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Zaino Car Care Experiences



  • jrmillerjrmiller Posts: 3
    I have Zaino'd my new black Formula and love the results. I keep the car in the garage most of the time so it doesn't need to be washed as much as just a quick touch-up. I like to clean with the Z6 before I take it out and just wondered if applying the Z6 and wiping the dust off will hurt the finish. This seems to work fine and I plan on ordering a bunch of the Z6 because I am going thru it like crazy. Also, would a California duster work ok to remove the dust before I apply the Z6. I've read somewhere on one of these posts about the duster but have never seen one myself. Where can I get one and how much do they cost?
  • notmnotm Posts: 22
    Howdy Z-ites.

    I mistakingly applied Z5 to my roughly textured plastic grille(the car was so new to me I did not know it was plastic). It's a 2000 Accord Coupe-the grill is almost black. I tried rubbing alcohol but that only removed some of it. How do I remove the Z5 from the recesses of the textured paint?

    I remember peanut butter? It that for real? How? Anyone have experience the removal?

    Also, any tips on tar removal on a Zainod surface?


  • newwestdnewwestd Posts: 157
    The dusters really work quite well. I have had several over the years. They are made of mop yarn saturated with some sort of wax or paraffin. When you pass it over your car, it sucks up the dust! There are also small ones for your interior to keep the dash dust-free.

    IMPORTANT - Don't press down when you use it - hold it so only the strands touch your car. This way you don't press some sharp grit into your finish.

    I would think that any major auto parts store would have them. Costco also has them if you have a store nearby.

    PLEASE DON'T use Z6 as a dust remover. Although innocent looking, some dust is really sharp. Pressing it into your paint with a cloth or applicator will result in some nice scratches. If the duster doesn't lift it off, then leave it until the next car washing.
  • ronf4ronf4 Posts: 9
    I've been using a California duster when my black Monte Carlo SS is dusty, not dirty, and it works great. It leaves no marks on my mirrored finish. You can get the dusters at various sites, but the cheapest I found were at
  • newwestdnewwestd Posts: 157
    One more bit of advice about dusters -

    Don't use the duster if the car is hot - the wax will melt off and streak your car!
  • dharmabumdharmabum Posts: 20
    Wal-Mart carries the dusters, think they are 10 or 11 bucks. Some auto parts stores have them, I think the retail price is $13
  • tanjayetanjaye Posts: 5
    I'm considering using the Zaino system on my wife's Honda Odyssey and have some questions...

    How does one remove the Zaino products (ie, un-Zaino a vehicle) if it were necessary to do so? No, I'm not sure why that might be necessary even if one wanted to revert to Carnuba waxes etc, but am curious anyway. Would using dishwashing detergent again do it?

    Has anyone done the initial wash with Palmolive or some other non-moisturizing detergent besides Dawn? Is there something special about Dawn, apart from being mentioned by name on the Zaino site?

    What is the significance of the "Made in USA" for the towels, as long as they are 100% cotton? I appreciate that the higher the grade the better, but I would think that some of the USA towels are probably worse than many imported towels.

    Does anyone use a carwash other than Zaino product (Z7 I think?) in between application of the Z2 or Z5? I've got a good supply of good carwash already and would hate to just let it waste.

    Thanks for all your comments and input.

  • jjccrvjjccrv Posts: 34
    1). According to Sal, isopropyl alcohol will remove Zaino.
    2).You can use any dishwashing liquid that says "removes grease". Do not use something that says "mild on your hands" ie. ivory.
    3). The labeling laws in other countries are not as strict as in the US. Therefore the towels may not be 100% cotton and could damage your finish.
    4). You just spent 25,000 on an auto, spend 15-25 on towels that you won't regret.
    5). The Zaino car wash suds up nicely and contains a small amount of polish. It does not leave a haze like some car wash products. You will see a difference!
    6). Most importantly; USE SPARINGLY!!!! You should get 12-18 applications out of a bottle. Most people's troubles come from using too much. 7). Get your sunglasses out for the best and most durable shine you have ever seen.
  • luck11luck11 Posts: 425
    Well its been about a month since I applied my last coat of z2 and about 5 or 6 weeks since I did the initial clay, Z1, Z5, Z2. I was a Mothers and Meguires user for about 7 years prior. I have washed about 4 times since last application and it still shines and beads like when first applied. The real noticeable difference from Mothers/Meguires is the "wet" appearance of the paint...its absolutely amazing!!! Mequires and mothers shine and "wet" appearance would certainly have diminished by now. Not so with Zaino!!! I'm curious to see how long this will last. I'll update again in a month or so.

    BTW, picked up a California Duster last week. Amazing! What ticks me off is that I didn't get it sooner. To think of all the time I wasted washing my vehicle because of dust build up when I could have dusted it in about 60 seconds!!! Definitely a good investment. For fellow Canadians, check out Canadian Tire Stores, or try Walmart.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    Well, I am entering the fourth month of my Zaino test. While it's still beading, it isn't as pronounced as it has been for the first 3 months. It IS still beading, and it IS still shining, but I think 4 months is long enough. I can't hold out any longer, so this weekend, weather permitting, another coat of Z2 will go on my 300M.
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    Other liquid car washes will not usually hurt Zaino'd cars, it just won't "refresh" the polish like Z7 will. Powdered car washes might not totally dissolve and could scratch your vehicle.
  • hanielhaniel Posts: 5
    Hi, I've just completed a Dawn/Z1/Z2/Z6 cycle on my new black 2000 Honda Passport.

    Will I ever have to Dawn again, or will a Z7 suffice from now on.

    Also, if I get watermarks from morning dew (Don't know if I will since today is the first Zday for me), what should I do ?

  • redsilveradoredsilverado Posts: 1,000
    hope my rudeness did'nt chase you away and you're
    still with this informative forum. was a lot
    hasty about your zaino/prestone comparison. I and
    most likely others would love to hear any results
    you've been able to come up with. we're using
    zaino on our new truck but, are looking for
    something a little less costly to use on our
    second hand car. sounds like the prestone wax was
    satisfactory to you and when you have time it
    would be great to hear the results of your test.

  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    No, you should not have to use Dawn again if you use the Z6 and Z7 occasionally and one of the Zaino polishes at least twice a year and Z1 once or twice a year, depending on your car's exposure to the elements.
  • cyw0cyw0 Posts: 27
    Could someone give me an idea about how many car washes I can get from a bottle of Z7. Thanks!
  • cyw0cyw0 Posts: 27
    You said "If you have a good wax or
    Zaino finish, and use a proper car wash that
    doesn't strip your wax (Like Turtle Wax Zip Wax) it is really fast and easy."
    on another topic. Do you mean I can still use Turtle Wax Zip to wash the car even I have Z2 on the car? I thought you can not have wax on top of Z2 and Turtle Wax Zip has wax in it. I still have a bottle (64 oz) of Turtle Wax Zip, I don't know what I can do to it after I got my Zaino order. Thanks!
  • brentskicbrentskic Posts: 15
    After performing the whole dawn to dusk process 4 weeks ago (minus Z6 at the time), I've been using up some old car wash from Checker. It's called Kit Carnauba Wash and Wax.

    So far, the results of maintenance washes have not been so good. I've had terrible water spots after the Zaino treatment. It could be the AZ hard water, or the higher temperature, or it could be the Kit Car Wash that I'm using. I tried the "driving at 65" method of drying. Won't do that again. There's still hardwater spotting and the wet disk brakes run onto your newly washed wheels.

    I'll pick up some Z7 and see if there's a difference. I liked the original Zaino look and the continuing look and water beading, but the basic wash process has gotten more difficult which is contrary to what many in the forum members experience, so I need to continue experimenting.....
  • jjccrvjjccrv Posts: 34
    If you use one to one and a half capfuls of Z-7 in a 5 gallon bucket you should get 20-30 washes. I can do my whole car on one capful as I keep adding fresh water to the bucket as I use it.
  • pblevinepblevine Posts: 858
    haniel: Don't Dawn again, just use Z7 Car Wash. Dawn is a very harsh cleaning agent while Z7 will do a great job of removing dirt without hurting the Z2 layer. And in addition, Z7 contains a bit of Z2 protection and a UV filter. Those watermarks are a bummer! Simple dust and then try a quick application of the Z6 Gloss Enhancer.

    cyw0: The Z7 bottle is huge and you only use a cap full of the stuff per wash. You'll stop counting at about 50 washes. Ah, so you too have some Turtle Wax Zip left over too. Same here. I've been told the Turtle Wax does a good job on air conditioners, garbage cans, metal picnic tables, window sills, etc. Or give it to a friend who has an old beat up boat.
  • newwestdnewwestd Posts: 157
    cywo -

    Sorry I was not more clear - The Zip Wax is for waxed surfaces, and you would use Z7 for Zaino. Zip Wax probably wouldn't hurt, but it is not specially firmulated to enhance the Zaino polymer finish like the Z7.
  • pblevine/jjccrv - you guys are using far less Z-7 than the bottle recommends. I thought the bottle says 2-3 capfuls per gallon. Is that just a ploy to get you to use it up faster, at something like $8 a bottle? I assume you're satisfied with the cleaning job of only 1 to 1.5 capfuls per 5 gals or bucket.

  • kstang2kstang2 Posts: 15
    Hi all you experts!! I just got my NEW 2000 Mustang Vert-Lazer Red Gorgeous!! Question... I'm going to put a mirror silver bumper insert on. Should I 'Z' before or after I do the decal?? Thanks in advance. (I'm in love ;-) )
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    I don't have the definitive answer for you, nor do I claim to know the real answer, but I would say that you should apply the Zaino AFTER you apply the decal. The Zaino is so slippery that if you do that first, the decal probably won't stick. ;-))

  • luck11luck11 Posts: 425
    Hold on the California Duster!!! I used it for the 3rd time last night. Afterwards, I was taking out some garbage and as I was passing by my OB admiring the shine, I caught a glimpse of a fine scratch on the hood. I nearly crapped!! Anyway, upon closer inspection, I began finding fine scratches on different sections of the car. At this point, I am quite confident that the Duster is the culprit. I am really, really pissed!!

    I am going to do a test asap on a section of the car with no scratches. If some appear after dusting, the company is going to be hearing from me. BTW, I used it exactly according to instructions, and no, they are not streaks caused by the parafin in the strands....I wish!!

    Will my Z5 take care of these scratches?
  • jjccrvjjccrv Posts: 34
    I am very satisfied with 1 capful of Z-7. I assume that if you're using very hard water less suds would be produced so that you might need 2-3 capfuls. After seeing the response of 50 car washes per bottle I recalculated and now figure I get 35-45 per bottle. My suggestion would be try one capful first, if you need more suds use another one. It is always easier to add than takeaway.
  • jjccrvjjccrv Posts: 34
    It might be what you are seeing is parafin residue on your car. The duster is coated with that. Try washing your car and see if it disappears. You might also want to store the duster out of its case and put it on newspaper. This will absorb the excess wax contained in the duster. If in fact you do have scratches the Z-5 should work. But remember you might need 3-5 coats of it before you see an improvement.
  • hanielhaniel Posts: 5
    If y'all have an oriental market in your town, try to get one of those feather dusters. I use that and it works great. No marks even on a black car.

    About the Z7: Someone suggested me to get a sprayer bottle and dilute a small amount of Z7 with water to use as bug remover and in-between washes cleaner. Welll since Z7 has some polish in it already, can it replace the Z6. Any thoughts ?

  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    I use a spray bottle of diluted Z7 instead of washing the vehicle when I only have a spot or two, usually contributions from our aviary friends. As a substitute for Z6: it may provide a pleasing result, but I am guessing it would take longer to "rub down" the vehicle because it is more runny. Also, I believe both Z6 and Z7 have ingredients found in the polishes, but those polish components are not exactly the same in both. If Z2 has 7 ingredients, Z6 may have 3 of those ingredients, and Z7 may have 2, but not both ingredients of Z7 are the same as what is found in Z6.
  • pblevinepblevine Posts: 858
    retiredjeff: good question. I don't 'acutally' measure anymore. Because the supplied Z7 bottle is large, I've been using it to fill a small plastic bottle that I can leave in the car. And when I ready a pail of water, I've normally used only about 1 to 2 gals of water and a lot less than .5 oz. of Z7 (maybe 2 cap fulls of the original bottle cap). I guess we have 'soft' water around here because that amount of Z7 creates a lot of suds. It seems to work well and does a good job of cleaning.

    daverose: That's very interesting about the differences between Z7 and Z6. I'm not sure either. But doesn't Z6 leave a thin film behind?
    Sometimes between washes, I've sprayed some water on a panel or lightly dusted with a clean towel. And then I've applied Z6. Has anyone simply used Z6 as a quick wash/dusting tool?
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    I have been using Z6 as a quick/light wash, but I believe it was in this forum that I've seen advice to the contrary; that you risk scratching the paint by doing so.

    Does Z6 leave a film behind? Well, since Zaino advises using Z6 in the initial polishing process (dampen your applicator to keep polish from being absorbed into the applicator fabric and put Z6 on the applicator surface) to help spread the polish more thinly and to heighten the gloss of the polish after wiping off the "cured" polish, it stands to reason that something is being left behind. But how is that any different than Z7 containing chemicals that help refresh the polish being left behind? Sorry, I'm not understanding your point.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    I'd been following the instructions and putting 2 or three capfuls per gallon. Today I washed and used 1 capful for 2 gallons...good lather, worked great. The water was beading nicely, but it's been 4 months, so I went ahead and applied Z1 and Z2 today. Waiting for it to dry now, then...shine on baby!
  • bpmathewbpmathew Posts: 1
    Anybody has used Zaino's leather treatment?
    Can I use a regular top quality leather cleaner( used for sofas etc ) in my car's leather and then use the Z10 conditioner? or do I have to use Z9 and Z10 ?
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    Just a reminder- the ZAINO GP ends this Wed., May 3rd. If you want the details, just click on my name above and e-mail me.

  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusPosts: 12,607
    I love the Zaino leather conditioner. It really softens up my leather seats and smells great (as do all the Zaino products). Although, I have the leather cleaner, I've only used it on one very small ink spot. It works as advertised.

    If you use another leather cleaner, try it on a small area first to make sure it doesn't take off the dye in the leather before using it on every leather surface. I know on my leahter (GM) the conditioner and cleaner works perfectly.
    2019 Kia Stinger GT2
  • pblevinepblevine Posts: 858
    Actually, I'm not sure I understand my point either! Ok,Ok, I'm just trying to determine what procedure I should use for a quick 'pick me up' cleaning of the car. Z6 or Z7. Since some posts warned that using Z6 directly on a 'dusty' car could cause the dust to scratch, maybe a spray of water with a little Z7 would be more appropriate. Or should I just stick with using Z6 after a light dusting with a cotton towel?
  • curt3dfxcurt3dfx Posts: 7
    Well I followed the instructions this past Sat.
    I washed the car with Z7 then clayed it. The water was beading but what I found was really amazing was that after I clayed it then I washed it again. The water was sheeting off!!! I had to do very little drying. Then I z1, z2 3 times and z6. WOW the body of the Ody is extremely smooth. Too bad my Ody isn't a dark color where you can see the shine even more. At nite though when some light hits it, you can see that it is really nice. I am a believer now! I also tried z6 on the windows just to see if what fastdriver says is true. I feel like z2 it again...

    Now after a little while, how should I do the car again? Do I have to put z1 z2 and z6 again? or is just z6 good enough?

    i know I don't have to clay it again until next year.
  • curt3dfxcurt3dfx Posts: 7
    Oh one more thing I bought a large fieldcrest towel and had my wife cut them into little towels and sewed up the ends so it would fray as little as possible. i was careful not to use the ends.
    I balled it up and applied the Z stuff. No scratches as far as I can see.
  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Posts: 165
  • tpmiller1tpmiller1 Posts: 165
    and subsequent rust can accumulate?
  • reubencahnreubencahn Posts: 102
    I'm looking for a comparison of Klasse and Zaino by someone whose used both. I've got a 3 month old BMW which I've waxed twice already (Sonax shampoo and Blitz wax). This is far too often for my tastes. I've heard good things about Klasse as well as Zaino and I'm trying to decide between the two. My first priority is durability. Shine comes in a close second but second nevertheless. Everybody raves about the Zaino shine but I've seen fewer comments about its durability. How many months do you get out of one complete treatment of Zaino? Of Klasse?
  • pblevinepblevine Posts: 858
    I've never used Klasse and can't say anything plus or minus about that product. But I will say that Zaino has the best endurance I've ever seen in any auto finish product. A single application of Z2 in November of 1999 lasted through when I next washed the car two weeks ago. And the shine is still there too! In addition, after the first usage which does require multiple steps, an application of Z2 is extremely easy. No rubbing, buffing, or hard work. Just apply it and wipe the residue away after it dries.
  • dbs2001dbs2001 Posts: 46
    Received my order of Z this past week & applied this past weekend. I went through most of the various steps--dawned, clayed, washed with Z-7, then Z-1, -2 & -6. I must say that I even sort of enjoyed it because of how easy it is to apply & wipe off. Took me about 4 hrs total. I'm not one to obsess over my car--I really am interested more in protection and ease for me! Z certainly met those requirements and it DOES LOOK GREAT!
  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusPosts: 12,607
    curt3dfx--no need to use Z1 again for about 6 months (or 10 coats of Z2 or Z5). I only use Z1 every Spring and every Fall. I Z2 or Z5 my car whenever I want to increase the shine. By layering the Z2/Z5 with subsequent coats, your depth of shine increases. If you're happy with one coat, you'll still have a great shine, though.

    After the initial total vehicle clay, I only clay in small areas that feel "rough", not the whole car at the same time.

    Reubencahn--not to sound like a broken record, but I've used many, many wax products over my 25 years of driving and many, many car ownership experiences with European, Japanese and Americna models. I had never been able to achieve the "wet look", deep shine that Zaino offers. It is also the most durable (I've not done any durability testing, but plenty on this thread have), but I can say that after the initial wash, clay, wash, zaino treatment, that I've never "had" to put aonther coat of wax on it. I have "chosen" to apply further coats to the finish to achieve a deeper shine. In fairness, I've never used Klasse and understand that it is a high quality wax.

    That said, I've still never found a product that gives a better shine or is more durable that Zaino.

    pblevine--I have used Z6 the day after a wash, when there is no noticeable dust that has accumulated . I stay away from using Z6 if there is any noticeable dust/dirt on my car. I don't want to risk swirling any dirt in the finish that maybe too difficult for the Z6 to "pick up". Z6 is good on water spots, though.
    2019 Kia Stinger GT2
  • peterskmpeterskm Posts: 79
    Alright, I am getting ready to apply the Z for the first time. I am going to buy towels tonight and I have a couple of questions. Do you really need to buy one bath towel per product? A large bath towel seem excessive, how about a hand towel. I don't mind buying bath towels, I just want to know if it is too much. I plan on buying one towel each for the Z2, Z5 and Z6.

  • hanielhaniel Posts: 5
    I just use 100% cotton old white Tshirts and it works great. I use it on my black 2000 Passport, and no swirl marks. I use 2 Tshirts (alternate between washings) total, and that's it. Feel the cloth you're going to use and try on small area first.

    Chamois cloth ( use the soft side) is awesome for no streak drying. You only need one, and it's very wringable. With regular towel, you may get better initial absorbsion, but you can't easily wring it out, resulting in need of multiple towels.
  • ejyejy Posts: 62
    Never did the mower deck - but I did Z my new 'soft-tail' full suspension mountain bike. After a few trips through the woods (and lots of mud), it still cleans up nicely with a light spray of water...
  • pblevinepblevine Posts: 858
    Graphicguy: Thanks, and I'll keep that in mind.

    Towels: Be careful with those T-Shirts. Even though they are 100% cotton, they contain numerous seams. I cut off all such seams and then I only use them as wash cloths. That is, to spread the Z7 suds and wash the car. I went out and bought two sets (2 bath and 2 hand) of towels. I've found that a full bath towel IS necessary to wipe of a full body application of Z2. And even though I do use a chamois to start drying the car after a wash, a full bath towel is generally neeeded to complete the drying prior to application of Z2. I use one of the hand towels during my later Z6 process. And believe it or not, I use the last hand towel for myself during the entire process. We've created a new use for towels - self drying.

    Anyway, I also took Chris's and Sal's recommendations on towel cleaning too. Just some liquid Tide in a cold water wash. And no softening or anti-static agents during the drying cycle.
  • There are too many posts about waxes and I don't have the time to go through them I was wondering if someone can help me with a couple of questions:

    1. How much is this Zaino? I remember reading somewhere that it's significantly costlier than other brands?

    2. Where can I get it? If mail-order only, is it directly from the manufacturer or through distributors? Should I shop around for better prices?

    3. Why are Zaino discussions prohibited from other "wax" threads?

    Thanks in advance.
  • daverosedaverose Posts: 233
    When I do not have the time to wash and dry the entire car and it is only lightly dirty, I would dust with a Calfornia Duster (whidh I have yet to add to my supplies, which I am recalling is best stored in a cool place, wrapped in newspaper to absorb the excess imbedded wax) lightly horizontally dragged to attract/sweep, not bear down wipe, the surface. 'til then, a regular duster, or 100% made in the USA, white, quality cotton towel, used the same way, followed by a Z-6 wipe-down. If there were a few heavy-dirt spots, say aviary droppings, I would use a spray bottle of Z-7 mixed with distilled water on those spots/panels, dry them, then dust, ending with Z-6 treatment.
  • notmnotm Posts: 22
    No, No, No.

    I am not a unsatisfied customer. But I did screw up with the application of Zaino On my Accord Coupe.

    Screw Up:

    I applied Z5 to the front plastic grill (this is different than the Accord Sedan- it is Dark Gray and has a slight texture).

    YES, I called Sal.(and plan to call him again- I doubt if he is up a 5am) Has anyone removed Zaino?

    I tried isopropyl alcohol and a quick wipe of WD-40(Sal recommends using this to remove road tar{not in direct sunlight though!!})----there is still a white haze on the plastic grill.

    Has anyone removed Zaino?

    Screw Up TWO:

    I have let Zaino car wash dry in some spots too leaving raised islands on the finish- is there a way to remove those--I really need to improve my washing technique!!


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