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Off Road Diesel for New diesel engines

jagenbroadjagenbroad Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Chevrolet
Can the new Chevy Diesel engines run on off road fuel? Since they now run on ULSD. Does anyone have any experience with new (07-present) diesel running on off road fuel?


  • Hello here is the reason. Those trucks 07 and later have dpf (diesel particulate filter). If you run a high sulphur feul you will clog the filter, and set a code. With an o6 and lower you should be ok, no dpf's you need to run 15~40 ci oil also, this is low ash.
  • my 2005 duramex has 86000 miles it has got to where it will not crank without starter fluid what could be wrong
  • Check your glow plug fuse first. If its blown find out why.
  • Does your volt meter show a voltage drop when the glow plug light comes on in the dash? Do you get an indicator on the dash with a cold engine. I doubt all your. Glow plugs failed. Do you have a check engine light? If so find out the code number, and what it relates to. Please let me know what you find, hope you solve your problem.
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