2009 - 2010 Nissan Murano

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    I know it's a bit early.. But does anyone have information on the 2008 Murano (release date, pictures, features?)

    I heard it will be a complete re-design.

    Thanks. L
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    I wish they'd change the toothy-smiley face grill to something that matched the aggressive (and handsome) styling of the rest of the vehicle.
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    I've found very little info about the 2008 model but am willing to wait before making a new purchase. So far my 2004 model has performed well. The Mazda C9 might be an alternative without the toothy grill.
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    I just checked Nissan's website and it looks like the next Murano could be called a Rouge? It looks like a Tribeca and Murano mixed together. I'll get a Murano over the Rogue.
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    There's some Rogue talk in the 2008 Nissan Rogue discussion. Haven't checked it out myself.
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    The Rogue is definitely not a 2008 Murano. While it looks like the current Murano, it is a totally different model in size, engine, price, and target market. Rumor about the 08 Murano is that it will be larger than the current vehicle with a third row of seating. I'm anxious to see if Nissan can top what was a ground breaking design in 2003.

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    When i bought the 07 Murano SL i was talking to the guy about the Toyota RAV4 V6 and he said the Rogue is being built to compete with the RAV4.He said the Rogue will not have V6 but a 2.5 4 cylinder.I was dead set on getting the RAV4 V6 but it was a touch small for us.The Murano fit just right.
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    The Rogue is in different class, it is a small SUV and as mike1111 said it's build to compete with RAV4 and CR-V. I am eager to see the new Murano! I heard some rumors that it will be based on the Nissan Qashqai, but I am REALLLY hoping it is not true. From another source I heard that Nissan Qashqai is european Rogue and they are really look alike.

    Nissan Qashqai Photos
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    yep I heard it was getting a redesign cant' wait to see it.
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    I'm glad this thread is posted as I can now subscribe to it and keep track.

    My wife and I are in the very preliminary stages of looking for a vehicle to replace her Infiniti FX which comes off of lease in a year. The Murano is on our list as it seems to get favorable reviews and I get a nice employee discount on Nissan vehicles.

    The main complaints with the FX are how stiff the ride is (it's stiffer than my sports suspension equipped A4).

    I'm a bit nervous that a total re-design of the Murano means new problems and the like, I guess we'll see how it goes over the coming months as more info becomes available.
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    Well, I guess that brings up the question of whether or not you should purchase an '07 Murano and get a great deal? If it's going to be a bigger car with a 3rd row, I think I might have to opt out and get a 2007 on the cheap.
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    Hello. We are looking for a new vehicle for my wife. She test drove a 2007 Murano today, and really liked it.

    I really can't imagine purchasing a $35-40,000 vehicle and not getting bluetooth and iPod connectivity. Those are not at the top of the list of features for my wife though. The salesman said that they now have an iPod connectivity kit that could be added, but still no bluetooth. He said that almost all of the Nisson cars have bluetooth, but not the Murano (yet). He said he did not know anything about what was happening, or not happening, with the 2008 model.

    Does anyone know if the 2008 Murano will have a bluetooth option?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Logic says it should have a BT option in 2008, but don't hold your breath. Even if it did, would you want to pay for that -- honestly? I have it in my Acura and it's not all that awesome because the caller has a hard time hearing you over the road noise, and sometimes I feel like I'm shouting as well.

    I've found that just getting a BT headset is FAR better than using your car's BT unit. Yes, dialing is more of a hassle, but I think it's worth it to get better clarity on both ends of the call. JMHO.

    I do agree with you on the lack of an ipod or portable MP3 device connection... That was a definite detractor.
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    Thanks for the comments. Maybe I am just getting caught-up in toys. Right now, I have a BT earpiece. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. I thought that the built-in one would be nice, since the radio would automatically mute.
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    Yeah, info would be helpful- even an expected release date. I'm trying to decide between a 2007 now and a 2008 later.

    Also, anyone have any thoughts on the front vs. all wheel drive?
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    If you have snow I would go with the AWD.The FWD should be fine in most other conditions.Here in SW Ohio we do have some bad snow and i've needed AWD before and not had it.Now I do.As far as the 2007 vs the 2008 goes.I think the 08 is going to be bigger and seat 7.If you need that kinda space wait.If you don't and want a good deal I would go with the 07.I went with the 07 cause I seen this year as the last chance to get that body style and 5 seater.Some look at that differnt.
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    I went to the Global Nissan website and on the opening page, was something called Dualis, to me it looks like the new 2008 Murano am I right ?


    I really don't like the front end at all..

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    Perhaps, but I think it's smaller... That thing apparently only has a 2.0 liter engine which is a 4-cylinder... Not very powerful.
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    I work at a Nissan dealership in Wisconsin, and from what I have heard is that there will not be an 08 Murano. They are going to redesign and release the 09 Murano in early 2008. Similar to what they did with the Quest in 2003. I am still waiting for more info and pics on the 09 model as I have not seen any yet.
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    ">link titleThat sounds true. Here are some first spy shots of the new Murano. I will be definitely looking to get one when they'll be released if they'll look as good as current model. BTW, I am in WI too...

    Link to Spy Shots on Worldcarfans.com">link title
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    With the speculation on the '08 murano the following is what I would like to be incorporated in the '08. ! lighter parking lot steering, thinner A B and C pillars for betted visibility all around, A less bumpy ride, smoother, do away W/ the park bench hard seats, build in the Harley type instrument cluster like all other cars, have all the A C vents to be turned off, have the digital read out all block letters like the right and bottom sides are now for easier reading, fix the self locking doors no matter how the auto system is set so the ignition key could be left in for a short time, get the rear cup holder off the back seat floor. These changes would be nice
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    I just bought a 2007 Murano and I had the same question. So I found the 2008 Murano on Dhbai website and there are no changes at all, which was also confirmed by the dealer where I purchased my Murano, they also told me that the talk for a new Murano is 2009.

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    While at an area auto show in Jan. where all of the Murano Peer vehicles were on display the murano certainly turns up short compared to my '04. 07 is Murano's fifth year, the others have caught up and surpassed with features and comfort. The 08 Muranos need a complete renovation.
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    This is the 2008 Murano on their overseas website but it looks like the 2007 so I don't know what's up with Nissan....A dealer in New York told me he saw pictures of the new Murano and it looks a lot different than the 2007.

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    There will not be a new 2008 murano. I spoke with the dealership manager this weekend. The 2009 will be out in Feb and there will be changes to the interior and under the hood, but there will not be a body style change.
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    Can not believe all the various comments re the Murano. Local Nissan Regional employee, claims the Murano will come out as a 2009 model and will have the first showing at the Chicago Auto Show in Feb. 08. It will have a complete body change. What to believe? Sure that the Auto Mags must have info on what is happening at Nissan regarding the Murano. Sure would like to hear from them and or someone with knowledge at Nissan.
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    As announced by Nissan in a press release, The 2008 Murano will have a complete restyling both inside and out. It will be shown at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November and go on sale in Feb.08
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    there wont be a 2008 murano. the next model will come out around may 2008 and be an 09 model.
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    Sorry to say there is a 2008 coming in early spring. To be seen at Detroit Auto show in Nov.
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    So many conflicting stories about the anticipated 08 Murano.. Which is true - someone has to know??
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    No 08' model. Skipping to an 09. They did the same thing with the Quest. Went from 02 to 04, with no 03 Model. Look for it early spring.
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    There is enough info out there now that confirms that the Murano will be available as an 09 in FRebruary 08. The first showing will be in November at the L.A. auto show. Those who have seen it, claim it has similiar lines to the new Infiniti EX coming out in December 07
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    I know some people find spy shots tantalizing, but honestly, you can't tell much of anything from those photos.
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    Exactly what is the factory producing right now? Are the 09 models coming off the line or still 07's? Since the asssembly line is in Japan we may never actually know for sure. If they are producing 09's seems like there shoud be some reliable photos out there. Please share any information you would have about the 09 Murano, I know the 07 would technically be a better deal - I just dont want to end up with the "old model" only months or weeks after I buy.
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    They aren't necessarily producing anything at the moment. They have to re-tool and convert the Murano production lines for the new 2009 model.

    Additionally it will take the cars anywhere from 8-12 weeks to arrive in the US after assembly in Japan.

    The 2009 model is supposed to be shown off at the LA auto show in 11 days. It is supposed to start arriving at dealers for sale in the March/April time frame.
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    Midwest Nissan Regional Office reports: 09 will be at the L.A. show this month. It will go on sale in late Feb, early March 08. There is a 09 model heavily disguised already in the Chicago area. Those that know say the 09 Murano will have a completely new front end more horizonal headlights. Grill change and front fenders more sculpted as is the area above the wheel wells. The rear is not dramaticaly changed with the exception that the taillights are horizontal. The interior has been totally changed.
    Well this is what I've been told it will be interesting in seeing what really comes out.
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    I am on the East Coast-NY/NJ. I have been told by regional sales reps that the new 2009 Murano should be hitting the showrooms sometime in late January. It will be displayed at the LA Auto Show in the next two weeks. In answer to a previous post, it will be assembled in the U.S. not Japan.
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    The new Murano will be released January 2nd, 2008. It is totally redsigned and will be released as a 2009, this is done for CAFE purposes.
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    Looks like all the rest of them (CUVs). When the Murano first came out I liked it because it was different. The back reminds me of a RAV 4.
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    Hey all,

    I found this on a different forum...very interesting possibility...

    8lu8llz - Nov 7, 2007 11:39 am (#15 Total: 16)

    There are 5 models of this [2009] Murano testing [near] the NTCNA center here in Maricopa, AZ. I have it on good authority that Numbers 3 and 5 are actually hybrid models, which is why those arent often visible on the city streets. Because it would be heard, or rather NOT heard.

    Anyone have any news about this? Thoughts?
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    i like it. especially the interior.
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    To me, the Nav screen looks a bit small - might just be from the angle though.

    Interior seems to resemble the Rogue a little too much. I kinda liked the orange gauges in the other models.

    Any new info about a possible Murano hybrid model being released or are these just false rumors???
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    Images somehow got truncated. Here are direct links

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    Looks good. Hopefully Nissan gets a little more realistic with their pricing. The current Murano is priced in competition with luxo marquees like the Acura MDX.

    Here's to hoping that a moderately well equipped Murano will come in at under $40,000.
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    If its not under $35,000 fully loaded its over priced.
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    If thats a complete redesign , better hire some new designers.
    Ho Hum. Murano was ahead of its time when it first came out.
    Not no more.
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    Any dimension info released yet? Is there more front and / or back seat legroom in the 2009?

    How about a telescoping steering wheel?
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    Yikes! The front end looks somewhat like last year's Subaru Tribeca.
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