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Plymouth Breeze Oil Leak



  • lagpastorlagpastor Member Posts: 1
    Have a 98 Breeze. Bought it 1 year old. At 45,000 miles - fuel pump went - $380 and that was a good price. At 48,000 head gasket oil leak. A friend bought one 2 months after we did and sure enough, last week the head gasket started leaking. The other person I know that has a 98 Breeze called tonight - you guessed it. 2 mechanics I talked to have both seen them on a regular basis. This just plain stinks. Called Chrysler and complained - they are now doing the job for a $200 deductible. Don't yet know if the exhaust manifold is cracked or if the head is pitted. If you've got a Breeze - beware. If you're thinking about getting one - think again or make them GIVE you an extended warantee. By the way - Chrysler's Customer Service number - 1-800-992-1997. Why not call the National Highway Traffic Safety Institute as well - 1-800-424-9393. A recall is due here. So much for buy from the USA - I'm going back to Toyota. If anyone knows of other Consumer watch dog groups to comlain to - post the info and put some heat on Chrysler.
  • twill84twill84 Member Posts: 6
    I have a realative with a '98 plymouth breeze (late '98). Purchased in fall of '98 it now has 110000 miles on it, still runs, stills flys as the neame suggests. This vehicle has not been taken great care of, at 10k a month on average by a very agressive driver, I think it's pretty good that the only problems are a little bit of noise and a replaced broken windshield a year ago!
  • davis29davis29 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 98 Breeze and in Feburary I notices I had an oil leak and right away I took it to the dealership and was told it was the Head Gasket. I had it replaced costing me 740.00. Now, it's March I just discovered another oil leak. I just came back from the dealership and it's the rear seal that is leaking. I came home and found this site and see I'm not the only person with this problem. No wonder they're not making any more Plymouths. I should have bought an Explorer instead.
  • twill84twill84 Member Posts: 6
    yeah right- first of all explorers are crap('96 with low mileage, runs like its got 100k more than it does). second of all, plymouths and chryslers are the same thing. read my input form the 15th of march- perhaps the problem is random?, or it could be care? who knows but dont badmouth plymouth.
  • candyman_2001candyman_2001 Member Posts: 1
    Well I Too can Join the Group of Leakers.
    My Breeze has been a good car and runs good
    but this past 2 weeks I started getting oil leakage on the Garage Floor.. (74000 miles)
    I took To Treadway Chrysler in Findlay,Ohio
    They checked it out in the morning and called me back by 10 am,said it was the head gasket..
    They said they could have it ready by that evening.. I said how much.... they said $720!
    I about fell off my chair! As an Electrician
    I dont make that in a week! I went imediately
    back to the dealers Parts Department. Priced
    the head Gasket Kit 5014136aa $133.10 ..
    10 Head bolts 6504033 $2.97 Each. That amounts
    to about $165 total. So where do they come up with the difference in a days time.?
    Is there any Hope by calling Chrysler and getting some coverage on this? Or should I bite
    the bullet and do it myself. I am Mechanically inclined. I Picked up a Haynes Manual,and the job
    doesnt look real bad...
    Any Tech Advice or DC Support would be appreciated.. Thanks To All!
    John Patterson,Findlay,Ohio
    email candyman@wcnet.org
  • enetheneth Member Posts: 285
    The rest of the charge is no doubt labor, shop charges, machine shop, etc. Stand your ground - there are sites like www.lemonaidcars.com that clearly document this defect, and apparently Daimler will repair it for a total of $100 in most cases.
  • tason67tason67 Member Posts: 36
    I have a 96 Stratus with 57,000 miles on that is on it's THIRD head gasket. DCX paid for it all. All I can say is call, write and complain! They wil probably fix it. They are well aware that head gaskets for the 2.0 and 2.4 engines are crap, especially those in the model years 96-99. Good luck.
  • candeeman_2001candeeman_2001 Member Posts: 1
    Well, I called the support Hotline For Chrysler
    and they gave me a file number, wanted to know who the dealer was and while I was on the Phone they called My dealer for verification info..
    I have 74000 miles on the vehicle,the support rep told me they will need to review my case and not to do anything with my Breeze until I hear from them,he said he should have a reply by thursday,in which is today.. I had called him on April 3rd after I found the number on this site.
    I will call tomorrow and have more info.
    Thanks for Help!
  • donh6donh6 Member Posts: 1
    I am the owner of a 1999 Breeze 2.4 ltr, 4 cylinder DOHC engine. I lose at least a quart of oil between my 3000 mile oil changes. The dealer and DCX customer service both say this is normal for this engine. I do not appear to have any leakage dripping on my driveay, so I guess my engine is burning the oil. Can anyone confirm if this is normal for this type of engine? I appreciate any assistance.
  • dcsupporter1dcsupporter1 Member Posts: 25
    A quart every 3000 miles? That is a lot of oil, but I guess it could happen. I too have a 99 Breeze with the 2.4L engine, but it does not burn a quart of oil every 3000 miles as far as I know. It's possible that the oil is going elsewhere. Have you checked for cross contamination of the engine fluids?


  • omega7omega7 Member Posts: 1
    Did you ever get reimbursed for the head gasket from DC?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    A quart of oil every 3,000 miles is quite normal, and if fact, better than many cars.
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