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Acura MDX Transmission Problems



  • jtb6jtb6 Posts: 3
    2001 MDX 246000 miles, absolutely no transmission problem
  • sarj1sarj1 Posts: 1
    So my 2001 MDX with 93k miles developed the following problem last night -
    Check light went on
    D5 light started blinking
    at 15, 25, 35 or so, 45 or so, and 60 mph the car would not consistently kick into gear - the engine would rev up in rpms - I would ease off gas and then gear would engage often with a lurch
    Took to a gas station off the highway and they diagnosed with error code P1750

    in dealer right now
    worried that I am looking at a transmission job on a car worth at most $10K - where the job could cost up to $5600.

    Thoughts please?
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    Just picked up my 06 MDX after torque converter failed in Dec and back in for same problem in June, they put new transmission/torque converter in. Probally to soon to tell if the problem is fixed for good, but driving home on freeway the steering wheel shakes from side to side, what's up with that? I called them to let them know, so going back in for them to look at! This car has caused me nothing but stress, only owned it 8 months!!
  • madmommy3madmommy3 Posts: 28
    try to negotiate a better deal. tell them tehre are pages and pages of complaints with the same issue. if they make you pay more than $2500, I would call around to a reputable tranny shop with a 3 year warranty and go elsewhere. They may make a lower offer if they want your business. My dealership clearly did not want my business so I had my car towed and fixed somewhere else. So far so good. Cost me $2700 with extra warranty plus a new radiator at $300. Still cheaper than a new car. good luck!
  • gbredagbreda Posts: 11
    My 05 MDX went in for 2 converters, no tranny change. When the shuddering began ever so slightly for a 3rd time, I got rid of the vehicle. Hopefully the transmission change solves the problem, but I was not trying for strike 3.

    As far as the steering wheel shaking, could be that they did not re-align the front end properly and just needs to be adjusted. Also something as simple as a balancing weight on a front wheel may have fallen off when they removed the transmission. Nothing major on either scenario.

    Good Luck !!!!
  • upstatedocupstatedoc Posts: 710
    "2001 MDX 246000 miles, absolutely no transmission problem "

    Ah, finally, someone who got a good one!
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    When I called to let them know about steering, he told me it didn't need front end alignment, but when they put the first torque converter in they did do alignment. I questioned that, he said shouldn't need it this time, but it needed it the first time? Doesn't make any sense to me. I don't think they know what they are doing!
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    When I picked up my 2005 MDX after a torque converter replacement, I noticed that the dealership had done a wheel alignment. I am assuming that this is standard procedure whenever a torque converter is changed out. Don't know why, but maybe it is an added precaution since my initial complaint indicated that there was a vibration sound????
  • omdx05oomdx05o Posts: 2
    i own a 2005 acura mdx and once the car reached approximately 100,000 miles, i started to experience vibrations at speeds between 40-50 mph. once the car reached 106,000 miles, i took the car to an acura dealer in nj. there, they diagnosed that my car's torque converter was broken and they replaced for $2,800. i called acura for financial assistance, but they turned me down after they "carefully" reviewed my case. i complained to the NHTSA. my friend has a 2004 mdx and he had the same problem as me. i think that we should all complain to NHTSA to pressure acura to fix the problem and we should try to pressure them to provide financial aid. we all know that the product is faulty and the car that costs over $45,000 new should last more than 100,000 miles.
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    I agree, but the problem is they don't know what causes the problem so therefore they don't know how to fix it. I had torque converter replaced dec 09 then june2010 bad again this time they replaced transmission/torque converter. They are not sure this is the solution either. If they don't have a sure fix, what happens next? I've only had this car 8months. Since I got it back my AC smells foul, not sure what to think, I do know it didn't smell when I took it to them. Frankly, I am really sick of this car, don't have any faith in it at all, .thinking about unloading it
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    edited July 2010
    Just so everyone who follows this thread is aware, there are several other threads reporting the vibration/grinding 35-40 mph transmission problem (torque converter). The tread entitled "Acura MDX Torque Converter Scam" and "Acura MDX Repairs & Maintenance" also have reports of this same issue. Also, if you look at the Honda Pilot forum, there are several complaints of this very same issue with Honda Pilots. If you search for Canadian Pilot and MDX forums, you will find once again many reports of the torque converter problem. If there are say 500 complaints between all these forums specifically addressing the vibration/grinding noise while accelerating between 25-50 mph, it is obvious that there are probably thousands of Pilots and MDXs that have this problem. Many owners probably got their transmissions repaired under warranty. Many may have just born the cost if their vehicle is out of warranty and many may not be computer savy to investigate this issue on the internet. This is a much bigger problem than any one forum can address. There are probably many vehicle owners that have this problem and are not aware either because they never turn their radio down to hear it or have been told that the dealer cannot reproduce it. It would certainly appear that this issue would be a prime candidate for a "class action law suit". I am sure there are several law firms that specialize in "class actions" that would love to get there hands on this issue!!!
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    I'm game, lets get it going, something needs to be done!!
  • Am having the same problem with my acura and the dealer wants to charge me $2500 to fix the problem. Can you give us more info on the steps you took to address the problem with honda? Thank you.
  • signguy2signguy2 Posts: 7
    Ask for the Honda Representive for your area, [non-permissible content removed], scream show them this site, they are quite aware of the problem, some people say that honda picked up the entire thing, most like myself end up paying about $1000,. but that was two years ago, this problem is happening more as the vehicles age, Don't let them imtimidate you.
    Get into it your 100% in the right and never mind about warrenties, its their problem all the way. Good Luck
  • wallabyguywallabyguy Posts: 20
    I had the problem start at 40k miles with my 2005 MDX. We took it to the dealer and they said they could not replicate the issue and that the car was showing no codes so it was fine. We've continued to drive the car since then with the problem. Now with almost 100k miles, I've become so concerned about it, I took it to another dealer. Well guess what problem I have. Now that I'm out of warranty, Acura is turning their back on covering it 100%. I've been offered 75% but I think its very unfair when I have documented proof that we had the problem while under warranty and the dealer disregarded the problem. I'm really caught here because otherwise we have really enjoyed the car. I hate to go the class-action route but Acura is backing us up against a wall. The regional service rep will not talk to me directly even though I have been so calm and collected when discussing the matter with the service manager and Acura Customer Service that they've remarked how collected and pleasant I am. I'm very disappointed in Honda. I have quite a following on many online forums and regional owners groups. If this doesn't get resolved, it's going to get very ugly for them.
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    Sorry to hear you are having the same problem. What worked for me was the following steps:

    1. Open a case file with Honda America at 1-800-382-2238 then press 5.
    2. Mention that you have researched this issue on the internet and that their are a large number of reports of this very same problem with both Honda Pilots and Acura MDXs. Also state that the complaint site has 29 complaints of which 14 are for transmission and 11 are for the 30-40 mph grinding/vibration issue for the 2005 Acura MDX.
    3. They may offer to pay 50-75%, but continue to press the issue and ask for a district manager to review your case. Also, if that does not work, ask what the next level of appeal is and state that you want to take your complaint to the next level.

    Unfortunately, you basically have to "wear them down". If all else fails, state that you are considering initiating a "class action law suit" given the large number of complaints you have read for this very specific problem. In almost all cases, the fix is to replace the transmission torque converter.

    Good luck!
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    I have 2006, with same issues, do we know for sure transmission/tc is the fix? I was told by dealer when they did the work on mine, "Acura doesn't know if that will fix the problem for sure, because they have had them come back with the same problem". The tc was replaced in dec 09, june2010 transmission/tc I've had the car 8months. I hope this is the fix but, honestly I don't believe it. Honda needs to step up and make this right. I hope in my case this fixes it. Do TC make any sound? I hear something between 25mph and 45 not any vibration just maybe a small growl, I hope this is normal! Good Luck Everyone who owns one.
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    The "growl" you hear is not normal. The noise is perceived differently by different people. Some call is a vibration, some call it a grinding sound and some have referred to it as a shuddering sound. What all have in common is that it occurs upon acceleration between 25-50 mph (usually 30-40 mph). It starts out intermittently and eventually will occur upon every acceleration (and also becomes more pernounced). Replacing my torque converter did eliminate the noise, however, I have read several reports of the problem reocurring in the future. I have read that some owners are getting the problem fixed and then selling their vehicle before the problem reoccurs (sad commentary on this problem). I would continue to monitor you transmission sounds (radio and a/c off) and at the first signs of trouble, report the problem to your dealer. Good luck!
  • jcagle24jcagle24 Posts: 3
    My wife and I just purchased a used 2005 MDX with 108k on it and MAN i wish I had stumbled upon this forum beforehand. Not one week after driving this car the same grinding noise in the 20-40 MPH range has started in. We put almost 50 miles on it with the test drive and taking it to our mechanic before purchasing the vehicle, and no noises whatsoever were heard then pertaining to transmission grinding. Another false hint of promise in the vehicle was the fact that my mechanic did a computer reading and no known issues showed up regarding any type of transmission problems. When we were buying the car and checking the carfax the "no recalls" on the vehicle make and model sounded good, but that obviously doesn't mean anything considering that this problem SHOULD BE RECALLED!! I have owned Jeeps and Toyotas, both companies in my experience have been quick to recall their vehicles when it's publically known that there are issues with their cars, why is Honda letting this one slip? Are not enough people complaining? I couldn't believe the amount of posts I found when I googled "Acura MDX transmission problems," we are just frustrated an looking for some advice on what to do about this situation. Bought the vehicle as is, no warranty, but can we try to play the squeaky wheel with Honda and maybe hold them responsible? Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    Sorry to hear about your problem, what I've learned from my experience is that, Acura/Honda doesn't know why this happening therefore there is know sure fix! That's what scares me, I bought my 06 in Dec 09 they replaced T/C then in June 2010 Transmission/TC only 59k on the car. I was told that they can't promise that this will cure the problem. So, basically it's wait to see what happens..You can call American Honda to see if they will help cover your cost. Good Luck! As far as recalling them, my thoughts on that is that not all of them have this problem a lot do but, I guess not enough for them. Like I said replacing T/C and or Transmission worked for some and not for others, that I don't understand and neither do they, they have know answers that's pretty scarey! Again Good Luck
  • b30b30 Posts: 2
    Since I posted my original comments my saga continues. AAMCO replaced my transmission for a second time and did fix the original issue of the slipping. However, I soon had the grinding noise that I have read about on this forum. I took the tech for a ride and we were able to determine that the noise happened at 1500 rpm. Speed can be any speed, look at the rpm's. It was the torque converter. They replaced it and I got my car back 5 days ago. The noise has again returned and I will be taking it in again for the same issue. I did get 235,000 miles out of the first trans with no issues so it is hard to complain. It is the new trans that has caused me all the trouble. Otherwise, the car has been fantastic and I would buy another one.
  • tpulaktpulak Posts: 44
    Hello all.
    Nearly 3 years back I started this thread on my concerns on my 2004 Acura MDX vehicle. It currently has 85 k miles, but I am worried that my car's tranny might soon go out like many other MDX's. I already knew of the recall of affected MDX transmissions, but only from 2001-2003 year ranges. But from this thread now, I can easily conclude that this is a bigger problem. I am seeing from what I read that there are some 2005's and 2006's with the same tranny problem...but curiously, if I am not mistaken, no 2004's? So from the years 2001-2006 (first gen MDX's) , all the years except 2004 are affected??? Its too confusing...because in my understanding, all these first gen MDX's use basically the same 5 speed automatic transmission!
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    Got my 06 back on July 6th after they replaced TC/Transmission and I am hearing the noise again! Not as loud or frequent, what is going on, why does it cure some and not all? Acura doesn't even have an answer to that. There is nothing left for them to replace, what would be the next step for them to take, I really don't understand, does anyone have an suggestions to this? Why can't they fix this for good, I've only put 10k on this car since I bought it. They replaced the TC the first time I was hoping new transmission would do the trick..any ideas please let me know!
  • ak47zoneak47zone Posts: 1
    hey junaid i have a 2001 mdx as well 170 k mileage on it. I was told i need either transmission repair or rebuilt. I searched and was able to find this shop who will rbuilt the transmission for 2500 he also will give a 1 year warranty on it. i will be takin the car to him in a couple of days. This seems like the best solution if u want information on him you could call me

    good luck yaar
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    It is obvious that there is a design problem that Honda/Acura is not about to admit to. I would file a complaint with the NHTSA ( The noise you hear will probably increase in frequency and noise level over time. I hate say it, but I would insist on another replacement until they get it right. I assume you are still under warranty. If so, you should have the right to insist that they try again. There is so many postings on this very problem that there should be not doubt that your transmission or torque converter needs replacing (again). I have read several postings where multiple transmissions did not fix the problem. Keep the pressure on!
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    Thanks for the advice, I did file a complaint and also let the dealer and American Honda aware that I am hearing a noise again. Unfortunely the noise isn't consistent enough for me to push it just yet, one thing I am confident about, is that it will be. I just don't get why they can't repair the problems for good, what is the fix? Don't understand why they just don't figure it out! Thanks again..
  • gbredagbreda Posts: 11
    My first and last Acura. Damn I wish this thread was as populated then as it is now. This MDX cost me $$

    Unless there is a class action suit, the only fix is to trade it in for another vehicle.
    That's what I did when it started for a third time. Get rid of it before it materializes to a regular basis again.
  • lori24lori24 Posts: 20
    I've thought about it, but I've only had it 8 months and would probally loose my butt. It is still under warranty for another 40k or 3 years, believe me it has crossed my mind. I am totally sick of this whole thing, I don't know how Acura dealerships can sell these cars without disclosing that info. What I would really like is for them to take this car back, and return my down payment, doubt if that is an option, I may get an attorney to see if this is a possible option.
  • kpsmith999kpsmith999 Posts: 46
    edited July 2010
    At last check, there were 15 complaints filed with the NHTSA (National Highway & Transportation Safety Administration) regarding the torque converter issue (vibration/shudder/grinding between 20-50 mph while accelerating). I would encourage everyone who is following this link to take a few minutes and file a complaint. The web site is as follows:

    Also, the NHTSA has issued a "service bulletin" for this exact same problem for all Acura's for model years 2003-2004. To view the service bulletin, go to the following web site:

    Enter NHTSA item# 10022468 in the "quick search" box. Once you get the record, click "get summary" and you will see the exact explanation as follows:

    "Torque converter shudder or vibration between 35-40 mph"

    This is exactly the same problem that is so prevalent with the 2005 and on Acura MDX and Honda Pilots. Do not understand why a service bulletin has not been issued for more recent model years???????
  • wallabyguywallabyguy Posts: 20
    I registered my complaint with NHTSA today.
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