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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • I've been to several dealerships in the Southern California area and have been told anywhere from September to December but why they did not preview it at the NY Auto Show is beyond me. I guess it gets here when it gets here and there isn't much else you can say or do.
  • I've been to several dealerships in the Southern California area and have been told anywhere from September to December but why they did not preview it at the NY Auto Show is beyond me. I guess it gets here when it gets here and there isn't much else you can say or do.
  • I talked with a dealer who rents a building from us, and he said expect to see it on the sales floor in December. Another dealer I spoke with said the same. That said, I'm expecting to see it anywhere from October 07 to December of 2010.
  • You all do realize that the 08 Sequoia debuted at the San Antonio Toyota dealers convention late last fall....don't ya?? Any dealer that went there ( as did mine...) has photos...but will not release them.

    It's big...tundra big....and it may have a different name badge.....

    can't wait!
  • Please.... Everyone knows Toyota isn't that stupid. They didn't preview an 08 Sequoia 2 years in advance that is based on a truck frame that hasn't been released either. Toyota was so wrapped up in thier Camry/Highlander hybrid releases they ignored the Sequoia.If you had been talking to dealers and listening to the Toyota gossip lines over the last 3 years regarding this release you'd know that.... but... if your dealer has photos I will gladly trade him my photos of the Lexus JX
  • willsc40willsc40 Posts: 2
    Why don't both of you post your photos up on the web?

    I hate when Toyota or others try to make it some big secret. If you hold on to something like that to long, it back fires. Look at the 08 Highlander! Everybody was waiting for that to come out and it looks like hell. A blown up RAV4;(
  • oh i totally agree...the highlander is totally ugly. Makes me wonder if Toyota is going to F up the new Sequoia.
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    If they do "mess-up" the Sequoia then we'll purchase either the Navigator or the Infiniti. I am just waiting to see the Sequoia to make a decision.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    IMHO, if you can imagine the new Tundra Crewmax version extended w/ an imaginary enclosure w/ the Tundra's tails- that's what the Sequoia will look like. Obviusly, this is all speculation. But if the past is any indication of the future, the Sequoia will be based off of the Tundra.
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    I know the prices have not been announced. Since new model is based on Tundra, could we guess what the price of this SUV is going to be ? Did Tundra go up in price with the model change? And any update on the length, width of this new Sequoia model?
  • baseballmom97baseballmom97 Posts: 100
    My lease on my 2004 Sequoia is up in Dec. 2007. I'm not at all interested in a bigger version of this SUV. I'm also tired of the low gas mileage. Why would Toyota be making a bigger truck when it seems that the trend is moving away from this type of vehicle? I like Toyota but I'm going to seriously look at the new GMC Acadia cross-over. It has better features (2nd and 3rd rows fold down flat) and better gas mileage. I just haul kids, groceries, sports equipment and luggage -- no need for towing.
  • well go for it- personally i think american products suck but hey to each his (or her) own
  • hottoyofanhottoyofan Posts: 9
    Here is an idea I've played with recently. What if Toyota decided to up the ante this year and beat everyone else to the punch with the first full size/large SUV Hybrid??? Toyota isn't stupid and hasn't overtaken the market by making bad investments and product changes... I doubt they decided to go larger for no reason. It's been talked about and obvious that the Sequoia needed a better tow rating to compare but that wouldn't be the only reason to go big. With gas prices continuing to soar and the American "go big" mantra stalling out the last two years I think Toyota decided to go large for other reasons.... If not the first year release then maybe year two of the new body might see a hybrid added... WOW! I'm keeping my fingers crossed
  • hottoyofanhottoyofan Posts: 9
    AND I forgot to talk about how Toyota pushed so hard and fast the last two years to get out the Camry hybrid and the first hybrid SUV highlander as well as Lexus coming out with the first hybrid luxury vehicles... maybe pushing the Sequoia back two years while all this hybrid technology came out will add a surprise element to the full size SUV category... Just a thought... maybe wishful thinking..
  • Nice idea, but you forget that GMC has already built the Denali and Tahoe for 2008 with hybrid engine. But I'm sure Toyota is already thinking about that. I hear rumors that the next generation 4Runner will be a hybrid.
  • u045777u045777 Posts: 33
    I don't care if the new sequoia is a hybrid or not. I just want it to have the best ride, reliability, safety, value, and of course more bells & whistles than the new Tahoe/Yukon or MDX. I want: power liftgate, rain sensing wipers, remote start, heated & cooled driver/passenger seats, onstar, 20 inch chrome wheels, NAV with live traffic updates, super handling 4wd (like the acura mdx), Ipod plug/holder, a larger (10 inch+) rear entertainment dvd, also a video screen on the back of the front passenger's visor so the front passenger can watch the same movie that the kids in theback are watching. All that and I'd gladly pay $50K!!! 18-22 mpg + would be icing on the cake! ;)

    Don't rush it Toyota. Haste makes waste and costly recalls, warrenty repairs, and manufacturer buybacks) just look at my last 2 fords :lemon: :lemon: .
  • coupedncalcoupedncal Posts: 252
    And I on the other hand just want one with much better mpg than current model. If you are listening (and actually care for our opinion), offer all the bells and whistles as optional equipment. Don't need it. Don't want to pay for it.

  • well duh!! they were FORDS! C'mon now! I bought a Ford Focus in '02 and within 30 days the windshield was leaking and the passenger side was getting all wet. As for all those 'bells and whistles' I doubt you will get everything you want on the new Sequoia, but no doubt it would be nice. All that would cost a lot more than 50k i am quite sure-for all that you could buy the new '08 LX 470!
  • From what I have read, the optional 5.7L engine gets better gas mileage than the regular certainly has shown to be true in the new Tundras..I do like the new Tundra but I am willing to wait for the new Sequoia to come out.
  • wow i have never seen that one yet. I saw one on a japanese website that looked similiar, but this pic certainly looks more streamlined. Certainly will be interesting to see how close it looks to the real thing when it comes out. I went to a dealer in LA yesterday and test-drove a Tundra..and of course i had to ask if they knew anything about the new Sequoia. They were saying September but who really knows at this point. It might end up being like the release of the Tundra (i.e, February). I did see on insideline or autoweek that Toyota was saying they were going to release news of two new production vehicles at the SEMA show in Vegas in October/November, so it may be that one of those production vehicles will indeed be the new Sequoia. Thanks for the pic, looks very interesting. Reminds me of an Armada in form.
  • grd398sgrd398s Posts: 15
    Interesting pic! I like the overall look of me the back end looks similar to the current 4Runner. If you look at that picture really close, you'll notice that the plates seem to say "Land Cruiser" and the caption says something close to "130 Series, 4.4 Litre, Twin Turbro Diesel." I wonder if this is the next Land Cruiser, not the next Sequoia? I'm very anxious to see the new Sequoia. I wish Toyota would release something, anything! I need a new SUV bad...I'm willing to wait till the Fall, but not willing to wait till next Spring.
  • that isn't the new land cruiser because I have seen pics of the new land crusier and that doesn't like it...but i agree i don't want to wait til the spring either..hopefully they won't make people wait!
  • u045777u045777 Posts: 33
    Feast your eyes on this awsome SUV...

    I just noticed the new LX goes on sale at the begining of new year and has the new 5.7 engine. I hope the 2008 Sequoia is similar except for the cost. The LX's size is just what I'm looking for but can't afford it's $75K+ price tag. Please Toyota make me a 2008 Sequoia that costs the same as a new fully loaded Tahoe and has all the bells and whistles that the Tahoe has.

    Kudos to those that can afford the new LX... with cameras in the front to "see around the corner and blind spots" and have the same wood trim that expensive musical instruments and private jets have.
  • Yeah they showed it off at the New York autoshow. It looks incredible. I certainly like the fact that they have trimmed it from the boxy versions it used to be. It has nicer curves and seems to be more streamlined. Certainly if I could afford one, i would get one. I guess I will have to "settle" for the new Sequoia. I understand the size will be a little bigger than the Tahoe but smaller than the '07 Suburban but not by much. They advertise it on InsideLine as being the biggest SUV in Toyota's future lineup. I guess time will tell how big. It's almost June so certainly not much longer, i'm guessing.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Feast your eyes on this awsome SUV...

    Hummm, looks a lot like the 08 Hylander from the waist down.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Toyota knew that to keep up with Ford, Chevy and Dodge they had to ..... And of course there are plenty of people with boats trailers, 5th wheels who would love a Sequoia

    Until Toyota trys to outsale GM in the Tahoe segment they don't need to worry about the people that need to tow 10,000#. Toyota still sells a relatively small amount of Sequoia's and they sell all they want to make. They don't need to keep up, they're in the lead (just not in sales numbers). When they flood the market like GM, Ford and Dodge, their products will start getting discounted, profits will drop and they will indeed be competitive. Right now they offer a premium product at a premium cost and people don't mind.

    IMO, they should have created a Sequoia the size of a Land Cruiser and leave the 10,000# towing and hauling of 8 people to GM and Ford who lose money building all of these models. I believe Toyota will regret this decision to go bigger.
  • grd398sgrd398s Posts: 15
    Toyota has kept me waiting too long. My current hunk of junk may have fallen ill for the final time last night. I was hoping to hold out for the new Sequoia, but it doesn't look like that will happen. My interest has turned to the new Saturn Outlook. From everything I'm reading, it seems like a quality replacement at a more reasonable price. Can anybody convice me otherwise?

    Toyota - A photo of the 08 Sequoia is all it would take to keep me waiting!!! What are you thinking?
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    "Toyota - A photo of the 08 Sequoia is all it would take to keep me waiting!!!"
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