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Dodge Ram Steering Problems

oldie2oldie2 Posts: 1
edited December 2015 in Dodge
Is it possible to adjust the power steering box on this dodge truck
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  • I replaced the steering box three times on my ram. It is still loose. The rest of the steering is tight but the shaft on the box looks to be lose ive tryed to adjust the box, too tight gives me memory steer. Love the truck, hate to drive it. Took it to many mech. there all clueless. Someone please helppppppppppp.
  • While making a left turn my the steering on my 2002 Dodge Ram 2500 went bad. While trying to change lanes to the right my stering was hard to turn and it seemed as if I was still turning left while in fact I was moving toward the right in an effort to switch lanes. It almost seems as if the pwer steering pump has gone out but I am uncertain about this or the fact that my steering wanted to stay turned (to the left) while I was driving straight and moving toward the right hand lane. Can any one point me in the right direction?
  • hey man did you have any luck with the post on steering being loose? i have the same exact problem with my cummins.i put a agr steering 2 box on it .and it is no different.let me know .thax
  • I am having the same loose steering problem with my 01 dodge 2500.The gearbox input shaft has a lot of play with no movement on the output.Is this gearbox adjustable?
  • After 2 months of scratching my head over my newer cummins steer issue. I believe the solution assuming ALL steer conponents are tight and in good condition is... BD offers a steering box stabilizer that assist in locking your frame rails to the steering gear or sector shaft to reduce steering gear twisting from high torque and weight of the cummins eng.. thus eliminating most of the dodge wander...
  • Hey was wondering if you ever figured out your steering problem? I have the same problem! Installed new track bar,ball joints,tie rod ends and it still wonders all over the road! Let me know if you have any ideas Thanks
  • tamestames Posts: 3
    I have a 2007.5 2500 with a Cummins that I have put over $2000.00 dollars in the front end and it still steers like a herd of cows. Anybody else have a solution to the problem. The truck has just over 50,000 miles
  • yotachevyotachev Posts: 3
    I have spent many hours on the notorious dodge wander and hope my check list will eliminate most of your wander assuming your truck is stock..
    1)check tire pressures/ tires and vehicle toe in...
    2)check for excessive play in tie rod and draglink ends.
    3)remove dampener/steer stabilizer check absorbtion
    4)check for worn u joints on steer shaft
    5)lift truck and check front wheel bearings for excessive play
    6)with truck lifted check ball joints
    7)with truck still lifted place a long screwdriver between the upper ball joint and axle.
    the upper ball joint must move a slight up and down. if no movement replace upper ball joint with dodge ball joints only..
    8)Check steering gear/ steer box for excessive play
    9)install BD steer stabilizer
    hope some of the info helps in isolating the dodge wander problem
  • tamestames Posts: 3
    Thanks for the response, I have done everything on your list except the BD steer stabilizer, I will try that next.
  • I have a 2006 2500 Dodge Mega cab Hemi with 39,000 miles. I have had many problems with it. My transmission, my fluids leaking, my electrical system, my steering. I have also had it to many different dealers, the first one said they didn't see any problems. The second found the leak in my heater core. then it went down hill with the steering. They second dealer replaced the pitman arm, there was still something wrong, the third one replaced my ball joints, there is still something wrong with it. I took it back to the dealer they told me cant help u sorry. I have tried to get a factory rep. Im not getting anywhere with that. I have checked the tires, the air pressure, and just about everything else. Anybody have any ideas.
  • peteicmpeteicm Posts: 2
    I know everyone writes small post but I feel you may need to hear the whole story in order to help me I own a awesome 2006 Dodge 2500 Hemi Quad Cab 6' Bed Pick up. I love my truck for a about six months out of a year, I have a Knocking problem in the steering, you can feel it in the pedals as well. You don't feel the knocking at high speed usually around 25 to 45. After only having the truck 6 months i had it in the shop. the mechanic told me that my truck was the first of the dealership to have the problem, they called in some big shot to identify the problem, that was after they replaced the u joints the hubs parts in the supension, The final answer was the INTERMEDIATE SHAFT, I remarked something like you had my truck for a week, I don't even know what that is, truck drove great for 6 months then back agian. I have replaced the Intermediate shaft four times in three years, So just a month ago its back knocking agian i brought the truck to a different dealer, that said that it was the upper and lower ball joints I had them replaced, well now its still knocking and at 65 i have a quick vibration in the steering. I did tell them about my history with the shaft problem they disregarded it and made me pay 1500 for new ball joints and the problems are worse. Some one please help
  • I don't know if this will help, but everybody with steering problems take a look at this site. I haven't tried these yet. I've got other problems, I have a vacuum pump oil supply line leak and no vacuum so I have no 4 wheel drive.
  • I'm have the same problem. Did you ever figure it out.
  • I have a 2004 Dodge ram 2500 5.9 turbo deisel.
    I have replaced tires, up/low ball joints, tie rod ends, axle shaft ujoints, brakes. The truck seems to wander or dart from side to side. Feelslike I have no control. The faster you go the worse it is. The problem is, before I replaced everything the steering was great..
  • Are the upper ball joints factory or aftermarket.. The uppers must have a slight up and down play... If seized your 04 ram 2500 will dangerously dart especially over any bumps!!! Make sure all steer joints are tight, sames with wheel bearings and wheel allignment.
  • My 98 Ram 1500 is hard to steer. Is there an adjustment that I can make to change the amount of effort it takes turn the steering weel? It has been this way since it was new.

    I think I have the 'wandering' issue same as everyone else but having to make those constant corrections with, what feels like 3/4th power steering is wearing on me, it makes driving the truck a chore requireing constant attention.

    Thanks, Nathan
  • gtex1gtex1 Posts: 1
    I bought a 2008 Dodge 2500 Mega Cab 4WD Laramie in November of 2008. Soon after the purchase I started feeling some slack in the steering wheel while turning and in curves on the highway. I took it to the dealer ship and they replaced a couple of steering part, but it did not cure the problem. The last time they just said they didn't know what the problem was and didn't want to work on it anymore. I took it to another dealership and after at least 3 separate attempts, they located the problem. It was the steering gear box. They replaced it. This cured my problem until last week when I was driving on my ranch (thankfully, at a very slow speed) the steering gear box came loose from the mount and I lost all control. The initial diagnosis was that the bolts had broken, so new bolts were ordered. When they attempted to re-mount it, the threads were stripped inside the box. Ordered a new gear box. Tried to mount it and the bolts that had been ordered initially were too long. They were the bolts that Dodge calls for. Now they are having to contact Dodge and try to find out why the bolts they recommend are too long. I think this could have been the problem that caused the most recent box to come loose. I really like the truck, but don't fee safe with it now, so am going to pursue the Lemon Law and see how that goes.
    *The current dealership is doing their part to cure my problem and I am thankful for that.
  • Get an alignment, and make sure that the toe is NOT set to 0 degrees, as having tires that are dead ahead will cause a vehicle to wander and feel "darty", as if something were loose, or it was in "ruts".... hope this helps.
  • hytekrednekhytekrednek Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    What's the difference between a gas 4x4 2500 steering gear and a diesel 4x4 2500 steering gear? Can I use the the one off of a diesel on my gas model or make some small mods to make it work? Check out these 2 videos that a guy made showing how he replaced his 2nd gen steering gear with a 3rd gen to fix the notorious wander.
  • Should be the same gearbox diesel vs gas...
  • lucaswlucasw Posts: 1
    Did you ever find an answer to this problem I have an 07 1500 mega cab hemi 4x4 with approximately 70k it has the same problem. Any help would be great.
  • i have a 2006 2500 cummins. i have a problem with whenever i hit a bump at highway speeds i get a terrible shaking in the steering wheel and front end. i have put new shocks on new steering stabalizer shock torshion bar u-joints on the axle and had the gear box tightend but no of that seems to work. has anyone else had this problem or know what i can do to fix it? any help would be appriciated.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJPosts: 3,516
    This is the infamous "Death Wobble" that Rams will exhibit. The parts you want to check are your front end ball joints. If they're bad/loose, do not replace them with factory parts - go with Moog aftermarket units.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • thanks for the info the dealer changed the ball joints and it went away for a little while but its back now. i guess i will try puting some aftermarket ones on. I cant seem to find any thing else that works.
  • tamestames Posts: 3
    I had the same problem with my 2007 2500 Ram Cummins. Replaced the whole damn front end with OEM parts except the ball joints which were Moog greasable. After they are installed you cannot get to the zerks,what good is that? Check your tires before spending any more money on it one or more may have broke down and it is not visibile from the out side. If you have added aftermarket springs to the rear check that they are properly torqued and alined.
  • Hey for CumminsO!, Cummins85 & all:

    I had the same issue on my 1996 Ram truck and, like you, had checked or replaced all the typical front end parts: track bar, tie rod ends, steering box, intermediate shaft, etc. Still it wandered (even though it did track better after those parts upgrades...), all over the road, like it was not a steering gear issue, but rather a control input issue, making me suspect the column.

    Turns out, the factory steering column in our 94-02 Ram trucks has a lower bearing (internal) that goes out of kilter, wears out, and and that causes the inner shaft to wobble, increasing play as the inner shaft flops side to side. (Can't really be seen or easily sensed as it's inside the column shell)
    It can also cause some rattling or clunking noises - I already had some play but then the noise showed up in the pedals & steering wheel to, over rough pavement.

    Of course, the genuises at Dodge only sell the whole column, no parts available.

    Good news is some Dodge enthusiasts have figured out a fix / upgrade.

    I tried it, install was not too hard - well written instructions - and now the clunk is gone, and steering is tightened up it was the cheapest single part of all the steering upgrades at $ 60, lol.
  • Hey Nathan:

    Hope this is of help: My '97 Ram truck had the same issue, plus clunking & rattling noise. This is a super elusive problem - with all manner of parts sold to fix it - most of 'em cost a pretty penny. Turns out the stock factory column has a bad lower bearing - but Dodge doesn't sell any parts - just the whole column for $ 1000 or so.

    Boy was I surprised to find this fix, and it was the cheapest of all the parts for my front end - $ 60 !!.

    Thank Goodness, I figured it out before blowing another $ 500 on an un-needed steering box & $ 300 on an intermediate steering shaft.

    Here's a YouTube video I discovered that shows the parts in the OEM steering column that go bad - and how to fix the problem:

    Good luck on fixing your issue !

    97RammingSpeed :D
  • dh56dh56 Posts: 7
    ok bud, check this out. there is a recall for our yr of dodge/cummins and it has to do with the steering linkage. the danger here is that I did some research and some people have had catastophic failures with the tie rods and suspension parts such as the pitman arm and linkage in between. so take it to the dealer asap. let me know how it goes for ya.
  • dimebagdimebag Posts: 2
    Hello,im new to this site but have some serious questions for you Dodge Diesel Pros out there!! I have a 03 Dodge 2500 5.9 diesel. I went to the store the other day & when i parked my truck it was fine. when i came back out i went to leave & i had no power steering & my brakes were almost non existant!! i talked to some people & was told it was the hydro booster so i ordered a used one & put it on. Same stupid problem even after a booster replacement. I was told maybe the p.s pump was putting out enuf pressure to work the brakes but not steering. Well i put on a p.s pump today,which was a b****! after all the work i bled out the system & same problem still!! The steering gear box was replaced 2 mnths. ago. The problem im having now is the truck will turn to the left when you are moving but when you turn right its almost impossible to turn. it makes a wierd kinda hissing & gurgling sound. sounds like its coming from rite by the steering colum. Any input would be greatly appreciated!! Sorry for the long story but just wanted to be thorough so i can get a good answer. Thanks in advance for your help!!!! :sick:
  • dh56dh56 Posts: 7
    ok so, you have two issues rather than just one with multiple culprits. First off, the power steering and brakes operate on two separate systems. The parts that you have changed out should have fixed the issues atleast your brakes should have come back when you replaced the booster and then your power strng should have come back when you replaced the gearbox. So that all leads me to look at the ECM (engine control module) which regulates the pressures of all these types of functions. Take it into the dealer and ask them to REFLASH your ECM and or CPU for the truck cause you have irratic behavior of those funtions for steering and braking, and they should do this right away because it is a VERY BIG SAFETY HAZARD for Chrystler should you have wreck (God forbid) because of it and if you have to make a big ruckus about it with the manager at the shop if they give you a hassel, but try to be NICE yet firm at first. This could be the difference between getting what you need at a good price if you dont still have warranty. Also you could bring in copies of complaints from this website (which is what I would do) as many as you can find and show them to the dealer manager and say that you love the truck and the engine but you cannot risk your life and or family on it. hope this all helps you. good luck.
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