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2009 Toyota Camry



  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    Wow, a person interested in a manual transmission Camry - I thought I was the only one! My '07 CE manual Camry had, like all new cars, a burning smell, which is just some of the undercoating/paint, etc. burning off. It went away within 50 miles. Just an FYI, the '07 and the '09 are the same engine/tranny.

    The engine in my Kentucky built Camry is quiet. If you have a concern about engine noise, just compare it to another Camry on the lot. The Camry's engine does get a little loud when pushed hard and at high RPMs, but it is very quiet at idle and at constant speed on the highway.

    I have no regrets with my Camry. Let us know how it goes.
  • bebanbeban Posts: 2
    Does anyone know who has the best price for Toyota Camry LE in Maryland or surrounding states?
  • Thanks for all your input. I'm not quite sure how to describe the vibrating. The steering wheel was not vibrating, but the engine was not the steady hum I expect of a new engine. . . I know thats not much help. I'm relieved that the burning smell is nothing. I don't think the engine is out of place though. I'll definitly post how it goes if I get it. I'll be looking at an Accord and an Altima also tommorow.
  • waltchanwaltchan Posts: 124
    I measured with only four different cars, two Japanese-made and two USA-made, and all are 4-cylinders. 5% quieter means nothing at all and is a very small number. Both are very quiet and 99% of people will not notice any noise difference. On the other hand, I have excellent hearing and eyesight (very talented in this field) and can notice the difference very easily. The Japanese-made Camrys appear to use smoother bearings in their engines. They use Made in Japan Denso motors. The USA-made Camry use Made in USA Denso motors.

    There is a white-sticker that shows 75% of parts/components are made in USA or Canada in Japanese-made Camrys. I absolutely totally disagree with what the sticker says. When I looked inside the engine hood, I don't know how many times I saw "Made in Japan" in almost every engine part components, including the AC refrigerant, fan, battery, belt, radiator, gasket, power steering motor, alternator, etc... The USA-made Camry only has two or three parts that are Made in Japan, and everything else is Made in USA or Canada. The seats in my Camry have the sticker underneath printed "Made in Japan", as well as the seat belts, light bulb, carpet, glove compartment, windows (Nippon), front and rear bumpers, and etc. The only part that is not Made in Japan is tires. I think the white-sticker is a joke by Toyota. Most importantly, the new car interior smell is completely different scent between the two. Different scent means different parts manufacturer. My Camry is almost 100% Japan-built (probably 90%). No, I'm not kidding, although I believe many people will disagree with me.

    My Camry was made in Toyota's Tsutsumi plant in Toyota City, Aichi, Japan, the same plant were Toyota Prius are made since 2004. The Prius has consitently rated very high in reliability by Consumer Reports since 2004 and scored better than Camry and Corolla. The early Prius wasn't made in the Tsutsumi plant and had more problems.

    I'm excited to drive this car everyday. My main reason for buying a Camry is not because Camry is affordable and refined, but it's the most rarest and exotic new vehicle I can find for under $20,000. I originally wanted a Honda Accord, but the rep at Honda headquarter told me that Japanese-made Accords will not end at anytime soon, so I went for a Camry instead because Japanese-made Camrys are getting harder and harder to find every year (excluding hybrids), indicating there will be a final year very soon. Toyota already announced two years ago that they are trying their best to eliminate all Japanese imports after the Subaru Lafayatte, Indiana plant goes into full operation. So far, the Lafayatte plant is only 70% in full operation with the remaining 30% still under construction in their expansion field zone.
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    wow, "smoother bearings", that really makes a difference. I'm sure "75% content of US parts" sticker on your Japanese made Camry was installed only to fool customs and didn't account for Japanese air in tires and inside of the cabin. I'm sure Japanese air in your tires makes ride cushier and makes your car to smell better inside . I'm also glad to hear that you consider your Camry to be "the most rarest and exotic new vehicle"... come on ... stop this nonsense.
  • kay23kay23 Posts: 5
    My month old Camry makes a strange growling noise when it runs at 60 kms and you're stady on the gas. Almost sounds like the engine is bogging when driving a stick. It goes away as soon as you get off the gas or give it a bit more.
    Anyone have this problem and know what it is?
  • notmybmwnotmybmw Posts: 101
    So, right off the bat, Kay, you knew your dealer was a money-grubbing liar, since he told you the extended warranty HAD to be purchased within 30 days......and Toyota told you otherwise!
    How'd THAT make you feel about buying a car from those guys? You still did it? I assume there wasn't another Toyota dealer within a hundred miles? You can purchase almost any car anywhere these days and still have it serviced at your local dealer. (although in THIS case.....why would you go near the liar with a ten-foot pole?)
    Where are you, anyway? I'm curious to see/hear how your new car is working out. Was that you who mentioned grinding while going in to first gear? Is this an automatic we're talking about?
  • exlerexler Posts: 129
    Anyone had the TSB 0069-08 done regarding the vibration problem between 30-45 mph on a 4 cylinder LE when doing minimal acceleration in this range. Did it help rectify the problem?
  • notmybmwnotmybmw Posts: 101
    What model years does this "anti-vibration" TSB apply to? Some TSBs cover several years, like the 0068-08, for example.
    Also, does anyone have the number for the Canadian equivalent TSB, assuming there IS one?
    Thanks, Scotty.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    yes absolutely...get it done, it takes 1/2 hour and no charge under warranty
  • exlerexler Posts: 129
    I assume you had it done lately---does it remove that vibration completely? Was there any hassle with the dealer where you had to demonstrate it on the road as mine will only do it in particular circumstance and I do not want to drive it all over the county to try to show them--in other words did they take your word that it happens??? Thanks.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    removes it completely.

    I walked in, handed a copy of the TSB (great dealership and working relationship), said I needed that since I had the vibration, done deal.

    Schedule an appointment, tell them you have symptoms (that read similar to the TSB). Tell them you were doing some internet research, and found this TSB , which 'may' address the problem.

    They'll read the TSB, put your VIN number into the computer to check that it applies to your vehicle, and then do the TSB.

    It's really easy.
  • exlerexler Posts: 129
    Thanks for the info on this situation-- it is appreciated---Is there any way to get this complete TSB on the internet---I saw it on the NHTSA board on Service Bulletins but it just give the basics on what it addressed and it cannot be copied.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    I posted the link for the TSB in one of the Toyota Camry forums in Townhall recently - do a search for it, probably within the last month. I have said many times that this TSB is great, only takes 30 minutes, and makes a huge difference in performance, with no negative affects.
  • santocssantocs Posts: 54

    I did my TSBs' couple of months back and after that my 4 Cyl camry has been very smooth except while shifting from 1st to 2nd gear but i am not used to it.
    But since last 2 weeks i am experiencing little vibration in the accelerator pedal during the speeds of 35 to 45 Miles per hour. Its not the car which is vibrating but i feel little vibration in the pedal.. as it if putting some pressure against my leg.

    Has anybody experienced it?
  • exlerexler Posts: 129
    That is the TSB 0069 -08 we are talking about --right? --not the TSB 0068-08----I know the 0068 addresses the shifting performance and smoothness problem while the 0069 addresses the vibration problem--I only have the vibration problem. Thanks.
  • exlerexler Posts: 129
    What TSB did you have done--the 0068-08 or the 0069-08? --Thanks for the help.
  • The lowest price quote I can get now (Texas,dallas) is $18,799 (after $1000 rebate), dealer added options are:
    Selected Options and Packages
    Code Description Code Description
    FE 50 State Emissions
    CF Carpet Mat Set
    - Carpet Floor Mats
    - Rear Trunk Mat

    Does it mean all these options are included in the price?

    And how's the price ? do you think it's fair or not?

    Thanks !
  • exlerexler Posts: 129
    I would assume model years 07-08-09 as they are the same transmission--are you having the vibration problem between 30-45 mph range?--the TSB-0069-08 applies to that problem--maybe your Canadian dealer can check it out on his computer some way --do not know if that is any help? Or they can check with the factory rep.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Geez, thats funny as my sister and I had the complete opposite results. Hers was 1.337% slower and .998 noisier plus on two lane roads it kept going to the left side of the road like it was still in Japan.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    You need to check the air pressure in your tires, need to have 35.64 psi ;)
  • lucky_777lucky_777 Posts: 205
    You need to order some Japanese air to pump up your sister's car tires and keep it in top shape. :sick:
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I'd say this is normal based on how my '05 Camry (with the 4-cylinder and 5-speed automatic) behaves. The engine IS bogging down; this is supposedly done to maximize fuel economy. The solutions are as you stated, to give the car more gas or ease up on the gas. Another is to downshift manually into 4th gear when driving around town at low speeds. Just remember to upshift again to 5th (overdrive) when you go faster.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    I personally wouldn't worry about a "little" vibration in the accelerator pedal. I mean even wearing different shoes could affect how this feels.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    There is a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) which fixes this (at least there is one in the US), go see your dealer.
  • cfinkcfink Posts: 1
    I have purchased a toyota camry le with fabric in metallic gray. Have not picked it up yet.....the dealer offers a paint and fabric protection . I know how my car looks after 5 years and was wondering if anyone has ever done this........?
    What would you advise? It will cost me $5 more per month on my 1.9% financing.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    all that does is line the dealers pocket.
  • notmybmwnotmybmw Posts: 101
    Here's the best advice you will ever get for "protecting" the exterior of your car:
    Never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER take your car through an automated carwash.

    If you have time to drive to a carwash, you have time to whip out a hose and HAND wash your car.
    1. Wet it all over and let the dust/dirt soak
    2. Wash with a very diluted solution of mild dish or handsoap from a bucket using a large wool or sheepskin mitt. Rinse each section after soaping. (by section, I mean roof, then hood/trunk, then windows, then doors, then bumpers/rocker panels, then wheels/ that order, so that your wash water starts with the cleanest sections first and ends up with the dirtiest ones (tires).
    3. Wipe down with a good chamois to prevent water streaking while drying.

    There are 'exotic' car cleaning systems, but this method is cheap, fast and easy and will keep your factory finish looking like NEW for 10 years or more. Guaranteed!

    For interior, save your money and have it professionally shampooed if/when you sell the car......or when you think YOU want to see a cleaner interior.

    Enjoy your new baby!! (I'm envious.....driving my OLD 2007)
  • exlerexler Posts: 129
    kiawah--For the vibration problem on the LE 4 cylinder between 30-45 mph, did you have the dealer do the TSB 0068 or the TSB 0069??--. I know on this board we are mainly referring to the TSB-0068 and its relation to enhance shifting performance and smoothness during acceleration, so I want to get this correct. The TSB-0069 relates to the vibration problem Thanks for the info.
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