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Lexus RX Tires and Wheels



  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    "...6 years old are a risk..."

    Not if shielded from sunlight UV rays for all of that 6 years.

    I ALWAYS rotate the spare into use at the first tire purchase.
  • Don't use the spare as an everyday tire - for a spare if you must, but only for a very limited time. At six years old it is a real danger and risking your safety is not worth the savings. The tire is a risk for the same reason that no one should buy new tires that have been on the rack for a couple of years - they have deteriorated internally. There is a great deal of information out there on the risks of buying "old" tires sold as new that have a high failure rate. The tires have a date code so you can check their age. Disregard the poster who says your spare tire is safe because it was shielded from UV rays - most of his postings are erroneous or outright dangerous.
  • mhickeymhickey Posts: 3
    I'm ready to replace my original Michelin ( 18" MX4 with 49k miles), and my tire shop is suggesting Toyo Versato at $179 ( vs $225 for the OE Michelins).
    Any thoughts ???
  • Hi, I replaced our Michelins with Bridgestone "Duelers". Michelin does not offer a road hazard feature at all - Bridgestone also warranties the tires for 65K miles, unlike Michelins.
    They are worth taking a look at their tires. I am very satisfied with them- had them for 1 year- maybe 10K miles.
    Costco also has some great deals on tires for the Lexus RX-350

    cheers, Joe
  • Joe - I am leaning towards the Bridgestones after getting only 25K from the MIchelin S8 (OEM and then I bought a 2nd set). Can you tell me if the ride is as good and did you get the V rated version?
  • Hi, Got the Dueler Alenza HL (Low rolling resistance). 5 yr/65,000 mi. About 1050 with alignment here. Quiet, handles well. Got 23.5 mpg doing 80-83 to LA,,,sure I would do better if Route 5 were not so boring....
  • I also got the Bridgestone Alenzas and the ride is as good as the Michelins with a 65k mile warranty...I found out that the mileage warranty is given by the dealers and not the manufacturers. Michelin does not have factory tire dealers just authorized sellers, therefore no warranty is given by the mfr.
    I also got the road hazard package, and I just used when a tire was punctured on the side wall. It was replaced for only $29. with 5k miles on it.

  • capriracercapriracer Somewhere in the USPosts: 859
    ".....I found out that the mileage warranty is given by the dealers and not the manufacturers. ......... therefore no warranty is given by the mfr....... Joe"


    I don't think that is right. Michelin lists mileage warranties on their web site!
  • tx97tx97 Posts: 2
    We are looking at a 2011 RX 350 FWD. It comes with 19" Aluminum Alloy Wheels with All-Season Tires - for addititonal cost of 660$.
    To lower cost, I am thinking about removing this option and get the standard 18" Aluminum Alloy Wheels.

    Is this a good idea?
    Are the 19" wheels worth the money?
    Do they make the ride significantly better?

  • I would suggest looking at the replacement cost for the 19" tires b4 getting them. I recently rented a Ford Flex w/19" tires on a long term rental and one tire needed replacement...It was difficult and expensive to replace the tire. Is not a size that is commonly used and not readily available.
    I don't think the 1" tire difference would be noticeable in the over all ride, they may look bigger and better on the RX but not a significant improvement on the ride, specially if the replacement cost is prohibitive.
    Hope this helps,
  • tx97tx97 Posts: 2
    Thanks Isomeillan.

    The salesman said in the Dallas area all RX 350 (without NAV) come with 19" tires and changing that is not optional.
  • Tire Rack lists 10 different 19" tires for the 2010 RX. The Yokahama Parada lists for $165.00 each and is rated as a good buy. I have the 19" tires and the ride is very aceptable. The look is great. The stock tires are Michelin latitude which are ok but I have not had good results with Michelins as far as mileage wear. The last 2 vehicles with Michelins had to have tires replaced at 30k miles. As more vehicles offer 19" wheels, more tire choices will be available.
  • I had visited the Tire Rack website on February 18 to help my sister-in-law look for new tires for her 2007 RX. I also looked up the 19 inch tires for my 2010 RX and they had the Dunlops on sale for $155 per tire and the 19 inch
    Michelins were on sale too. I was surprised that the 19 inch tires were so reasonably priced. I know when I was driving the '07 RX and had to replace the 18 inch Goodyear Eagles on it, I replaced them with the Michelin MX4's, and I believe I paid like $188 per tire through Tire Rack.
  • wme2wme2 Posts: 5
    I replaced my Allenza Duellers HL which had 55K on them, with the Cooper CS4 Touring tires which
    my shop recommended. I read reviews on the net about the Coopers and they're rated 80K mi.
    and people seemed please with the performance. Paid $ 600. installed. I never buy ins. on tires,
    doesn't make sense. My car is a 2001 Rx300
  • kwbuggykwbuggy Posts: 11
    Has anyone out there been able to find an 18" steel wheel to fit the '10/'11 RX350? I just got a new '11 and always buy four extra wheels and snow tires. Tire Rack does not sell an 18" steel wheel and my dealer suggests a 17" steel wheel from some Toyota model will work. I won't waste the money to buy an alloy wheel for winter use in Ontario, it would be a corroded mess after one winter. :)
  • rahivrahiv Posts: 1
    I need to replace the tires on my RX 330 (235/55/18) and have found some great priced Kumo and Toyo tires. Of course, the Lexus dealer is advising against them. Has anyone bought Kumo or Toyo tires and what has been your experience with them?

    The prices I'm finding for this size of tire range from $146/tire all the way to $255/tire. Is there really that much difference in them?

  • Hello rahiv,

    I got Bridgestone tires about a year ago with excellent results so far. They have a 60k mile warranty and I took the road hazard package as well.
    Take a look at them b4 you get the other [non-permissible content removed] tires, you'll be glad you did!!

  • What is the oem 19" tire brand on a new (2011) RX350? I have a 2010 and the Goodyear Tires wore out at 35,000 miles.

  • I know our 2010 RX came with Michelin tires.....19 ". I am not a big fan of Michelin as my last 2 vehicles that came with the Michelins needed replacement berore 30 k miles. I think I would go with the Yokahama Parada spec x. The reviews have been good and the price is not too bad.
    JIm :)
  • I have Toyo tires on my '07 RX400h and the dealer just informed me that they were in need of replacement within the next 5,000 miles. That would be after only 35,000 miles. I won't replace them with Toyo's after such short mileage.
  • After 55K miles on my original Michelin MX4's, I put Michelin Lattitude on my 2008 RX350 last Feb., and what a big difference in snow and ice! Much better, but this summer, I can definately hear more "road noise", but the advantage in snow seems to be well worth the "noise".
  • I had 15K service on my RX-350 and Lexus dealer rotated and balanced tires. I have 19” Bridgestone tires. After this service I felt vibration at speed of ~70 miles/hr. I brought my car back with complaint for the bad tire balance. I do not know that they did this time but the response was that three tires could not be balanced and need to be replaced (they should’ve told me this after their 15K service). Thus, after only 15K I replaced four tires. Has anybody experience the same problem? Is it tires problem or the car problem? Will this happen again after 30k?
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If the dealer was telling the truth Bridgestone would ahve replaced those tires.
  • joewvujoewvu Posts: 2
    edited September 2011
    I just replaced a set of Eagle RSA's on my 2008 RX350 (all wheel drive with R18's) with the Goodyear Assurance Comfortred touring tires. Although I thought the RSA's performed quite well in wet and snow conditions, they let in quite a bit of road noise and are showing considerable wear at 37,000 miles; partly my fault as they were not rotated as often as they should have been. That said, I just put on a set of Goodyear Assurance Comfortred touring tires. I noticed the difference immediately... they give a much improved ride over the RSA's and only cost about $20 more. I'll have to wait and see how they handle in snow, but they appear to have a similar tread pattern to the RSA's, so I'm hoping they perform well. They are rated as all weather and have very high marks (9's and 10's) for dry, wet and snow traction, noise and comfort... according to goodyear that is. They sell in the $175 to $199 range and are rated at 70,000 for the 100V's. I'd like to hear if anyone has any experience with these on their RX350. FYI, I did notice that tire prices are higher in areas with higher real estate values and that most tire dealers don't give the best price up front, so haggle a little... it's worth it.
  • I tried the Toyo a few months ago. Much road noise, and a very harsh ride. My tire shop gave me a full credit, and put on Michelin Lattitude. Much better. Noisey, but excellent in snow.
  • I bought my 2001 Lexus RX 300 brand new. At the time of purchased, the original set was Goodyear Integrity. The original set last 53,000 miles. I was so please that I purchased another set for the same vehicle. Right now, I am on my third set. The vehicle currently has 107,000 miles. I think I will still with Goodyear Integrity for forever.
  • trolatrola Posts: 1
    Anyone have comments on the Nitto brand of tires? The Cross TEK CUV has a 50k mile tread warranty. Will cost me $176 per tire (down from $260)
    I have a 2010 RX350 and have to replace my Dunlop 19" tires at 30k miles and was told I got lucky they lasted that long. I was looking into the Michelin and Alenza after reading the forum. The guy at the tire place told me there are a lot of recalls on Michelins and he couldn't get the the Alenza's for me.
  • jsomeillanjsomeillan Posts: 9
    edited March 2012
    You can try Bridgestone, they have a 50k miles and are around $110 ea. We have them in our '07 RX350 with great results. Costco may have them. Michelin does not have a mileage warranty when we got these.
    Hope it helps,
    Joe Someillan
  • shooter4shooter4 Posts: 4
    Love my Bridgestone over the Michelin Pilots I have on my son's camry. Both are low rolling resistance and my bill out the door with all necessities including CA tax and alignment was $975 ish ??? Handle better than the Pilot low rolling imho. There may be a reason you can't get them....
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