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Zaino Car Care Experiences



  • pjyoungpjyoung Member Posts: 885
    I didn't do the multiple layers. I have 2 coats of Z2. Last coat applied in early/mid January. It is still beading water like new. My cars white, so I didn't expect miracles, but it shines more than any other white car in the parking lot at work. It goes on easier that turtle wax liquid, it's well into it's third month and still protecting. BTW, I didn't clay, and I put on a the inital Z2 coat, followed by the second coat a week later.

    I'd be curious if you'd be willing to try a second test...DON'T wax either side for 6 months. Wash it, of course, but just don't wax it. Then maybe you can give us an update on which lasts longer, Zaino or Meguires. I'm sure many would like to know.

    Sorry you're disappointed, obviously some products are not for everybody. Good luck in getting your money back, but please, go ahead with the test I suggest and report back.
  • dhanleydhanley Member Posts: 1,531
    I'll try it. It's been about 2 weeks now. If it does last much better, it may well be worthwhile. Six months may be a bit too long, though, as the saab does need a hit of wax overall. But I could leave that half of the hood alone. I didn't mention that I did not clay the saturn zaino section before my test, but I was pretty skeptical at that point already. Also, I noticed that the zaino half does seem to bead water better than the meguiars half, but in not better at this than the nu finish.

  • retiredjeffretiredjeff Member Posts: 33
    To each his own. My silver car looks just slightly better with Zaino vs dealer's wax job on car delivery . . . but, having used other waxes on my other cars, I'll do Zaino from now on on the basis of ease of application (and that includes not having to chase dried wax in every nook and cranny). Anything that gives me good results and saves me time is worth it to me.

  • davesl99davesl99 Member Posts: 5
    I want to start using Zaino but do not want to do the entire car at once. I want to do the car in sections and don't want to strip the entire car of wax with Dawn. Is there an alternative method for stripping off the wax that will prepare the surface for Z-1 in small sections.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    I'm sorry that the Zaino didn't work out for you. The clay process is recommended for any wax/polish, not just Zaino. It's just a way to get all the crud off of and out of the paint.

    As for the results, I'm speechless- for once! ;-)) You said that you "Did the whole process: wash, clay, wash, z-1 then z2,z5,z2,z5 followed by z6." I have just two questions- after you did the initial Z-1/Z-5, did you wait 24 hours before applying the additional coats of Z and did you apply the Z-6 after every coat?

    My second question- what color are these cars? The only reason I ask is because the results are more dramatic on the darker colored cars as I'm sure you've seen in my pics.

    All I can say is that time will tell what holds up the longest. Sorry that your results were so disappointing.

  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusMember Posts: 13,085
    Daves--you might want to try just using the dawn wash on one panel at a time. I would think that it would take about 10 minutes to Dawn one panel, clay it, dry it and apply z1/z2. In my opinion, if you've gone to the trouble of filling your wash bucket with dawn/water, wash and dry the panel, then clay, z1/z2, you might find you may as well do the whole thing...or at least do the hood/roof/trunk, or one side of the car at a time.

    dhanley--sorry about your experience. I think if you call Sal Zaino, he would work with you if you really want to return it. At least he would talk to you about your experience. That's another great thing about Zaino. We get great customer support from the owner of the company.
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  • pblevinepblevine Member Posts: 858
    I'm in shock! Before I bought Zaino, I tried many other products on my previous cars. And in terms of endurance, I've never found any wax that could last as long.

    As for the shine, I'll agree that Zaino creates a different 'type' of shine in that it produces a 'clear' reflection rather than a color enhanced glow. Many waxes I've tried (Mequaire's, etc.) slightly color the finish and reflect off of that.
    But the liquid quality of the Zaino shine (after about 2 or 3 Z2 applications) was far better than that produced by meguair's. That's my experience and also the experience of several reviewers.
  • wareware Member Posts: 28
    Bravo to you for running a side-by-side comparison! I think more of us need to do this. On my silver Lexus, Zaino makes it sparkle. I doubt a side-by-side comparison with something else would result in a clear winner given the silver color. After giving it two coats of Z2 initially, I found that 6 months later my car was still repelling dirt and water better than anything else in my experience (and it still sparkled). My third coat went on real fast a few weeks ago.

    When I Z'ed my wife's blue Toyota Sienna, after we had it for a year, people came up and asked if we had just bought it because the color was so deep and wet looking. Perhaps a side-by-side on blue would be more telling. Protection-wise, there is no doubt in my mind about how great Z - plus it is so easy to apply.

    The current issue of Consumer Reports gives their ratings of cleaner/waxes (unfortunately, they didn't test Zaino - I'll write them about that). Their top ten choices were in order (all liquids except one): Zymol Cleaner Wax, Prestone Bullet Wax, Nu Finish CAr Polish (paste), Armor All Car Wax 3M One Step Cleaner Wax, Turtle Wax Emerald, Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell, Nu Finish, Eagle One, and Blue Coral.

    Prestone, Armor All and Turtle Wax Emerald were all rated the highest in durability (estimated to be only 2 months!) but were all average in gloss. Mequiar's and Mothers, etc. were further down the list. Buy the May issue of Consumer Reports for all the details.

    I need to do my daughter's teal colored 1991 Honda. I will get some Prestone and do a side-by-side on it and then report on it over the next 6 months. Dhanley's experience may be anomalous due to the way it was applied, the paint, etc. More of us should experiment to find out the differences.

    FYI - Consumer Reports also rated cleaning, ease of use, and scratching/hazing which need to be assessed in our experiments..
  • vr1vr1 Member Posts: 8
    I had to take my truck in for replacement of a shock that was leaking oil. I forgot to tell them not to wash it. They did, but I don't know if they waxed it or not (probably not). Should I wash it with Dawn again, just in case? I assume the Dawn would not harm the Z2 over Z5 that's on it now? I want to get another coat of Z2 on this weekend.

  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    NO DAWN!!!!!!!! That's ONLY for when you are starting from scratch again! Just Z-2 or Z-5 and then Z-6.

  • onlyonceonlyonce Member Posts: 10

    Applied Z-1, z-2 to my new black Saab. After removing the z-2 (waited 1 1/2 hours in 60 degree weather) it looked like there was a thin film still on the car. I figured I hadn't let it dry long enough - so I parked it in the garage and waited till the next day (70 degrees) to try and remove the film. I also applied z-6 at this time. To no avail, there is still a visible residue on the car. (And I am exhausted after applying zaino because of all the pressure I have to use to try and remove it.)

    Anyone have any suggestions to alleviate this? I know zaino can be stunning on a black vehicle - but I can't seem to get that result.
  • lynne29lynne29 Member Posts: 46
    How long did it take to do the Sienna? Including Clay? Is it Demin Blue Mica? Mine is Silver Spruce and I'm about to Dawn, then do the rest...

    Do I have the sequence correct?

    Wash w/Dawn solution
    Towel dry -wh/am/100%ct
    clay bar w/Z-7 solution for lubricant
    apply Z-1
    apply Z-5 or Z-2 directly over Z-1
    (I plan to initialize w/Z-5)
    Let dry (min. 1 hour-until hazed) then remove with towels

    Now I can drive the car and go somewhere if nec.
    or if there's time left,
    Spray Z-6 either now or before
    the next Z-5/Z-2 application, or both
    Note- spraying Z-6, in effect, "washes" the vehicle, to prep it for the Z-5/Z-2???

    Last step -Throw away the old stuff you used
    to use 'cause this is incomparably better

    After this just a Z-7 car washing when necessary and the Z-6 spray to shine it up. Occasional Z-5 or Z-2 when needed.

    Did it get this all right? Please reply ASAP!
  • ronf4ronf4 Member Posts: 9
    onlyonce: It sounds like you didn't wash it with "Dawn" before you applied the Z1/Z2 and you still had some old wax or something on the finish. It shouldn't have hazed after waiting as long as you did for it to dry. My suggestion is to wash it again with a stronger solution of Dawn and ensure you get it rinsed well before reapplying the Z1/Z2/Z6

    lynne29: The only step I noticed that you missed is rewashing after you clay to ensure all the clay residue and Z7 soap is removed before applying the Z1. Other than that, you have it down pat!
  • pblevinepblevine Member Posts: 858
    ronf4 has some good points. I too have had similiar problems. In my case, Z1/Z2 was applied in rather cool (40-50) humid conditions. The Z2 had not properly dried after about 3 hours when a started wiping it down. Same situation and results as you just had. I really believe you didn't let is dry enought, and then you just 'smeared' (moved) it around when you applied Z6. You should NEVER apply pressure with Z2 or Z5. Just let it dry. Even overnight.

    The best thing you can do now is to wash, dry, and apply a layer of Z5 to remove the swirls and uneven deposits of Z2 you left behind when you applied too much pressure and move the stuff around. Then apply a very thin layer of Z2 and really let it dry. WAIT, until its dry tests tiny spots with your finger. If it moves, its NOT yet dry. Trust but Verify!

    Again, not to worry, many of us initially had similiar problems. You'll see, the results WILL be worth the effort.
  • vr1vr1 Member Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply. I also emailed Sal last nigh and had an answer back this morning! He said that Dawn wouldn't hurt or remove the Zaino on the vehicle (only removes wax), but that it wasn't necessary. Just wash with Z7 and then use Z6 or Z2 or whatever.
  • gnippergnipper Member Posts: 120
    This happens when the Z-2 or Z-5 isn't dry enough. Same thing happened to me last weekend. I waited two hours, but couldn't wait any longer - had to be somewhere. It took rereading all of the documentation a couple of times, but it does mention in this case (when you get the film left) just wipe the car down with a wet towel (I'm sure a quick wash works just as well) and then dry the car. I did that and it wiped off shiny clear and clean.

    That was my first coat of Z-5 on a new black truck. I'm going to go for the second coat this weekend hoping it is a little warmer and less humid in Dallas. If all goes well, I'll have some pics for next week.

    Good luck !
  • onlyonceonlyonce Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for the input - I think I put too much z-2 on the car. I put a generous coat of it on. That's probably why it wasn't dry.
  • daverosedaverose Member Posts: 233
    You have probably hit on the problem; applying too much product. As a reminder: your towel or applicator should be damp (not drippy) and spray a fine mist (barely opening the nozzle) of Z-6 before putting a quarter-sized spot of Z-1, or Z-5, Z-2, or Z-3 on the towel/applicator surface. Spread thinly. You dampen to keep product from soaking into the applicator, you Z-6 to help spread the product thinly and your motion should be more horizontal than vertical (don't bear down). This contributes to the ease of application and removal of 5, 2, or 3, as well as minimizing how much you need to use.

    A recent poster said that Sal Zaino said that Dawn will not remove his products. That's contrary to my understanding, but as our long lost Chris Parrish was fond of saying, "I'm no chemist" but here's my two cents.
  • cyw0cyw0 Member Posts: 27
    After reading through this topic, I have an impression that using Zaino on a light color car won't make big difference compared to regular wax. Since both my cars have light color (silver and beige), and the cost of Zaino is about $60 compared to regular wax of $5, I am not sure it worths the money or not. Any opinion based on your experience? Thanks!
  • jemattjematt Member Posts: 6
    Hello fellow Zaino users! I just did the clay/Z1/Z2 routine on my Royal Green VW Passat today. The last time I applied any Zaino product to the car was back in October (except for Z6). I will say that the water was still beading very well even after nearly 6 months of no Z2! Anyway, there was a question about clay some posts back. In my experience, DO NOT clay using both sides of the clay, use only one side. When it gets dirty, fold the clay in half, dirty side in. See...there is your clean clay! When that side gets dirty, fold again, dirty side in. You will always have clean clay exposed this way, until the bar becomes saturated. BTW, I tried a clay product from Pinnacle called Poly-Clay today. It is a synthetic clay, easier to fold, and it works very well.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Member Posts: 885
    No, you won't get that dramatic wet look (Sal Zaino will even tell you that). But for what it's worth, my car is the shiniest white car in the parking lot at work. Aside from the shine, I am into the third month of a Z2 application and the water still beads like new, dirt does not seem to "stick" to the hood, roof, and trunk area, and as I mentioned earlier, it's still shinier that the other white or light cars in my parking lot. Also, bugs wash right off the front without a lot of hard rubbing, road tar seems to slide right off when washing it.

    Bottom line, on a light car, you won't get that really really wet look, but it will still look "wetter" than other light cars. But the PROTECTION is well worth the money.

    Since it's doing so well at 3 months, I have decided to wait as long as I can (until the shine diminishes or the water stops beading) to apply another coat of Z. I'll provide progress reports until I do Z it again.
  • cyclerklmcyclerklm Member Posts: 26
    I have three coats of Z2 on my new silver metallic Mazda MPV. It has a very clear and reflective shine, but not quite a "dripping" wet look. I might try one more coat if I get ambitious.

    What has impressed me is how easy it is to keep clean. Bugs and tar just don't stick. I can wipe them off with a spritz of water or Z-6. Beading is exceptional.

    I think there is a psychological Zaino factor as well. I've never been so intimately involved with the finish of my car. After claying and multiple polish coats, I know every square inch of the surface. Heck, the car has better towels than I do. Using Zaino will make you care more about your car. Of course, you have to decide for yourself if this is a healthy obsession. :-)
  • daverosedaverose Member Posts: 233
    cyw0 check out The essence of the article can be found in the before and after pictures linked to the blue box found down in the text on the right. It's one of the most persuasive pair of pictures I have ever seen. Notice that the "test" is done on a white vehicle. Sorry, but the thought of the quality of the ingredients that go into nationally advertised brands that sell at a profit for $5 makes me shake my head. As a manufacturer of this topic's favorite brand might say, "You can get the same results with salad oil or furniture polish."
  • gemsgems Member Posts: 15
    do i have to order the entire zaino product series ? what is the total cost ? i have a 99 white Acura which have hand washed it so far
    (no automatic car washes, waxing etc)
    Does zaino is less effective on light coloured cars? anybody used something called zymol??

    thanks in advance.....
  • pjyoungpjyoung Member Posts: 885
    The beauty of Zaino is that you choose what you want to do. I didn't clay my car, since it had only 19 miles on it when I picked it up and only very light "swirl marks", I only bought the z1,z2,z7,z9,z10. Cost about $50.00 Next time I will most likely get the Z6 and Z2, and Z7. I've had mine since December, and I still have quite a bit left over. See my previous posts about how it works on a white car (great!).
  • daverosedaverose Member Posts: 233
    Start at, where their product descriptions, prices, and order form can be found. What should you start with? Regardless of what brand or type of polish or wax you choose, start with a strong liquid hand dishwashing soap without lotion, such as Dawn. Then, if you can afford to include this option at around $20, detailer's clay. Some of the brands are Mother's, Clay Magic, as well as Zaino. Clay requires a spray lubricant to work. Some come with it; Zaino Car Wash Concentrate mixed with water is the recommended lubricant used with Zaino clay. That done, the Zaino products you would follow with would be Z1, which is the basic cleaning and chemical bonding agent for the three polishes. Then, depending on your type of paint, Z2, for clear coats, or Z3, for regular paint. Those are the Zaino basics to get the protection and best look at least cost. If you can opt for it, Z6 gloss enhancer can be used in conjunction with the application of all the polishes to aid spreadability, to enhance the look right after you wipe the "cured" polish, and as a between-washes maintenance "tool." Most liquid car washes will not hurt Zaino's polishes, but the Zaino Car Wash Concentrate helps maintain the polishes' look as well, beside being the recommended ingredient for clay lubricant. If your paint is somewhat beaten up, you could add Z5 scratch and swirl hiding polish, but Z5 used by itself does not give the best look of the Zaino line.

    The other Zaino products available are for leather/vinyl, glass and chrome, plastic, and rubber. All have sun protectant in them.
  • gemsgems Member Posts: 15
    I am planning to order z1,z2, ( z5 or z6 ),z7 and much does an 8 oz bottle of these last? is it a good idea to order more? ( probably can save on the shipping cost!!!)

    Most people are using either z5 or z6?? do i have to order both?
    One more thing how do i know my car is with clear coat? ( its a 99 Acura.) They reccomend to put a mild abbrasive polish on a cotton cloth and rub on the car, is Turtle wax polish a mild abbrasive?
  • gemsgems Member Posts: 15
    Hey looks like we posted at the same time!!!
    I didn't get a chance to read your mail before posting my reply... Thanks again....
    So I guess I will order z1 z2 z6 z7 and z18.
    see.... I also started using these cryptic languges( z's...)!!!!!!
  • daverosedaverose Member Posts: 233
    Your're welcome. Looks like you realized that 5 and 6 are not different versions of a similar thing, too. If you're not used to frequently caring for your car's exterior, like I was, the first effort may seem overwhelming. You need to get everything off the paint with the Dawn and the claying, then z1 and z2 in one continuous effort at least to make all the work pay off without back tracking. However, you could do that a panel at a time rather than the entire car.

    Once you've done that, a Z6 rubdown as "maintenace," with occassional Z7 washings in between is all you need to do to keep the look you first got. Z2 once or twice more a year, depending on what elements your car is exposed to. Also depending on the exposure, Z1 annually or semi-annually. Really very low and easy maintenance.

    If you're "into" caring for your car, more applications of z2 will probably improve the look of your car. Unlike wax, Zaino can be "stacked;" only so much wax can be put on the car at any one time or with any frequency without making it a rolling dirt magnet.

    Good luck.
  • lynne29lynne29 Member Posts: 46
    Dawn washed, clayed, Z-7 washed, Z-1 & Z-2'd my 2000 Sienna minivan on Friday, just before a rain storm Saturday. Great to drive and know we were "protected." Washed again today (REALLY EASY this time!) the Sienna again today and added another coat of Z-5. Looks great.

    Dawned, clayed, Z-7 washed, then Z-1 and Z-5 my husband's 1998 Camry.

    Really pleased so far. Spent more time on my van than the neighbor across the street, who is a lawn fanatic, did on his yard and I know he thinks I nuts to wash my van on Friday and again today!!!

    Tomorrow, maybe even tonight, Z-6 for both

    Now I can read and understand these posts like a pro!
  • lanie1lanie1 Member Posts: 19
    Drove to the beach this week-end. Rainy weather on the way down, big salty puddles once there, and lots of sun and bugs on the way back.

    Once back home rinsed off the car with a hose, did a quick wash-down with Z7 and a soft-bristle/long-handled brush, wiped off with white towels. The entire process took 20 minutes and the car had a mirror finish afterwards without the need for another application of Z2, Z6 or anything else!

    Could not believe how easily bugs, dust, and assorted beach grime disappeared.
  • taisontaison Member Posts: 71
    Today it was raining in Los Angeles. I parked my car outside so that I could get a free wash. After the rain stopped I took the car on the freeway for it to dry. The water just flew right off. The finish is now a mirror finish and smooth to the touch. This is after about a month after having Zaino on it. It's amazing how easy it is to keep clean now. The car is drying spotless. I just love Zaino. :)
  • rtl2rtl2 Member Posts: 7
    Someone in the LS1 forum posted a message stating that the Canon/Fieldcrest towels available at Wal*Mart will scratch your paint. These towels are 100% cotton made in the U.S.A per the label. The poster suggested buying only Fieldcrest Royal Velvet or Charisma available at department stores for $15 versus the Canon/Fieldcrest at Wal*Mart for $5.88. I'm confused since the Wal*Mart towels meet the standards posted on the Zaino website (Canon or Fieldcrest, 100% cotton, made in the U.S.A). Has anyone had bad experiences with these towels from Wal*Mart? Thanks!
  • lynne29lynne29 Member Posts: 46
    Would the poster who purchased the MStewart towels @ KMart give an update? I purchased those on sale also, and find that the damper they got, they leave lint. I can easily get rid of it (using dryest one after the less dry one, but wanted to know if you experienced the same thing. After the second and third washings, it got less obvious.
  • peterskmpeterskm Member Posts: 79
    Can anyone post or email me the details of the Zaino group purchase. I seemed to have misplaced the email. I know it expires tomorrow.

  • dbs2001dbs2001 Member Posts: 46
    I'm the poster. Unfortunately, I've not used them yet as I bought them in anticipation of getting my Z. The Z should arrive this week & I'll use the towels this weekend. Will update you then.
  • ronniepoohronniepooh Member Posts: 339
    After hearing all the glowing Zaino posts, I had to try this stuff. Borrowed all the "Z" stuff from a friend, and went to work on the hood. 1/2 of the hood I did the full wash/clay/dawn treatment followed by the appropriate Z treatment. That 1/2 of the hood looked GREAT after I finished. (Dark blue car). I then went to work on the other 1/2 of the hood. I did a wash, a clay, and applied Prestone Bullet Wax. The end result? The hood looked identical on both areas. Had a friend take a look afterwards, and he could not tell which side was which, in the shade or sunlight. The water beaded up the exact same on both sides. Both sides felt silky smooth.

    My conclusion? Prestone Bullet Wax at $6.50 a bottle works fine for me.
  • SergeichSergeich Member Posts: 54
    Maybe it works, but does it smell as good as Zaino?
  • pjyoungpjyoung Member Posts: 885
    Ronniepooh - now, try phase 2 of the it, wash it, DON'T wax it, and tell us which one lasts longer, or if one appears cleaner/easier to clean. 3 months and still going strong on beading, ease of cleaning, and shine.

  • gemsgems Member Posts: 15
    Is there a group purchase going on for Zaino??
    Pl let me know
  • torektorek Member Posts: 92
    Suppose "product A" costs $80 for a FOUR-year supply, which consists of applying it 8 times using a total of 15 hours of my own labor ...

    suppose "product B" costs $10 for a ONE-year supply, which consists of applying it 8 times using a total of 30 hours of my own labor ...

    then using "product B" costs half as much ($40) over four years, but also 120 hours of my own labor because I have to put it on 32 times and each one is twice as much work. That is 90 more hours than the more expensive "product A".

    I do not know about everyone else, but I value my 90 hours saved at over a buck an hour. :-)

    These are all rough estimates of course. The point is, I use Zaino not because it `works better' -- whether or not it is `the best', it works well enough, and that suffices for me. I use Zaino because it is so easy to apply, compared to traditional waxes.
  • torektorek Member Posts: 92
    Brain not yet awake: 120 - 15 is 105, not 90.

    The numbers are probably wrong anyway, so being off by 15 is not really significant here. My point is, my time is worth rather a lot to me, so I go for the "more expensive but quicker to apply" stuff.
  • pblevinepblevine Member Posts: 858
    rtl2: If the specs on those Wal Mart towels are correct, then they should be fine. The concept is 'cotton' which will not scratch the polymer surface. Many towels listed as cotton also have nylon threads in them which will scratch. The 100% cotton 'made in USA' will not contain nylon. And even with Cannon and/or Fieldcrest towels, avoid using the sewn edges. The soft cotton threads will pick up the residue without scratching. To avoid lint, first wash new towels in a mild cold water with liquid Tide solution, and don't use any 'softeners' when drying.

    ronniepooh: Don't mind 'red', he's just red faced about his poor choice of words. Go stand in the corner, red, you should have said: Zaino will be easier to apply and will last much longer too. Now please write that on the blackboard 100 times before going home today!
  • lynne29lynne29 Member Posts: 46
    Treated my husband's Camry, to which his first comment was "you're working too hard, honey!"

    Now it's "wow, you sure did your research - those postings you read really knew what they were talking about."

    The Camry is beige, of course, which is probably the least apppreciative color of Zaino. The past few days have been drizzle rain and it still looks smooth and clean.

    After having so much fun with the Zaino on both of our vehicles, I plan to "Zaino" as a gift to some close relatives with old cars. My driveway will look like a detailing shop. Just another wonderful reason to look foward to sunny skies.
  • dhanleydhanley Member Posts: 1,531
    We're not the only ones to do a side-by side test and not be able to discern the difference. It has been mentioned on town hall before. I have about 1 month now with my test of the separate sides of the hood, one zaino one meguiar's. I'll update after six months.

    Now after my test the whole thing seems a bit shady to me. Does anyone really beleive sal zaino is a molecular chemist? Also, have any of the satisfied zaino customers tried dawn,clay,dawn, and followed up with the 3m products? They have a similar enough look and texture to make someone like me suspicious, and the results we basically like zaino for me, although I have yet to do a long term test.

  • this_is_nascarthis_is_nascar Member Posts: 199
    It seems that folks are starting to debate the effects and worth of the Zaino products. I'm a Zaino user of less than 3 months. Let me give you some insight as to where I stand on the products.

    I must first start off in saying that price is no concern of mine when it comes to car care products. I just spent ~$25,000 for a 2000 Impala LS. What the heck do I care about another hundred bucks or so in wax/polish/cleaning products. I do not know how Zaino will hold up in the long term, but I'm sure to find out within the next few months. I'm 38 years old and have been driving since I was 17. Beleive me, I've had my share of different wax products, starting with Blue Coral and Turtle Wax all the way up to the other high-priced fancy waxes and polishes. I've even dabbled with the junk that used to be hot on those informercials.

    Bottom line, I'm sticking with the Zaino product line, until the products diss-prove themselves. Here are just a few of my reasons:

    1. The Z7 wash is great in removing grime and dirt. It lathers very nicely. Anyone that's done any detailing knows that one of the big things needed to avoid scratches and swirls is a good lather in the cleaning product. The Z7 product also smells great.

    2. Unlike any other wax/polish I've ever used, I don't have to worry about accidently slopping the Z2 or Z5 over the black plastic moldings. With Zaino, if that happens, it is easily removed. I can not make that claim for any other product I've ever used.

    3. Easy-on, Easy-off. What else can I say? I've yet to use any other product, including other liquids, that go on and come off as quickly and easily as the Zaino products.

    4. End finish result. It looks pretty darn good to me, better than anything I've ever seen. Like I said, the long term effects are still unknown for me.

    These are the key things for me that keep me using Zaino for now. Like I said, if someone can come up with a product that meets all of this criteria and is less expensive, please let me know. I'm always looking to save some bucks.

    As far as the couple of folks that have thier own tests going, please report your results to us as time goes along. For some reason, I could never understand why anyone used "water-beading" as a measure of success for this type of product. Heck, I wish I didn't get a beading-effect. I'd much rather have the product "fall-off" and repel off the surface. Maybe that way, water spotting after a rain fall would not be an issue.

    At any rate, what I'm interested in as your tests proceed are 1) how easy is it to keep the car clean by just hosing off 2) does the shine/gloss remain after any length of time and 3) since most people do measure the beading-effect, what's the comparision in water beading.
  • pblevinepblevine Member Posts: 858
    I'm with graphicguy on this one. Chris Parrish gave me very good advice on a number of subjects. Some not related to waxes, Zaino, etc. Chris recommended Zaino but had a wide variety of information to back up his claims. Anyway, I'm a skeptic by nature, so when I first tried Zaino, it was with a critical eye.

    I'm over 50 and have had a lot of experience with different products over the years. That does NOT make me an expert, but I've developed the knack of spotting cons a long way off. After trying Zaino, I had to admit it was a real product, with real value, and did a really great job. Is it the 'best', is it unique, is it the cure for everything under the sun? Beats me! All I can say with complete honesty is that I am extremely happy with this product.

    If you go back a few posts, you'll see the results of my little endurance test. Although not scientific in the strict sense, I can report that a normal application of Zaino did last all through the winter months. That's a lot better than all the regular wax products I've used through the years. That's what I care about, and that's why I'm a satisfied customer.
  • brentskicbrentskic Member Posts: 15
    I had an interesting observation after cleaning my car for the first time after Zainoing it a couple of weeks back. Like everyone notes here the water beaded and ran off the car more than with other waxes, however I also noticed increased water spotting, much worse than ever before.

    In the past, I've been able to dry the car with a chamois at a leisure pace; but this time, I was noticing water spots drying on the car immediately. I live in AZ and our water is very hard. This might explain it, or it might be that it has gotten warmer and the car will dry that much faster.

    Just curious if others have seen this occurrence.

    I'm with graphicguy when he says, "let's keep it civil", whichever side of the discussion you're on.
  • dbs2001dbs2001 Member Posts: 46
    I'm a newbie here trying to learn. I'm waiting for my Z order to arrive. I'm interested in learning about the product and the tips the veterans have so generously posted. If somebody has a different opinion about Zaino, they are entitled to it! The positives in this forum far outweigh the negatives, so let those posts speak for all of you. You don't need to get into name-calling and a big defensive posture! If you must answer, do it as pblevine (& others) have done with reasons why you like the product.
  • jwilson1jwilson1 Member Posts: 956
    My interest is a little different, as I show a car and have been doing pretty well for the past couple of years. For example, I don't worry a lot about rain as it rarely is an issue. But the depth and clarity of the "wax" is very important, as is the ease of application and tendency to "build up."

    Do any of you show your toys? I don't want to take you off thread, but I'd be curious.

    Take care.
    Joe W.
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