Veracruz Limited Power Tailgate

ajm25ajm25 Member Posts: 7
The subcontrol button on the base of the tailgate itself does not seem to be functioning, it just beeps when you press it. There is no problem with power operation from the key fob and driver's seat however. Does anyone have any ideas?



  • mdhuttonmdhutton Member Posts: 195
    Return to dealer and have it fixed. I drove a VC yesterday and the subcontrol button on the base of the tailgate should have the same functionality as your fob or the one up front.
  • bigal70bigal70 Member Posts: 7
    Is the power button located to the left of the glove box (when opened) turned on? If it is turned off, the power tailgate can't be controlled with the tailgate button or handle button. It can, however, be controlled with the keyfob or the main control button on the instrument panel.
  • oldgriffoldgriff Member Posts: 1
    We have a 2007 Hyundai Veracruz Limited SE and really like it.

    Two weeks ago the power rear tailgate ceased to function. Tried the fob, dash button and outside the hatch itself. Took it to the dealer a week ago and after hours of diagnosing, they decided to order a module and replace it. We picked up the car yesterday we tested the tailgate and it worked so off we went. My wife ran a few errands and then went to pick up the kids and....... the rear tailgate will not open. ><

    So now we're back trying to have the dealer tell us what the heck is going on. Anyone else run into this?
  • brennerbbrennerb Member Posts: 11
    I picked up my Veracruz on Friday and read in another forum (and it happened to me yesterday) that the tailgate opens non-intentionally if the key fob is in your pocket and it brushes against something or you simply sit down, causing the fob to come in contact with your pants pocket or thigh. Has anyone else experienced this?
  • robr2robr2 Member Posts: 8,805
    It's probably like the button on the remote for our Odyssey for the power doors. You have to hold the button down for 1-2 seconds to have it react. Sometimes I do activate the doors if I put the remote in my pocket and bend over to tie my shoes or sit down.

    See how long you need to hold it for it to start working.
  • 19631963 Member Posts: 9
    I read your post and was worried it might happen to me, but we love the veracruz and bought one last monday. I sat down to eat dinner a a restaurant across the street from the dealership and BEEP BEEP BEEP the tailgate started going up! I had indeed pushed the button in my pocket when I sat down! I immediately put it on a ring of its own and now treat it with respect. Have not had a problem since. Thanks for the warning, your post kept me looking for this problem and it certainly helped.
  • pthurstonpthurston Member Posts: 2
    Yep, me too. Thought it might be from a remote control or other RF source. But I put my keys on a table when I don't need them and the problem stopped. Must be a very sensitive fob button.
  • oscar_gataoscar_gata Member Posts: 96
    Maybe your pants are too tight. :)
  • xquuzmexquuzme Member Posts: 18
    Yep. It's happened to me several times. Even left it open overnight without knowing it. I'm much more careful now.
  • ssvcssvc Member Posts: 12
    Yes - my Veracruz Limited tailgate has opened several times but it is always associated with the key fob being in my pocket and apparently accidentally depressing the tailgate button. My short term solution is to put the key fob in a plastic Eclipse 24 piece gum case - it fits perfectly. The long term solution is for Hyundai to program the tailgate logic so that it does not open unless the key fob button is depressed continuously for 2-3 seconds. This is the approach Honda and others have taken and it works well. Everyone should talk to the dealer service managers and suggest this solution.
  • kdmsmkdmsm Member Posts: 5
    The same thing has happened to me. I thought it was malfunctioning. I have went into a doctors appt, and came out and was parked under a garage and my hatch was open. I was in the office for about 1 1/2 hours. I was also in a supermarket. The same thing happen. I took the car in for service to Hyundai the guy asked me if I made a mistake and pressed the remote. until reading all these problems I now know that is what I did and perhaps it is not a malfunction It really annoys me I am afraid that I will be parked somewhere and some one will steal what i have in my car. I love the Veracruz but if I had to second guess on getting another. I would not because of this. They need to do something about this.
  • gingrasrgingrasr Member Posts: 1
    Yes, we have had our Veracruz for almost a year and the hatch has opened at least 10 times.
    If we do touch the button, it is far too slight a "touch" to have the hatch open.
    Normally it needs to be depressed at least a couple of seconds as it should be.

    This is a malfunction and I believe it should be recalled to properly repair.
    Other wise we love the Veracruz.
  • simagicsimagic Member Posts: 84
    I have a suspicion, and boy, do I hope I'm wrong. My hatch has opened several times so I glued some very small pieces of plastic around the button ( so as to make the button be slightly recessed). It opened again while I was sitting "still" at the dinner table. I wasn't leaning over tie-ing my shoes or any bending whatsoever. Annnnnd also the button has to be held for about 2 seconds so it wasn't just a "brush by" touch. Still it opened.

    Could it be????????????..(what are your thoughts people)......that some neighbor opening his electronic garage door or some other electronic device that has the same frequency is triggering the opening. If, this is a real problem.
    I tried taking out the 30a fuse in the engine compartment ( so I wouldn't have to "worry" that I'd come out and all my stuff would be stolen), but with that I was unable to even open the hatch manually as the release button on the back of the car to manually open the hatch has some electrical relay which won't work if the fuse is out............Your thoughts people
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    It's not very likely since modern remotes work with a HUGE number of possible codes and I suspect Hyundai uses the modern systems. On very old systems, people could "grab" the codes simply because there were far fewer codes. Excuse the pun, but the possibility is remote! :)

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  • rick2456rick2456 Member Posts: 320
    I don't have a powe liftgate and unless one is disabled, I can't imagine why anyone would want this option. Seems to me, just another thing to wear out/break down. And from what I hear, it is very, very slow. Good luck.
  • larrymcjlarrymcj Member Posts: 8
    @rick2456: There are appx 37,500 items on your Veracruz...and you're worried about "one more" to break? Regarding the utility of a power lift tailgate:

    1. Approaching the car with an armful of groceries or packages, or golf clubs.
    2. Getting out of the car, needing to get something out of the back (saves time)
    3. Just wanting a bit of luxury

    Have I ever inadvertently hit the OPEN key when the garage door was bet. But when I first got the Veracruz I put heavy rubber padding at the place where the tailgate would hit the door. damage at all.
  • chumochumo Member Posts: 7
    Where did you find the plastic 24pc gum case? I recently purchased a used 2008 Veracruz limited and I had the same problem. The garage door caught the lift gate and put a dent in the lift gate. I've been looking for the gum case but haven't found one yet.

  • floridamadonnafloridamadonna Member Posts: 1
    re new 2008 Hyundai veracruz ltd Dealer has repaired rear hatch twice, changed computer/keys and finally changed remote to hold button down for 4 seconds. It has been 3 weeks since last repair and seems to be ok. We carry keys in padded hearing aid cases and have attached 2 inch thick foam mattres to garage door.
  • ajm25ajm25 Member Posts: 7
    Odd way to find a solution but the batteries died on one of our remotes. We can still open the doors with the push buttons on the outside of the door handles, and the hatch by touching the hatch button. The remote obviously does not now open itself when it is in my pocket. I don't really need to do remote opening/closing at a distance so this works for me. Not perfect but one way to deal with it.
  • becky99becky99 Member Posts: 1
    We have a 2008 Veracruz, which is currently at the dealership for the 5th time to find the prob lem with the hatch opening on its own. First two times they looked the car over and surmised that we were bumping the faub, which we were doubtful of, but accepted. We eliminated the mat in the back obstructing the hatch from closing by removing it, still reoccurred. When we had it in the next time for repair the hatch opened on its own in front of two of the service people no one was holding the faubs at the time. They replaced a motor control module and thought the problem was repaired, went two months without incident then happened again, they changed a default setting on the previously replaced module, it happend again a week later, it is currently in the shop for evaluation. We have not luckily had any theft issues when this has happened or water damage from rain on any occasion. Also our faub has to be depressed a good 2 - 3 seconds to open hatch so just brushing the button would not make sense that it opens the hatch. Hyundai needs to address this issue, it is NOT a faub issue. We also had to have the ECM module replaced, it restricted acceleration. Hyundai said there was a service bulletin on this. We need to unite and get some action.
  • cedarcliff100cedarcliff100 Member Posts: 3
    I just made a case that should prevent the accidental pressing of the tailgate button on FOB. Get a 2 fl oz bottle of Dial Hand Sanitizer (another brand may work) about $1.00. Empty or use the sanitizer, take a sharp razor knife (be careful) and cut 1.5 inches off the bottom of the bottle leaving the neck in place, toss the cap. Rinse out with hot water and dry inside thoroughly. Now press the FOB into the bottle, small end first. If you press firmly enough it should snap into place. If you have a round key ring it will allow you to attach the rest of your keys. Most of the time you won't have to use your FOB, but when you do, just pull the FOB out by the key ring. I should have been a mechanic engineer. Necessity is the mother of invention.
  • chumochumo Member Posts: 7
    What a great idea. I just made one. Thanks.
  • veracruzguyveracruzguy Member Posts: 1
    I own I 2008 veracruz ltd. with 60000 kilometers . The vehicle as been in for the following warranty issues.
    1. tilt steering not working, replaced motor
    2. c\d not working, showing error 42 message. Radio replaced.
    3. check engine light on, awd light on vehicle stuttered to complete stop just as I was merging onto the highway. Restarted the vehicle and drove to the dealer. The dealer repaced the TPS (throttle position sensor) and reprogrammed ECM.
    4. replaced driver side headlight and passenger side daytime running headlight at my own cost
    5. check engine light has come on 3 or 4 different times.
    6. after filling up with gas odometer reading not accurate.
    7. squeaking sound under the drivers rear suspension.
    8. transmission push or clunk when decelerating from 2nd to 1st gear.
    9. some plastic trim parts have broken off , dealer replaced under warranty.
    items 5,6,7,8, have not been dealt with. I deal with Mississauga Hyundai and they have been helpful in correcting these issues. Have other owners had similar experiences. NOT SURE WHETHER I BOUGHT A LEMON AFTER DOING SO MUCH RESEARCH ON THIS VEHICLE. DEPRICIATION IS BRUTAL ON THIS VEHICLE AND WILL LOSE A TON OF MONEY IF I SELL.
  • cedarcliff100cedarcliff100 Member Posts: 3
    The problems you are having are disturbing. I bought a new 1985 Olds Ciera that had all kinds of problems and because of that have not bought a new vehicle for 25 years. I bought a used 2008 Veracruz LTD AWD in August 2011 from a Hyundai dealer here in North Carolina USA. I was able to get it certified in order to get the balance of the 10yr/100,000 mile warranty and paid an extra $1,400 to get the bumper to bumper included. I currently have 30,000 miles/48,000 kilometers on it. Kelly Blue Book gave it a 4.6 out of 5.0 rating from consumers, so it looked like a good bet at a reasonable price . No problems so far except for accidental power tailgate opening which I resolved as described in previous post. We keep it in enclosed garage and will try not to drive it in snowy/icy weather in our mountains. Based on your comments, I'm glad I have the full warranty to 100,000 miles.
  • jonnyrocket1jonnyrocket1 Member Posts: 4
    We have a 2011 Vera Cruz Ltd which we truly love. Coupla things though: ever since we bought it every once in a whhile the rear hatch WILL NOT open when pushing the main hatch button on the dash. Hyundai looked at it and said there is nothing they can do until they can reproduce the problem.

    I noticed quite a few complaints of Cruz hatches opening on their own but none with my specific symptom. Please let me know if this has happened to any of you.

    One other thing-when we are driving around the city and step on the gas it seems as if the transmission is in too high of a gear. It lugs and feel like there is a loss of power then it catches.

    Other than that we love this car! Dark brown exterior and dark leather interior.
  • dougkojakdougkojak Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Veracruz and when we hit button to open goes up and immediately goes down by itself... nearly impossible to stop it unless we push the button on the tailgate?? is there a sensor bad or ?? motor works fine
  • jipsterjipster Member Posts: 6,230
    dougkojak said:
    I have a 2008 Veracruz and when we hit button to open goes up and immediately goes down by itself... nearly impossible to stop it unless we push the button on the tailgate?? is there a sensor bad or ?? motor works 
    Somethings wrong with the thing.
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