Need Help Nissan Xterra No Start Problem

jmtazmatic36jmtazmatic36 Member Posts: 2
My 2000 Xterra started hesitating and acted like it was starving for fuel. I let it sit for 2-3 hours and it would run. Ran about 15 miles did the same thing. Looked underneith and the exhaust pipe, after the converter, was glowing red. Figured the catalytic converter was clogged. Had to get it home, after several stalls. Now the vehicle will not crank at. It will turn over, but not crank. Could it be the ECM?


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    May I suggest taking it in to the dealer, I seriously doubt you want to get your answers from a discussion site when it's this serious.
  • jmtazmatic36jmtazmatic36 Member Posts: 2
    Don't you think that if I could afford the dealer to work on my vehicle I would have already taken it there. I thought you guys were supposed to have answers!
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Here's some posts to look at:

    buck17, "Mazda 626 Troubles" #2236, 20 Dec 2006 12:05 pm

    kymike, "Mazda Miata Problems and Solutions" #332, 23 Jul 2006 12:01 pm

    dclark2, "Suzuki Grand Vitara 2006 and newer" #644, 23 Jul 2006 7:56 am

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    You can find more using the Advanced Search tool on the right (I searched for "glowing red" in quotes).

    The last post suggests pulling the codes (many auto parts stores will do that free). That may help rule out a bad crank sensor or bad O2 sensor.
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    hey I just read about your problem...did you ever figure out what it was? I have a 2007 xterra and mine will act hesitant but eventually cranks. But one day, it didn't crank and the dealer put a computer in it. Well that was 2 weeks ago and now it's done it again! So I was wondering if you figured your problem out bc it sounds alot like mine?? :confuse:
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    The problem ended up being my distributor. It was actually the module in the distributor and since you can not buy just the module I had to spend $300 to buy the distributor. Good Luck. Your best bet would be to have someone do a complete computer diagnostic of the vehicle to pin point the problem. It cost me $80 for that.
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    I have a 2005 Nissan Xterra. I recently have been noticing a problem. I go to start my car and when I turn the key, it turns but nothing happens. The few times it's happened the car was fine all day then out of nowhere I go to start it and nothing. I wait a while then it starts. I thought it was the chip in the key but when it happened again I tried a new key and nothing. I'm thinking now maybe a sensor that is bad and won't let it start but my check engine light is not on. Help please. Eddie
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    I just purchased my 2007 Xterra and had to have the airbag sensor replaced. Nothing else was going wrong, until today. I went to start the car and it would not start. You could hear it trying to start but wouldn't. The radio came on so I kept trying 3 times, nothing. Let it sit for a sec and tried again and it started.

    I'm going to call the service dept to see if it is still under warranty and take it in. Now I'm worried I might get stuck some where.

    Did you get your car check? What was wrong with it?
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    did you get the answer? my car has the same problem.
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