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Lexus RX Tires and Wheels

We recently bought a used RX350 from the dealer sold with a brand new set of Goodyear 18" Eagles. The car has been aligned and the alignment has been re-checked. The car does not track particularly well...mostly to the right but sometimes to the left on grooved pavement. Any body know how to determine if a tire has a bad belt? Any body have opinions on this tire? What is expected tire mileage (life) for this RX350? Anybody have experience with the 18" Yokohamas?


  • Shooter
    I just replaced the Michelins on my 350 at about 38,500 miles with 18" Toyo Cross Country HTs. The Toyos are quieter and offer improved steering precision. They also seem much less prone to following ruts, grooves, etc. Can't comment on the Eagles and the 350 but my experience with Goodyears on other vehicles hasn't been stellar except for the Triple Tread Assurances. They were awsome on my wife's former vehicle and I would have considered them for the Lexus but they are not available in 18"
  • It looks like my 330 needs new tires. It has michelins and they seem to give a decent ride, but when I review their offerings the tires I have range in price from $150 to $250. All of these are Michelins and have the same kind of numbering MXM4. Does anyone really understand what the key difference might be? I mean why would I want the $250 one instead of the $150 ones?
  • Have you checked out the Tire Rack on-line store? Lots of good information about lots of different tires. You can enter your vehicle type, year, and wheel size and it will give you a large selection to chose from as well as test data and user reviews of each. You will see several Michelins offered. After doing all the research I could I was ready to buy Bridgestone Alenzas as they seem to be well liked by the using community. Then I went to a highly recommended local tire dealer and he recommended either the Alenza or the Toyo HT that I ultimately purchased for about $180 a pop.
    If your RX has 17 inch wheels your selection will be even greater. 18 inchers reduce the selection and seem to increase the price too.
  • I own a 2000 RX 4wd. Currently have 115k on the car. Replaced the factory Goodyear's with Michelin Cross Terrains about four years ago. After a completely satisfactory run of 68,000 trouble free miles, I had another set installed last year.

    Unless you do a lot of off-road work, these babies are hard to beat.
  • will they fit on my 2001 Rx 300
  • I am buying an RX 350 and have a question regarding Lexus Tire and Wheel protection. The dealer said the list price for this coverage is $795, but will sell to me for $599. It covers the wheels and rims for 5 years, no deductible. I called another Lexus dealer, and this protection was roughly the same amount. I have read on the forums about people paying $29 / tire for road hazard protection. Can that just cover the tires and not the rims? I can't imagine it would be the same coverage offered for $599. I am not inclined to take this coverage at that price.
    For $29 / tire, I would definitely take it.

    Any advice, on the pricing would be greatly appreciated.
  • ortmann1ortmann1 Posts: 2
    I have a Lexus RX300 and the tracking is horriable to the right. 100,000 miles and 2 sets of tires but 4 extra on passenger side front?? with my experience it's the auto. The best way to fing out is to buy a pair of Michelin's..... Buyer BEWARE I found out my recent set of Michelin's were not Michelin's at all, rather genrics built by Brigstone I believe? best of luck

    Dan Ortmann
    :sick: :)
  • mephrossmephross Posts: 1
    I just paid $450 for the road Hazard insurance at Sterling Mcall Lexus in Houston this past weekend. The 5 year negotiation on the price...yes wheels are covered.
  • Just curious but how many wheels and tires have you had to replace due to running into something since you have been driving? I have been driving for 45 years and can only recall two incidents where I had to replace the tire and never have had damage to the wheels. Not saying that taking out road side wheel/tire hazard insurance is not worth it ...............yea, I guess I am. Also I took out the road side hazard warranty on my new RX 350 in February against my better judgment at $29 a tire x 5 = $145 but my guardian angel must have been looking out for me. The finance guy screwed up his math so I ended up getting the warranty at no cost but I look at it this way. They made plenty off of me so I came out a little bit better. I found out when I got home and did some calling around and did some internet surfing I could have got the same tire warranty at $19 a tire. You can take out the warranty at other tire stores that carry your brand so you don't have to take it from Lexus. The way I look at it I can replace a tire for the cost of the roadside hazard insurance. The chances of having to replace two or more tires or slim and none from my driving experience. The chances of damaging a wheel is remote to put it mildly. Just my $0.02.
  • I recently purchased the RX 350 and I ended up turning down the road hazard warranty from the dealer. They wanted $599, sounds like you got a better deal. I ended up buying a tire road hazard warranty from a local tire shop. I paid $19/ tire which covers the tires only. Best of luck on your new wheels.
  • ceeceeredceeceered Posts: 1
    I have priced replacement tires at two local tire dealers. One recommends a Bridgestone Alenza tire over the Michelin replacement for this model, the other a Sumitomo touring LSU tire. I cannot find any reviews for the Sumitomo tire. I would like something to ride quieter than the Goodyear Eagles I currently have that are worn out at 25,000 miles. It would be nice if they lasted longer as well. The Sumitoma has a 70,000 mile tread wear warranty. I have read that others like both the Bridgestone and the Michelin, but no one mentions the Sumitomo. Any suggestions?
  • lisapizzalisapizza Posts: 1
    Is it really important to service my RX350 at the dealer for regularly scheduled maintenance, like oil changes and tire rotations? They are very costly at the dealer and I'd like to save $$. Should I go to a Toyota dealer instead or a reputable local independent, or a chain?
  • jebelljebell Posts: 54
    If you really like to spend lots of money for unnecessary work, want to pay for the nice ambiance, and be hounded afterward with follow up calls asking you to rate the service, go ahead.
    To answer your question, no. Go anywhere you want.
  • dandgdandg Posts: 91
    we are just about to replace our third set of tires on our RX330 (70k),no more Michleins for us this set got a bit over 26k.We have been buying tires at Sams for our cars as its convenient for rotation but they don't have mnay choices.
    Any thought on another brand for the RX330 that rides as quiet and has more wear then 30k miles?
  • dandgdandg Posts: 91
    well I can see this forum is not very lively.We ended up going with the Bridgestones the 235/55R19 ALEN Dueler HL Alenza .Will let you know how they ride if anyone is interested.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    For quietness and comfortable riding I run on summer only Bridgestone Turanzas all year around and rely on tire chains, REAR tire chains FIRST, if the "going" requires additional traction.
  • dandgdandg Posts: 91
    We have them on,nice and smooth no extra road noise that we can notice.Much better,deeper tread (13/32 vs 9/32) then the Michelins.
    Not sure I would chance chains on it thou.Its AWD and the transfer unit would not apprecaite it but this RX does not deal with heavy snow,wife takes a jeep when we get snow and she has to go out.
  • hi, everyone can you guys help me find a set of tire where can i find best deal here?
  • Hello, I am new to this site and am looking for new tires for my RX330....I read in Consumer Guide that General Grabber HTS was an excellent tire~but it is not made (yet) for this car. Do you like the Bridgestone Dueler? Please let me know.....Thanks for you help.
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 81
    I replaced the goodyear tires on my 2006 rx after 18000 mi. with bridgestone
    alenza's. much better tire, less noise, better cornering, 65000 tire.
    Tire rack on the internet rates all tires and the bridgestones are rated highest.
  • Funny you bring this up....I am probably 10-15K miles from needing new but these Goodyears are pulls hard when on the front. What size Alenzas did you get...I am thinking one wider and taller...did you talk to the dealer about over-sizing? Would like to improve cornering and stability on this car....Thx for the tip! B
  • cwaynecwayne Posts: 81
    I purchased tires from bridgestone/firestone dealer. 235/18/55, the same as
    tire that came on new RX. I mayby could have had another 2-3 thousand miles on
    goodyear but new bridgestone are 65M tires and I do not plan on keeping RX that long. I payed $825.00 out the door and could have saved a few $ if I had purchased
    from tirerack and had local installer. The tire is quieter and corners much better.
  • maximafanmaximafan Posts: 592
    Shooter, just wanted to let you know that I saw an RX330 a few years ago that had 255/55/18 tires on it and I thought it looked pretty good. Not too drastic, but definitely better looking than the 235/55's. I may check out this size tire soon as I have almost 35,000 miles on my '07 RX350 and probably will need to change them out in another 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Good Luck!
  • hawk314ahawk314a Posts: 6
    I have a 2001 RX300 with over 100k miles and just bought 4 new Yokohamas. I had I think the original Bridgestones (30k) on there and well over the useful life. I read on a different forum that people were recommending the Yokohamas, Bridgestones and Michelins. When I went to NTB they recommended the Yokohamas...supposedly softer tire, well I don't like them, they are noisy and not as soft and about to return them. My car also feels like it has a drag to it and no get up and go like the Bridgestones. I'm taking the Yokos back and going with new Bridgestones, the ride is smoother and quieter.
  • joewvujoewvu Posts: 2
    hi all, I'm getting ready to replace my p235/55r18 'v' rated tires on my rx350 and saw these tires as a viable replacement to the original michelins that got me 38,000 miles. Has anybody tried the toyo's (versado)? They seem to be after the lexus,bmw,etc market and on paper they look pretty good. Any insight greatly appreciated as I'm getting ready to buy very soon. thx
  • JUst got some Bridgestone Alenza tires with 65k mile warranty and road side for $700+ in CA. It inc. rotation and flat repairs.
    at a Firestone/bridgestone tire dealer.
    would not buy Michelins again, they do not give any mile warranty and only lasted 27k on the '07 RX.
  • hsrxhsrx Posts: 1
    edited June 2010
    I have Yoko's on my 06 RX330. I am about 7,000 miles short of 50K on them and they are like slicks (remind me of the M50's we had the on drag car). I was wondering if anyone know what the yokos are rated for? 50K, 35K, ?? I'd like to get pirelli's next, but I'm reading somegood stuff about the Bridgestones. I do more off road driving than most, definitely not all paved city roads. Definitely some pastures and many many dirt roads. I liked the agressive treads (in the beginning) on the yoko's but now theres nothing left.
  • manmanmanman Posts: 3
    I need some advice. I am in the market to buy new set of tires for my 2006 RX330. It has a full spare with matching rim and has never been used. Should I put that into service when I buy new tires? I was thinking of installing the spare as one of the 4 wheels and keep one of the worn tires with most tread as spare. That saves about $300 and gets use out of a perfectly good tire.
    Is this a good idea?
  • reply to man man:

    You may find it difficult to match the spare tire in the RX. I would get 4 new tires that match and are the same age and keep the spare as a spare for emergency type usage. Tires over 6 years old are a risk according to the latest tire safety messages.
    I got Bridgestones with a 60K mile warranty and am really happy with them. Check your local Costco and Firestone dealers for pricing levels.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    " road driving...agressive treads....43K miles...."

    What's to complain about...??

    Unless those are often slick/wet sometimes inclined dirt roads I would go with a nice and quiet and comfortably riding SUMMER ONLY tire.
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