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2009 Mitsubishi Lancer



  • I recently saw on that among the trims available, there are 2 listing for the 2009 Lancer GTS
    - GTS
    - GTS N/A 07/08
    When you compare both these models on edmunds, you find that in addition to the usual stuff the former has optional traction/stability control (exactly wat the edmunds review says the Lancer's lacks !). Is this a newer version/release ?
    Has anyone been able to lay their hands on one and if yes, do you find any difference.
    Pls comment
  • that definitely is a BIG letdown !
    are there better systems (with more HD space) out there that can be fixed aftermarket.. and is it recommended ..are they cheaper
  • That socket is unswitched, meaning you can leave your cellphone charging, even when the car is off. So yes, it's for chargning...
  • Hi again Shivaraj.

    Haven't tried the 07 or 08 models. One big difference to the 09 is engine size (upgraded from 2.0 to 2.4).

  • Hi again.

    Yeah, you may say it's a letdown, but my question to you (and be honest to yourself): how many CD'd would be enough for you?. I already have about 70. If you average 1 hour music per CD, well, do the maths...
    I haven't checked how full my HDD is, I just know that in between Sirius and the HDD, I have enough stuff in there to drive all the way to Seattle without having to listen to something twice, and I live in Florida...

    Are there other systems? Yes, but not integrated as in the Lancer (GPS, MusicServer, Phone and Contacts, Maintenance book, Calendar, etc. etc., all fitting neatly in you dash).
    If you don't have the need for the Navigation part, i.e. you have a dash mounted unit, well then it should be able to remove the Navi program from the HDD, and voi la, have all HDD available for music. This, however, I don't think any John Doe dealer would know how to do it. For this I would get in touch with Mitsubishi Corporate...

  • Hi,

    I plan on buying the 09 GTS with nav,sun&sound. I used the build&price tool on and the pkg comes to 23,465. But my dealer says the price he will give it to me at is 27,140. When I asked him abt the difference, he says tax, title and licence would account for the extra 4k. Is he bullshitting me ..?
    Is the price on the edmunds site inclusive of tax .. has anyone used it and encountered a similar scenario... please comment !
  • i guess a better question would be what are the valid things that the dealer will charge me for on top of MSRP
  • $27K?!?!? That's BS IMHO.
    As I mentioned earlier, mine is a 09 GTS M/T, fully loaded. It came OTD for $23.5k, including two additional insurances, one for wheal and one for bumper-to-bumper extension.
    One thing: if you're planning to finance it, DO NOT DO IT THROUGH DEALERS!!!
    My friendly advice: fincance it through a Credit Union. I put $12k down, to reduce my remaining monthly payment. So I financed $11.5, five years, with an APR of 6.9% through my C.U. My monthly pay is $226.
    Good luck
  • Yes that sounds a bit high for what you should be able to lower the price. Go to another Mitsu dealer if you have to (or at least tell your salesman you will..he'll negotiate). I was able to finance my 2009 Lancer through the dealer at a great rate. I put $2500 down, $1000 trade and got a four year payment plan at 3.9%. A five year plan would have been 4.9%. If you have good credit, they'll offer you a competitive rate.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    went to look at a 09 lancer ES auto at my local mitsubishi dealer today..after sitting in the lancer for a little bit i felt that the lancer felt cheap and inferior in my opinion..but i guess that's to be expected going from a honda to a mitsubishi..makes me appreciate my honda's strong build quality....
  • I just bought my GTS with Sun and Sound and Navigation with a sticker (msrp) of $23600 for $21000. On top of that I got $1000 more on the trade in then any other car dealer offered.
    The person paying 27, watch for the dealer add on's during financing. They will try to throw in the extended warranty, gap insurance, life insurance and some may try to add some kind of vehicle protection that is an expensive can of scotch guard.
    The person that stated about staying away from dealer arranging finance, if you have good credit you will get some great deals on interest rates from various banks/lenders.
  • This car was a big letdown when I test drove it. I do not recommend this car to anyone! The only thing nice about it is it's exterior styling.
  • i drove the car about 3 days now have about 200miles... brand new... my engine service light just came on... i dunno why.. i called the dealer.. they told me check the gas cap... i didnt even put gas in yet.. i am about half tank... i tightening it.. and lights still stays on... gonna go this weekend.. and check wat is wrong with it..

    i keep u guys posted...
  • true' true' i, had my lancer service for alignment after a yr. of installed lowering springs, and the dude just can't figure out the alignment sys. of the lancer. he recommend me to buy a camber correction kit, in order to correct the alignment.
  • dude....i, had this same problem, i, keep re-setting the computer to get rid of this pesky service light. i, took it to dealership and they say nothing about it. (am' thinking its the pzev or some emmision control system, and or the cvt tranny control sys.)
  • kpdfkpdf Posts: 5
    hi all, here is a website that has alot more accessories for the lancer and all mitsu's.
    just noticed it. from what I gather they also have international deliveries. it looks like all prices are in u.k sterling. there is some cool options that are available there and not here in the u.s. why ? the website is ,
  • Hey, everyone, first time on edmunds posting a message, i am in market looking for a car for myself only a teenager, looked at the honda accord lx-p models and went to the dealership like 4 times but cant get a deal or credit isint enough, now looking at the civic ex with nav or the lancer 2009 with nav, dont need sound and sun but if good deal ill take it,

    heard lots of things about the lancer 09, mostly bad stuff, steer right...sounds from outside...service lights....blah blah blah, any tell me if i should continue to think about a lancer 09 or turn my way to a civic or something else?

    this would be a 4-5 car for me or even less.

    please advice thank you
  • Kingston89: I purchased my 09' lancer in April. Began having problems with it shortley there after 3wks to be exact! I've brought the vehicle to the dealership 4xs with 2 months! I've had starter issues, problems with the radio stations tuning in, airpressure sensor coming on nonstop, engine sounding wierd and not good pickup! Then having to deal with a dealership giving me the runaround because I'm a female! (I've done business with them for over 7yrs) This was my 4th car from them, plus I've recommended my family there who have also purchased vehicles from them as well! I never thought I would ever be this unhappy with a purchase especially being a 2009 vehicle! I will have to take a loss and trade this vehicle in asap! Stay away from the Lancer it spells nothing but trouble! I have everthing but the nav. system.
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    king,don't let 1 bad review here stop you from considering a 09 lancer.i purchased a 06 honda civic lx coupe with auto back in aug 37,000 miles this past august the ac compressor failed and since i was over 36,000 miles i was on the hook for the repairs which would have been close to 800.00 parts and labor.disgusted at the fact that the compressor failed so early and that honda would cut me no slack i dumped the civic for a 09 mitsu lancer.i purchased the 09 lancer ES with cvt over this past labor day the over 2 months that i have owned the lancer it's been a great car and blows the civic's faster,more solid,and quiet,and handles great.i have not had any starter issues, or what not.however,as the person here mentioned i have also had on occasion difficulty tuning in radio stations.maybe it needs a bigger antena or something.infact,it's the worst reception iv'e had in a car.i tried adjusting the rear antena but it doesn't help..i wonder if other lancer owners are experiencing the same problem.if it aint one thing it's something else even with a brand new car.if it can break or fail it will i guess.
  • Honda interior is not better than the 2008 Lancer or 2009 Lancer. If you are in a Honda it feels like a Honda. I have 2 Hondas and they all drive the same and interior is pretty damn cheap.

    First of all the Stereo sounds better than the Honda car stereo sounds like a Can.

    My 2008 Lancer doesn't have 650 watts the sound quality is better. The Bass is great without the Sub-woofer

    I have 37,650 miles on 2008 Lancer with NO PROBLEMS.

    If it sawy to the right it is not the tires or the car it is the ROAD THAT YOU DRIVE

    Believe I have the same problem before I thought it was the tires or steering wheel but it is actually the Highways.

    Highways have an even pavements.

    Try other roads and set the cruise control it will GO STRAIGHT.

    if you live in State that has heavy snow. Our highways bend to the left because to minimize hydro and black ice
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,615
    as a fellow 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer owner I just want to be sure you know that there has been one recall on the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer. It is the rear door sash recall. Your dealer can hook you up with it.

    If you already have had the recall done disregard this. The reason for the recall is to prevent the left side rear door from opening upon "certain crash impact angles."

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • thank you for all you guys intel and advice on the cars, im still having difficulty making up my mind on a 09 lancer gts with navigation or a civic ex with navigation or a accord lx-p, i was wondering 1 question though, im not really a sound guy, i mean i am, but i dont need 650 watts of rockford fosgate in my car and i dont like that 10-inch subwoofer in the back trunk waking up like 1/4 of the trunk, is there anyway i can get the tech package and the sun and sound package but only get the sun package? if you guys know?
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Alamogordo, NMPosts: 7,615
    1/4 of the trunk. More like about 1/8th of the trunk. It's a nice Rockford-Fosgate stereo system, man. I am happy I went with the Sun and Sound system in my 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • lele7lele7 Posts: 1
    That is to funny. I am having problems with my 09 lancer as well. About 3 weeks after I bought it too. This week will be the 4th time I have had it at the dealership as well. They tell me it is my cellphone one week, or the store brand of gas like sheetz, rutters the next week.
  • I'm sorry that you too have been experiencing problems. My biggest complaint is I purchased an 09 so I wouldn't have to be at the dealership for problems. I have had 3 other mitsubishis(eclipse and spyders), the only problem I had was when the spyder hit 40000 miles everything went wrong. Within one yr I spent $5000. The Lancer, though, is by far the worst car I have ever owned. I've can't wait to trade it in and boy am I going to take a loss. The worst part is I don't want to deal with the ONE and only Mitsubishi dealership in my area because they ripped me off on my last visit. The next closest dealership is over an hour away! This will definitely be my last mitsubishi! What a headache! :mad: :mad: :sick:
  • I got my 2009 Lancer GTS in September. I have not had one problem with it yet. It is a great car. It is fun to drive, good on gas, and has one of the best navigation systems I have ever used. For the money there are few cars out there that match it. I would recommend checking it out for sure. :)
  • steven39steven39 Posts: 636
    hi folks,purchased a 09 lancer es with the cvt in sept.i like the car very much,handles great,quiet inside,good power and good mpg.however,i noticed that the radio reception isn't the greatest.has anyone else experienced this at all with the lancer and could i maybe install a larger antena on it.thanx...steve
  • Dude, what stereo, that takes 1/4 of the trunk space, are you talking about?!?!?
    I have the Rockford Fosgate in my Lancer 09, which sounds fantastic btw, and the sub takes at max 1/8 of my trunk. Are you sure you looked into a Lancer?!?
  • I also experience problems with the radio reception (moreso AM than FM). I think the problem is the antenna...I was going to ask the dealership about it on my next oil change. I like to listen to ESPN news on AM band but it doesn't come in at night. I thought radio signals are stronger at night than in the day? I guess Mitsu figures no one buying a Lancer would listen to AM frequency.
  • I've had my lancer gts since June now and have not experienced any problems at all. Its in perfect shape and runs smooth everytime. I don't know about this radio reception you guys are complaining about. I haven't noticed anything wrong with it but i also have only listened to Am and FM radio once I think since the satellite radio it came with is much better.
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