles, which ever comes first

    What concerns me the most about the CVT is when people like you, who have a 2008 model or 2009 model are having CVT problems; those are recent model years; hope Nissan is in for the long haul of paying for CVT problems and replacements!!!
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    I have a '07 Altima and don't have any issues so far.
  • smarty666smarty666 Member Posts: 1,503
    Glad to hear it!!!
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    We have had a lot of problems with the CVT transmission in our 07 Altima. I call it hesitating occuring mostly at highway speeds. It has occured at at 35 MPH. Some call it jerkiness. It has done as many as 51 times in about 7 miles. Nissan HQ tells the service people at the dealerships that is normal. Really! I told them that may be normal for the CVT transmission but that it is not normal for how a car should run. I had a technician at Lou Fusz Nissan tell me what the problem is with the transmission but I can not remember it right now. I was told in the last week or so that a woman I know has to get a new engine for her 08 Altima. It is obvious that Nissan has major problems with their cars. I believe that I do not want to issue a major recall for two reasons: 1. The cost. Those CVT transmissions cost a lot of money and they need to replace a lot of them. 2. A major recall would do have a very negative impact on their sales. They do not want the negative publicity. We do not plan to get another Altima and it is not just because of the problems with the car. It also involves the poor customer service you get at Nissan. I have always found a very arrogant attitude of people who do not want to hear what my problem is and plan to do nothing about it.

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    I was told by a technician at Lou Fusz Nissan in St. Louis that the proble is with the torque controller in the CVT transmission. I could think of it in the previous email. The service manager at Bommarito Nissan in St. Louis (Jim Wille) admitted to me that Nissan has a problem with the CVT transmission. He told me that they are trying to get a fix and then will notify people to come in. They also would not do anything to fix my transmission because the check engine light did not come on and they had approximately one year to do something and they did nothing except erase my driving characteritics in the computer. All the time Nissan HQ customer service people at HQ are saying there is no problem because that is normal.
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    I have a 2010 Maxima SV and while I haven't had any CVT trouble, and I wouldn't expect it with only 2k miles on the car, that is the main reason why I leased a Nissan rather than buy it; the CVT is still relatively new and I don't think Nissan has worked all the kinks out of it entirely so I wanted to use the lease at a test run with the car
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    RE: I have a 2008 Nissan Altima 2.5S. Love it and the CVT but I have been getting a clunk followed by griding when decelerating. Anyone else experiencing this?
    Just an update. It took a couple of days but the dealership was able to diagnose the issue. It turned out that it wasn't a transmission problem after all. I'm not sure how it happend but the strut was loose and that what was causing the clunk. Anyway, great service and they took the time to find the issue and fix it. Good experience here.
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    Just wanted to share with the group that I have an 07' Altima 4 cyl, w/over 68,000 miles (mostly highway) with no issues at all. Love my car. I performed both 30K and 60K service as well. When traveling at highway speeds, I consistently get 33 - 34 MPG, which I believe is courtesy of the CVT. I am looking to keep the car until 120K (two more years). I live in the Twin Cities area, and have my car serviced at Luther Nissan. :D
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    Last week--December, 2009--I received a letter from Nissan (I have a 2007 Altima 3.5 SE with 12,000 miles that I bought on 12/21/06) concerning the fact that some owners had experienced trouble with their CVT after the warranty had expired. Here is the gist of the letter:

    "First, to provide you with additional assurance regarding your overall cost of ownership we have doubled the warranty period for the transmission in your Altima. The existing powertrain warranty coverage of 5 years/60,000 miles will be extended at no cost to you, for CVT repairs, replacements or related towing, to 10 years/120,000 miles, whichever comes first. This extension is effective immediately and requires no action on your part...."

    "Second, Nissan will reimburse customers who have previouly paid to repair or replace their CVT, if the repairs would have been covered within the new extended warranty period. Even if you no longer own your Nissan we will reimburse you for past CVT repairs that would have been covered under the extension of the warranty".

    Then it goes on with several other things, but there is a phone number to contact the Nissan CVT Customer Assistance at (888) 388-0318. The deadline for submitting the Reimbursement Claim Form is July 31, 2010.

    Hope this helps someone!
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    I have the same problem as what you said. When I went to the dealer. It doesn't happen. And then I want them to check my cvt transmission, they said they cannot because when they test drived my car, It doesn't happen. So they cannot check my cvt transmission.
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    Thanks for your posting, I couldn't find our letter.
    We had our transmission replaced about 6 months ago, and it is in the shop again becuase the trans. went out on my husbands drive home yesterday.
    Thank god we have an extended warranty, but apparently Nissan knows what a heep of crap they have in there CVT that is why they sent the letter.
    We too own an 07 Altima.
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    Took my 08 Altima in to the dealer today with 41k on it, because I was experiencing a whining noise during acceleration. They found that a bearing was failing in the CVT transmisson and needs a new trans. This is the one concern when I purchased the car, our last Nissan Sentra ran 135k with no major repairs. May need to look at getting rid of it once the repairs are done.
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    Last June I had my CVT Transmission go out in my 07 Altima and is back in the shop getting the Transmission replaced a year later. This is crazy.
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    I think the 2007 Altima still had the 1st Gen CVT at the time, the same one put into the 1st Gen Murano and 6th Gen Maxima and there have been just so many problems with them!

    I have the 2nd Gen CVT in my 2010 Maxima and it has been flawless so far and much smoother and refined over the 1st Gen but I don't think the Altima got the 2nd Gen CVT till 2009 I believe? But don't quote me on that!

    I hope this 2nd Gen CVT has most of the kinks/problems worked out of it that the 1st Gen CVT did! :sick:
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    I just got a 10 Altima June 5 and I'm having the same problem. When I take the car to the dealer the problem doesn't happen, so I'm at a lost for what I can do. Did you find a solution to your problem?
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    I no longer have my 07 Altima. It did finally stop the herky jerky stuff. I believe that Lou Fusz Nissan fixed it but there was nothing done in terms of a service request. I have a 2009 and a 2010 Altima and there has been no problems with them In fact, that 2010 is a superb machine. Wow! I threatened to call the local TV station that does investigations and shortly thereafter my car was doing fine with no herky jerky stuff. I believe that Nissan directed Lou Fusz to fix it when it came in for routine service. It got fixed.
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    i feel everybody's pain with these cars. I had a 07 altima with just under 35,000 miles on it when the transmission started making a loud whining noise when accelerating. it was determined that the CVT was bad and they replaced it. my wife also has the same car and is now having the same issues with her transmission. after reading about all the problems with these cars in regards to the transmission and other problems i was having with my car, i decided to trade it in on a BMW last february. i simply couldn't justify paying for a car with problems and transmission issues at such an early age. i feel for all the owners of these cars and wish them the best but i'm afraid that the best option could be getting rid of the car and going with another brand. it was too bad because i really liked the car but had to have something reliable for myself and my kids. nissan has lost my business for awhile because of this but i ended up on my feet with a nice used BMW with 100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, low miles and the quality that be expected from a good brand. good luck to all.
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    After 1.5hrs highway driving, did a pit stop. Car had NO power going forward.
    Eventually got above 15MPH and then car accelerated normally.

    Dealer says this is the 2nd car they have with this problem and are waiting for the CVT Valve Body from Nissan to repair. Said Valve Body unavailable in US.

    Can anyone shed some light on this situation?
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    CVT is cool but doesn't sound good when pushed hard
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    Can't shed light on the situation but can tell you I have exactly the same thing going on with my 2010 Altima 2.5SL. Started the first week on a long trip. Did not repeat until the next long trip. Pulled offf the freeway and tried to accelerate from the stop sign and nothing. Tried manual mode, no change. Tried reving the engine in neutral, normal. So the throttle/engine does not seem to be involved. Also barely moves in reverse when this is going on. Let the car sit and the next day no problem. Going to schedule service at the dealer. Let us know if the valve body replacement fixes it for you.
  • dllaserdllaser Member Posts: 4
    yep. Sounds like our symtoms. Eventually got home.... Nissan ordered replacement valve body for the CVT. None available. Eventually they got one in. To date the symptoms have not repeated. First service rep said they had another car with similar symptoms. Service manager indicated they had repaired over 1/2 dozen. 2010 is supposed to have had this problem fixed. My guess --- a bad batch somehwer in the manufacturing line --- if we could all compare manufacture date? I expect the recall notice any day.
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    I have had 3 transmissions put into my Altima. This is completely ridiculous. And for some people on here to say that this is normal hesitating in a CVT, you have to be out of your minds! This cannot be normal. Had my car drove like this when I test drove it, I would have never bought this car. This car did not drive like this when I initially bought it. The first tranny went in at 56,000 miles, about a month or so later, here we go again, the car hesitates when accelerating and on the highway running 65-75mph, the accelerator goes out, but I can put the car in neutral and the RPM gauge acts fine...but yet according to some people on here most of these issues are how the CVT works. THATS CRAP!! You cannot tell me this crap. If you had my car or any car of the MANY people on here, you would be in the same boat as us. Fortunately for you, you don't have the severity of these issues like we do. And I am sorry, but Nissan did not extend our warranties out the goodness of their hearts. Thats crap too! They would have never done that it there wasn't sooooo many of the same complaints. If I could trade this car I definitely would, but the fact of it is, is if another person got into this car and drove it, they would not even give me a dollar for it! So what do I do? Kraft Nissan tells me the same as like the other dealerships listed, "thats how the car drives". Like I said, thats crap...

    Anyway, I am willing to start a "Class Action Suit" against Nissan themselves to get something done. I need at least 3 others to join in this suit to get this started. This is my only vehicle, and I need something done now...not people and dealerships telling me to deal with it. So if you are interested in getting your situation resolved and holding Nissan accountable, let me know, because surely I am not the only one that can't just go out and get another car.
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    It sounds to me like the hesitation issues with the CVT present in a range of severities and the people who have only experienced minor hesitation just assume out of hand that everyone else is complaining about nothing.

    I know that my own experience has not been negative enough to dislike the car overall, but I can see how the minor CVT issues my Sentra has could be far worse in other cars. Because with any product, there will always be a percentage of output that fails, and the people who bought that output will be understandably dissatisfied. :lemon:

    I love the CVT and how smooth the acceleration is, and I've come to love the way I can floor the accelerator up an onramp without hearing or feeling any shifting. But I hate that I have to compensate for the odd engage/disengage transmission jerkiness when I'm stuck in traffic at the 20-30mph range.
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    Sorry to hear these problem, I got rid of my 2008 Nissan Rogue last year while it has 6600 miles on it, why? because of the YO YO CVT. I lost a big chunk of money when I traded it in with a 2009 Altima V6 SE. So far I have no issues with the V6 Altima CVT, now I have 16500 miles on the car.
  • gooddeal2gooddeal2 Member Posts: 750
    I have had 3 transmissions put into my Altima.

    ...Statistically it doesn't make sense. :confuse:

    Me, 2007 Altima -> now 2010 Altima-No issue
    Brother in law, 2009 Rogue- No issue
    Sister in law, 2008 Altima-No issue
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    Just keep in mind, that the majority of the CVT issues are with the 1st Gen CVT from 2003-2007 model year Nissan's. This was Nissan's first mass market technology CVT and there were bound to be problems with it, as with any new technology an auto manufacturer tries. The 1st Gen Murano is particularly affected with CVT troubles.

    Now, I'm not sure when the updated/more refined 2nd Gen CVT made its way into the Altima. I know it was in them for the 2009 model year, but am unsure if the 2008 Altima's had the 1st or 2nd Gen CVT??

    As of 2009 model year, all Nissan's had the upgraded 2nd Gen CVT and there are very few problems thus far with the 2nd Gen CVT compared to the 1st. There are still some minor hitcups but nothing in the intensity/severity/ or frequency that was seen with the 1st Gen.

    I know this is no consolation for the 1st Gen CVT owners who went through hell when they had problems. I have a 2010 Max with the 2nd Gen CVT and thus far it has performed flawlessly, smoothly, and without trouble for almost 15k miles. I know several people that are into the 60-80k mile range on their 2009 and 2010 Altima/Maxima having no troubles with the CVT.

    The main REASONS Nissan extended the CVT warranty to 10yrs/120k miles, was (1) b/c of all the problems 1st Gen CVT owners had and fear of massive lawsuits and to help out people who spent thousands in CVT/engine repairs, (2) b/c they invested a lot of time, energy, and money into designing/putting the CVT throughout their lineups and (3) for Nissan, as far as they are concerned, the CVT is here to stay and they want to show current and future customers that they are going to backed the CVT and are investing and improving it for future generations of CVT.

    You got to remember, even with the 2nd Gen CVT, they put a entirely new transmission into already established engines. Within the next generation, they are going to be starting to design engines aroudn the CVT so the efficiency and refinement should go through the roof and there should no longer be any problems with them, since both the engine and transmission will be designed around the other.
  • anordinaryguyanordinaryguy Member Posts: 4
    I had a 2005 Maxima that I really enjoyed. Last December I got a 2010 Altima with the 3.5 and the CVT. I thought that since the Altima had more horsepower than the Maxima the new car would be a real neck snapper - what a joke! This transmission makes this car perform like a Trabant. The acceleration is leisurely, to put it mildly, but worse, like the contributors above, after I have been on a highway for while (20 - 30 minutes) I too have experienced the "no accleration" effect. Most recently yesterday when I almost caused an accident as I pulled out from the off-ramp the car rolled into traffice and I had no acceleration whatsoever. Besides the fact that the other driver gave me th finger and leaned on his horn, I was scared silly! Yes, I have mentioned this to the dealer, most recently last week when I went in for the 24,000km service and yes I got the stock reply "that's how the CVT works, get used to it. I find this completely unacceptable. I explained that it is intermittent, so it can't be the way the transmission is built. My next step is to go to a different dealer and see what they say. This is crazy. This car is a company car, I had my choce of several makes but given my great experience with the Maxima I decided to go with the Altima. Talk about buyer's regret!
  • mlmcgaheemlmcgahee Member Posts: 102
    Two weeks ago I traded a 2008 Nissan Rogue SL with 63000 miles on it. I work out of my vehicle and drive it 300 - 500 miles a week. I have had zero problems with my Rogue or the CVT. I now own a 2010 Nissan Altima coupe and I am looking forward to many years of trouble free driving with this new car.

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