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Acura MDX Transmission Problems



  • tintintintin Posts: 19
    I have 2005 MDX. It has 42000 miles on it. The check engine light has been coming on for the past few months. Other than that it is driving fine. I took it in last week and they cleared the light and said if it came back again they will have to replace the catalytic converters. The light came back again so they have put in an order to replace both CCs. Anyone else have this issue? TIA.
  • I just got off the phone with no help Acura, to find there are no recalls on the 2003 Acura MDX transmission. It will just go out of gear while driving, especially if your going up hill or make a sharp turn.....very scary
    The dealer is unable to duplicate, Acura suggest having a repair person ride around with me until it happens, now there's a thought!!
    any suggestions from anyone?
  • ltran04ltran04 Posts: 4
    Yes, kinda curious to hear your symptoms prior to getting your transmission replaced.

    I just bought a new 2010 MDX tech+enter in N.VA (on 03/09) and it has been in the shop since last Wed. 03/17. The dealer said it needed transmission 'sensor replacements'. They have not worked on it b/c they are awaiting the shipments from the Kentucky and California supply warehouses. I hope these sensors are all that's needed (no new no)

    As for the symptoms in our MDX, when you pressed the gas pedal there seems to be some lag-time in acceleration. We would have brought it in later for our scheduled maintenance appt. but the message came over the NavLink navigation screen system @ 465 miles. Our previous 2006 MDX acceleration response was even quicker.
  • sanjaysdcasanjaysdca Posts: 269
    yes on my 2000 infiniti I30
  • rogerdyrogerdy Posts: 2
    Purchased my 2010 MDX Advance 01/12/10. Noticed a knocking sound at about 600mi. Sound is apparent at 850-900 rpm in gear and under slight load. Best demonstrated with foot on brake and slight increase in throttle off idle. Sound like it's coming from the transmission (left side of engine compartment). Sound disappears as rpm increases. Been to dealer three times, took test rides with dealer technician, dealer service manager and Acura District Manager. All Acura service people state that it's normal. Either they know it's a problem and don't want to admit it or they don;t want to look further until something fails. Have about 6000 mi now and it's gradually getting louder. Looks like last Acura for me. Will probably trade soon.
  • andileaandilea Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Acura MDX and it has 79,000 miles on it and has been making the rumbling noise for months now. One place couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, so I took it to the Acura dealer. It's the torque converter and the mechanic who rode with me told me to drive 28 mph because that's about 1,500 rpms and sure enough the sound happened over and over at that speed. Smart mechanic. He knew instantly what was wrong (could it be that transmissions are a problem with the MDX's? hmmmmm.) It's in the shop now being a tune of $2,300. Now I wonder how long it will last me? I wanted to drive it for 4-5 more years.
  • jslivonjslivon Posts: 57
    That's exactly what happened to our 2003 MDX at 107k miles. Acura paid 90% for a whole new trans., only because were were a good customer, knew of these problems from this website, and had an extended warranty that expired a month before the trans went out.

    After your repairs are done, change tranny oil with Mobile 1 ATF every time you change oil. It's really easy. Maybe it will help.
  • frankf2frankf2 Posts: 17
    Hi Guys,

    I have the same symptom as you mentioned. When I pressed gas pedal hard and quick release the pedal, there is a lag time and then with a sudden speed up, mostly happening in 30-50 mi/hr. Also when I make a quick brake down, there is a lag time with a shaking. Seems like the transmission gear not response smoothly with your foot control. I am going to send to dealer soon. Hope you guys can help to identify this problem. Pretty upset with my 09' MDX Sport-ent, and jusr 12k mi only.
  • tybamtybam Posts: 1
    This is kind of long so bear with me. I own a 04 MDX Touring. I've read all the posts on all of the websites about transmissions and none of them are quite like mine. I did experience the lugging about 10,000 miles ago. The truck currently has 90,000. Transmission started making a whining sound a couple days ago and then today all of a sudden the rpm's would go up but the truck wouldn't move. I checked the fluid and found it about 3 quarts low (girlfriends vehicle). I thought this fixed the problem but we didn't make it 3 miles down the road before it started acting up again. What's funny about the problem is, if I turn the truck off and restart it then it will do fine for a couple miles before the trans starts slipping and the truck starts jerking. If you pull over, shut it off, restart it then the truck will run fine again. Also, I can run around a parking lot fine unless I stop and put it into park and into drive again. If I do that then the transmission immediately drops out and the truck won't move no matter what gear I put it into unless I turn it off and restart it again. We had to keep pulling over, shutting off the truck and restarting it again just to get home. One time when we pulled over the "D" light flashed at us, the engine light came on, another warning light came on that had a hazard sign on it and you couldn't shift it into park until you shut off the truck again. We shut it off, restarted it, all the lights went away and it ran fine for a couple miles again. We never did see all the lights again but we finally made it home. Does it sound like the trans, a trans sensor,TC, main computer or all of the above? I don't know whether to take it to a trans shop or the dealer. I hate the dealer. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • gbredagbreda Posts: 11
    edited April 2010
    The whining sounds like the result of 3 quarts low on fluid. The issue there is why it was low. Transmission fluid does not evaporate, so if it is low, it had to go somewhere. I do not know the inner workings of the Honda/Acura transmission or control systems, but it sounds to me like it can be alot of things from computer control to a bad valve body in the trans to a leak that is resulting in loss of fluid pressure. The fact that you were down 3 quarts indicates a leak somewhere.

    If you are not comfortable with the dealer, find a good transmission shop that knows Honda/Acura. Or find another dealer. You know that you will pay more at Acura.

    I would call around to several shops/dealers and see if anyone recognizes these sypmtoms.

    Just my 2 pennies.
  • gtguy990gtguy990 Posts: 2
    we've just purchased a 2005 MDX and we had the same rumbling noise. We took it back to the dealer (Acura Dealer) and they fixed it right away with no problem free of charge. They said Acura will pay for it since it's only been 3 weeks since we purchased the car. I suggest threatening the dealer with a lawsuit. Obviously, they know about the problem.
  • tanman5tanman5 Posts: 1
    I have a 2009 MDX and a few months ago, I was driving and lost all power. The check emissions light came on. I had it towed to Acura and they told me that I needed a new throttle. They replaced the throttle (free of charge, it's a lease). Then yesterday, I was driving and all sorts of lights started flashing. Check throttle, you will experience no acceleration, Check emissions. I rolled into the middle of an intersection, but was able to steer into a parking lot. Now the dealership is telling me that there is an internal failure of the software, and they are ordering me a new computer. What does that even mean? Is this a common problem? I only have 15K miles on the car. Thanks!
  • gbredagbreda Posts: 11
    I bought my MDX with 32K miles on it. By 42K it needed a torque converter under warranty. It had to have it replaced again at 59K..warranty again. I now have 79 K and it might be starting again, although not bad enough to recreate at will. I know that noise and it is there off and on, although least for now.

    What is the deal with these units? Could it be more than just the torque converter and be in the transmission itself?
  • mark27mark27 Posts: 5
    read about and experienced the issues with the '05 MDX torque converter. 20-30 mph I get a vibration/shuttering. Took it to Acura and they kept it overnight to "re-create" the noise. they confirmed the issue was a torque converter. Here's the kicker...I have 82k on the car and way out of warranty. They volunteered a 90% goodwill coverage of the costs. Quite impressed. I just hope this fixes the issue.
  • gbredagbreda Posts: 11
    Hope it takes for you. Mine didn't. 2 replacements and the beginning of a third. Traded it in already.

    By the way, Acura should have picked up the charge 100%. They know that they have a problem torque converter. These vehicles cost enough, they should stand behind them.

    Good Luck
  • signguy2signguy2 Posts: 7
    I had mine replaced at 94,000 a year ago Nov. would like to know how many people have had have the trans. replaced a second time, I'm thinking maybe its
    better to get rid of the car while the 3 year warrenty I got is still good.
  • mdxownrmdxownr Posts: 2
    Found this in a Honda Odyssey forum. Apparently there is a PCM update/TSB to address the torque converter judder for 05-06 Acura MDX.

    See EE4Life's post on 2-17-2010. threadid=41047&perpage=15&highlight=&pagenumber=42
  • *** 2004 MDX owners Read this I save $1700.00 on my transmission and torque converter repair.
    Well add me to the list of torque converter issues, and now Acura is recommending that I replace the transmission too. Here's the history, I brought it in because at around 25-30 mph I could hear a fluttering and my rpms would go up and down 200-300 rpms, no check engine or flashing vtm-4 light. So I though maybe plugs and coils, nope replaced them all and still the same problem. So I brought it into Acura. They test drove it and the only thing they could do was to disconent the feed to the torque converter and then the issue went away. So they told me at least it will cost $2250.00 for the converter, but they STRONGLY RECOMMEND to replace the whole transission for $3700.00. My mouth hit the floor..... I told him I would call him back. So next I started looking online and clicked here and saw soooo many similar issues, and that people were getting Acura to cover all or a portion of the cost, but the kicker was that they had most of their service done, but I live 1 hour away and have had 1 service repair done at Acura. But I thought "what's it going to hurt to ask them" so I called back and politly said;
    "You know I've done some research and I'm finding that there are A LOT of issues with the transission on MDX's and that many people are getting help from Acura to cover the cost, can you please try to see if you can make sone calls to help out a MDX lover that just can't afford repairs like this? after I tell him that I'm not the first owner and I know they don't owe my anything but if he could do this I would really appreciate it he agreed.
    45 min later and he called back and nocked it down from $3700.00 to $2000.00, now I know it's not free, but I was looking for help and they nocked off $1700.00, that I have to say is very good customer support for something that if I did nothing I would be out that money.

    Long story short, just try to call the dealer and see if they will do something for you. It was really easy.........
  • lushlifelushlife Posts: 3
    Sounds like we have the same problem...Replaced the transmission at a reputable shop but the problem recurred. It is back in the shop and they haven't been able to find anything wrong with the transmission even though they have road tested it and it has happened while they are driving. This may be a more common problem than Acura is letting on. Have there been many responses to this post?
  • jslivonjslivon Posts: 57
    My trans. was replaced at 107k miles. Acura paid 90%. I honestly don't think the trans. had any mechanical failure. I think it was electronic or a dirty fluid filter that is not serviceable. There is no way that the bearings, gears, or clutches wore out. I was changing its fluid every 30k miles.

    Acura won't say what is wrong with these. The CA service center rep. told me the replacement transmission will not have the same issues. I think he lied to me, but that's because I learned a long time ago not to trust people. If I still own our '03 MDX when this next trans. fails, I'll take it into an independant repair shop that can assure and warranty that the rebuild/repair will fix the issues.

    Since replacement, I'm changing fluid with every engine oil change (5,000 miles). It takes an extra 5 minutes to change the fluid and I'm using Mobil 1 ATF for multi vehicles. I'm not sure it will help.
  • lk25lk25 Posts: 1
    I brought my car in one month ago due to rumbling noise at 30-40 mph. They stated it was the torque converter and that it needs to be replaced but not right away???? and that they can't guarantee that the noise will go away if it is replaced. Now, if they expect me to pay $2000 or more shouldn't it be guaranteed?
    I read in another forum, that I should try changing the rear difft'l fluid and that it may take the noise away?? any comments/ suggestions will help.
  • busbarbusbar Posts: 2
    First post. For the past several months my 2001 MDX transmission mis-shifts going from second to third, basically leaving me in neutral until I let off the pedal for a few seconds.

    I drive about 250 miles weekly, but what really odd is this shifting problem only happens (so far) in two intersections that I commonly enter. When it occurs, I am slowly accelerating (due to congested traffic after a stop light) on level to slightly downhill surfaces.

    This only seems to happen on light acceleration.

    I called my Acura dealer last week and they suggested that I come in and they would have someone ride with me, but since it wasn't frequently reproducible they suggested should wait if I could. They told me that there were no diagnosis codes that a shop test would uncover.

    I'm not sure what good it is to have a passenger. Nothing unusual happens that you can hear or feel when the shift is missed, other than the engine revs up because I'm still trying to accelerate.

    FWIW, my MDX just turned 100k miles today. At about 80k my torque converter was replaced after I experienced frequent shuddering at 40-45 mph.

    Any ideas? Could it be that there is some kind of external electrical interference (cell tower?) affecting a shift control unit?
  • omdx05oomdx05o Posts: 2
    I have 05 mdx and when the car is at 20 - 40 m/h it vibrates and makes some noises. I have 105k mies on.
  • gbredagbreda Posts: 11
    I'm glad I traded out of my MDX
  • tzeligtzelig Posts: 2
    Sell it before it breaks down.
  • tzeligtzelig Posts: 2
    Any names of reputable lawyers with a history of success regarding this issue?
    I've owned other all wheel drive vehicles with standard transmissions that lasted longer than the automatic transmission on this 02 mdx. This issue is going to be acura's Achilles heel.
  • galissongalisson Posts: 1
    Im having the same problem as most of the people here on this forum. I hear a rumbling noise at 30-40 mph.
  • gbredagbreda Posts: 11
    Yeah, I had been a Subaru driver for many years and decided to try a more "comfortable" vehicle with Acura. I will have a hard time looking at another Acura or recomending one.

    Funny that on an out of warranty repair, Acura "strongly recommended" replacing the transmission. Yet on my 2 in warranty repairs, they did not even want to change the transmission fluid.
  • jensadjensad Posts: 388
    "Funny that on an out of warranty repair, Acura "strongly recommended" replacing the transmission. Yet on my 2 in warranty repairs, they did not even want to change the transmission fluid".

    Sounds like "quality service" from a trusted dealer. I learned 8 cars ago to cover my backside with any dealer if I was going to keep the vehicle for 100k, I got a second warranty for the difference between the miles after purchase and the 100k.

    Worked one time with a 89 Camery at 45k as the dealer replaced the values, ect and I got another 80k from there.

    Good luck to all and stay safe.

  • busbarbusbar Posts: 2
    haha... too funny.
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