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2008 Toyota Sequoia

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
Check out our 2008 Sequoia first drive and post your impressions here.

First Drive: 2008 Toyota Sequoia 4WD

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  • Is there any reliable information as to the expected release date of the 2008 Sequoia? Also, will there be a redesign? Since the 2007 was not changed and the new redesigned Tundra platform has been announced, I'm assuming 2008 is a redesign.

  • Yes the 2008 Sequoia is going to be a redesign. It will be based on the 2007 Tundra and will come with (as on the new Tundra) an optional 5.7L V8 (so you can pull 10,000 lbs- like you really need it! LOL)..also, Lexus is going to be coming out with its own Sequoia in '08; just in case you want to drive in opulence and have towing power...:)
  • Thanks for the information above. Any speculation as to when in 2007 the new Sequoia will arrive at the dealerships?
  • Can you give us any more info. regarding Lexus's new SUV for 2008? Would love to hear that they'll offer captain's chairs for the 2nd row, power lift gate, & of course a great looking dashboard.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Perhaps it would be better to take this over to the Future Vehicles board.
  • Honestly, I don't know. I have hearing about it and reading articles about the new design, but there's nothing concrete. Apparently Toyota is keeping very tight wraps on this new project. Like you, i'd like to know too. I would love to trade in (or sell more likely) my 2004 4Runner for a new '08 Sequoia. I'd like to see Toyota finally compete with Ford and Chevy for toughest SUV :)
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I also just heard that the new '08 Sequoia ( mid '07? ) will be based on the new Tundra frame. From one participant in the recent Tundra training in Princeton the new Sequoia will be 'suburban-size'. Prolly bigger than a Tahoe/Expedition but slightly smaller than the Suburban. Just a guess tho. It could be as big as the Suburban but that would leave a 'void' size-wise for a normal 8 passenger V8 SUV.

    Oh, both rear rows fold flat into the floor without having to take the seats out.
  • I would be surprised if Toyota abandoned the current size of the Sequoia altogether. There is a bigger market for the current size of the Sequoia which is evident by the sales comparisons between the Suburban and Tahoe. Perhaps there would be an "XL" version along with the current dimensions.
  • I talked to the Toyota Dealer and he said the new Sequoia will be based on the new Tundra platform. He has seen pictures of the new model - says it looks like a Ford.
    Minus all the Ford problems no doubt.
    Hopefully it will compete favorably with the Nissan Armanda.
    I would like a nice SUV that is actually setup to tow.
    Thought about a GMC Yukon Denali but the 6.2L engine is shipped with a 3.42 axle ratio. It can only tow 7900 lbs!
    American manufacturers will just never get it. They turned what could have been a great tow vehicle into grandma's gas guzzlin grocery getter. Who needs that? That also loaded up the dash with "international symbols" to control things. The GMC feels more like a foreign vehicle than a Toyota. You need the owners manual to tell what the buttons mean.
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    Did your Toyota Dealer say when the New Sequoia would be coming out? Also would he either show you a picture of the Sequoia or suggest how you might see one?
  • I currently have an MDX and was very dissapointed with the new model. Still no AC for third row, still a crappy third row, still wind noise, and still no easy access to third row. My wife has decided that she wants to bump up to a large SUV. However, the only one with captain's chair second row, and automatic fold third row flat is the Expedition. I do not want a Ford, I pray the new Seqouia will have captain's chair second row option and nice auto fold flat third row. Does anyone know if this will be the case?
  • I've been checking out all the large SUVs given the fact that I have 4 kids to trek around. Easy access to the third row via captain's chairs can be had in the Infiniti QX56/Nissan Armada but unfortunately, this car appears to be plagued with the new model big truck blues where they can't seem to get the brakes right. You hear very mixed reviews on this car and almost too many to consider spending the 52k you'll end up spending for a car with engineering issues like this. I'm still waiting to hear if the 2007 QX56 models have finally ironed this problem out. The Sequoia suffered this same problem but managed to solve it in 3 years(Infiniti/Nissan are into their 4th model year as of 2007)

    There's also the Escalade ESV(and cousins) but I find it difficult to pay this kind of money for an SUV where they oversized the trunk and skimped on the 3rd row room factor. They would have done better to have cut the trunk down by a foot and given this to the third row. Also, the two 2007 ESVs that I drove in had an annoying vibration when coasting and too much plastic for my liking(at 65k I'd expect NONE!). Also, folding the third row and then bring this back to normal position was annoyingly difficult compared to the Nissan solution.

    I also looked at the 2007 Sequoia Limited which also offers captain's seats in the second row but it's obvious this car is due for a redesign as it's missing all the amenities found in recent model ESVs like 3 zone climate control, a navigation system that doesn't look like an after thought, and variable cruise control where it slows down automatically when vehicles are in front of you. In general, the interior needs to be freshened up to modern standards.

    A surprising candidate which is neither an SUV or a minivan is the Mercedes R class. My wife, who wanted out of the minivan world and into the cool SUV world, has fallen in love with this car. It offers second row captain's seats and interior refinement that is only found in cars of this caliber(beautiful maple wood, leather, electronic transmission). Also, the R series has been dropped 5k for 2007 making the R350 a great option for 45k.

    If my wife decides against the R, I'll definitely wait for the latest Sequoia and Lexus SUV models. From what I've managed to dig up recently, I don't believe anyone can be sure the Sequoia will be released into the Lexus lineup(even though I would most definitely buy this vehicle) given the fact that the new Landcruiser is due out in 2008. A Lexus branded Sequoia would be a competitor and based on the spy photos, It appears to be smaller than what I would have thought would have been offered with the new Tundra platform.

    I agree, would be great to see a new Sequoia with an auto fold flat third row like the Ford or Mercedes GL and even a sunken trunk bay like the minivans. I believe these features along with those found in modern SUVs would be a huge winner.
  • that's what i heard...early spring perhaps...
  • I too cannot wait for the new Sequoia to arrive, not for myself but for a famiy member who is out after a great, reliable SUV. We have it narrowed down between the new Sequoia and the new Buick Enclave, and the new Chevrolet Tahoe."> I have a pic of what the new Sequoia is supposed to look like.
  • Hey dingchavez, where d'ya find this "photo"? Looks pretty computer rendered to me. The only other images I've seen is the wacky Japanese magazine cover with a blue front end of (what appears to be) a 2008 Tundra.

    I'm getting desperate and might pull the trigger on a domestic unless Toyota gets the '08 Sequoia in this years' auto shows.

    Thanks for any addl' info!
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    It's from thehollywoodextra.blogspot where they do point out it is an illustration. Dingchavez did say it's "a pic of what the new Sequoia is supposed to look like."

    tidester, host
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    I hope that's not the new look... looks like a bloated rhino to me.

    I'm thinking it will be identical to the new Tundra.

    If it has a real center armrest (not the skinny fold-down thingies)and a decent third row folding set-up I'll seriously consider it.
  • grd398sgrd398s Posts: 15
    Anybody have an idea when we'll finally see the real thing? I hear we'll see a debut at a spring auto show...but I can't find anything more specific than that. Seems strange that there's not more info circulating on this. I guess all the engery is focused on the new Tundra. I'd like to plan on buying one later this year...but I need to see it first!

    I'm personally hoping for a design more like the Lexus GX and less like the new Tundra. If anybody knows anything, I'd love to hear it.
  • I heard the spring too but not sure when...i hope it doesn't like the photo i saw on this message board. (you know, the bloated rhino LOL)..if it looks like the new tundra that's fine with me (although i do think the new tundra looks too much like the dodge ram; personally i liked the look of the '06 tundra better). I guess we'll see soon enough...hopefully it'll come with the 5.7L 381 hp engine that is optional in the '07 tundra :)
  • shark715shark715 Posts: 382
    It's a dealer add on. They etch the VIN number on certain parts like the windows. In theory it reduces the chance of your truck being stolen and stripped down, because the value of the parts is diminished because they are traceable to the VIN number. Ask your insurance company if they will give you a discount if you have this. My guess is that their answer will be no, and that tells you they don't see much value in it. Certain dealers have it on every car on the lot, and will try to convince you that it's a required add-on because it's done to the vehicles before they arrive at the dealership. When I have run into this when purchasing vehicles in the past, I have told the dealers that I didn't care and was not willing to spend a dime for every case they backed down. I've seen dealers try to justify $500 or even $1000 for this, and it's all profit. I'll bet the process of etching a few parts costs them under $50 per car.
  • beliasbelias Posts: 316
    It is frustrating to see that car companies just don't get what's needed with the third row seats. They either make them too close to the second row so it is impossible for anybody older than 8 years old to sit there, or they shove it all the way to the back and leave no trunk space.
    Is it THAT difficult to put sliders on the thing and let us decide if we need more passenger room or more trunk room? Is this some kind of huge technological hurdle that we have to overcome? What is the deal? Not a single company has done this! I hope the new Sequoia will be the first to offer this feature as it is badly needed...
  • grd398sgrd398s Posts: 15
    Have you looked at the new GMC Acadia? I don't believe the 3rd row seats slide, but it looks like it strikes a nice balance between leg room and cargo space. It may be strange that I'm comparing the Acadia to the Sequoia...but if I don't get some information about the '08 Sequoia soon, I'm going to have to start exploring other options.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    If you use a little imagination you can picture what the new Sequoia will look like by using the new Tundra. As far as options, ( and using common sense) it's most likely going to have everything the new Tundra does right- same V8 engine options, torque, mpg, bluetooth...I can go on but I think you get my point?
  • grd398sgrd398s Posts: 15
    Ignore my comment about the Acadia - saw it at an auto show this weekend and hated it (and totally over-priced to top it off)! I finally got to see the new Tundra in person too - loved it. My next vehicle is likley to be a toss up between the '07 Tundra and the '08 Sequoia (depending on what the Sequoia looks like). If the Sequoia ends having an interior similar to the new Tundra, I guess I'll proabably like it. However I just can't picture the Tundra front-end with an SUV back-end. To me that ends up looking like the horribly ugly Durango. If it looks anything like the picture I have in my mind, it will be hard to pull me away from the Tundra.

    Can't wait to start seeing some real pictures of the Sequoia so I can make my decision. Either way, Toyota is definitely getting my $$$ this year.
  • I am unhappy to report that a conversation I had with my local Toyota dealer, has left me with little hope of seeing a new Sequoia in the near future. I purchased our 03 Sequoia from the Sales Manager of our dealership. I called him today and he informed me that he had a conversation with the Toyota rep recently, where he was told not to expect a new Sequoia for at least another eight months. Sorry, I can't wait. I've enjoyed our vehicle, but without any word or pictures from Toyota, I'm moving on. I'll be looking at a new MB CDI diesel G-series this weekend. I wish Toyota would've been a little more forthcoming with their plans for a new full-size SUV. The current model is really dated. If anyone knows this information not to be accurate, please post soon. I'm not pulling the trigger until I return from a week in the mountains. Thanks
  • wolfekmwolfekm Posts: 18
    Talked to our local dealer - he said they have NOTHING on the new Sequoia, and that they JUST started taking orders for the new Tundras that will be in 2 weeks from now. He doesn't anticipate anything with the new Sequoia till closer to late August, possibly even early-mid September. He said they've even seen these new redesigns get delayed which could push it back further. So, nothing too informative, but pretty much echos what johnglat1's dealer said - there is nothing forthcoming any time soon on the new Sequoia....
  • gteach26gteach26 Posts: 576
    Hit the snooze button on the new Sequoia for another year.

    Toyota really should release something to build anticipation... I guess these SUV's are so popular anyways that they don't see the point.
  • C'mon people. It's a 2008 vehicle.... Of course it won't show up until August. Sit back, relax, and trust that Toyota will do what it always does... beat the industry standard and produce a vehicle that everyone else in the market tries to keep up with. I've been patiently waiting in my 02 Sequoia since I started tracking the redesign in 2005. It will be worth it!!!! :)
  • to release a LITTLE information to clear up some confusion. This link says expect a debut in the "spring" auto shows:

    but many here have mentioned, and I will add to it, that the dealers are clueless on it. One of my local dealers didn't even believe a redesign was going to happen this year when I asked him if he had seen it.
  • I hope the Edmunds link above is wrong. I have a 2002 and it is a perfect size for me and has good off road capability. Any significant increase in size would make me look for another SUV.
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