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2009 Toyota Camry



  • Thanks for your help. Can you further explain what you mean by "trim?"
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    That depends. Where are you going to find an 09 certified at this point? Probably lots of 07 and 08's. The power train warranty and the roadside assistance for the duration of the power train warranty might be worth it to some folks.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    There are plenty of advantages of the XLE vs the LE. On the V6 XLE moonroof and leather interior are standard, so are the driver's and passenger power seats. Dual auto climate control, rear reclining seats, rear passenger a/c vents on center console. center pass through, alloy wheels, upgraded JBL stereo system with Bluetooth capability, optional Smart Key entry system with push button start, optional Navigation system w/4disc cd changer. etc.
  • Wow....sounds like it is a great car. I think I'm going to just test-drive the V6 and 4 cylinder to see which one I like better. Then, I might write down the pros/cons for my situation. Thanks for your input...its really helped!
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You're welcome.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I forgot to add the auto dimming mirror and Homelink garage door opener as standard on the XLE.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    You may not have noticed but Cadillac has just announced the end of the V8 engine insofar as they are concerned.

    No more Cadillacs with V8 engines.....


    Modern day V6 3L engines easily produce upwards of 300 HP and yield STELLAR FE in comparison to V8 engines of the same HP/torque rating.

    Can 300HP 4 cylinder 2L engines be far behind...??

    But yes, there is significant level of THRILL involved in having more HP/torque than is reasonably required for everyday use, long distance highway cruising.

    And just what is the ratio of "thrill" driving vs just simply getting, boringly, from point A to point B...??

    My most common distance driving is either from/to Seattle to Portland or Seattle to Lewistown MT. THRILL..?? No, the clear majority of those drives are spent on cruise control.


    Enough to justify the poor FE of a V6 vs the relatively STELLAR FE of an I4..??

    NO, NEVER..!!

    Buy the I4 and go find an older, inexpensive, V8 for those times you have the thrill "urge".

    Even better, is there a MUCH SAFER RWD I4 passenger car out there in the market..??
  • idown10283idown10283 Posts: 2
    I just bought the 2009 Camry SE 4 cyl. It came with michelin tires. I had a 2004 SE that came with the Taranza tire, for as much as I drive, they didn't last a year (almost 24000 miles).

    Does anyone know what the differences are between the 2008 and 2009 camry? what little signs "give it away" ? Different tail lights, head lights, rim spokes? I can't help but thunk the questionable dealer I purchased my camry from, may have pulled a fast one, but I can't be sure..... Any help would be greatly appeciated. Thanks.

  • exlerexler Posts: 129
    The sticker on the side window would show the year for sure--listing price and equipment etc--other posters here will no doubt explain the little differences--
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    The only difference is the VIN#. Your VIN# will have a 9 on the 10th character position of the 17 character VIN. If it's an 08 then you will see an 8 on the 10th position. Other than that it's the same car.
  • 210delray210delray Posts: 4,722
    Am I correct that even the colors haven't changed? I still don't see the logic of Toyota introducing the '09 model so early in the year when no changes were made.
  • kiawahkiawah Posts: 3,666
    Great marketing logic.

    When compared to other vehicles, you can get a 2009 Camry, or a 2008 Accord. Why buy a 'year old' Honda?

    After driving for a year, it still sounds like you have a brand new vehicle.

    Most are aware of the transmission hesitation in the early Camry 4 cylinders, and the 6cylinder flaring. Makes it sound like those early early car problems were 2 years ago.

    I personally think it's misleading and all manufacturers should title/define it in the 'calendar year' that it was manufactured, but it hasn't been that way forever, and I'm sure they'd never go for that unless government mandated.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    I don't see it either. I bet we see the "refreshed" Camry 2010 introduced late this year or early next year.
  • tnltnltnltnl Posts: 9
    I recall the 2007/2008 Camry 6 speed transmission has potential for flares does this problem still exist in the 2009's?
  • paul3637paul3637 Posts: 45
    The new 2009 3.5 Liter 268HP V6 no longer has tranny problems. Prior year Camry's with the problem have a TSB for the fix. My V6 LE came flawless from the factory in every respect. Gas mileage is outstanding and beats the rough running underpowered 4 cyl. I get an easy 36 mpg highway using premium gas - that may even beat the hybrid.

    According to the tachometer, the 6 speed overdrive shows only 1,800 rpm at 60 mph ...... which explains the good gas mileage. I was hoping to just get the same 30 mpg highway I got with my 1997 Camry and an Avalon, both with the 3.0 Liter V-6 - and got a pleasant surprize that the increased horsepower also came with increased gas mileage.

    Suggestion: Just to make sure, be sure and drive the one you are going to buy before you purchase it "just in case."

    Note 1: The car calls for a 1000 mile break in period (p 118 of your owners' "book")
    Note 2: Maximum oil change interval is now 5,000 miles/6 months
    Note 3: They did away with all the expensive check ups. 100,000 mile fluids and 120,000 mile spark plugs mean all the routine maintenance you need to do is change oil and filter, air filter, and climate system cabin filter. Timing belt was replaced with a timing chain so it never has to be replaced.
    Note 4: Watch out when you change the oil - the crankcase capacity has increased to 6.4 quarts with filter change - up from the old 5 quarts.
  • Hi,
    I had my brand-new 2009 Camry LE automatic-trans for one and half day. it runs great except one thing I notice: when the car speed is >25mph,I put my hand on the steering wheel, I can feel some kind of vibration, it is just like that you stand by a river, and water flowing by, you can feel the vibration. it is not very obvious( I mean the body of the car doesn't dance with it), but you hand can definitely sense it. if you lower the speed <25 mph, your hand only feel the up-down of the road. Is this normal on a Camry? or something abnormal happened?

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    Is the steering wheel column locked in place? check the locking lever under the column to make sure it's secured tight.
  • paul3637paul3637 Posts: 45
    Go with the XLE. The equipment you want is not even available on the LE. Just make sure you get the V-6 with traction and stability control. The Camry V-6 engine and drive train are nearly identical to the Lexus ES350. If you have not yet bought your new car, test drive a Lexus ES350, CamryXLE V-6, and a Camry XLE 4 cyl. My bet is you will go with the XLE V-6.
  • sreeysreey Posts: 4

    I got quote from Dealer in Maryland for 2009 Toyota Camry LE with following options as follows. Please let me know If I can go for it.

    JBL Premium 6 Disc In-dash CD Changer/ .....
    MP3/Bluetooth w/ 8 Speakers, In 6 ..........
    Locations, 440 Watts and Satellite Radio ...
    Capability. Requires: Subscription to .....
    XM or Sirius, Antenna and Receiver. ........
    Carpet/Trunk Mat Set .......................
    PREFERRED OWNER''S PORTFOLIO ................

    Your Sale Price is $20,458.

    If you are registerig the vehicle in Virginia, details of your final price will be as follows:

    Total "Out the Door"..................................................................$21,469.3- - 2.

    Is there any fouls play or any hidden faults in this Car. Kindly guess and reply.

    I appreciate your comments.

  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    What is the MSRP of the car? That's unusual to only have the JBL/Bluetooth upgrade and not a moonroof and alloy wheels as they been packaging them since the 07 came out. It looks like a good price. gO For It!
  • sreeysreey Posts: 4

    Thanks for your mail. The MSRP is $23,024. Sale Price is $20,458. Follwing are specifications.

    Toyota Camry LE sedan automatic Metallic silver with Hands Free blue tooth as specified :

    JBL Premium 6 Disc In-dash CD Changer/ .....
    MP3/Bluetooth w/ 8 Speakers, In 6 ..........
    Locations, 440 Watts and Satellite Radio ...
    Capability. Requires: Subscription to .....
    XM or Sirius, Antenna and Receiver. ........
    Carpet/Trunk Mat Set .......................
    PREFERRED OWNER''S PORTFOLIO ................

    warranty from toyota is 3yrs/36,000 .miles bumper to bumper nd 5yrs/60,000 miles powertrain.

    car comes with regular steel wheels with covers.

    I appericate your reply for this message
  • paul3637paul3637 Posts: 45
    If you take that deal; it is a good deal. But ...... will you be happy with it for the next five years?

    At first, I could not figure out the fact they were giving you the car at essentially dealer invoice. They must figure someone cares more about the sound system than the drive train. You are buying a 4 cyl - very unpowered vehicle. I guess they think the sound system will drown out the fact that you cannot pass a car on an uphill grade without flooring the pedal to the metal.. Look at Consumer Reports test drive of the 2007 - where they found only a 1 mpg difference on the 4 cyl vs the V6 on regular gas. Mid range or premium gas in the tank of the V6 puts your mileage way beyond the 4 cyl.

    Mine is a V-6 with the only option being carpeted floor mats and trunk but it is nonetheless fully equiped. My list: $24,614; my check cleared for exactly $22,066. If the sound system means more to you than having a Lexus drive train - go for it.

    Best wishes.
  • veldevelde Posts: 17
    I'm considering the 2009 Camry V6, despite Consumer Reports below average rating of the 2008 Camry V6. I'd appreciate any comments on performance and reliability from 2008 & 2009 Camry owners.
  • paul3637paul3637 Posts: 45
    Buy the V6. The engine and transmssion are flawless. I assume you know the V6 is the Lexus engine. I get Consumer Reports magazine, too - but any problems have been fixed; Note also that consumer reports test of the 2007 only got 1 less mpg than the 4 cylinder - and that was using regular gas in both. You are getting over 100 more horsepower with the V6. On the highway, I think I get better mileage than the hybrid - but I use premium gas.

    I am reposting what said in my post #229 2009 Camry V-6 - Pass on 4 cyl by paul3637 Apr 23, 2008 (8:23 am) Replying to: caaz (Mar 17, 2008 7:54 pm).

    It's been another month since that post and I have yet to have my first "problem" and the gas mileage is unbelievably good.

    Here goes:

    After testing a new 2008 Honda Accord V-6 with its "run on 3 cylinders at cruising speeds" technology and wind and road noise so bad that I had to turn the radio up to drown it out, I purchased a 2009 Camry 3.5 Liter 268 HP V-6 with its smooth as silk Lexus drive train. I drive 80% highway (55 to 75 mph) and 20% city and I was hoping it would get the same 30 mpg as my 1997 Camry. Using Shell "top tier" (high detergent) premium gasoline to take advantage of the timing advance feature which improves power and gas mileage over regular gas, after over 1,000 miles, I have gotten 36 - yes that's thirty six - miles to the gallon. Consumer reports rates the 158 HP 4 cyl Camry as "underpowered" and the EPA ratings don't take into account that you practically have to "push the pedal to the metal" to go up a steep hill. My 1997 Camry V-6 always got better mileage than my friends' Camrys with the 4 cyl. My 2009 V-6 gets better mileage than my neighbor's 2008 4 cyl Camry which is driven 90% highway and 10% city due to the nature of his job. And the mild engine vibration due to the design nature of all 4 cyl engines to me is annoying as heck. My 2009 Camry V-6 drive train is quieter, smoother, and more powerful than my wife's 2002 Lexus ES300 (3.0 Liter 220 HP V-6.)

    The two problems with the 2007 V-6 - Oil consumption and transmission "flash" between shifts" are solved as follows: There never was an oil burning problem - the crankcase capacity was increased to from 5 to 6.4 quarts in the 2007's because they run hot to meet EPA requirements and many Toyota dealers and Quick Lube shops were only putting in 5 quarts when the oil was changed. Because the oil is so clear and splashes up on the dipstick holder, I can only get a a good read on the oil level when the car has sat level in the garage overnight. Thus far, the oil level has not moved from the "full" marker in over 1,000 miles. The transmission fix was taken care of in a TSB (there was a recall letter for it) and the new ones have the "fix" built into the six speed automatic transmission.

    As for premium versus regular gas: here in Kansas City - regular is $3.59 a gallon and premium is $3,79. That's a 5.6% increase in cost that delivers about a 10% increase in gas mileage so it is actually cheaper to run premium fuel than regular.
  • mackabeemackabee Posts: 4,709
    You're welcome. That is an excellent price. Usually 4 cylinder Camry LE
    s have about an $1800.00 mark up from invoice to MSRP. So you are getting it way below invoice. If you like the car go ahead and buy it. The majority of Camrys sold are the 4 cylinder versions. I'd say 85-90%. Some people prefer the V6 due to more power but you really don't need it. The JBL upgrade system is good due to the hands free telephone (Bluetooth) that alone is worth the price of the option. No more talking on the cell phone and one hand on the wheel.
  • veldevelde Posts: 17
    Thanks very much; I was planning to test both the Accord and the Camry this week. Reading all the customer reviews on both models is conflicting. Your information was very informative and helped to clear up the confusion.
  • paul3637paul3637 Posts: 45
    To make sure you are testing comparable cars - Honda vs Camry - make sure you drive the Camry SE V6 and a Camry LE or XLE V6 with traction and stability control. These improve the handling ....... and even with these options, the Camry is cheaper than the Accord,

    I got a plain LE V6 because I was able to get my '09 dirt cheap (below invoice) because it was on the lot and they were trying to rid themselves of excess inventory due to the slower sales all cars are showing. All the SE's and XLE's with traction and stability control were also loaded with thousands of dollars of extras that I did not want or need. If you "corner hard" or drive through curvy mountain roads, you probably want the extra handling capability in your Camry. Also, when you drive the Accord, listen for and feel the vibration when their "run on 3 cylinder" technology kicks in. When I bought my car, the Toyota dealer had a used 08 Accord sitting on the lot that a Doctor bought and the 3 cyl thing drove him nuts so he traded it in on a new Avalon.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    There are only two ways someone would take note, notice, during a test drive if a car has TC and VSC. Drive at the "edge" on an adverse, slippery, roadbed, or on a race course, again, at the "edge".

    "..These improve the handling..."

    Not in the ordinary scheme of things.

    Highly desireable options, especially TC for FWD or F/AWD, but.......
  • daalccadaalcca Posts: 2
    I also bougth a 5 speed manual Camry 2009 one month ago and I am disappointed with it. I don't know of you have noticed a buzzing when you run it at 45MPH or more. I have to turn on the CD player or the radio to try not to hear it. Since I already know that the buzzing is there, it annoys me. When I tested the car I had the windows opened so I couldn't hear it. I went back to the dealer and tested the car again and he also noticed the noise. We tested couple more 5 speed manual camrys 2009 and they had the same buzzing noise. We tested an automatic, it didn't have it. So, I took the car to the dealer's mechanical service and they tested it again. They also noticed the buzzing noise. It was Saturday when they tested it, so they couldn't call Toyota to find out what was going on. They suggested that maybe because the car is "new"??!! is making that noise. They told me to bring the car when it will have 1000 miles on it to check if the noise is still there. According to them, Toyota was going to suggest the same. The car already has 450 miles and the noise is there and getting more noticeable, at least for me. I noticed that when it rains that buzzing is more noticeable. And now that I use the A/C frecuently, I notice that the car vibrates a lot when the A/C is on mostly the steering wheel. It feels like it has a diesel engine instead of a regular one. But again, the car only vibrates when the A/C is on. If the A/C is off then the car is very quiet. So, now I have 2 reasons to go back to see the dealer when the car will have 1000 miles. Does anyone who owns a 5 speed manual camry 2009 has experienced the same problems? any suggestions?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,679
    I have a 2007 CE 5 speed manual (really the same as the 2009) and do not have these problems. Could you provide more detail about the buzzing?

    Also, you might want to check
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