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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • Sure it is possible. You can get it for $100 a month if you put enough down. Call the finance department and ask for the money-factor, and residue value -- both based on 10,000 miles a year and for 36 months. Then plug it all into a lease calculator.
  • Note that the Sequoia has one of these:

    It is the differential that is used in the Hummer H1. Unlike a viscous fluid coupling, it adjusts torque before there is wheel slip.
  • I concur....I emailed 2 dealers in California and without haggling already have offers for Invoice + $500. Looks like these aren't moving as quickly as they had hope.
  • Reading that other thread about how Toyota drive systems work, it seems like the LC, Sequoia, 4-runner, etc all have the Active-Trac(R).

    This detects wheel slip and applies brake to the wheel that is slipping. This has the effect of redirecting torque to the non-slipping wheel and seems brilliant.

    I am confused about one thing...

    The guy who posted that said it is the same system used on 1999 and new Hummer H1s. I looked those up, and they do have the slip sensor and braking system but they use it in conjunction with a Torsen torque-sensing differential to apply up to 5 times as much torque to the non-slipping wheel as to the slipping wheels. It seems like Toyota uses open differentials instead. He says because they are more reliable though I wonder if it is just to save money. And then you can only redirect as much torque as the brakes eat up. So it sounds much less effective than the 5:1 multiplier of the Torsen system that H1 uses.

    Sequoia does have a Torsen between front and rear, and it is still unclear to me if you can lock it. And it also appears that if you can and do, then the ActiveTrac is disabled which seems like it would give up the right/left torque management in exchange for solid front/back torque balancing. So it seems like one step forward, and one step backward. I am not sure why they could not have ActiveTrack stay on.

    It would seem like the ultimate automatic AWD system would be using 3 Torsen differentials combined with the automatic braking based on wheel slip. If you had this, I don't see much if any additional benefit of lockers.

    Moreover, some websites claim part-time 4WD means that you cannot run on pavement, and others claim it just means you can sometimes go into 2wd. It sure seems like the terminology is too simplistic for the various ways to implement this stuff. It is kind of like using the firearm terms single action or double action where they run into problems describing newer types of actions such as on the Glock which has features from both systems.
  • It seems like the TEMS in the Platinum will do things like if you do heavy braking the front shocks will get extra firm to reduce dive, and if you step on the gas, will firm up the back to control front lift. I am sure it does a lot more, but that is one thing I read.

    There is a paper you can buy here:
  • asif1asif1 Posts: 49
    I appologize, i thought this forum had "Private Message" option. The dealer is Fiesta Toyota in Lawton, OK. Talk to GM or Manager straight.They are nice and will not play games with you to break you down on price or trade-in.
  • toddhmtoddhm Posts: 35
    Has anyone seen the Red Rock interior? What is the "LB21" interior color?
  • aj4321aj4321 Posts: 37
    I've seen the 20' Platinum and Limited wheels. Also, I've seen the base 18' wheels. However, I haven't seen these wheels in this picture: K_W0QQitemZ160192088595QQihZ006QQcategoryZ31873QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZView- Item

    Does anyone know if these are 20’ inch wheels and what are they called (or option code)?
  • Ah, to live in Texas. Not a single rear wheel drive Sequoia has been sent to New England.

    Those are 18 inch wheels. It says so on the door plate photo.
  • prior to ordering my black with the tan interior, I was pretty sure I was going to give the red rock a try until I saw it in person. Put it this way - the pictures do it so much more justice than up close. It's really orangie, like a basketball. In the pictures it looked a little more brownish and kind of cool. But when you are in the cabin surrounded by it it looks pretty goofy. My first reaction was "ewww" (sort of like when someone pulls up a bandage).
  • I'm an SR5 shopper, who prefers the cloth seats, and minimal options, however I'm disappointed Toyota didn't step up to the plate and make power heated outside mirrors standard on the base model SR5. Every Toyota competitor has them standard. Not all of us live in Miami or L.A., and my outside mirrors on my SR5 4Runner are consistently fogged or iced over in lousy weather.

    I can't believe Toyota wants buyers to pony up $11,000 to go to the next level of Sequoia to get something I believe should be standard, if not optional, on the base model. You can build and price yourself a $49,000 loaded SR5, but you can't get power heated outside mirrors. This is a major safety item I believe Toyota has overlooked on both the Sequoia and 4Runner base models.
  • My wife and I test drove SUV's the other day. Her lease on an awful 04 Nissan Quest is finally coming up. I will never buy/lease another Nissan/Infiniti product as long as I live. Horrible car and even worse service department(s).

    After 7 years of a minivan I told the wife she could get anything she'd like. We drove the MDX, Q7, RangeRoverSport, Escalade, X5, MB 320CDI & 450, LX470 and just for the heck of it the newly redesigned 08 Seqouia Platinum (fully loaded).

    I will tell you her "dream car" was the RR Sport - that is until she drove it. Now while it's off-road prowess was amazing - it just drove poorly to both of us. Heavy & Boxy, while little pickup. We live in Chicago - and do NO off roading - unless it snows and you end up down an embankment! So we had decided initially on the Escalade (for all the room and easy to get to third row seating OR the MB 320 which drove like a dream and had awesome gas mileage as it's a diesel (but had less storage & claustrophobic third row seats) - that is until we drove the newly redesigned 08 Sequoia Platinum - (completely loaded with a sticker of just over 59k)...

    Let me tell you, where all other SUV's with stickers from 60 - 75k fall short or don't carry options you'd like - the Toyota is all that and then some. The problem is an almost 60k sticker for a Toyota. Now, I am a haggler. I called every dealer in the Chicago area haggling a 36 month/18k mile lease on one and the best price with only first and plates down was $1068 a month.(First quote I got was $1335 at the dealership we test drove at!!!) In my book, that's just too high for a Toyota. But, I will tell you this, when they start having trouble moving these things - reasons why: you can drive a RR Sport. Escalade, MB (any of the above vehicles we test drove for cheaper - since there are no current sales incentives on the Sequoia) once the incentives come out - do yourself a favor and test drive one. They are a luxury vehicle inside - think Lexus without the exterior badging.

    I mean the list is endless: sunshades on all rear windows, power hatch & rear hatch power window, navi, bluetooth, bi-xenon, sunroof, power folding third row seats, heated second row seats, rear entertainment with an actual plug in (rather than the DC outlet which looks like a cigarette lighter - which is great if you have kids who like video games - no need to buy a power inverter, towing transmission: a towing push button setting which changes the trans shifting patterns, a button for ride control (sport to comfort: for Sport think X5 handling (OK, not quite that good) and MB ride for comfort, heated and ventilated seats, laser controlled distance cruise control, rear backup camera, power and memory seats as well as power/memory tilt and telescopic steering wheel. The list of features on this truck is AWESOME!

    When we got done driving it (and we drove it last) - my wife and I both were sold on it - we were ready to lease especially since the sticker was 10-12k cheaper than the Escalade or MB320...then we heard the numbers. It's just, at the end of the day, even knowing I was getting a good deal on the Sequoia based on the no incentives, it's kinda hard to justify paying that much for a Toyota. In my opinion, it's NOT a luxury name - it's just not a Lexus, or Benz or Range Rover...maybe that makes me shallow...? But, in all honesty the Toyota is not a head turner in that same way. Granted those who have drove one, will know what a wonderful SUV it is when they see one on the street, but the exterior styling and Toyota name is what I couldn't get past.

    I will say I have a 06 Tundra Double Cab SR5 (before redesign) thats wonderful that I use to tow our boats and it drives great. Toyota reliability is generally top notch. But the pricing on the lease of the Sequoia being higher than 10-15k more expensive stickered vehicles, also being a first year design (maybe some bugs that will need to get worked out?) we ended up passing when it was all said and done. If, the price were cheaper, which I know it will be in a couple months maybe 4-6 months when some pricing/dealer incentives come out - that will be the time where this car is priced right.

    Alas, in the end we went with the best lease rate we got, it was on the 08 Escalade AWD totally loaded for $965 month 39mo/18k. Some reliability issues on these boards on other about the Caddy, but my wife really liked it best and after a week of driving it - no problems to speak of that we have noticed - YET. It's nice - although our hold up was that it doesn't have a telescopic steering wheel and no bluetooth (but OnStar links with our verizon phones). But, we both still talk about the Sequoia. If only the pricing were cheaper I know she and I both acknowledge we'd have one in the garage.

    Take my word for it, if you are in the Luxury SUV market, you owe it to yourself to test drive one. I guarantee it will not disappoint you. I bet in most cases it will cause some confusion on how this SUV can be so good - even better than the more expensive and more prestigious car makes out there. It really is that well thought out and packaged inside.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    I just had a great buying experience with a new '08 Sequoia and thought I'd share it. I bought a Black '08 Sequoia with Red Rock interior (its an order that will probably take 8 weeks to delivery). It has the rear entertainment, cold kit, preferred accessories package, drl on/off and wheel locks. After sending emails to a number of dealers I was able to sign a contract for this build at $1000 over the factory invoice which I think is a pretty good deal for a newly released model.

    I saw the Red Rock Interior on a Crew Max and really liked it. I particularly wanted this interior because both the grey and beige interiors available with a Platinum have light colored carpeting which is sure to look dirty over time. I felt the black carpeting and door panels that are part of the Red Rock package would look better over time. Unfortunately Toyota doesn't offer a dark interior other than with Red Rock.
  • My Sequoia came in today. Only problem -- I was told it was a black interior, and it turned out to be red rock.

    I thought it looked ok but my wife felt that there were too many colors inside -- silver, black, and the red rock. I asked them to find another to swap. I drove it 14 miles and I like how it drives. The handling was good. The steering was a little more assisted than I like, but it was ok. The Japanese designer did say the steering was 'for women.'

    I hope we are making the right decision. It is possible when I get the other one I will like the Red Rock one better.
  • "I felt the black carpeting and door panels that are part of the Red Rock package would look better over time. Unfortunately Toyota doesn't offer a dark interior other than with Red Rock"

    True, they should have had black carpet with the graphite interior. Better yet, they should have a black interior and not tried to get fancy with the silver dash and door accents.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    I think your Black/Red Rock combo looks great. That's the exact look I was hoping for. Not sure when mine will be delivered although I hope it looks as good in person as yours looks in the pictures. (FYI, I think the dealership forgot to install the center caps on your wheels). What were they selling for in your area? Did you have to order it or was it already on the showroom floor?
  • I tried for $1000 over invoice and spoke to four dealers about it. None seemed that interested but I asked them all to check into it and call me back. Only one of them called me back and said they would do $1500 over. I was going to say no but I did want to get it before the end of the year for tax reasons I figured it was close enough that I did not want to wait a few months, so I said yes to that. Now with the color mixup, I told them I will take my deposit back if they cannot get me one with the color I asked for this week. I bought this one before it was on the lot but was on the way in. As I said before, I was told it would have a black interior -- which I knew was odd because Toyota does not offer that color. But they assured me it was, and I figured it was some ultra-rare edition they somehow got Toyota to make. Ha. I figured he was probably wrong and it would come in as graphite -- which I decided would be ok. My wife was sure she did not want tan. I think the Red Rock looked nice but my wife wanted something more neutral. My fear now is when I see the Graphite I will like it less due to it being lighter and not having black carpet.
  • aj4321aj4321 Posts: 37
    Nice looking truck. Congrats and thanks for sharing pictures.
  • Thanks for the descriptive post, Halls. Agree that the vehicle is nice. I do wish, as you indicated, that the vehicle was really offered with bi-Xenon headlamps (even if as an option). Alas, that is not the case, even for this $60K vehicle, which is really disappointing. Love everything else about it. They should have offered the xenon headlamps and push button start (as least as options).
  • HID or non-HID, all that really matters is how many lumens are output. The headlamps used might be as bright as some HID lamps.

    Furthermore, the CRI of Halogen lamps is 0.98 whereas HID is 0.75 -- which is terrible and the same as Metal Halide street lamps. This means it is not full spectrum and does not render color well. Also HID do not reach full brightness right away.

    So the real advantage of HID lamps is that they can have a smaller reflector. This is possible because their emitter is smaller. While that may make sense on a Porsche, I think the Sequoia would look ridiculous with tiny little HID reflectors. So why do you want them? Knowing all this, if you were a smart Japanese design guy, would you have specified HID for a truck application?
  • By the way, if you want brighter bulbs, you can install some higher-wattage Halogens and get over 2000 lumens. This will be as bright as HID without the poor color quality and slow startup time.
  • Try this part number: Hella H83140282

    For offroad use only as they are 100 watts and I think 65 is the road limit.

    One source:

    If you can, I would scrap off the blue filter. They put that on for the low-rider/spinner wheel crowd to pretend they have HID lamps. However, it absorbs light and converts it to heat. better to have the natural color temp and more light.

    Since the Platinum has auto-leveling rear-suspension it should reduce other drivers getting light in their eyes.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,133
    I like the looks of that leather.

    Wine stains will not be so obvious.

    Hope you like whichever one you settle on.

    Merry Christmas to all,
  • I'm sorry, but if you are trying to convince me that halogens are better than HIDs for night driving, you're facing an uphill battle. My G35 sedan has HID headlamps -- I've yet to ride in a vehicle equipped with halogens that provides better nighttime visibility. Additionally, they are at full brightness within less than 10 seconds, so that is a hoot point.

    If Halogens are indeed better why is it that HIDs are either standard or optional on every lexus, MB, BMW, Acura, Infiniti and even non-luxury brands such as Nissan (Altima, Maxima etc.), Toyota (Prius!!, Avalon) and Honda (S2000)?

    HIDs don't necessarily have to have a small reflector either. The reflector on my G35 is the same size, if not larger than the low beam reflector on the '08 Sequoia. Additionally, using a halogen with a higher wattage may not always be ideal for two reasons (i) they increase glare for oncoming drivers, and (ii) the factory wiring harnesses may not support the higher current draw. Glare can very much be an issue for HIDs as well, however, if aimed correctly, they provide the best night time illumination I have seen.

    Many folks tend to equate HIDs with being a luxury item....I don't. I want the HIDs because they simply provide better night time illumination.....and this is speaking from experience. The reason Toyota has not offered them on this vehicle is simple -- cost. An HID system with ballasts etc. is a lot more costly than a halogen setup. So, thats where my gripe comes in.....$60K is a lot for a vehicle to not offer HIDs.

    I still like the Sequoia a lot. All I'm saying is if cost was an issue for Toyota, they should have offered them as optional on the platinum.

    If they were offered as optional, I'd have a hard time believing people purchasing a Platinum would not opt for them.
  • I should add that besides simply cost, there is probably also product cannibalism involved in providing HIDs...again due to the "high-end" factor associated with HIDs. Toyota simply does not want to encroach on lexus. Not offering HIDs on the Sequoia Platinum is dissappointing....not offering HIDs on the Landcruiser is borderline criminal.

    HID talk aside, these are the four things that would make a platinum sequoia a perfect vehicle for me:

    1. Smart key and push button start.
    2. Removable center console in the platinum (the 2 car seat issue associated with not having a walk through to the rear).
    3. HIDs
    4. An 8" navigation screen as opposed to 7".

    Don't get me wrong, I still really like this vehicle a lot. It has a lot to offer including a superb powertrain, great flexibility and toyota reliability. If I could get into a loaded Platinum for a hair less than $55K, I'd have one in my driveway already. I'm currently in the "wait and see" camp for now.

    PS: I really like the red rock interior.
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55

    Have you considered the Molded Dash Applique', which is simulated wood grain and covers selected dash components. The picture shows that it would cover the silver dash. I have seen this when it was offered on the Sequoia Limited luxury edition. I don't know how this would look with the Redrock interior but at least it would cover up most of the silver.

    The brochure doesn't say if it would also cover the silver door arm rest. This accessory should be available in Jan.
  • hdfatboyhdfatboy Posts: 324
    HIDs look great and give much better lighting at night on the LX570 and the Escalade. The headlights on these SUVs appear normal sized to me. If you wanted really small headlights there's the new Escalade Platinum with LED headlights.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,133
    If HIDs are the lights that are blue at night. I HATE them. They blind oncoming cars. I blast them with my high beams most every time. I am thinking of installing aircraft lights on top of my Sequoia to really blind those people using them. They also raise your insurance rates as they are high on the theft list. The sooner they are outlawed the better off oncoming drivers will be.
  • "If Halogens are indeed better why is it that HIDs are either standard or optional on every lexus, MB, BMW, Acura, Infiniti and even non-luxury brands such as Nissan (Altima, Maxima etc.), Toyota (Prius!!, Avalon) and Honda (S2000)? "

    HIDs are generally brighter (more lumens) because they produce more lumens per watt, and the feds limit headlamps to 65 watts. So it is one way to get around the limit by making a lighter brighter than the government wants. The feds should have provided a lumen or maybe an intensity limit, not a watt limit. But yes, brighter is an advantage. That is a win for HID.

    Smaller cars like the S2000 can also benefit from HID due to the fact they can work with a smaller reflector. A truck does not need a small reflector. As you said, the reflector does not need to be small.

    So the real question is -- is the added brightness of HID worth the CRI going from 98 to 75? I am not sure. I have never heard anyone mention it so I think very few people are aware of CRI. For me it would depend on how much of a lumen difference there is.

    I am really into fancy flashlights and even own an HID flashlight. In a flashlight, lumens-per-watt is a huge deal. In a car it is also important due to the 65 watt fed limit. However, before I pass final judgment, I want to know how many lumens the 2008 Sequoia puts out. My biggest complaint about your point is that you do not know how many lumens the Sequoia puts out, and you are complaining about it without knowing. What if it puts out more lumens than the HID lights in an S2000? If you test it and it is poor, then complain. If it is close to an HID, then the much higher CRI wins. If it really is a much lower in brightness than HID as you think it is -- then you are right.

    "1. Smart key and push button start.
    2. Removable center console in the platinum (the 2 car seat issue associated with not having a walk through to the rear).
    3. HIDs
    4. An 8" navigation screen as opposed to 7". "

    Instead of all that, I would settle for a black dash instead of silver. I am not sure what is nice about push button start. I mean I guess it would be fun just for a change of pace. My father's $20,000 Passat has it.

    "Have you considered the Molded Dash Applique', which is simulated wood grain and covers selected dash components."

    No, I don't like fake wood-grain. If it was easy to take off the silver panels I would just paint them black.
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