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Dodge Stealth Twin Turbo

herman1117herman1117 Member Posts: 1
Does anyone know what my problem could be? When i accelerate my car shakes and if i push on the gas harder there is a popping noise kinda like a muffled backfire. Very bad throttle response.


  • railroadjamesrailroadjames Member Posts: 560
    check the catalytic converter for clogging or a breakdown of materials there-in.
  • seany2seany2 Member Posts: 1
    way off.
    you need to check fuel filter(s).
    main line would be a quick fix,however may be the one in your tank.
    i signed up to this board just to tell u this,so let me know how you make out.i,m a betting man,i,d bet money this is your grief.
  • 96stealthrt96stealthrt Member Posts: 1
    I have been looking everywhere for a 5 speed transmission for my 1996 dodge stealth R/T i had blown the engine in it so i had put a 1994 mitsubishi 3000GT motor with an automatic trans its the same engine i previously had in my car but i need a trans my old one need rebuilding (let my girlfriend drive it and she grinded the gears to crap lol)
  • rodeojeffrodeojeff Member Posts: 4
    My Dodge Stealth is a 1991 3.0 dual overhead cam not a turbo, one of the coil packs will not fire at all, i changed the coil pack, i then changed the ignition module, no help it runs perfect except for that. the check engine light comes on for a couple seconds after i start the engine, please i need help
  • andysautosportandysautosport Member Posts: 11
    If you have your check engine light on, why don't you just get the code it's throwing, that will tell you the specific issue your car is having.
  • cann526cann526 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 91 Non turbo RT model with electronic suspension. After a fer second suspension indicator start blinking. I have change the suspenion on front and rear.
    Can you tell me what is the problem . the ride is rough
  • sunni_18msunni_18m Member Posts: 1
    in regaurds to you post about no spark on 1 coil check your ptu and ecu make sure your getting a signal out of the ptu and if you are not check for signal coming out of the ecu mine had the same problem and the ptu was bad it worked but now i gots no spark at all so im basically throwing parts at it hopeing it will start working again
  • sethbladesethblade Member Posts: 3
    I have a 92 Dodge Stealth 3.0 v-6 Twin Turbo,
    Now my car is backfiren, but the funny thing is that the firen order is off by 2 cylinders, the book says 1-4-2-5-3-6, but the way i have it is 1-2-4-5-3-6 and it seems to run a lot better then the way the book says, the book way gives me Poor Accel, Backfire, and somewhat hard to start, but my way the car will not backfire "as much" but starts Quicker, and a whole lot better Accel. Can someone plz help me, iv been worken on this problem for 2 months now, so i really need your help, tell me what i should do, or what could be the problem, Could it be my valves. some kind of sensiour, why dose it run better with a messed up firing order.
    And so think u, for taking the time to help,
    Seth Blade :confuse:
  • sethbladesethblade Member Posts: 3
    try ur Transister
  • sethbladesethblade Member Posts: 3
    i have the same problem, if u want try switchen the 4-2 cy, wire. it worked for me well the Accel part, but not the poping, mine still dose that, im tryen to figure that out still
  • parlakparlak Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me how 18 in rims with 275/35-18 tires will fit and preform on the vehicle. I am concerned about rubbing in the front. The specifications say it will work providing I have the right offset on the rims. It calls for about a 45 to 50 offset. Would you have any coment to this and what experience have you may you have had with idea. Can you recommend any particular tire or rim, as I am looking for more handling than longevity. It sits in the garage most of the time. I have it completly modified, and running around 500 horsepower. Very stout machine. Can you comment on the Vredestein sessanta's and the drag dr31 rims. Apprecite your imput anyone.
    Thanks Steve
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    My 1992 twin turbo dodge stealth starts up fine after setting over night, and starts up fine just after shuting off engine, but most of the time after setting for an hour or so it seems to sound like it floods itself out. After letting it run for a bit it will clear itself up. I have put new injector, plug wires, plugs, and numerous sensors one the car.Fuel pump has been checked and is fine. And also i have put a new computor on the car.
  • dreamer16dreamer16 Member Posts: 2
    My son is in Iraq and just before he left he asked me to try to get his '91 RT converted to a turbo motor. It is a custom Stealth with a RT motor. The motor blew back in October just before he deployed. With extra cash he gets from being in a war zone he has asked if I would try to get his Stealth not only repaired, but he'd love to have it modified to be extremely quick and fast. Anyone have any suggestions on the best way to accomplish this. He returns mid February and I'd love nothing more than to be there waiting with his Stealth read to roll. He has limited cash naturally, so that may completely make this a moot point?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    You know, this doesn't sound like the best way to spend his money. This is a rather large heavy car to begin with, and I don't think it's ever going to be that "fast" compared to starting with something more modern and durable.

    Just my two cents.

    Visiting Host
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    I agree i don't think it is a very good way to spend a yourng man's
    money just getting out of the service. But the car is fast and beautiful. How fast can you go now days on our busy highways anyway! And i have spent alot of money in just replacing new parts, some of which it didn't need and were easy
    to get to the engine. But i think at this day and age it would be best for
    someone with a limited amount of money to buy new with a warrenty.
    But if he still does want to convert his old with a blown engine to twin turbo.
    For get it. Lots of money. My car is the way to go.I have already spent the money.
    I have been a little obsessed with my car also, but it is time to let it go too someoneelse.
  • dreamer16dreamer16 Member Posts: 2
    I hear you, but at the same time, the car is a complete custom set up. Shaved with no protrussions on the body at all. Over $2,500 invested in the interior to make it like a sound room. Beefed up brakes and a competition clutch etc. The only thing that had not been done was the motor. The original owner didn't care that much about the speed end of things, he was more into the esthetics. Anyway, my son now wants to "finish the job." Since the RT motor died he wanted to do it now. I've found TT motors (jdm) rebuilt with between 30,000 and 60,000 miles. I think the hard part is knowing how much additional cost I'm (he) is going to find as he makes the switch. Thanks... any additional comments are definitely welcome.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Here's a guy who has apparently done it, and you can see from his lists and reports that this is a formidable task:


    You're looking at a lot of money unless you know how to do these mods yourself---even then you have a lot of conversions and special fitting to do.

    Seems to me he could just go buy a nice Stealth TT for $10,000 bucks and probably end up with a better car for less money.
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    You are absolutely right, i have spent a tremendous amount of money on my car.
    But i am the only owner, and it is a great car. But before i sell it or try to sell it i
    want it right for the next person. I still have a little problem and is giving me a fit trying to figure it out. I have asked for help on this forum but no answer, but have looked back at some of the other same problems that i am having and have done everything they have said it could posibble be. Just my luck none of the above. But when i do fine the problem you can be sure that i will tell it on the forum.
  • SpeedBuggySpeedBuggy Member Posts: 1
    Just found this thread. Sounds like your ISC (Idle Speed control motor) is bad. It's located on the rear side of the throttle body, on top of the engine, towards the back. Half of it sticks inside the throttle body. Depending on the year, it's either a tan plastic plug, or a black plastic plug, connecting to the harness.
    Not difficult to change, and this thing is responsible for most non-necessary ECU replacements.
    Hope this is your problem and I'm not too late getting to you.
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    Thank you for answering my problem on my dodge 1992 stealth. I have put a new
    ISC. ALso i have put the 2- 0/2 sensers on / fuel regulator/ starting heat senser/
    Mass air flow senser/ all new injectors/ fuel filter/ I have checked for fuel pump preasure. I am taking it back in to a new shop today maybe for the last time. And if we do figure this thing out i will let everyone no.
    If you have anymore idea's, i will surely try them.
    Thanks for you help, it is most appreciated
  • romano28romano28 Member Posts: 1
    is there anything reported on the '92 stealth about it not wanting to start and drains batteries but is not the alternator? there are no drains on the battery either. i just got it back from the shop and they replaced the nuetral safety switch and it ran for about 5 days then stopped running again. i am in the army and this car is my only mode of trans so i need it to run.
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    Glad to see that some one else has a dodge stealth. BUT.. Sorry that is not the problem i am having . And we are still trying to figure out this problem. I put it back into another shop. Hopefully they can figure it out. I would thing that your problem would be an easy one to figure out. But than you would think mine would be also. I don't know if you have read all the forum's on the 3000 gt but there are people with the same problem that you are having. Just go over to your right of the page and enter 300ogt in the KEY WORD I wil let you know if i ever get this problem fixed and i hope you do the same. And by the way..... Thanks for serving our country and keeping us safe!!!!!!
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    Helo I am the one with the long time problem with my car not wanting to start after setting 45 minutes. We have most likely narrowed it down to VAPOR LOCK. Because after many of road test, we drove the car the same amount of time four times. And we discoverd that after leaving the hood down and trying to start it, it would not start. But doing the same thing three more times, but this time we raised the hoop up. AND THE CAR STARTED. I have ordered another part, but they say that this part is working, but will try a new one anyway. any body have any ideas. Other than wrapping the fuel lines?
  • ron91twintron91twint Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I came across this message board while searching for some ideas on what to do with my 1991 Dodge Stealth R/T Twin Turbo. My cousin bought (ordered) it brand new off the line and paid a premium for black with red leather interior. He drove it for 28,000 miles and then I bought it from him. It has 42,000 original mile today and is in mint condition because it has been garaged right from the start. I'm thinking of selling it, and I wonder if anyone has any ideas of where I should list it. It's really one of a kind due to it's age, low mileage, and perfect condition. What would you do with it? Thanks, Ron
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    Hi Ron
    Well it all depends on how much you like your car and how much you want to spent on repairs. Because with the millege it has on it now is when the problems start, believe it or not. I myself must be nuts too have spent what i have these two years ,and still have not found the problem. I now bought myself a repair book and started to study. And also have been spending alot of time on the internet. Believe it or not there's alot of information out there. I have been now buying one part at a time hoping to fix the problem. None of the garages i have been to could help. Tomorrow i am putting on the crank angle senser. After that i don't no what i will do.
    Maybe give up. Here is the part number. if you google it the part it will come up and will led you to more information."MD153464" As as for the car and what to do. if you love it and have the time and money for repairs keep it. If not sell it to someone who won't mind the repair cost and down time. Hope this helps. KEEP THE FAITH
  • jerky244jerky244 Member Posts: 1
    Hi my name is Gaib. I own a 1996 twin turbo stealth and i'm lookin to replace my suspension. I need to know if the 96's came with the electronic controlled suspension. Also does anyone have any suggestions for a good brake kit? Is there anywhre i can buy new stock interior parts, like whole seats? And one more thing, i was looking at a couple other sites on stealth TT production numbers and they said that their were only 57 96' twin turbo stealths produce is there any validity to that or not?
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    Sorry can't help. I couldn't find seats for my 1992, but it will cost me 1,100.00
    to recover the front seats only. What i finally had to do was to buy the auto repair books. "Mybooks.com" they were about $96.00
    Also just my googling in the part number a whole bunch of other information sometimes comes up. I was really supprised.sorry i can't help
  • dkeimairdkeimair Member Posts: 3
    I have a 1992 Stealth Twin Turbo that is about as pristine as you can get with the 100,00 miles it just turned over. However it has recently developed an annoying problem. When it gets warmed up after running 15-20 minutes the throttle seems to stick at 2200 RPM in gear or when you stick in the clutch. The only thing that stops it is when the wheels are about to cone to a stop, then it goes back to normal idle. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    Hello: I am having the same problem right now believe it or not.I think i have pinpointed it to my anti brake. Part alone is $300.00. I have a short in my passenger side front brake senser. I have noticed when the light come on i have the problem and when the light goes off it's is fine. But i have been preoccupied with an on going problem. And i am hoping by the end of the month i will have it fixed. Then I'll be famous! Ha, Ha
    If you are having a problem with your anti brake it might be as simple as taking the senser out and wiping it off. It is behind the brake disc. Or it could be your throttle position senser. $120.00. you can put it on yourself. I went on line and ordered the repair manual from" Books.com" for about $95.00. If nothing else you gain a tremendous amount of knowledge. Also i have found a site ( Jeff Lucius)
    This site is unreal! Also I have been able to get most of my parts still from the The
    Mitsubishi dealers. Also google part number MD614405 it might show you the sensor. Let me no what you come up with about your problem. Here is my e-mail address mjc3863@bellsouth.net Maybe we can both pick each others brain
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    Hello again
    About your problem with the throttle seeming to sick. As i told you in the last e-mail, mine has been doing the same thing. I replaced my driver side abs senser because they told me it was bad. Now this was about 4 years ago when i paid them 100.00 to tell me the problem. I didn't have time to mess with the car because of work. So now that i have the time to work on the car this is what i am doing. I bought the senser, tested it before i put it on the car, it tested good. I remover the old one today, tested it and it tested good also. GREAT!!!!!!!!! There goes another $100.00 for wrong information. BUT! I did buy the relay fuse the same time. I read about this in the book that i bought. But in the mean time i put the new sensor on and it didn't fix the problem. So i said well I'll put this $30.00 relay in. And so far the abs light doesn't come and the idol problem went away. I took it on a long test drive and so far so good. KNOCK ON WOOD. I'll believe it, if it stays fixed for a week. So this is what you do. Replace the relay fuse. it is under the hood. as you face the engine it is on your left, in the front in that big fuse box. Looking at the fuse box it will be the roll of fuses on your right, second one up. Also it is in your owners manuel. Here is the part number 8627A011 it looks different than the old one but it is the same. Let me know if it works for you
  • dkeimairdkeimair Member Posts: 3
    Well I replaced theECM and installed a new idle motor to no avail, so now I guess I'll try the relay....stay tuned!!! By the way thanks for the info.
  • ramonacramonac Member Posts: 5
    I just got this car two mos. ago & have begun having problems starting it w/out a jump & keeping it running when stopping/braking unless I put it in neut. & keep my foot on the gas, even that does'nt always work, once it dies it needs to be jump started, when I first started having this problem I was able to restart w/out the jump before I had any problems I noticed these six wires that run to the fuel injectors (on the top R side of engine) that were melted after I spliced them together I started having this problem w/it dieing, I don't recall seeing these wires broken when I first bought it, but since I drove it six miles before I spliced them together w/out any issues I thought maybe I reconnected a problem so I pulled it apart, But I am still having the starting problem but have'nt driven it since undoing those wires, I'm afraid that I'll mess it up worse, I don't have any experience w/this type of motor, any clues what the problem might be???PLZ Help can't afford a mechanic..
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    My car i a twin turbo all wheel drive . Don't know what you have. First of all it could be many things. Believe me!!!! I am sure you have checked your battery, and checked the alternator. It has to be putting out enought amp. very nessessary. The melted wires! fuel pump. Many things. But first find a good shop and see if they can find the problem just by diagnosing. That's the first place to start. Alot of the parts on the engine you can replace yourself. Order yourself the repair manuel on line and study it. It is very helpful. I can look in my book and read all the
    trouble shooting it has to give. It could even be the computer. Injectors; is another one. Check all vacuum lines , look very close and try and fine them all, and look for wear and tear. coils, plugs and wires, But first just go and have the problem checked. NOW; some times diagnosing doesn't always show the problem. It gets very flustrating. another is Idea speed controll servo, your mass air flow sensor. See the list go on. so have it checked first. I hope this helps. heres my e-mail address mjc3863@bellsouth.net. PS I am still trying to fine a very difficult issue with mine. It runs great. If i ever figure it out i will be a hero!!!!!!!!! But now i am taking a break from it.
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    Did you ever get your problem fixed?
  • ramonacramonac Member Posts: 5
    My 93 Stealth is a R/T Coupe
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    My is a R/T also .. Twin turbo ,dual over head cam, all wheel drive. Good luck and let me know how you make out with your repairs
  • rdst91rdst91 Member Posts: 1
    I changed the clutch in my '91 r/t turbo and shortly after my interior lights and brakes lights stopped working. The fuse had blown and keeps blowing everytime I change. It has to be a short somewhere, but I can't find it. Also my passenger window was working fine until last week. It will not go up or down. The switch box seems like it has no power going to it. If anyone has any ideas please share.
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    I looked in the repair manual, and the only wire i see when you replace a clutch is up under the dash where the clutch and break pedal are located> There is the stop light switch, the clutch switch< vehicles with auto cruise control. Maybe one of those wire's got pinched sence your break light quit working. If you were up under the dash that is. Other than that i don't see any wire's where you take apart the clutch its self. As far as your window. get your self a o-meter and check for continuity in the switch. Repair manual will show you how to do this. Sorry i can't be more help. But that is probably what it is other than the motor its self. Alot of window motors are sold on e-bay.
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    Me again, As to your problem with your window. There is a Power Window relay under your dash, left side; it looks like there are four different types of relays. It is the one on the bottom right. By your left knee.
  • ramonacramonac Member Posts: 5
    Re: My 93 stealth that wouldn't stay running, I don't want to jinx myself so I won't tell you the problem is fixed yet, but I will say that since taking it over to a friends house three days ago and putting a new battery in prior to that I'm not having any problems with it so far. My friend & I spliced those wires bak together and by the way after alot of research I now know those wires were coming from the VIC Motor and running to & under the Wire Rail. We also turned the idle speed up 100 more rpms ,it's sitting at approx 800/900rpms at a idle, my friend also told me that the problem could reappear since we don't know what fried the vic motor wire harness in the first place but it's been three days w/out any problems, I'm still holding my breath & praying like hell that it wont mess up again, Thanks for everybodys input. I'll keep ya all informed in couple weeks if it's still on the road. by ramonac
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    Glad to hear that. So i take it that the alternator was doing its job. I don't know what the VIC motor is or what the abbreviation stands for. I'm sure i put a new one on my car but under a different name.. Thanks
  • ramonacramonac Member Posts: 5
    It's the Variable Induction Control Motor. There are two wiring harnesses attached to it those wires come from that motor and run under the Wiring Rail (which is above the Fuel Injectors). The purpose of that motor escapes my memory at this moment. The wires also exit the left side of the wiring rail, the vic motor is located on the Plenum ( right-hand side towards the back). I've taken in a lot of info & I'm still processing it all, but hopefully I've explained it good enough.
  • abrapoolabrapool Member Posts: 3
    I have a stealth that sat under a tree for over a year. At the time it was parked it was losing antifreeze and overheating, but running fine other than that. Now, I replaced the battery and can't get the clutch to release. I pressed the clutch switch/brake under the pedals and can get it to turn over but it isn't getting any fire. Is there some safety lockup on the clutch? It was towed but only rolled far enough to get it on and off of the tow truck flatbed with a winch. Also, where do you get a manual for this car?
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    After setting for a year. Your gas filter could be pluged up . It is on the fire wall behind the battery. Easy to get to. I would replace it anyway. As for no fire, maybe
    corrosion on the plug wires and inside the coils. As for the clutch there are so many parts. I have looked it up and can't find a specific cause. But check the easies first.. There is a check VALVE under the hood. Looking at the engine on the driver side toward the back next to the power steering reservor. See if it is moving freely It is inside the vacume hose.
    Not much help but a start. As for the book. "Books 4 Cars $93.90 I can't fine the phone number, but i looked on line. They are out of Seattle Washington
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    I just found the e-mail address to your dodge stealth."books@books4cars.com"
    Phone number=1-206-721-3077
  • abrapoolabrapool Member Posts: 3
    I have found so far like it looks like the neutral safety switch isn't connected and there was a box in the rear right of the car that had two plugs disconnected (is that the vic box?). The clutch was new when the previous owner bought the car so I can't figure out why the clutch won't disengage unless I screwed something up by pushing it without the key. I really am not liking the amount of vacuum issues with this car. There is a website stealth316.com that looks promising but I am going to bleed the clutch out and see if that releases the clutch.
    Hey, it looks amazing in my driveway even if it doesn't run.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Hey, it looks amazing in my driveway even if it doesn't run.

    I like your attitude. :D
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    that box you are referring to in the trunk of the car on the passenger side is one of the units that controlls the tour and sport suspension on the car.. Other parts control the suspension also. NOP...it Can't be just on part to fix a problem, it has to be more........ I assume your car is a twin turbo, all wheel drive, dual over head cam? Did you get the e-mail for the book and phone number i had sent?
  • tiebeammantiebeamman Member Posts: 24
    Did you ever get you idle problem fixed? and did the relay fuse fix it?
  • abrapoolabrapool Member Posts: 3
    Yes, I did thank you. The struts are brand new because the old ones were in the back, so maybe they disconnected it when they replaced those. The previous owner was a bit strange and had owned at least one other stealth. He had a bunch of work done on it right after he bought it two years ago, but ran out of money and moved out of state (for the fluid loss problem he had the radiator and a bunch of hoses replaced). After doing all of the work the mechanic he was using told him that he just guessed the heads had to be warped or the block was cracked. I maintain the pool and lawn for these folks and was given the car in exchange for some of the work I do. I personally saw the guy drive the car into the side yard and throw the pool cover over it. It looked and sounded fine at the time, but I was ticked because it was in my way. :-) I didn't have any interest in the car and can't believe I ended up with it. I haven't done any significant work on cars since the 80's. My teenage son thinks it is awsome, so this will be a bit more of a learning curve than all of my 4WD trucks and the old mustang. We shall see.
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