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4 wheel doesn't seem to be engaging when it stuck in a few inches of snow. it's an 05 xlt with the 6. the 4x4 light on the dash didn't come on until i was finally out of the snow...took much forward and back.


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    Bought my wife a '05 Escape Limited 6 4x4 three months ago. After two snow/ice storms she complained to me about the 4x4 not seeming to engage. The manual states with the ' intellegent 4x4 ' the dash light should not come on unless there is a problem, overheating. I am taking to the dealer Jan 2nd. Will update on the result. My other vehicles.. two wranglers, suburban and Ford P/U are all true 4x4's.
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    2nd reply. Had made an appointment as stated in my prior post, dropped off the Escape after hours, did not hear from the dealer the next day or the next. Turns out they were closed by thier lender. Got the Escape back and took it to another Ford dealer. Anyway the dealer told me the 4 x 4 was operating correctly. Said it takes a little while ( ? ) to engage and the vehicle must be moving. I was corrrect about the dash light, only displays when there is a problem, mainly overheating.
    Have to wait for the next snow and then I will ride along with the better half.
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    I live in Quebec and i've got an escape xlt 2006, the 4*4 is absolute toy grade, i've lost control and/or got stuck multiple times in snowstorms and icy road and even got stuck driving on the beach when the 4*4 engaged too late to help (i've had an Explorer for years and never got stuck before) Using factory suplied tires also, i've since upgraded to yokohama tires and that did help for winter driving, but 4*4 still engages way too slow and late. IMHO.
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    FYI, on 2005 and newer model year Escapes the "4x4" system changed to what Ford calls an Intelligent 4WD system which turns out to be a less aggresive typical 4x4 system. This 4WD mode will only engage when it senses slippage from the front tires (a la Honda CR-V style), hence, moving forward and reverse did not give the system enought slippage to recognize it need it to engage, thus, engaging momentarily and disengaging right away and overheating the system turning on the 4x4 light on the dash. 2004 and earlier Escapes (like my wifes 2004 Limited 4x4) actually has an active 4WD system that will go on when sensing slippage just like the 2005 and newer models, but, it also has a rotary switch on the dash where we can select the 4x4 and lock the system to be on at all times, making 2004 and older Escapes a bit more off-road capable IMO. Hope this info helps you or anyone that doesn't know.
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    New here and need help. I have a 01 Escape and it is up for the annual smog check. I drove it down to the station and he said he could not pass it. He said that there were issues with the accelerator. He could not get it to go up in small increments. He said he did not know what is wrong with it. This vehicle has been a pain in the [non-permissible content removed]. It has 82k on it. I replaced the tranny at 65k, brake master, power booster, front rotors twice, and rear shocks twice. The transmission is starting to slip again. It was on a 12k 1 year warranty. I have a crap manual that does not give the details I need. I could use suggestions or a rout of trouble shooting, say from pedal to ? I have always tried to maintain my vehicles. This one is the last Ford I will every buy.
    Thanks for any and all help

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    I don't know if this will help you, but my wife's 2004 Escape Limited 4WD V6 Auto had a recall performed back on February 2005 under Recall# 04S25 in which the Accelerator Cable was replaced because of sticking, sort of like what you described. The part# the installed was 5L8Z-9A758-AA
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    Thanks for the reply. I also notice that when the A/C or heater is on, it tends to run rough and acts like it is hitting some dead spot. Even in park at idle. It is more noticeable when driving. I will check the recall notice. Thanks again.

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    just what are the offroad capabilities of the I4WD. i know i will not be able to go mud bogging, but how rough of terrain can it handle?
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    I cant speak from experience because it is my wife's vehicle and she does not let me take it off roading as she knows how crazy I can get, although I have wondered how capable it is since we bought it in 2004. However, if I am not mistaken somewhere in this forum someone that works for a Department of Forestry posted that the department opted for a fleet of Escapes in lieu of Libertys I believe??? So that must say that they are at least adequate out in trails. I have used the 4WD out in the mountains when snowing and it worked awesome and felt very sure footed.
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    Hi everyone,

    My husband and I are military and will be based in Minot, ND. We have been doing alot of research and test driving small-midsize SUVs. So far, our first choice is an Escape XLT with 4WD. However, I want to know if anyone has had problems with the reliability of their Escapes? I had a terrible experience with my previous Ford, a 2003 Ford Focus ZTS. I just had to have a rebuilt transmission put in it 6 months ago with 91,000 miles on the car. I've also had problems with my alternator/battery, due to inexperienced Ford mechanics. However, I am willing to put this negativity aside if I can get some positive feedback about the Escape. This will be our first SUV and we think this vehicle suits our needs the best (i.e. driving in snow, towing, hauling/moving things, etc.). Also, I just read in a previous post about the engines in Escapes stalling? That is a major concern to me and if I am getting myself into a trap, please let me know now versus after I purchase an Escape. Many Thanks!!!!
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    Browsing through the Ford Escape Mazda Tribute Maintenance and Repair discussion may give you some indication of the kinds of problems Escape owners have encountered.

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    Thanks! I'll look there to see if I find anything! However, I'd still appreciate as much input and opinions as possible! Thanks!! :)
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    I own a 2002 Ford Escape V6 XLT Sport. Bought it new in November, 2002. Present odometer is 151,850 miles. The vehicle has spent five Winters in Michigan, and two in Florida. Very little trailer towing (snowmobiles) and no off-roading activity.

    Ownership has been mostly routine, with Lincoln/Mercury/Ford dealers performing most maintenance. The only service I did was to convert to an Amsoil program in 07-09. Back on Motocraft full synthetic, now that isn't driven 30K miles per year.
    The Duretec V6 runs very well, and uses no oil.

    My only mechanical (non-warranty) failure has been the power takeoff, which was replaced last week. The dealer gave me a discount on the unit, but the bill was still $1,860.

    It will remain our primary driver through 2011, and then my daily "beater" until eternity.

    The only surface deterioration has been underneath the optional step/running board brackets. I cleaned those up and repainted them last Summer.

    I've been with Ford since early 1992, and have experienced one unpleasant service call. The rest of the dealers have been very helpful and courteous. Of course, it didn't hurt to live in Michigan, which has more Ford dealers than any other state! This is our fourth Ford/Mazda vehicle; the others being a 07 Lincoln MKZ (lease), and two 1997 Mercury Tracers. I drove the Mercs to 150K miles before I sold them.
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    We bought a new Escape in 2003. I have never had a problem with
    it. The only time it has been in the shop has been for oil changes
    and tire replacements (normal things.) It has 80,000 miles on it and
    I still love to drive it. We just purchased a 2010 Escape Limited and
    so far I love it as much as I do the other one. We have always had
    very good luck with Ford products and have not had any major
    problems with any of them. We live in snow country also, and even
    the local police officer says that I have the best vehicle in the
    parking lot. We love our Escapes!
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    I have Escape 4WD 2005,It has problem, with the 4WD light is flashing 8 times and after 3-5minutes flashing again.I went to garage they checked my vehicle,diagnosed as 4x4 module is broken.But if they change it I need pay $1084.00. So I want change with myself,but I didn't find it . Who know where is it? Please!!! Thank you so much!
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    '05's are AWD. Are there any pauses during the 8 flashes?
    We have an '04 that lit up the air bag light 3 flashes - pause - 7 flashes.
    Did a search to find out what it meant. Came back as right front seat wiring harness.
    You might get some info trying that.
    You can try searching ford parts dot com to see if you can find out what part it is and list price.
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    Thanks my friend, I checked all the cabin don't find it. All my friends ,who can tell me, where is the 4x4 control module in Escape?
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTMember Posts: 17,482
    Could this be it?
    2005 AWD V6 Auto
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  • jakeyljakeyl Member Posts: 3
    Yes, Thank you! but in fact, I don't find anything on the case.would you show more picture of 4x4 module,please! Thank you so much!
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Central CTMember Posts: 17,482
    It's the box in the left upper part of the exploded view. It's probably connected by a wiring harness.
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT
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    Ok, I have 4x4 issues... the dashboard 4x4 light is flashing and front wheels only spinning... I have replaced the toner rings on the cv shafts and still nothing... is there something more to this?

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    I have same problem. For the first few winters of my 2007 Escape, I felt the 4WD was very capable. I could drive around in 6 inches of snow and not worry about getting stuck. Due to an unrelated powertrain issue, the rear 4WD was swapped out (unnecessarily it turns out). The next winter, at the slightest wheel slip on snow, the 4WD light comes on steady, and if you persist a bit with wheel slip, the 4WD light begins to blink. Trust me, it is NOT overheating. It blinks for 5 minutes of running and then resets. The repair then was to replace the LF tone ring, and I was told to trust them, this was the problem. Well, we didn't have any more snow for 10 months (and hence no test), and once again, with the first snow and at the slightest wheel slip the light comes on. Essentially, there is no 4WD and without it, the Escape is useless in snow. I had it in the shop mid December 2013, and was told that it was fixed by replacing the 4WD electronics module located under the console. However, at the very next snow after Xmas, the light came on in exactly the same manner. Service appointment at 7am this morning, but I am losing confidence.

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    Mine turned out to be a broken PTU (transfer case). You can determine this by being able to turn the driveshaft when the transmission is in Park and the vehicle on a hoist.

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    I got a 05 dealer says is 2wd fwd but the dash shows a 4x4 light it has never come on but I wander why I would have this light but not have 4x4
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    If it has a differential in the back, it is AWD. 2WD's have an open space there. It could just be they use the same instrument panel.
    2020 Ford Explorer XLT
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    It's like a dog. Just look underneath the tail.

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  • jarmopiispajarmopiispa finlandMember Posts: 4
    that ford link doesnt open......where that module is????
  • jarmopiispajarmopiispa finlandMember Posts: 4
    2005 escape
  • thecardoc3thecardoc3 Member Posts: 5,535
    The 4WD module is inside the center console. It attaches to the rear of the shifter assembly.
  • jarmopiispajarmopiispa finlandMember Posts: 4
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    thank you!
  • jarmopiispajarmopiispa finlandMember Posts: 4
    found it=) thank you! my maverick burn number 18 4wd fuse all the i thought maybe some problem with wires....but i take the connector and put back in on the 4wdbox on and 4wd work again 10a fuse is ok.....
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