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2008 Toyota Sequoia



  • jack8383jack8383 Posts: 1
    Hi. I just emailed Toyota about the 2008 Sequoia and here was their response.

    Thank you for contacting Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.
    We appreciate the opportunity to address your email.

    We apologize; unfortunately information on the 2008 Sequoia is currently unavailable at this time. Toyota will release information such as styling, specifications, feature & options, closer to the launch date. We currently do not have a tentative release date. Typically the new models arrive in the fall. To receive information as it becomes available, please subscribe to our Current and Future Models FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). We are committed to manufacturing high quality vehicles that exemplify innovative design, styling, dependability and durability. In an effort to maintain the quality that is evident in our previous vehicle models, we continue to pay close attention to the detail in our future models. Your email has been documented at our National Headquarters under file #200706130800. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact us.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    The truth of the subject is that the owners and GM's know what is coming and they intentionally discourage the sales staff from learning anything about it until just before launch. The rationale is "Sell what's on the lot and forget what's coming in 6 months or a year. Sales are needed now"

    To see what the new Sequoia might be like go drive a new 5.7L Tundra CrewMax. It's that simple. Finish off the bed and you've got the new Sequoia.

    BTW the 'camshaft breakage' issue on the 5.7L Tundra's affected 20 units. It was a supplier metal production failure that was thought to have been caught but 20 got through.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Toyota is close-mouthed on most new launches. How about the new Corolla next spring or the new Sienna next spring or the next Prius, etc, etc.

    Toyota, like the retail outlets, wants you to buy the current models and not wait for the next iteration - at some time in the future.
  • I wish we did get the info 6 mo or a year in advance. Truth is most customers have the launch date before I do through sites like this. I need new Sequoia info for my personal car AND for customers, and I don't know any more than y'all, that's why I'm here.
  • u045777u045777 Posts: 33

    Check out the middle photo. Is that an extented version or are they all going to be that long!
  • It very well could be. If you look at the 1st and 2nd photos, the 2nd picture looks actually longer than the first, unless it is just an optical illusion. But it certainly does look as big as a Suburban. They did say it would be between a Tahoe and Suburban. Looks closer to a Suburban if you ask me!
  • pncguypncguy Posts: 4
    Interesting... They're billing it as a 2009!

    Well, we just bought an '07 and I think I am glad I didn't wait. I don't need something THAT big! I need seating for 8, room for a stroller behind the third seat, and the ability to tow (really tow, not a minivan type tow) a heavy pop-up camper.
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    2009??? It seems that every time there is a spy photo of the Sequoia another year has been added.

    Let's just hope that the long anticipated Sequoia really comes out this Fall and goes on sale shortly thereafter and not as a 2010 model.

    We have waited long enough!
  • u045777u045777 Posts: 33
    A Sequoia hybrid!!!!!!!!! :)
    Suddenly the new model doesn't seem so large in those spy photos.
    Toyota might finally be giving GM some full size competition! First giving us a new full size SUV (and truck) with full size gas sucking power. Then throwing in a hybrid power system into the full size SUV (and truck too???).

    Looks like I just may hold off on my '08 Highlander purchase and wait for the new "Flagship" Sequoia hybrid. :shades:

    Toyota: (if you are reading this) please keep us informed on the up and coming Sequoia Hybrid details so some of us don't go out and foolishly buy a Tahoe Hybrid. Thanks!
  • yeah that's pretty cool. About time Toyota offered a full-size with hybrid technology. After that choice, why would anybody buy a hybrid Highlander if you can have the Sequoia? I actually like the shape- I hope they offer lots of extras for the '09 Sequoia. I'm guessing it won't come out til next year, which is fine by me..I'm willing to wait a little longer. I don't see my '04 Runner breaking down anytime soon..
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    After that choice, why would anybody buy a hybrid Highlander if you can have the Sequoia?

    Well some actually would have a hard time caughing up the additional $15,000 it will probably cost for the Sequoia. I assume if the article is correct then the Hybrid model Sequoia may only come "loaded"? If so, that's a $50,000 vehicle.
  • true enough. And most people probably wouldn't need the bigger engine or size anyways, unless they're pulling a boat or a 5th wheel, or got 7 kids in tow.
  • aj4321aj4321 Posts: 37
    Everything sounds great and I am ready to buy one. The question is when will the redesigned Sequoia hit the show room floor? Toyota has waited too long to refresh the Sequoia. My wife has a 2003 4runner v8 (great vehicle) and we needed a larger truck twelve months ago but we’ve been holding-out for the new Sequoia. If it doesn’t come out this fall, we will probably do what many people have been doing (according to the message boards) …..purchase a deeply discounted GM Tahoe or Yukon for $42k. It is a decent second choice and from what I’ve been hearing – the current Sequoia has dropped-off the sales map. My point – Toyota needs to pick-up the pace and get this vehicle out to the market if they want to be competitors in this segment.
  • I agree. I'm not asking for specs and info just a release date... Providing a release date doesn't give competitors an edge or leak anything of value. If it's in the forseeable future.. as in 3-6 months say that. There is actually more damage (Even more damage than not selling the remaining inventory)when nothing is given because others won't wait especially with a hybrid on the horizon. Look at Apple.. hint hint... 6 months in advance they set a date for the iphone. No details.. just a date.. The atticipation was phenominal and it kept people like me from going out and getting something from a competitor so that I could show up the first week and get the best.
  • reggie6reggie6 Posts: 26
    I too am being held up by the folks at Toyota! I just spoke with them and it seems they are holding off until 2009. The new Land Cruiser is coming this Fall and they are taking orders on it. When I spoke to the people at corporate they said it definitely won't be out this Fall and from what I gathered it will be no earlier than Spring as a 2009 model. Oh well, I am disappointed too.
  • u045777u045777 Posts: 33
    Spring sounds about right. One of these forums mentioned that the new Sequoias will be rolling into dealerships the end of Feb. (for gas engine) and April-May for the 'Flagship' Hybrid model. ;)
    PS: If a loaded 4x4 '08 Highlander is $42K and a loaded Highlander Hybrid is going to be around $46K then I doubt many people will be able to afford the new redesigned Sequoia fully loaded at around $50K with the Hybrid approching $60K :(
    Here comes my late Friday night rant...(Do not read if you are politically or anatomically correct)
    Who says the declining value of the US dollar is good for the U.S.? Mix together high energy prices, high housing and food costs, falling real estate values, stalling wages, rising unemployment, tightening credit policies, declining education, dissappearing healthcare, increasing crime rates, corrupted politicians, a falling US dollar, and you've got the perfect storm for hard times setting in. Instead of buying a new, gas sucking, tire and brake and oil eating, depreciating, recall effecting, $40K+ SUV... I'm going to keep my old car on the road as long as it can and with the money I'll be saving I'm gonna dig myself a bomb shelter under my garage and stash some gold and silver coins, some guns, and lots of spam! My wife and kids will prolly leave me because I won't bye them no fancie new vehickle to drive round in. Then I'll hafta change my name to Mater or sometin. (Like Ta'mater but without the Ta'.)...
    Or maybe I'll just buy my family a nice used suv for around $25K and start going back to church giving 10% of my income happily every week to the velvet lined colection basket and praying to God that everything will be OK.
    But that would be no fun...
    Maybe I'll just start picking up bottles and cans from the side of the road and buy the new shiny Sasquatch come Feburary and skip the church thing. God help me decide!
    :confuse: God help us all!
  • aj4321aj4321 Posts: 37
    Here is the latest information that I have heard regarding the new Sequoia. I’ve talked to three different dealers (all in different regions of the country) and they are expecting the new Sequoia to be available for sale this September. They are expecting details to be released this in August. One of the dealers pointed out that 07’ Sequoia production has been cut-back to a bare minimum this year in anticipation of the new replacement. Which answers why most dealers do not have many 07 Sequoia’s in stock and no aggressive rebates. By the way, I can recall seeing only two 07’ Sequoia LTD’s (recognizable by the chrome mirrors) on the road this year.
  • i agree. I don't see too many being advertised or sold;certainly not at the dealership i go to. Who'd want to buy an '07 when the '08 is so much bigger (though that does not necessarily mean better). I guess we'll find out soon enough.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    There are 8 models forseen for what will probably be a December launch (subject to change )

    2WD Models
    SR5 4.7L
    SR5 5.7L
    LTD 5.7L

    4WD Models
    SR5 4.7L
    SR5 5.7L
    LTD 5.7L
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55
    Thank you for the information.

    Do you know what the "Platinum" is going to be, I have never heard of this before. Normally, the LTD has been the top of the line so could this be a higher level?
  • the way that message was written it would seem that the Platinum would the highest would be nice it had some of the features of the '08 Lexus- like the music hard drive,etc..I know that it will be unveiled at the LA Auto Show in November. I am definitely looking forward to seeing it!!!
  • kcockcoc Posts: 10
    Platinum is top of line. Includes laser cruise, heated/ventilated front seats, heated middle row buckets, power folding third row, 9" dvd monitor, unique 20" aluminum wheels, 7" nav screen, telescope/auto tilt steering wheel. Was told it would been shown at Sema (?) w/ conv FJ and cor. Placed a deposit for Feb/08 delivery. Shown as an 08 model.
  • regrahamregraham Posts: 26
    Do you know if the 2008 Sequoia will be available with XM (or Sirrius) Satellite radio? I hope so. It would be a shame to have to suction cup an XM Radio receiver to the windshield of a 2008, especially when it is available now in most GM's.
  • regrahamregraham Posts: 26
    Also, do you know if the 2008 Sequoia will have a full size spare tire, mounted under the rear of the vehicle, or the smaller space saver tire?
  • kcockcoc Posts: 10
    Looks like the same radio options that the Tundra has. No mention of the spare tire. Platinum will also have a power hatch.
  • sirrafsirraf Posts: 55

    Where did you find information regarding what options come with the Platinum model?

    And did your dealer have a price list available when you placed a deposit?

    Thank you for the information that you have already provided.
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