Trailblazer Front Bumper behind Fascia damaged

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Can someone please explain the steps to repair the large metal bumper behind the front fascia. Assume I have a new metal bumper. I need to know how difficult it is to remove the fascia, replace the bumper, and re-assemble the fascia. It's a 2008 and I got backed into by another motorist. Trying to keep it out of insurance claims. Thanks.


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    I have an 02 and had to replace the exact same part some time ago. I don't remember a lot of detail, but I remember that it wasn't real difficult.
    I believe that I removed the grille to get access to the hardware right below it, which is two bolts if I remember right. The rest of the hardware was those plastic quick clips that you pull the center out and then the whole thing pulls out, I don't know the proper name. There was support bars on each side which had to be removed, if I remember right they were held on by those same clips. Of course the fog light cables had to disconnected. I seem to remember that on each side there some type of large built in fastener that I had to reach under and push a plastic lock back to release, then the fascia just lifted off. The plastic fasteners were different sizes so keep track of which came from where.
    The steel sub-bumper just unbolted easily for replacement.
    I think it took about two hours but most of the time I was probably laying under it trying to figure out what to do.
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    Thanks burdawg!
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