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2008 Chevrolet Impala



  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    Have you tried another dealer? If the car is throwing a Check Engine light, it should be very simple for the dealer to resolve the issue. There is really no excuse for a dealer that cannot permanently fix a problem that throws a should have been fixed right after the first visit.

    At sounds as though the light is currently not on. In the event the light does come back on, I would suggest calling the Chevrolet 1-800 number and explain your dilemma to them. I called them once to ask a simple question about a recall notice I received, and they were very responsive and followed up several times. They may be able to intervene on your behalf and talk to the servicing dealer to help resolve the problem.
  • Actually already followed that path to complete frustration.

    After 5 visits to Woodfield Chevy, who is the original dealer that sold me the car, I changed over to Hoskins who has fixed it twice now, and I am just waiting for it to come back on again.

    After the 5th trip, I asked that the owner of Woodfield Chevy call me, and he did not. Tried saying that he did not have the right number for me. All of my phone numbers are all over their system, so if customer service were important he would have found a way to contact me. When I eventually spoke to him, there was no offer for any kind of resolution.

    After the 6th time, I also called the Chevy 1-800 number, and they said that this shouldn't be happening, so they offered some free oil changes and a free extension of Onstar. I already had the free oil changes, but I accepted the Onstar. Then it happened a 7th time and Chevy refused to do anything more about it.

    I have no choice but to recommend that people stay away from Woodfield Chevy in particular and Chevy in general. When there is a problem, they do NOT take care of their customers. I have wasted LOTS of hours on this issue, all because I decided to try Chevy.

    In their defense, my wife also has a Chevy and it has been fine, but I don't think a company can be measured by only when there is not a problem. The real measure of a company is what they do when things do not go well. Chevy has FAILED.
  • The ticking is usually the plastic blower fan blade touching the fan housing. It may go away after the car heats up ...and the plastic shrinks. Or remove the fan and shave off 1/16th inch from the fan blades. The fan is hell to get to, so I hope it's under warranty. No problems yet from my 2008 Impala...runs well, handles well...good gas milage.
  • Have you checked your DEXCOOL antifreeze in both the overflow bottle and radiator?
    If there is any milky goo or antifreeze discolloration in either area, bad news.......... GM has had problems with DEXCOOL eating away head and exhaust manifold gaskets, letting antifreeze into the engine and oil into the antifreeze. Do a GOOGLE search on DEXCOOL LITIGATION SETTLEMENT. The goo cloogs up everything in the engine, including sensors, and oiling holes causing engine hot spots. GM lost the case.
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    I am sorry to hear of your issues. I know how frustrating that can be.

    While my '06 Impala has not been trouble free, I must say that Chevy and the dealers I used took pretty good care of me with the exception of one item. The high pressure hose on my power steering ruptured when the car had 7,000 or so miles on it. Fixed the next day by the dealer virtually without an appointment. Intermediate Steering Shaft replaced at 32,000 miles under warranty. Water pump failed at 33,000 miles and replaced under warranty. E85 "recall" performed during a tire rotation.

    The only issue I had was related to my brake rotors. The rotors were warped at around 12,000 miles. I didn't have them looked at until the car had 32,000 miles on it. The dealer refused to resurface the rotors under warranty even though GM has issued a bulletin allowing for rotor resurfacing under warranty. The dealer claimed that the warped rotors were a result of hard driving and would not be covered. On top of that, the dealer charged me $350 to resurface all four rotors. A total rip-off. My Impala now has 48,100 miles on it, and is still on the original brake pads...if I drove hard that would not be the case.

    Overall, I think Chevy makes a good product. Dealer service, however, is hit or miss. There are excellent dealers and terrible dealers.
  • Thanks for your feedback Ryster.

    I think your response is pretty accurate as far as the overall situation.

    My advice for anyone reading this would be
    to STAY AWAY FROM WOODFIELD CHEVY in Schaumburg, Illinois.

    I hate to denounce any business, but when I buy a $23,000 product, I expect it to work, or to be easily fixed (or REPLACED, hint hint) if there are significant issues.

    Unfortunately Chevy has lost me as a future customer and I will tell my story far and wide.
  • I purchased a 2008 Chevy Impala LT on 12/26/08, from a dealer. The car had 15, 200+ miles. I also bought an extended warranty. I drove the car to Florida, drove it around there for four months and then back home to upstate New York. Except for a once a month spin of a few miles to keep the car clean and active, it sat in my driveway. I put a total of approximately 8300 miles on the car to date. At this point, after 2 oil changes I took the car in for tire rotation. The front tires were worn on both edges to an unsafe condition . The back tires had substantial wear on both outside edges, but more on the inside edge. I am in the process of negotiating with the dealer for some relief, but have already had indications they will not help. Apparently this is a continuing problem on the late model Impalas but not much of the bad news has reached the consumer. My advice to car buyers is to stay away from this model until Chevrolet acknowledges the problem and gives relief to all affected owners.
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    I have a 2006 Impala SS with 18,000 miles on it and there is no unusual tire wear whatsoever. The stock Goodyear Eagle RS-A's are wearing very evenly and provide excellent handling and driving control characteristics.

    I am thrilled with the car including the tires and would not hesitate to replace the Goodyears with the exact same tires when the time comes.

    You must have gotten a lemon. I certainly don't think it affects all "late model Impalas." Have the alignment and balance checked.
  • Thanks for the reply to my posting. I am glad that you have had good luck with your Impala. I am not anti Chevy, I also own a 2006 Cobalt LT that is probably the best car I ever owned. After my problem surfaced I spent hours on the Internet to find out whether or not mine was an isolated case. It is not, and if you are interested try the website for an start and go from there. The tires on my Impala are Goodyear Integrities and I have had excellent luck with them on previous vehicles. Thanks for your input, but I do not think it is an isolated "lemon" problem.
  • rysterryster Posts: 564
    Chevy has looked into a rear alignment issue on late model Impalas. There may be a camber related issue causing premature wear on the inner edge of the rear tires. These issues are usually resolved by installing a camber bolt kit on the rear wheels and having them realigned.
  • I just purchased a 2008 Impala LT 2 weeks ago. I love the car and got it for a great price. The only thing I dont like is it's lack of any real usable drink holders up front. You might be able to get a couple of cans of pop in the one up front, but nothing much more. Has anyone added anything to enhance the drink holder problem?

  • I am new to this forum but after reading ALOT of the posts here I feel that I am not alone here. The wife and I got a settelment and bought a 2007 Impala, from Keystone Chevrolet here in Tulsa, so that we wouldnt have to worry about having problems with the car. But after having the car for about 1 1/2 years we have replaced the rear tires at least 2 or 3 times, all because of the same problem. The inside 2 or 3 treads keep wearing out down to the cords. Keystone Chevrolet called us on the phone and told us it was time to bring the car in for regular service work, so I thought it would be a good time to have the problem resolved. I asked for the Supervisor of the Service Department to make sure there wouldnt be a problem with having the rear end aligned, since I found out there was a Technical Service Bulletin on the alignment needing to be done on this car when it comes right from the factory. But I was told that you can buy a brand new 2010 Chevy right now and after 12,000 miles there is nothing they can do with out having us pay for the work and/parts. Even if you get the car brand new and there is still the bumper to bumper warrenty on the car. I told the Supervisor there was a Technical Service Bulletin out on this car and I even gave him the TSB on this car and I was told that they cant do anything unless there was a REACLL on these cars. I really liked what I read on another forum that said it seems like Chevrolet isn't going to do anything for the common people like most of us here, but they would fix the cars with the Police Package on them for free. The person also went on to state that it was more of the common people like most of us on here that make up the sales of the Impalas and that a defect is a defect. They stated that it seems like Chevrolet isn't going to do anything about this factory defect because the commom person cant afford the lawyers like the city, state and government can. I have often wondered what would happen if a huge group of the Impala consumers would get together and sign a petition stating that this defect has the potential to kill several of us, if Chevrolet would FINALLY get the idea there could be several lawsuites against them if something isn't done first. I know that the car manufactures are really hurting for money right now the way it is, but several lawsuites against them would surely put Chevrolet out of business and, and in my opinion another great American Iconic company would be no more. General Motors alone has already closed the doors to all the Oldsmobles and Pontiacs plants, will it take another bunch of the people just trying to get some satisfaction for a FACTORY defect for Chevrolet to realize that if we aren't satisfied they too would have to close thier doors? When we first bought the car my wife wasn't working so we hardly used this brand new car we got. But since than she has gone back to work and has to drive like 60 miles one way to get back and forth to work and she has been scared to death to drive this new car for fear of her life that one of these rear tires could blow out while she is traveling on the Interstate doing 75 miles an hour. Now that is for sure an accident in the making. After I told the Supervisor at Keystone Chevrolet and told him that if I have to I will contact the BBB to try and get some satisfaction for this problem. I was in not so many words told go ahead cause they wouldnt fix the problem without charging us to fix it, even with the TSB as well as a recall for the Impalas with the police package, out in this car. I than called Keystone Chevrolet back and talked to who was supposed to be in charge, who really just turned out to be the person in charge of sales, and told him what the problem was and what the Supervisor and I had talked about. Well to make a long story short here I finally was so mad that I told him I wanted his boss to call me back and that if anything happened to my wife not only would they be talking to the BBB but they would also be talking to my lawyer because I would file a lawsuite for them not serviceing this car with the TSB on it. I have yet to hear from the Owner or who ever is in charge of Keystone Chevrolet about this problem, but from what I have read on this forum I could be waiting for ALONG time. Well I hope to be able to post that Keystone Chevrolet did someting good to make this car safe, the way it should have been made from the factory in the first place.
    Gregory Shepard
  • I can sure understand what you mean. We got that law suite and went in and paid a bit over $16,000 CASH for the 2007 Impala we bought and we figured we would be treated fairly. I mean you should have seen everyone's eyes at the sight of over $16,000 CASH. I also hate to denounce any dealership but it seems that may our only source of recourse here. I mean if you can remember a person named Ralph Nadder put a stop to Chevy making a cool little car called the Corvair by writing a book called Unsafe at ANY Speed. Although now a days we dont have to write a book, with technology moving as fast as it is, just posting things on the net these days seems to make the same statement. It's really sad that we, the consumer have to go that far to get satisfaction though. Seems like a company as HUGE as Chevrolet would be more interested in the customer satisfaction, especially with them asking the government for so much money to stay afloat and keep the doors open. But if you really think about it the money that was given to these companies came out of our pockets to start with in the form of taxes and things such as that. So we are really getting ripped off twice instead of once.
  • Oh yes, I just remembered something else with our 2007 Impala. Every time we had to change a tire that had not been changed we were also told that we would need to replace the Tire Pressure Sensor as well. Well we now need to replace BOTH rear wheel sensors which in told is a cost of around $125 EACH. If these Tire Pressure Sensors aren't changed every time you start the car it will tell you to "Service Tire Monitoring System" and the light for the Tire Pressure will flash and after a time the light stays on all the time.
  • msaj2umsaj2u Posts: 3
    A couple months ago the check engine light followed by the reduced power message came on on my 2008 Impala. I took it into the dealer and they cleaned and fixed the wires, I think there was a Technical Service Bulletin on it.

    Now, about 4 days ago the check engine light, then reduced power message, then STARTING DISABLED SERVICE THROTTLE message came on followed by the locking of the steering wheel. After gliding over to the side of the road the car would not immediately turn on. After about 5 minutes it started and I was able to get home.

    I took the car the next morning to the dealer and they have not been able to figure out the problem or recreate it. The check engine light is the only light on now. They said if they cannot figure it out they will have to return the car to me. They have already agreed to pay for my rental car but I do NOT want to drive the car knowing it can happen again, on the highway on my long commute.

    What can I do??
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Hello Msaj2u,
    I apologize that you have experienced a concern with your vehicle. Your dealership has access to our tech department that can help them solve the problem with your vehicle. Can you please keep me informed on how the repairs go at the dealership? Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • In November of 2009, I reported that the tires on my 2008 Impala, after approximately 24000 miles, had significant wear on both front and back tires to the point where they were unsafe to drive on for any distance. Initially, I had limited success with the dealer and not much better luck calling the Chevrolet complaint line. At no time did either acknowledge a general problem of this nature even after I collected about 25 complaints of the same nature from various web sites dedicated to car problems. I returned to the dealer and was able to work out a deal where I would buy two tires and they would do a four wheel alignment. Two other tires were worn, but I believed they were usable. After more complaints to Chevrolet, the dealer offered to buy two tires and I would pay for the four wheel alignment. I took the deal as it seemed to be the best I could get. After giving it more thought I decided to buy an additional two tires so I could resume riding on good rubber all around. I drive back and forth to Florida every year so I did not want to take any chances. I use Goodyear Integrity tires as I have had excellent luck with them on past cars. I have seen a lot of opinions expressed that this tire is the problem and the problem can be corrected by the use of different or better tires. To me, this argument is bogus because wear that I experienced cannot be caused by tires alone as long as the car is used in normal driving. The bottom line is that I have put on another 6000+ miles since alignment and new tires and there is no appreciable wear or uneven wear. The handling and cornering is night and day better than before. I can only speculate that the car was never aligned or misaligned at the factory. It irks me that I had to pay for most of the corrective action on the car, but now it is a great highway car and there is much more control on the turns.
  • rmjuarezrmjuarez Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Impala LT 3.5. and currently have 49,800 miles on my factory OEM Goodyear Integrity tires. The inner & outer threads our completely worn with considerable amount of thread in the center. I rotate and balance the tires every 5,000 miles, Check the psi weekly and have the dealer perform 4-wheel alignment every 15,000 miles. The conflict I have is the tire placard in my door jam states 30 psi front & back. I receive a monthly vehilcle update from Onstar warning that my tires are under inflated and should be at 35 psi. Now, I've owned 1/2 & 3/4 ton pickups, 4x4 Suburbans, sedans, coupes, and sports cars over my driving career and have always followed this tire maintenance schedule with great success. This is the second time that I have fallen short with expected tire wear. The first was with my 2004 Suburban 4x4 Z71 with premature wear on the front outers. The dealer suggested I rotate the tires with every oil change instead. Doing that, extended my tire's tread life.

    With this Impala, the tires seem to show signs of under inflation being that both the inner & outer treads wore prematurely but at the same rate. I have increased the psi to 35 to see if that helps but it might have been too late. As for the alignment, only the 1st time required actual adjustment of the rear wheels. The Impala has remained in alignment ever since.

    Comment on the Integrity tires. Smooth ride, Decent handling in dry conditions. Not very good in wet conditions and slick surfaces. Driven mostly highway - 75 miles round trip daily to work.
  • jhirneisenjhirneisen Posts: 64
    That's about normal for that tire. Check the manufactures expected tread life.
    I had Godyear Eagle GTs on our car rated at 90,000 miles tread life. At 40,000 they were ever low on tread. The Goodyear dealer gave me 50% off on new tires!
  • I believe that there is a greater issue with the 2008 Impala's. I have had to replace my rear tires because they wore completely out in the inside. I have been searching online and it looks like there is a camber issue with these cars. GM needs to look at a possible recall. I was quoted $45 a tire to adjust the camber on my 08 Impala SS by Firestone, but then they stated it would be $500 because they needed some kit. I cannot do this so I had to buy the 2 back tires ($415 for the cheapest ones) and wait. I do have an appointment with the dealership tomorrow. We will see what happens...
  • prigglypriggly Posts: 642
    Get a four wheel alignment done. That should solve the problem.
  • I suggest:
    1. Keep detailed records of all service records, problems and conversations which you had with the dealer.
    2. File a defect complaint with the National Highwway Traffic Safety Administration via their web-site.
    3. See if your car qualifies under your state's Lemon Law.
    4. Buy a Hyundai! I did...even though I attended General Motors Institute, worked at Pontiac Motors for 3 years, consulted for GM for 11 years, my wife worked 32 years at the GM Technical Center, my father-in-law was a GM Director level, several family members were skilled tradesmen, plant managers, and we owned dozens of GM vehicles, etc. It was a tough decision, but we were screwed too many times by GM.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Please let me know how your appointment at the dealershop went. Thank you!
    GM Customer Service
  • I have already had to change my tires after just 22k on my 2008 Chevy Impala.

    I believe this car (specifically the one that I bought) has serious quality issues, and after 7 trips back to the dealer to fix a fuel sensor issue (which was never completely explained to me), this car now seems to eat tires. I just bought new ones, and I have put in a higher performance K&N air filter.

    This almost certainly will be the LAST CHEVY that I ever own. Chevy customer service has been a complete joke, and they know this car is such a piece of crap that they won't even make me an offer to buy it back at blue book value.

    The dealerships have now gone back on their word to provide the free oil changes that they promised to make me happy in the first place and I am now firmly of the opinion that Chevy is just out to screw customers if there is any problem whatsoever. We are planning to buy FORD, and I hope we have a better experience. Wish I had never tried to be a good American and buy a Chevy. When I had an issue with my Mazda, they made good on the problem. Never had a serious problem with my Nissan of my Hondas. Chevy is killing their own brand by providing NO CUSTOMER SATISFACTION WHATSOEVER.
  • I have an '08 Impala LT, too, as did my uncle and his wife. He retired from GM & was thrilled :D when I purchased this car shortly before he died. :cry: He told me about this feature & how safe my purse would be if I put it under the seat instead of the trunk. ;)
    I asked the salesman at the dealership where my service is done and he said You have the wrong model LT for that. This one doesn't have that seat! I'm so lucky! ha :blush:

    I can't complain about my LT I love it! :)
  • I had the same problem with the 08 Impala LT. Although Chevrolet or the dealer I bought it from denied it was a widespread problem, I found many places on-line where many owners of 06, 07, 08, and 09 models had the same problem, Many believed it was due to the brand of tires being used on the car. This is baloney. Most tires on the market will give you good service if they are maintained at the proper pressure and rotated about every 6000 miles. After many frustrating phone calls to Chevrolet and several visits to the dealer I ended up buying 2 new tires and the dealer provided two new tires. I paid to have a 4 wheel alignment. I have put another 8 thousand miles on the new tires and so far they seem to be holding up. It is my opinion that many of these Impalas came out of the factory misaligned. But Chevrolet will never admit it. The car rides like a dream but I will never buy another Chevy until they start being straight with the customer. I also own an 06 Cobalt, that we like very much, but no more Chevys for this family. Perhaps a FORD is in our future!
  • deminindeminin Posts: 214
    Sounds like your dealer is trying to get to you. Servicing the Tire Monitor system is very easy....the procedure is in your owners manual. You select "Service the tire monitor" on the DIC, then starting with the drivers front tire, you start bleeding air out of the tire until the horn beeps. Then, do the passenger front, passenger rear, and finally the drivers rear. Then, go around the car and add air back up to the proper specs....I like 34 front, and 32 rear.
    If your dealer is trying to hook you for new sensors, you need to go to another dealer.
  • it also depends on if the tires have a flaw in them when they were grand mother had fire stone tires on her 99 explorer and i have them on my 08 impala LT (being converted to SS) i havent had a problem with my tires and i have put a little over 2 thousand miles on them so far any way but i dont know if they r the original tires to the car or not but either way i havent had a problem with them tho i have a issue with the rear drivers side door lock hangs up for some reason and the computer is saying i have too much air in one tire and un evened in the other's tho when i check them they r fine
    regardless i love my impala and could not be happyer
  • hahahaha they did the same thing i am wanting to do to my 08 Impala LT lol

    the only nagging thing about my car i have right now its the tire pressure reader it happend when i put air in the tires tho its only the right passenger side front tire any one else haveing this?
  • i agree about parking being difficult but have since become used to it and now treat the car as i have my former car's as an extension of myself but still find backing into a spot hard due to the high trunk but am unsure of what you mean about steering effort
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