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    Can't wait to see the pics of the red Mustang! It's my favorite color too!

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    And I thought I was the only one who "took a peak at the car before going to bed" Glad to see I am not alone! I also take great care of my lawn, and neighbors come over and "tease" about how often I wash the car. You know, comments like "some day you are going to wax down to the metal!"

    I haven't tried Z yet, but will order some soon!
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    I thought I might put in my $.02 worth about using Zaino on an older car. I have a brown 92 Taurus and the paint really looked bad but I didn't want to spend $2500 for a new paint job. I did the whole dawn, clay, dawn, Z1, Z5 (three times to eliminate the swirl marks), Z2 and Z6. The paint now looks flawless, I can even see the metal flakes that I had forgotten were there. All swirl marks are gone, and the shine is incredible. So much so that my wife thought I had taken the car to have it repainted. With this kind of result I can only imagine what it would do for a new car and I can't recommend Zaino enough. The Z2 does increase the shine above Z5's already great looks. And like others here I used Z6 both before and after the Z5/Z2, so I will have to order more.

    As a side note I also poured the Z6 into a plant mister before applying to the car since I couldn't get the Zaino bottle to adjust properly.
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    Yeah - I get that too, all the time! Just tell them you are going for the "DeLorean Effect!".

    With previous waxes that might have been possible, but it'll never happen with Z!
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    Okay, I'm convinced. I have a new (AUG) Blk Tundra. I'm planning on alternating between Z2 and Z5.

    My three questions are:
    - Should I start with Z5 or Z2 first.
    - I can't spend all day waxing my truck. Can I just get away with Z5 and Z2 without the Z1 and Z6.
    - Finally, don't shoot me, but how do these polishes hold up to the car wash (I live in a new development and my truck is dirty the day after I wash it).
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    Info on Z says to reapply Z1 between 1 to 2 times per year - does this require a full strip of existing Z or just apply over current layers and start over w/Z2?

    May do this soon - Ron Pierce - 2K Acura TL
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    >- Finally, don't shoot me, but how do these
    >polishes hold up to the car wash (I live in a new
    >development and my truck is dirty the day after I
    >wash it).


    Awwww . . . if you really must . . . they should hold up better than other waxes. Just make sure you reapply Z5 every now and then, because I don't think you can get away from swirl marks.
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    rpierce: Once you have a good base of Z1/Z2 on the car, you DON'T have to strip it off ever. Just apply your next Z1 layer over the existing layers. You should wash the car (Z7) and clay is necessary. Actually, I think just one coat of Z1 per year is OK.

    pcheng: The best advice we all can give you to read the suggestions on the Zaino website ( You probably don't need any Z5 on a new car (SUV, etc.). I'd use Z1 and Z2. Finish with a Z6 wipe down. Your next session would be to just wash and apply the next coat of Z2. Also, I'd stay away from most commercial car washes. Their 'automatic' machines employ recycled water and stiff brushes. That could hurt any polish product. Just try a quick rinse with plain old water.

    tpmiller, keyrow, and graphicguy: Hey, I like the idea of using a plant mister for Z6. Now how can I get it away from my wife? Ok, Ok, I'll go out and buy one.

    mlc40: welcome to the club. Soon you'll be talking about which brand of towels to buy (just like the rest of us).

    torek: I couldn't access those pictures (tried 3 times). I'll try a little later.

    aureius: We've all had a hard time trying to see where we applied Z1. And it does take some time to haze. I've just been estimating where I last stroked with the applicator and then follow through with overlapping strokes. I've actually only applied Z1 twice thus far, and I've let it dry for about an hour before applying Z2. But pjyoung has a good point, you can apply Z2 right over Z1. Still, I'm going to wait a for at least a few minutes before reaching for the Z2.

    Graphicguy: My '98 Accord Coupe EX V6 is that dark "Emerald Green" which does have those little metalic specs in it. In bright sun, the car appear to be black. But with just Z2, the specs seem to glow and the green color is greatly enhanced. I'm hoping that Z5 will bring out this effect even more. I'll let you know.
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    I've already gotten into the towel thing. I sent my wife shopping with specific instructions on which towels to buy. She got them from Target and they were on sale for about $5. They are 100% cotton made in the good ol' USA and the brand is Lady Pepperell. They seemed to work great. Her only comment was, "The towels you use on the car are better than the ones we use in the bathroom." I'm sure I would have been in trouble if I had said that the Mustang has a better body, so I kept that comment to myself!
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    Congratulations on the decision!

    You won't spend all day on your Tundra, except maybe the FIRST time. You MUST use Z1 first as it is a primer that locks the polishes to your paint. However, you only need to use it once in every few polishes.

    - Wash with Dawn to remove old wax and road grease
    - "Clay" the car with a good car prep clay such as from Zaino, Mothers' etc. This removes all sorts of gunk that is already in your paint and makes it really smooth so the polish glides on effortlessly.
    - Dawn again to remove clay lubricant
    - Dry carefully
    - Z1 over the entire car, don't need to let it dry.
    - Z5 to start removing swirls and scratches, let dry.
    - Z6 mist and buff for an overall gloss.

    This is all about 2-3 hours of total labor if you are efficient.

    The Next day - and afterwards
    - Z5 for further scratch removal or Z2 for maximum gloss with Z6 Spritz and buff. 30-40 minutes tops. You can go back and forth between Z5 and Z2 as often as desired. The increase in depth with the second layer of Z5 / Z2 is amazing!

    Washing -
    - Z6 as a final touch
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    ALSO -

    Nothing seems to stick well to Zaino, so you might find that you don't need to take it to the Car Scratcher, er' Car Wash, you might find a regular hosing and drip dry may work almost as well between your careful hand washings.
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    Do you use the Z7 car wash? I do, and I don't know if it's the Z2 just doing a really great job, but the Z7 seems to really make the car "bead" really well, just after a wash.

    I have a pressure washer at home, and if it hasn't been real nasty weather, That alone will take off most light soil. But the Z7 just seems like it "enhances" the finish. Anybody else notice this?
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    Someone said to hold on ordering Z until they could talk with Sal for some great pricing. Any news??
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    Just e-mailed Sal for the details. Will let you know what he says.

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    tp--I just can't see myself going to the plant store to get a plant mister. What if any of my friends see me? I'll never be able to repair my frail "macho image".

    Plants don't last long around me due to neglect. I'm just not a plant type of guy. As a matter of fact, I keep the dried out, nasty brown, dead, carcasses of plants that have "passed on to the other side" in plain view as a reminder and an example to all the pets in my house as to who is the master.

    Now to all of the plant lovers out there, please don't flame me. My wife is an excellent "keeper of plants". Just because her plants cry out in pain everytime I enter the room, is no reason to hang me in effigy. Pets are also very well behaved since I've made an example of our in home vegetation. I don't want to give the green leafy things any hope if they see me come home with a plant mister for Z6. It would spoil the effect.

    pblevine--let me know what differences you see between using Z2 and Z5.
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    I have just noticed that Sal has increased the shipping and handling cost to $6.95! I'm sure he is trying to cover the cost of those large, multiple item orders, but for us who just want to replenish one or even two items such as Z2 or Z7, that's a little steep. If everything ran out around the same time, there would be no problem.
    Maybe after using it long enough, I'll have it figured out when and how much to order. Just my two cents!
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    We need a venture capitalist to pay for a normal web-site with normal credit card ordering and shipping cost calculation. I am sure that the web-site will pay itself in no time.
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    Wash towels before using to avoid getting white lint all over the car.

    To apply Z1 and Z2/5: dampen Zaino applicator with water and wring out, spritz with Z6, then add about a quarter-sized dollop of product to applicator and smear evenly over top of applicator(like smearing butter on bread). This amount is enough to cover the hood of a car! Gently glide applicator over surface of car using almost no pressure. If you apply product this thinly, the first area applied will be hazing over by the time you finish applying product to entire car.

    Z6 applicator problems - see pblevine's suggestion in #46; it works.

    Update: After the first application of Z2 my car looked wonderful; after the second application, it looked UNBELIEVABLE!

    fastdriver - the ray-bans are out!
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    LOL..... I told you!

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    fastdriver: Na, just look at your car at night. HeHeHe!

    newwestd: WORD. Very usefull post for all.

    pjyoung: Yep, I've also noticed the effects of Z7 car wash. Maybe there is some Z6 in Z7? Actually, I've been conducting a little lazy man test of Z2. I haven't washed my car for a couple of months this winter. Lots of dirt and road salts. Now I'll first try just a water rinse to see how well the Z2 held up. Then I'll wash it with Z7.

    graphicguy: Will do. This spring I'll try Z5 and let you know.

    Sergeich: That's a great idea. Maybe you should email Sal with the suggestion. And I think there are a number of firms such as SalesLogix (E-Commerce package) who have it all set up already.
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    OK Sal...all of us "old timers" have talked to you at one time or another. As you can see, there's even a thread that we talk about nothing but your products. I know that you cruise through here from time to time.

    Here's an open invitation to stop in now and again to add your comments and suggestions.

    For those of you who don't know Sal, he's the "Chief Guru", "the Head Honcho", "the Shah of Shine" at Zaino Brothers Show Car Polish!


    Your loyal users group!
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    I love it- The Shah of Shine!!!!! LOL.......

    Sal has been so busy that he wants me to call him to get the details about the group purchase. I'm going to do that now. I'll let you all know what the story is ASAP.

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    TO ALL-

    Just got off the phone with Sal about the group purchase. If you are interested in the details, please e-mail me by clicking on my name above and I will send them right out.

    We need a minimum of 15 people to get this rolling. I don't think you'll be disappointed in the offer and I KNOW you won't be disappointed with the results!

  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusMember Posts: 13,085
    I just stocked up on another group purchase.

    Maybe I'll stock up more? Please e-mail me the details

    [email protected]
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    Never thought of it before, but will ask the question now.

    Can we apply z6 immediately after the removal of z2 or z5, or should we wait the 24 hours?

    I applied it immediately before and after my z2 treatment and seemed to work fine.
  • graphicguygraphicguy Edmunds Poster EmeritusMember Posts: 13,085
    NO need or bennefit to wait at all before or after Z1/Z5 to use Z6.
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    Has anyone got the info on the Zaino Group Buy? I hope I'm not too late.
  • ronf4ronf4 Member Posts: 9
    See post #79 from "fastdriver" for Group Buy info.

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    Well folks, I finally was able to take some pictures of the "after" effects of using Zaino on a car. This round, I had only done a wash with Z7, wiping with Z6, then a polish with Z2. I ran out of Z6, so I wasn't able to do an after wipe like I usually do.

    Feel free to take a look at

    I have quite a few pictures that I just took after this afternoon's application. If you have the time, look at all the pictures. They each represent a different angle/view of lighting on the car. You won't believe the reflections on some of these pictures. You can clearly see the sky and clouds, the big oak tree out front and me on a couple of the photos.

    Thanks for a hell-of-a-product Sal.
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    Great Z photos!!! The quality of the reflections is fantastic.

    I really like your "I'm Drafting" plate frame - but it should be spelled in reverse, shouldn't it - so it reads right in the draftee's mirror?? Actually, now that I think of it - they won't be able to see it, right?
  • this_is_nascarthis_is_nascar Member Posts: 199
    newwestd: I don't think you can see the entire plate, but the entire thing says "I'm not tailgating, I'm drafting". I picked it up at one of the local dirt tracks a couple years back.
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    A friend of mine at work told me that there is an article OR ad for Zaino in a magazine called Corvette News or something like that. Has anyone seen it? He said that he was going to bring it in to me today so I can make a copy of it.

    Also, I will call Sal today to get that group number for our purchase. You should have it by this afternoon! The response was great! I was attached to this computer for HOURS these past 3 days! I tried to get back to everyone within seconds of receiving your e-mail.

    There's going to be a lot of shiny cars out there this summer!! LOL.....

  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    Haven't had much time to look at all your pics yet, but what I did see looks great! Hope to look at them sometime today at work since I have no time at home with that e-mail thing flashing all the time! LOL.......

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    I think we should all chip in and get fastdriver a new applicator pad for all his hard work! It's either that or an "I'm with Zaino" T-Shirt!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273
    EVERYONE should have the group purchase number by now. If you sent me e-mail saying that you wanted in on the deal and didn't receive the number, please e-mail me and let me know! I may NEVER send another e-mail in my life after this! LOL...... I can't see straight! It's been constant cut, paste, send, file etc. since I posted here Wednesday! It will all be worth it when shiny cars start appearing all over the USA!!! ;-))


    How about- "ZAINO THIS!" LOL...... BTW- YOUR e-mail was the ONLY one, so far, that came bouncing back!! LOL....

    Went to the wand carwash this afternoon. Car looks great.

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    I am ordering my 5 products. I am getting the Z1, Z2, Z5, & Z6. I do not need the clay bar so I want to get two of one of the previous items. Which one do you run out of first?
  • this_is_nascarthis_is_nascar Member Posts: 199
    lambchop: you will always and I mean always run out of Z6 first. You can never have enough of the stuff.
  • pcleveland2pcleveland2 Member Posts: 516
    Got second coat done. Like I said, its smooth and deep. Looks Fantastic!

    BUT got the Zaino on my ruff plastic molding. I know its already been covered but how do I get it off. I thought the Z6 would do it but it doesn't. Don't know why they put ruff plastic on the outside of a car anyway.

    Any suggestions?

  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    DON'T laugh! Sal recommends peanut butter! Why not e-mail him for the exact process.

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    I stumbled upon a mention of Zaino in another topic, then checked out the website and also found you guys a few weeks ago. I took the plunge and ordered. I have an 8 weeks old Bordeaux (metallic) Mercedes ML320.

    Today was the first chance I had to try it out. I washed the truck with Dawn, then took it into the garage to clay it, even though it's new. I didn't get too much stuff off with the clay, but it sure made the paint feel smooth. Then rewashed with Z7. Back into the garage to use Z1 (which I couldn't see very well while applying), followed by Z5 (there were a few minor swirl marks I wanted to get rid of). I just took off the Z1/Z5 about 2 hours ago.

    WOW! I can't believe the relections (and that's inside the garage, with the door open). My only mistake was not washing the towels first; I had problems with lint). Tomorrow I'll use the Z6, then Z2. It's hard to believe it could look any better. It was more work than I'm used to, but the results are worth it and I plan to keep this vehicle looking good. And I know that the hardest part is behind me.

  • pjyoungpjyoung Member Posts: 885
    Congratulations! The hard part is over now though...the Z2 goes on fast, comes off easy and shines like nobody's business!
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    pjyoung is right! The "hard" part is done. As you put on additional coats of Z-2/Z-5/Z-6, it gets BETTER!! Trust me! You are not going to believe the wet look shine. Of course you have a little more territory to cover then I do on my 99 300M, but it should not take you more then an hour to do. I can Z-2 my 300M in 45 minutes- start to finish.

    Everybody thinks we're nuts when we rave about Zaino, but we know that we drive the shiniest cars around! NO question about it!

  • this_is_nascarthis_is_nascar Member Posts: 199
    I keep reading (especially from you fastdriver), that people are applying Z2 in minutes, instead of the hour or two that it takes me. Am I doing something wrong? Are you folks washing/drying the car first or just applying Z2 or Z6 whenever you feel like it?
  • karenb3karenb3 Member Posts: 3
    I am planning to do the first few Zaino steps at my parents' house, basically because they have a hose and I don't. If I get one coat of Z2 on, can I drive home (about 20 miles) while things dry? Or do I have to wait? Then, after a remove the Z2, can I just apply Z6 before re-applying Z2? Sorry if this is old news, but I just read about 500 posts and I am rather fried. I sent my order in two days ago and want to be ready to go when it gets here. I, too, am skeptical because I haven't really noticed a difference in shiny cars before. I've just noticed if they are shiny or not.

    Thanks for any advice!

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    My Zaino takes no time to dry under the folowing conditions:

    1. Relative humidity is lower

    2. The Zaino is applied outdoors, in direct sunlight.

    It takes less than an hour to dry this way. My first application of Z1/Z2 took a couple of hours to dry, but the air temp was below 40. I can wash and Z my car (300M) in just over an hour most of the time.
  • pjyoungpjyoung Member Posts: 885
    I'd let the Z2 dry. I am afraid that if you drive it before it dries, you might find some "road gunk" getting on your finish. Apply it outdoors (in direct sunlight if possible) and it really shouldn't take that long to dry. Heck, time it so the drying process is over lunch and go in and visit with the folks for an hour.

    The Z2 comes of really easy. Not only does it shine, but it beads water really nicely, and it also seems to help keep your car "cleaner looking", at least on the hood, roof and trunk areas. I Z'ed my mother-in-laws Taurus last week and she drove it in the rain and commented on how well it shined, and how good her car looked even after a rain.
  • fastdriverfastdriver Member Posts: 2,273

    IF my car needs washing, I do that first and dry it thoroughly. Then I put on the Z-2 or Z-5 followed by the Z-6. When I say that it takes me 45 minutes to put on the Z-2 and wipe it off, that does not include the time spent washing it OR the time spent applying the Z-6. The Z-6 application goes faster then the Z-2. I timed myself twice to see how long it actually took me for the Z-2 process. By the time I have finished applying the Z-2, the first part where I started is already dry and ready to be wiped off. Even when I FIRST started using Zaino in November of 1998, I NEVER had to wait hours for anything to dry! However, I agree with pjyoung- if you apply Zaino or any other polish/wax when it is humid out, you will have to wait a longer time for it to dry.

    I also apply the Z-2/Z-6 outside in the sun. If there is a slight breeze, it's even better! I have applied the Z-2/Z-6 in temps below 40F with no problems. Maybe you are putting it on too heavy or maybe it's more humid then you think. Just go to and see what the humidity is for your area before you start. Now, I'm not a meteorologist, so I can't tell you what humidity level is too high! LOL..... I guess we just have the perfect weather here in CT. ;-)))


    I would wait for the Z-2 to dry also before driving it 20 miles.

    I'm sure that some people think I slave over my car to keep it looking the way it does with that wet-look shine, but that's not true. I Z it when the mood strikes. There is NO pattern to my applications of Z-2 or 5 and Z-6. As a result, my car maintains that look.

    I'm sure you've seen my pics of when my car was dirty and then again right after I went to two car washes- one wand wash with the brush for the aluminum wheels and the 2nd car wash with the hi pressure machine going back and forth over the car. You saw the shine that was there without any Z-6 applied.

    When I first read about Zaino here, I thought it sounded like a TV infomercial myself. Then, I thought, how could ALL these people be "fakes" or "shills" for this company. At the time, I was using Meguiars on my 300M and thought that there was NOTHING that could make this Candy Apple Red shine MORE then it was already. The more I read, the more curious I got. I have tried dozens of car waxes/polishes over the years including the OLD Blue Coral 2-step process YEARS ago that came in the blue bottle that looked like Maalox! I decided to order the Zaino and see for myself if everything that people were saying about this stuff was true. If it didn't live up to my expectations all I lost was some time and money! It wouldn't be the first time in my life that happened. LOL......

    I also said that if it didn't live up to what everyone was saying about it, I would report that here too. Good thing for Sal that I LOVED this stuff or I would have been a "thorn" in his side saying that this stuff was overrated! LOL.... Those of you who have been in these topics long enough, especially the Chrysler topics, know that I do not hesitate to say exactly what I think and feel. I would NOT be praising Zaino IF I thought it was CRAP! It's just not me. Besides, I think that in all the 5-6 wax topics, there was only one person who DIDN'T like Zaino after trying it! Thank God he's gone because his car care info was from the stone ages! Besides, he had his own business selling a different kind of wax.

    OK. I'm off my soap box. ;-))) Anyone still interested in the Zaino group purchase, just drop me an e-mail by clicking on my name above and I will get it right out to you.

  • SergeichSergeich Member Posts: 54
    That's what I do sometimes when I am out of time.
    I wash the car, dry it... ALWAYS DRY THE CAR BEFORE APPLYING ZAINO (I wish there was a wax that could go on a wet finish, I tried this with Zaino - bad idea - got a lot of water spots as a result). Then I would apply a coat of Z2 and drive 16 miles from the car wash to my apartment. I do it only if I feel like the air is clean and I try to stay far from dirty places and other cars on the road. I would say if you are not extremely anal about your car and you are a very busy individual, you can risk it. And I am talking about city highways, If there are dirt-roads around your driving path - forget it.
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    Fastdriver is correct. I remember when I used other waxes, it took me longer ot wax the car than to wash and dry it. Waxing is the easy part, now. 45 minutes is about right to Z2 or Z5. Wipe on/let dry/wipe off. This time of year is perfect for Zainoing. The humidity is low and the sun is out.

    I've never seen a Benz with a shine as good as on my wife's Avalon or my Grand Prix (they obviously don't use Zaino). I know that Mercedes has a better finish than the cars I have in my family. I'd love to see what Zaino does to a Mercedes paint finish.
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    Just a quick comment - I used Z on my 2000 E320 this weekend. Clay was easy to use, but I can't figure out just how you're supposed to stretch and fold over the stuff to expose a clean area of clay. Can anyone clear this up? I didn't think my car had much junk on it (bought 2/1/00) but was surprised to see how the clay just removed even the little road crap, including bumper marks from other cars. After washing with Dawn, I did notice what looked like marks on my clearcoat in the same direction as the way I moved the clay. Bummer. I pressed on with Z-1 then Z-2. No problem and the stuff goes on _very_ fast. I think I may have put on a little too much, but it did dry in about 2 hours and came off without a hitch; then Z-6. One more coat of Z-2 and Z-6 today, after waiting 24 hrs as called for. Bottom line: since no sun, I can't tell whether I still have those clay marks. The stuff is incredibly easy and quick to put on and take off. My paint is metallic silver, so while it looks very good, I can't tell a huge difference from the wax job the dealer put on. Maybe it will show some difference in bright sunlight. Speed of application wins tons of points IMHO. Resistance to dirt/ease of washing/resiliance of shine still unproven by me, but if its like others have said on the board, I'll be a long term Z user.

    Anyone else experience the clay marks I saw? If they're still visible (under whatever light conditions bring them out), are there any solutions now that I have Z-1 and Z-2 on? Is that was Z-5 is for?

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