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Zaino Car Care Experiences



  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusPosts: 12,596
    Unless you used an abrasive clay (I know Zaino Clay, Blue Clay Magic and Erazer clays are not abrasive), I don't see how the clay could have left marks. Even if you didn't use enough lubricant with the clay, the residue should wash right off.

    As far as "kneading" the clay, I just stretch it out a bit and fold it over to find a clean portion.

    Try some Z6 Gloss Enhancer over the clay marks. It certainly wouldn't hurt to put another coat of Z2 or Z5 on it either.
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  • newwestdnewwestd Posts: 157
    Maybe some small grit, etc. got into the clay before you re-folded it??

    Some Z5 may fill and "remove" the marks. If not, perhaps this will actually call for some rubbing compound? Maybe re-claying the area will help.

    I have a white car, and I know what you mean when you say you can't see the difference. My girlfriend's car is dark green and is just awsome with Z. Today she complained again about the Z finish, that she couldn't look at the car in the sun! However, there are times when you will see the quality of the gloss and reflection on your car and you will appreciate it. What I see that is different is the clarity of the reflection - details are SO SHARP! This is the difference.
  • I used the Z clay. I'll wait a few days until the sun comes out here in DC and look at it closely to see if the marks are still visible - they were when I finished the Dawn cleaning.

    Once you've clayed with both sides of the bar that Z sends, kneading it flatter and folding it in half won't expose a "clean" side, you only have an "already used" side exposed, no matter how many times you knead it flat and fold it in half. So how do you get a "clean", unused surface exposed on either side. For example, take a piece of newspaper, and start folding it in half - all you get is the same page exposed, no matter how many times you fold it in half. So, can you tell me exactly how you're folding it to expose clean clay? Appreciate it, because that may be the cause of my clay marks, as I was never able to expose clean clay.

  • luck11luck11 Posts: 425
    Applied my second coat of z2 this weekend...and WOW!! Zaino, where have you been all my life!!! We had rain yesterday and the water just flies off the surface while driving and besides the lower 1/3 of body panels, my car looked clean when i arrived home (and we still have the winter road grime leftovers on our local roads!)

    Amazing shine, so fast to put on and take off its ridiculous. BTW, my father just purchased a red 00 Ford F-150 XLT on Friday (nice truck!). Waxed his truck with the Meguiars products that were previously (previous to Zaino) owned by me. Boy, talk about pain in the @$$ to apply and remove, and still did had a bit of hazing. Don't miss my Meguiars one bit. My father did not have the time nor patience to clay, but, it most definitely needs it. After Meguiars, the surface was shiny, (not like my Zaino) but you could feel the imperfections in the pain when you run your hand across the surface!...bad case of rail dust and or industrial fall-out. Will get it clayed eventually.

    Saving z6: I found z6 goes a long way if you use the same spot on the towel to spread on the surface and use a clean part to wipe off. So, I use the following process. 1. Buy yourself some small washcloths (again Canon or Fieldcrest..100% cotton)2. Spray small amount of z6 on car surface in one spot. 3. Use the same section of the washcloth to spread the z6 over the surface (no rubbing req'd). 4. Then use a bath towel to immediately remove the z6 before it dries.

    After the first couple of spritz of z6, the washcloth will become somewhat "wet" and you can practically do other sections of the vehicle without using spraying z6!!!
  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusPosts: 12,596

    One of two things could be happening. Either there was so much imbedded "gunk" in your paint that the clay got too dirty. This is doubtful but possible.

    Second, when you fold over the clay, you are essentially burying the stuff the clay is pulling out, not getting rid of it. It stays in the clay. That's one of the reasons for using clay, to get the stuff out of your paint and stuck to the clay. You just don't want it on the surface of the clay.

    If the clay is getting so dirty that you can't fold the dirt back into the clay, then you must have had one hell of a dirty car.

    You might want to call Sal Zaino about this.
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  • pblevinepblevine Posts: 858
    Wow, I've been away just a few days and I just found 22 postings. On marks left by clay, either you didn't nead (fold) the clay or its so dirty that you need to buy a new piece of clay. That's OK, the clay IS supposed to absorb the metalic dirt. But if a new batch of clay cannot finish a car in a single application, then either you didn't wash the car first, or the car has been through a major war.

    I'm still not happy with the various methods I've tried to dry my car. Someone suggested driving around for a few miles. Tried that, got dirt and water spots, got mad, washed again. I'm now back to using just a large cotton bath towel.
  • brentskicbrentskic Posts: 15
    Just Clayed and Zainoed a new LS for the first time with pretty good but not great results.

    Thank you to all of the helpful posters here. Eventhough my comments are slightly reserved, I have learned so much from reading all of your contributions in the various edmunds forums.

    Positives were the ease of application, and pretty good sparkle after two coats with Z2 (no Z6). Also, the car is very slick and can't even hold a bottle of Zaino on the hood.

    Negatives were that the Z2 did not dry as quickly as I expected in AZ heat. There was a storm moving in so that might have played a part though. When I started to buff it off, it was like others have described; like moving wet Z2 around.

    Also, I seemed to use more Z1 and Z2 than could possibly allow ten separate applications. I used a third of the Z1, and probably a fourth of the Z2. Perhaps my methods were wrong. I didn't have any Z6 so I just slightly moistened and wrung out the applicator. This might have made my application too heavy.

    All in all, I'm pretty happy with the look and more importantly with the fact that the procedure is behind me for some time. The protection is really of primary importance to me.

    Claying (Clay Magic) wasn't nearly as difficult as I imagined. I found that it smoothed the paint and made it as clean as possible. Again though: I used too much lubricant (1/3 of the clay magic lubricant). I will probably be claying my car once a year.

    As for the Zaino products, they seem to go on very easily compared to conventional waxes and shine pretty good; but honestly after my experience, I don't fully understand the completely zealous posts from others here. Maybe it's because I didn't complete the whole process with the Z6. I assume that adds another hour onto the complete process though, and that is just too much for my interests. Inidividual preferences and all that stuff.....

    By the way, it took 6 hours from start to finish for a first timer to Dawn/clay/dawn/z1/z2.

    Based on the ease of application and depending on the longevity of the paint protection, I will probably keep using the Zaino products. I have already ordered some Z6 and Tire cleaner.

    Thank you again for all the enthusiasm and information. Proper car care is a much more complex and interesting subject than one would think at first.
  • ruking1ruking1 Posts: 19,826
    If I understood you correctly, you used about 2 oz too much per product. (Z-1 and Z-2) I can surmise that this is counterintuitive, so just use not more than 1 oz in the future. ( based on 8oz bottle 10 applications per bottle= .8 oz or a little more than 3/4 of an oz)
  • kourykoury Posts: 225
    I also own an LS (black!) and recently performed the dawn/clay/dawn/Z5/Z5 procedure (Z6 in between). My plan was to eliminate swirl marks with Z5 and finish with Z2. But after 2 coats of Z5, the swirl marks just aren't disappearing. I plan on one more coat of Z5 before I switch over to the Z2; Sal's website states that 3 coats of Z5 should hide swirl marks, but I haven't seen much improvement with the first two coats. I'm using 100% made in the US towels (Fieldcrest), so that shouldn't be an issue, and the Zaino applicators for the wax application.

    Anyone else out there have similar, or hopefully, better Z5 experiences? Recommendations?

    On the plus side, I will agree with everyone that the shine is great (and probably will be better after Z2), and application is real easy. Too early to tell about durability, but if I can just get rid of those damn swirl marks...
  • vr1vr1 Posts: 8
    I completed work on my SUV yesterday, albeit in the garage because of rain. I used Z5 initially after Z1 because of some swirl marks (truck is only 9 weeks old) and they came out very well. I can't see most of them anymore. I was prepared to do more than 1 coat of Z5, but due to the results went to Z6 then Z2, followed by another Z6.

    I tried to take a picture this morning, although it was very overcast and threatening rain. I'll post it later today. I guess I'll get to see how the finish holds up under rain on the way home from work today.
  • kourykoury Posts: 225
    Great to hear that Z5 worked well for you. What color is your SUV? How heavy did you put the Z5 on, what did you use to take it off?
  • lynne29lynne29 Posts: 46
    How long do I plan for the first Zaino experience, from start to finish, for my Toyota Sienna Van? Is there a "Zaino for Dummies" manual?
  • lanie1lanie1 Posts: 19
    Time for initial application: 4 - 6 hours if you clay. For a new vehicle you many not need to clay and can reduce the time to 2 - 4 hours - the larger the vehicle the more time needed.

    1. Acquire 100% cotton, made in U.S.A. towels; wash with liquid detergent (i.e. liquid Tide); dry without using fabric softeners.

    2. Assemble cotton towels, Dawn dishwashing liquid and Zaino products (clay, Z1, Z2 and/or Z5, Z6, and Z7)

    3. Wash entire vehicle with Dawn and rinse.

    4. Clay, especially if car is not new.

    5. Wash with Z7 and rinse.

    7. Dry car thoroughly with cotton towels to eliminate water spots

    8. Apply Z1 - wet your applicator with water and completely wring out; spritz applicator with small amount of Z6; put about a quarter-sized blob of Z1 on applicator and spread it around on the applicator; apply to car using very light pressure - this amount should cover a door or most of a hood.

    9. Without waiting for Z1 to dry, apply Z2 or Z5 (use Z5 if you need to cover scratches or swirls - otherwise use Z2). Use same procedure to apply Z2 or Z5 as described for Z1 above.

    10. Allow Z2 or Z5 to dry to a light haze - humidity and temperature will affect drying time, but it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. Allowing product to dry overnight is simple and eliminates guessing about the time.

    11. Wipe off hazed over Z2 or Z5 with clean white cotton towels.

    12. Spritz Z6 on small areas of car and wipe off as you go without allowing it to dry on the car.

    13. If you want to apply another coat of Z2 or Z5 wait 24 hours. You do not need to Dawn, clay or Z1 again to apply additional coats of Z2 or Z5, but if car has gotten dirty since first application, wash with Z7.

    14. Your car will have a mirror-like finish.

    Good luck!
  • vr1vr1 Posts: 8
    As expected it poured on the way home. The rain did run nicely off the windows and finish, however.

    My ML is Bordeaux Red, which at times looks cranberry and at other times almost candy apple red. I did not apply the Z5 heavily. I only used about 1/5 of the bottle. After letting it dry for about 2 hours, I just removed it with a cotton bath towel, using medium pressure.

    Here's a photo. Not the greatest due to the weather, but I think the hood shows some of the shine.
  • The Z instructions say to apply Z-1 in a circular motion and Z-2 in straight lines, front to back on the horizontal surfaces and top to bottom on the vertical surfaces. Do you experts out there also remove the Z-1 and Z-2 moving the towels in these same directions? Does it make any difference in the end or does Sal have a position on this (since he does specifically provide a way to apply Z-1 and Z-2)?

    Graphicguy - understand what you mean by burying the dirt in the clay. Seems like you'd have to fold it over three or four times to bury most of it and my stuff wasn't terribly pliable. Glad I don't have to do that for another 18 months. BTW, in the sun today I couldn't see those clay marks so I guess the Z-1 & 2 coats Z-2 handled it, but I'm gonna order some Z-5 just in case.

  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    To put it succinctly- you used too much Z-1/Z-2, you did it on a day when it was most likely too humid with the impending rain AND you did NOT follow the correct procedure by not applying the Z-6 between coats of Z-2. If you were to bake a cake and left out the eggs or the flour or whatever else goes into making a cake, would you expect the results to be good? There's a reason Sal recommends Z-1/Z-2 or Z-5 AND Z-6. It's a PROCESS. You can't leave out any steps and expect the same results that we all get. When you get the procedure down pat, I'm sure you'll see the difference. BTW, what color is the LS? While the Z is good on lighter colored cars, the results are MORE dramatic on the darker colors as evidenced by vr1's pic above.


    Have patience. I would alternate between the Z-5 and the Z-2 using the Z-6 between coats as recommended. All the Z products work in conjunction with each other. To begin with, black is extremely difficult to work with. Most likely the swirls/scratches were done when your car was prepped by the dealer. That's where most swirls and scratches come from when the car is new. Many people have told the dealer NOT to touch the car when it comes in as far as washing and waxing it. This eliminates many problems. I would just continue with the Z-2/Z-5/Z6 procedure WITHOUT concentrating on the scratches and swirls. When you least expect it, they'll be gone.


    The BEST Zaino for Dummies is [email protected] If he can't help you, no one can!


    Great SUV, great color and a GREAT shine!

  • newwestdnewwestd Posts: 157
    After 2 Z5/Z2 treatments, the swirls are completely gone on my '99 Solara! Completely! For our '87 Accord, they are about 1/2 gone so far with 3 applications. It makes me want to do the Z5 every day to get rid of them!! This stuff is addicting!

    After 5 treatments on the 2 cars, I have not used 1/2 a bottle of Z2 or Z5, but will need some Z6 soon. I spritz the pad with Z6, then apply a 'Z' of Z2/Z5 and squeeze it into the pad, then apply more and start applying. Another 'Z' to the pad for each few square feet of car. No Problem!
  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusPosts: 12,596

    How you remove Zaino doesn't seem to matter. I've tried doing it with the "front to back" and "up and down" in addition to just wiping it off in any direction. I've never noticed any difference. Now, I just wipe it off.

    VRL--the ML looks good. You'll notice even better shine as you apply more coats. The other thing that I notice, metalflake finishes seem to "reflect" light more. I'm sure that the reflectivity has much to do with the fact that the little metal particles in the paint bounce the light more than a finish with no metalflake. Does the ML have metalflake in the paint?

    brentskic--I think that fastdriver hit the nail on the head with the humidity and the fact that you used too much. No harm, no foul, though.

    A trick that I learned from this board is to dampen the applicator with water or Z6. Then just put two thin lines of Z2 or Z5 in an "X" pattern on the applicator. Squeeze the applicator to get the Zaino evenly distributed on the pad. Do the "X" for each panel. I get 8-10 applications from each bottle of Z2 or Z5 in this fashion.
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  • brentskicbrentskic Posts: 15
    Has anyone here ever experimented with applying the Z1/Z2 in the wrong directions on one panel and then correctly on an adjoining panel and determined if there actually was a difference?

    Just curious since I in fact put down the Z1 in straight lines front to back on all panels and the Z2 in front to back on panels. It's hard to believe that this would make such a big difference, but what the hey... I'm willing to try it again.

    Can I just go back over with the Z1 after washing the car or does it have to be stripped again?

    Fastdriver, The LS is Estate Green.
  • pblevinepblevine Posts: 858
    brentskic: Some of our comments may seem a bit harsh. I too initially used too much Z1 and on a cold wet day. And even after a few hours, my initial coat of Z2 had not really dried. So I left my car in a garage overnight. That did the trick. Don't feel bad, you did not real damage. In the future follow graphicguy's method of putting Z2 on an applicator. For both Z1 and Z2, I use very little amounts on the applicator and 'lightly' move the applicator over the panel in overlapping strokes. Lightly! Just as if you were painting a wall. Using this approach, I can do my car with about 1.5 ounces of Z2. Additional coats of Z2 will make a big difference. And yes, you really should wipe down with Z6 too.

    Lanie1: I know Sal says you can apply Z2 or Z5 right over a wet Z1, but I let the Z1 layer dry for at least an hour before applying Z2. I'm no expert, but this method seems to work well. And I always allow an application of Z2 to dry for a few hours before wiping it off. Then I wait about an hour before an additional wiping with Z6.

    vr1: Wow, I didn't know an SUV could look that good. Your picture is great. I can't seem to take a really good picture of the effect of a Zaino shine. Look at those pictures on the Zaino website.

    Jeff: I apply Z2 according to Sal's formula. That is: stroke front to back for horizontal panels, and up and down for vertical panels. Of course, most cars have curves in the panels and I compromise my application strokes to conform to the car's pattern. Later when I wipe off the residue (yep, 100% cotton towels), I generally follow the same pattern. I'm not sure that makes a big difference, but it is easy enough to 'go with the flow'. And I generally follow the same pattern when using Z6.
  • cygnusx1cygnusx1 Posts: 290
    After reading the zillions of posts on Zaino I'm
    about to put in an order. I see tons of posts about how incredible the shine is, but I'm curious as to how good the protection is. Personally, I'm a tad less intersted in shine/show than I am in protection from sun, rain, etc. Can a few of you post your thoughts on the protection qualities of Zaino. And how long does the protection last? Longer than most conventional waxes? Thanks in advance!!
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    The last coat I put on was in mid January. For about a 3 week period, the weather was such that I really couldn't wash the car. When I did, the water still beads up like it did when I first put it on. It also has an uncanny trait in that your car will look cleaner (at least the hood, roof, and trunk) even after it's rained and other cars were throwing the road stuff up on the car. The dirt just doesn't seem to stick. Also, during that 3 week stint, a bird happened to target my car one evening. The next day, it was raining lightly, and just driving it in the rain took the bird droppings off. Not a trace. When it rained last weekend, my car was still beading very nicely. I will most likely apply another coat in a week or 2, but if it's held up this well after almost 3 months, I'd venture to guess it will last a LONG time.
  • pblevinepblevine Posts: 858
    My experiences have been similar to pjyoung's. I applied my last coat of Z2 in the beginning of December before it turned cold outside.

    On a bet with someone in my office, I haven't even washed the car since that date. This is a bit of an endurance test. The car is located in NYC and is now full of dirt, mud, and assorted road salts. The idea will be to see if two coats of Zaino (Z2) will last until Spring (ie: this weekend).

    I can already tell that the Zaino protection is still there. Anytime that I simply brush lightly on the worst parts of the car, the dirt sort of flows away leaving me looking at a Zaino shine. A bit duller, perhaps, but its still there protecting my car. This weekend marks the end of this 'lazy boy' test, and I'll wash the car for the first time this year. I'll let you know the 'offical' ($10) results next week.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Your Estate Green LS should look even more incredible then my Candy Apple Red 300M. Just have patience and follow all of Sal's directions. His tips and tricks page has some great hints to get the ultimate shine. I know you think we all sound like one big infomercial for Zaino, but with a few more coats of Z-2 or Z-5 AND Z-6, you'll sound just like us! LOL...... I was probably more skeptical then you are about what you're reading on these boards. I'm not an easy person to convince either, but seeing was believing for me. That is, seeing it on MY car.

  • brentskicbrentskic Posts: 15
    Sorry to ask twice, but....

    Is it generally recommended to go back over with the Z1 after washing the car or does it have to be stripped to the bone with Dawn all over again?

    I'm eager to sample the "Process" properly by applying in smaller amounts and in the recommended directions....I.E. Circular for Z1 and Horizontal and Vertical for Z2. My curiosity has really gotten the better of me even though I claim not to be so particular about car care.

    Thanks for everone's contributions, even those that do seem infomercialish.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    LOL... OK, no infomercial! You only have to use Z-1 twice a year or after about 10 coats of Z-2.

  • newwestdnewwestd Posts: 157
    Everyone here is so Gung Ho about Zaino products for one simple reason - THEY WORK! We are all in these forums because we want the best for our cars, and are not satisfied. Once you find the best, you want everyone else to share in the discovery - THAT is why we are so adamant about Zaino.

    I was skeptical for a year, convinced that I knewe better. After seeing more and more of fastdriver's great pics and continued ravings about the benifits, I decided to give it a try - now I am a convert, as you will be too! Can't lose!
  • trippdoggtrippdogg Posts: 19
    Well, after following all the links and reding the posts along the way, i see that Zaino seems to have a strong following.
    i have a silver convertible and live in NJ (actually about 20 min from the Zaino Bros. Howell address)

    Anyhow, What Zainoe products are recommended? Also do they make a tire dressing that doesn't fly off the wheel all over the quarter panels once the car starts rolling? Also, is Zaino easy to use with hand buffing? or a power buffer needed to get the desired results??

    Any inof would be appreciated...
  • newwestdnewwestd Posts: 157
    Everything you really need to know is on the Zaino site - after you read all the tips and FAQs. It is really not that difficult, although there are several easy steps compared with a single large step for the typical wax.

    I wanted to use my power buffer, but it is really not needed any longer, and will be very wasteful of the Z polish. Once you clay the car, it will be so smooth that the Zaino goes on with little effort. It seems too just too easy until you see the results. It is important to remember that this is NOT a wax! It is an advanced polymer finish, and what you know about wax does not apply here.

    Good Luck! I have some new photos of a 3-year old car left ouside that was Z'd for the first time. I will try to post them soon.

    I personally have not tried the tire dressing, but all the other products are great, so it is likely that this is, also.
  • newwestdnewwestd Posts: 157
    3 year old Accord, Un-Garaged, Zaino'd for the
    first time with Z1, Z5, Z2, Z6 over a weekend.


    Check the clarity of this reflection
  • pblevinepblevine Posts: 858
    newwestd: Great pictures. Only how did you keep the bottle from slipping. When I do that, the bottle just falls off the car. Is that a '97 or '98. The front end looks like a '98. Then again, it could be the Zaino shine!

    trippdog: Hi! You never answered my little question about those super white headlights from the "Slow in Left Lane" topic. Never mind. You'll love Zaino. Go get it! And forget about buffing. Once your car has been correctly cleaned via washing and claying, no buffing will be necessary. And the results, wow. 'Just look at the pictures in the site.

    As newwestd said, this stuff is very easily to apply and maintain. Basically, you'll need Z1 (Polish Lok - binds Zaino to the clearcoat), Z2 (The non-abrasive 'polish' - the 'good stuff' - actually a polymer not a polish), and Z6 (Gloss Enhancer Spray - for additonal shine and touch up). That plus a set of 100% cotton towels (made in USA only) is all you need to get started. If you have micro-scratch and/or swirl marks, you should also get Z5, and you should also get the Z7 Car Wash too. Zaino makes an extremely good 'Tire Gloss' (Z16?) which will not 'fly' off during those high speed chases. But the best advice we can give you is to access the Zaino website at: Sal Zaino knows more about this subject than anyone I've ever talked to, and will be more than happy to address any specific question you can think of. Let us know how you do. Now you'll just have to let me go if I'm ever caught in a speed trap! Only kidding!
  • trippdoggtrippdogg Posts: 19
    Looks like I'll have to order my Zaino products next payday..

    As for the question on the white headlights, I'll post you an answert there, i don't remeber seeing it, so I have to go back and check.
  • newwestdnewwestd Posts: 157
    Thanks for the comments - it's a '97 with the Zaino shine! Sorry my scanner is a little out of focus, or it would look better. fastdriver has had another bad influence on me, and I will be getting a digital camera so I can provide better pictures as I get more layers of Z on!

    It was darn hard to keep the bottle from sliding off! I had to find a really level spot!
  • sjuhawkssjuhawks Posts: 13
    I've been reading all of the reviews of this product and it seems like something worth investing in. Where can I get it?
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    YOu can only order it via mail, but you can get the order form (and a lot of other information) at .

    I saw your post in the other topic. When I read the first post in that topic, the poster stated:

    << ...such as Zaino that require many hours of works and several coats, with waits between each coat. I am sure that those kind of waxes have their place, but not everyone is a detailer. >>

    First off, the first application is perhaps the most difficult, especially if you "clay" the car first. I didn't, yet the first application of Z1 and Z2 took a total of 3 hours on my 300M (it was applied in December and the drying time was longer because of the drying time for me was a little over 2 WAS NOT difficult to apply). You will get excellent results with the first application of Z2. Subsequent applications will result in a deeper, richer shine, but you will be impressed with just the first.

    I have a total of 3 coats of Z2 on my car. Subsequent applications of Z2 (on warmer days), took just over an hour, start to finish.

    I think the original poster in that topic felt that Zaino was a lot more work than he wanted. The fact is, Zaino is FAR easier to apply than any other good wax that I have used.

    It cost's a bit more, but, if taking care of your car is important to you, the cost of Zaino is well worth it. Besides, a little goes a LONG way, so in the long run, it costs about the same as other premium car waxes.

    I have used it (per fastdriver's recommendation) on every surface EXCEPT for any "textured" plastic (mirrors, etc), including the wiper arms, door posts, headlight covers, tail lights, you name it, I've put it there!

    My last coat was applied nearly 3 months ago and it still beads water as well as it did when it was first applied.

    I honestly cannot find any "cons" to this product, and no, I nor anyone else in this forum (that I know of) has been paid by Sal Zaino for these testimonials. We all just believe that when you find a product that works as well as Zaino, you want to share it with other "enthusiasts".
  • Is it safe to spritz Z-6 on a car and wipe it off with a cotton towel if the car hasn't been washed - you know, a car that's been driven for a week or so, with usual light dust/dirt collected on the surface? Just wondering if, by wiping it off, you'll cause light scratches from the residual light dirt. Anyone??

  • erazererazer Posts: 21
    The best way to keep reusing a "clay bar" is to PULL, STRETCH, and REFOLD the bar. If the temperature is cold, this make make the process more difficult. To make it easier, try to keep the bar stored in room temperature and/or do this process in a warmer area.
  • newwestdnewwestd Posts: 157

    You will definitely rub the little dirt and dust particles into your paint and make lots of nice scratches. Been there - done that.

    Either leave it alone or wash it first. Sorry!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    To all-

    LESS than 2 weeks left to get in on the ZAINO Group Purchase. If anyone is still interested, just click on my name above and e-mail me for the details! I'll get them right out to you. The response to this has been overwhelming- for me anyway! LOL..... These two little fingers will type as fast as possible to get the info to you!


    I think newwestd used the same two-sided sticky tape to keep that Z bottle on the hood that Jennifer Lopez used to keep that "dress/scarf" in place that she wore to the Grammy's!! LOL.....


    If Sal paid us for our comments, I could have RETIRED a long time ago!! LOL.......

  • lynne29lynne29 Posts: 46
    You all have become knowledgeable Zaino users, but who here is the longest-term user of Zaino products?
  • pblevinepblevine Posts: 858
    The previous moderator of these topics was a professional detailer and paint expert named Chris from Atlanta. He had to be one of the first Zaino users. He was also one of the most knowledgable people (on these subjects) around. Unfortunately, some really nasty types drove him away from Edmunds TownHall. I think he's a moderator on one of the 'Vette sites now.

    I've only been using Zaino for about 1.5 years now. Maybe we should poll the crew and see when we all began used these products. For the record, I think I started around 11/'98.
  • wayn1wayn1 Posts: 69
    I've been using Zaino since March 2000 and I have not used a better product in thirty plus years! This stuff is fantastic! Thank you everyone.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Posts: 885
    December '99. I have 3 coats of Z2 on my 300M and 1 coat on my mother-in-laws 98 Taurus. Her car was the true test. I've waxed it for her before, but I Z'd it about 2 weeks ago. She took it out the next day and and remarked about how it shined. The next day it rained, and she asked what I did to her car, because after driving in the rain, it still looked clean.
  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusPosts: 12,596
    I'm with pblevine. I started using Zaino the end of '98. I had been dissatisfied with all the other waxes I had used over the years. Some gave good shine but didn't last (still, none gave me a shine as good as Zaino). Others would last but were no great shakes in the shine dept.

    I actually started using Zaino that belonged to a friend of mine with an LS400. He always pulled the LS400 into our work parking garage with the cleanest, shiniest car. I asked him if he washed his car everyday. The answer was no and he told me about Zaino and loaned me some Z1/Z2.

    He was such a zealot, I thought for sure Zaino was part of some "scheme" like Amway (please, Amway distributors, don't flame me). Any minute, I thought he was going to try to get me to recruit others for a "flash in the pan" product. Obviously, my fears were unfounded. Zaino just produces great products with great customer service.

    Well I used his stash and have been a big believer ever since (I've also bought my own Zaino). Also found the group here that helps one another...too bad Chris Parrish is gone.

    Now, I'm the zealot.
    2019 Kia Stinger GT2
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273
    Like pblevine, I started using Zaino in November of 1998, 5 months after I bought my 300M. I have never clayed my car because I didn't know about clay back then. However, I did clay my cousin's black 2-seater BMW convertible before I did the Zaino treatment on her car.

    I miss Chris too, but I catch him in another forum that he moderates involving car detailing that mostly deals with Camaros and Firebirds- the fancy ones like you see on Sal's webpage.

  • newwestdnewwestd Posts: 157
    I've been using Zaino now since 'way back in March of 2000, after a year of reading the forums and procrastinating. I kept telling myself that it can't be that good, and that it sounded too good to be true, and everyone here was brainwashed cult members, maybe from breathing the fumes! (How do we know that's NOT true??????)LOL fastdriver's photos led me to try it.

    Now I'm convinced that everyone on the OTHER forum is a bunch of Luddites that probably hate electricity, telephones and airplanes, too! How dumb to be against something that you haven't even tried!!!
  • Here's the question. Excuse me if it sounds as stupid as I think it does, but please humor me anyway and respond.

    Let's say you've just Zaino'ed your car, the full deal, including Z2 and finishing with Z6. You park the car in your driveway or out front. About an hour or two later, it rains. It doesn't matter much if it's a hard rain or sprinkles. Now, since the rain beads on the car because of the Zaino treatment, it takes forever for the water to dry-off. Finally, your car is dry from sitting there in the sun or becuase it has sat overnight.

    My question.... what does the finish look like? Do you have all those round dry water spot marks? What do you do to the car then? Do you give a Z6 treatment to get rid of those ugly marks?

    Again, I know this sounds very stupid, but this situation happens to me more than I can to admit to. I wash the darn car, then do the full treatment. It rains later that day or within the next day or two, the rain dries and makes the finish look like crap and I'm out there shaking my head, just waiting for the weekend to do the entire wash/Z6 thing all over again (like I don't have better ways to spend my time).

    Your throughts and comments please.....
  • fastdriverfastdriver Posts: 2,273

    Mmmmmmmm.......the FUMES!!! So that's what keeps making me want to Z-2/Z-6! I'm addicted!! Oh no- time for a ZA meeting!!


    If my car gets wet when it is clean, then I don't get any spots. If the car is dusty and it rains lightly, then it has dust spots, but not spots that would call for Z-2 or Z-6. Maybe a wash job, but that's it. If the car is dusty and we get a pouring rain, then it's like getting a free wash job. I have put my car in the garage when it is wet, expecting to find it all spotted the next morning. No spots if the water has evaporated. Maybe you just have bad acid rain in your area? CT supposedly is one of the worst areas, so I don't know what to tell you. Maybe you just need a few more coats of Z-2/Z-6???

  • GischpelGischpel Posts: 133
    Man, I feel like an old timer as I started with Zaino in the late spring of 1998. That was when Chris Parrish was offering lots of valuable insight. Fastdriver, I and a few others were gulping down the knowledge Chris was willingly sharing. It is too bad that he had to move on, but we "keep the faith" and many others continue to benefit from the collective experience of those who choose to post here. I continue to learn more each day.


  • sascuderisascuderi Posts: 73
    I just reveived my Z box and will try it this weekend. Have never used it before but have used lots of other products with good results. Lets see if this Z stuff has what it takes!!!

    I will post a follow up this weekend!

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