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I just bought a Grand Touring FWD and added the auto-dimming mirror. Can anyone please tell me how to program my garage door and driveway gate into the "homelink" buttons to operate from the car? I'm assuming I do so through the mirror, but I have no clue what to do. My salesperson is clueless, too.

Thanks very much.


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    Here's what I got from our installation information.

    HomeLink® Programming Instructions:
    WARNING! Before programming HomeLink® to a garage door opener or gate
    operator, make sure that people and objects are out of the way of the device to prevent
    potential harm or damage. When programming a garage door opener, it is advised to
    park outside of the garage. Do not use HomeLink® with any garage door opener that
    lacks safety stop and reverse features as required by U.S. federal safety standards (this
    includes any garage door opener model manufactured before April 1, 1982). A garage
    door that cannot detect an object – signaling the door to stop and reverse – does not
    meet current U.S. federal safety standards. For more information, contact HomeLink® at or by calling 1-800-355-3515.
    1. To begin, press and hold the 2 outer
    HomeLink® buttons (to clear memory) until
    the indicator light (LED) blinks slowly
    (approximately 20 seconds). Fig. 1
    2. Release both buttons.
    NOTE: Do not hold the buttons for longer than
    30 seconds. Do not repeat this step when
    programming additional devices to remaining
    3. Position the end of the hand-held transmitter
    1-3 inches away from the HomeLink® button
    you wish to program while keeping the
    the indicator light in view.
    4. Simultaneously press and hold both the
    chosen HomeLink® and hand-held transmitter
    buttons. Fig. 2
    Do not release the buttons until step 5 has
    been completed.
    NOTE: Some gate operator and garage door
    openers may require you to replace this
    Programming step 4 with procedures noted in the
    “Gate Operator / Canadian Programming” section.
    5. After the HomeLink® indicator light changes
    from a slow to a rapidly blinking light, release
    both the HomeLink® and hand-held transmitter
    6. Press and hold the just-trained HomeLink®
    button and observe the indicator light.
    If the indicator light blinks rapidly for 2 seconds
    and then turns to a constant light, the device being
    programmed utilizes rolling code and
    programming is not complete until the following
    steps are completed. Fig. 3
    7. On the garage door opener receiver
    (motor-head unit) locate the “learn” or “smart”
    button. This can usually be found where the
    hanging antenna wire is attached to the
    motor-head unit.
    8. Firmly press and release the “learn” or
    “smart” button. Fig. 4
    NOTE: You have 30 seconds to initiate step 9.
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    Depress the two outer button (1 & 3) at same time for over 20 seconds until they blink, then go and hit the learn button on your garage door opener motor (rear of it) and immediately come back and hit the desired button on the homelink until it starts flashing real fast and your garage door opener lights blink. That should do it. You can also do it with a remote opener (same process of hitting both buttons at same time for 20 seconds, when they blink then immediately depress your remote opener and the desired button at the same time until it learns it and your garage door lights blink.
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    In the other thread you said no wire is showing. Does that mean that if I get all the right parts and have it installed properly that it will look and operate just like factory installed?

    If so, can you point me to the parts I need for a 2008 GT AWD?

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    Hi, Rob:

    This is the one you need. Ship and handling is free.
    Two parts. One is the mirror itself, one is the kit that fits vehicle with rain sensors. Essentially, there is a big housing to accommodate the rain sensor. The kit comes with instructions. Several steps are tricky
    - removing A-pillar interior trim. Read instruction carefully before you do it.
    - removing the existing rain sensor housing. Don't use brute force. It should come off easily. If not, you are doing it wrong. Read instructions again.
    - removing the existing mirror. You need to make a steel wire tool (use wire hanger, for example). You will see when you read the instruction. If you are lucky, it takes 10 seconds, if not, it may take 10 minutes of trying.

    Well good luck and have fun.

    When I said no wire showing, I mean nothing you can see when you are in driving position. Of course, there is a black cable (of wires) into the mirror. It is behind the mirror so you don't see it unless you try. The most part of the cable is covered under a U shape trim piece (from the kit).
    Don't worry. If you do it right, it is as good as from factory. They do it with the same part. Those workers just have more practices than you. That is all. Take your time doing it. It is not a race.
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    Do I need the rain sensor installation kit (or any kit) if I'm just replacing the mirror? One of the homelink buttons broke off and was thinking of getting a used mirror from a salvager for my 2008 Mazda 3.
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