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2009 Subaru Forester



  • gopher13gopher13 Posts: 3
    Is the AWD of a Forester really all that great? I live in Denver have a Liberty 4x4 and make frequent trips into the mountains skiing and hiking. My lease is up in the next couple weeks and I'm sick of driving my gas guzzling Jeep. I really don't do any serious off-roading, just the occasional washed out logging trail or horrible rocky gravel road, and the treacherous interstate I-70 to go skiing. I'm intrigued by the redesigned Forester, but unsure whether its AWD system can really handle plowing through 12-18in of snow or scaling an ice snow covered mountain road. I've been spoiled by the Jeep, but I'm ready to move up to something more efficient.

    I'm recently married and my wife has driven Outbacks for 10 years and we just got her a new 08. She swears by it, but she never leaves the paved roads of the city in her car.

    I'm just having a tough time deciding whether I can move on to a Forester or not.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They have about 9" of clearance, about the best you'll find in a compact crossover.

    Let's be realistic, though, in 18" of snow any vehicle could high center and get stuck. If it's 18" packed, at least.

    This video shows a lot of promise, if you think 9" of clearance is enough for you:
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    Long term quality control was not professionally performed and this is a serious punch to the prestige of Subaru America

    No it's not. In the same way I would buy a Honda after the tranny issues and a Toyota (and have) after the sludge issues, and an Explorer after the ignition fire issues, etc.

    In the scheme of things this means zippo. That does not mean I wouldn't be upset if I had the issue, but I have confidence Subaru will do the right thing.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    You are right. And Subaru Forester is still best in class and that is what I would buy. The total package is above average. Yeah some manufacturers may do some things better, but none have the better total package.
  • kdshapirokdshapiro Posts: 5,751
    The CR-V is the segment leader in every condition except deep snow. Clearly the interior is more refined than the Forester Prem. However, the XT will leave the CR-V in the dust and the Foresters drivetrain is superior. So while the CR-V does somethings better than the Forester, the two things the Forester does better is why I bought the vehicle.
  • saedavesaedave Chicago, ILPosts: 694
    The CR-V is the segment leader in every condition except deep snow. Clearly the interior is more refined than the Forester Prem.

    But the exterior looks like the front was crashed before delivery and the rear vision is terrible. I have friends who just bought a Forester because of those shortcomings of the CRV.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    Sadly, at this point my '09 Forester dash, upper roof console, and dash trim are now merrilly chirping away over virtually every small bump I go over.

    Not encouraging.

    Drive before you buy and listen carefully. If it chirps, beware. :surprise: It will get worse.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    I was initially a little disappointed when I heard about the end of the LL Bean partnership, but then I thought about not having the logo stuck everywhere and I think I'd actually be happier in an "X Limited" :) I don't need "LL Bean" embossed on the seats & floormats, and with the "PZEV" low-emissions emblem added to the rear hatch (in some states, incl. mine), it was looking a little cluttered w/the LL Bean logo added as well. As long as the content stays as good, I'm fine w/out the brand caché.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    "The CR-V is the segment leader in every condition except deep snow."

    Comparing a Premium w/an EX:

    Forester has more horsepower, more torque, lower emissions, equal fuel economy, 40-mile-greater range, an inch-and-a-half more ground clearance, nearly 1,000 lbs more towing capacity, more headroom (front & rear), 1.3" more total legroom (1.8" more in front, 1/2" less rear) and a $400 lower invoice.

    CRV has 2 c.f. greater cargo capacity.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Hey mods, Edmunds says the 2009 Forester has 8 consumer reviews and an overall rating of 8.6, but if you view the reviews, there are not 8 but 3, and the scores are 8.9, 9.5 and 10. That's a 9.5 average. What gives? :confuse:
  • tkaytkay Posts: 99
    With all the major automobile manufacturers involved in some sort of Hybrid Tech. Wondering if Subaru is involved any sort of research in this system?
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    chelentano is in charge of calculating the Forester's average score.


    I wouldn't mind having a PZEV logo on the back on mine, not at all. In a way I wish MD was a PZEV state. I'd get that model and then enjoy a 150,000 mile warranty on all emissions related items.

    Plus it's just cool to be green. :shades:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They just launched a diesel boxer in Europe, so we'll probably get that before we see a hybrid.

    Toyota just upped their share of ownership of FHI, so they may want to hedge their bets a bit. Pushing HSD on Toyotas while offering diesels on Subarus allows them to spread the risk a bit.

    I bet we'll see a 2010 Outback diesel in the USA.
  • tkaytkay Posts: 99
    I don't think diesel engines are a bargain $ 4.21 gallon. Do they get that much better MPG?
  • samiam_68samiam_68 Posts: 775
    It would be a bargain if Subaru builds a diesel hybrid :surprise:
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I hear you, in fact I've been complaining about diesel prices. I saw diesel at one station for 90 cents more than gas.

    The response from most people is that this is a seasonal effect due to demand for heating oil that should cool off (pardon the pun).

    I certainly hope so. That extra cost would offset any efficiency gains, for the most part.
  • skeletonskeleton Posts: 37
    I've currently placed a pre-order for a 09 Forester X, M/T with Touring Package. :D Wooo, wooo!. I'm based on Toronto, Canada. Dealer indicated they are expecting to receive their first shipment week after next. Very excited. Also, it's my first Subaru. I've done a lot of research at it seems like the right vehicle for us.

    Here is the list of accessories from Subaru USA website. I'm expecting that we'll likely see very similar accessories here in Canada.

    Anyone purchase/seen any of these? Opinions?


    Bumper Corner Molding Kit $60
    Front Underspoiler $370
    Spoiler $335
    Sports Grille Kit $277
    Tail Pipe Cover - for Dual Exhaust $40

    Momo Shift Knob, M/T $84
    STI Metal Pedal Kit - M/T $160
    STi Shift Knob 5MT Black Duracon $80
    STi Shift Knob 5MT Leather & Aluminum $170
    Severe Weather Companion $40
    Short Throw Shifter $295
    Wheel Locks $24

    Bag - Car Cover $10
    Battery Warmer $30
    Body Side Molding Kit $220
    Bumper Underguard Front $240
    Bumper Underguard Rear $290
    Carpeted Floor Mats $95
    Engine Block Heater $30
    Floor Mats, All Weather $60
    Forester Car Cover $100
    Hood Protector Kit $73
    Rear Bumper Cover $60
    Security System Shock Sensor, Individual $100
    Splash Guard Kit $100
    Wheel Arch Molding Kit $400

    Sirius Satellite Radio $398
    Subwoofer Kit $270
    Tweeter Kit $90
    XM Satellite Radio $398

    Utility & Convenience
    Aero Cross Bars $180
    Anti-Slip Mat $20
    Ash Tray Adapter $20
    Auto Dim Mirror w/Compass and Homelink $240
    Bike Attachment - Hitch Mounted $230
    Bike Attachment - Roof Mounted - Dual $240
    Bike Attachment - Roof Mounted - Single $123
    Bike/Kayak/Roof Bskt Mtg.Clamps Aero Bars $12
    Cargo Area Spotlight $40
    Cargo Net Seat Back $28
    Cargo Net Side $25
    Cargo Net Vertical $28
    Cargo Tray $70
    EC Mirror Compass Camlock $165
    Fog Lamp Kit $325
    Fork-Mounted Bike Carier $140
    Front Wheel Holder $25
    Heavy Duty Roof Cargo Basket $320
    Kayak Carrier $135
    Luggage Compartment Cover $150
    Moon Roof Air Deflector $80
    Puddle Light Kit $150
    Roof Cargo Basket $118
    Roof Cargo Carrier $335
    Roof Cargo Carrier Extended $425
    Round Crossbar Kit $240
    Ski Attach Mtg Clamps Aero Cross Bars $12
    Ski Attachment, 6pair $113
    Trailer Hitch - US & Canada $390
    iPod - Phone Console Tray $9
  • caliberchiccaliberchic Posts: 402

    There are the other 5 reviews, they are linked on the editors review page.
  • tkaytkay Posts: 99
    Is there such an animal? It sounds very intriguing..
  • You bought in Canada? Do you have any information about pricing for the 2009 canadian forester? Dealers around here say they have no info at all.

    In any case, I was under the impression that it would be cheaper to buy in the US...
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    All right, so it says there are 8 total consumer reviews, but...
    3 consumer reviews are shown at the "2009 Subaru Forester Consumer Reviews" page and 5 consumer reviews are shown on the "2009 Subaru Forester Editors' Review". There is no editors' review on the Editors' Review page. Somebody needs to do a bit of re-organizing. :P

    Thanks for solving the mystery for me, caliberchic. ;)
  • tkaytkay Posts: 99
    The U.S. dollars has tanked.I do think the Canadian dollar is rated a little higher,and the Euro much higher. It will take many more U.S. $$$ to buy a Canadian Subie. Plus the fact you will have to pay a tax to bring it here.(I think!)
  • Sorry I was not clear. I am in Canada, as I assumed skeleton is. In Qc, the 2009 Forester in not out yet. But I was planning on buying in the US, as last model was priced about 8000 more here. I was hoping to get 2009 pricing info from Canada before I confirm my decision.
  • tkaytkay Posts: 99
    Sorry, my mistake. Better go have my 2nd. cup of coffee.(ay)Would be curious to know your pricing,as opposed to ours.. There is probably the same type of tax for you buying here,and taking it back home.?
  • We'll see about pricing. For the 2008, the difference for the LL Bean equivalent (not identical) was about 8,000. Destination is about 700 more here, so total difference is 8,700. Now taxes for fed and provincial amount to 12.5%, vs 0-6% in most states. In short, total difference is price is near 10,000. We are really being gouged!

    Good points about buying in the US for us is that we are not paying state tax if we import directly and warranty is convered. Bad point is you have to pay cash, no financing possible.

    All thing considered, I will probably save 7,000-8,000 if I buy in the US.
  • skeletonskeleton Posts: 37
    I've not officially "purchased" but have put some money down to reserve one (in case Subaru decides to get aggressive on prices and they become harder to get).

    Dealer mentioned that he expects them to be about $1500 less than last years which would make sense given the price drop in the US. I'm hoping Subaru Canada decides to stop playing the rebate/low-interest incentive games with the new Forester model given that it's pretty much an entirely new model and can get away with being more aggressive in their prices, i.e. drop the list price by $3K-$5K. (I wouldn't be surprised if they did this. With the conflict in the oil-rich countries not ending any time soon, oil prices will stay high and the strength of the Canadian dollar will be strong for the foreseeable future.) If they do decide to significantly lower their prices, I would expect them to not last too long at the dealers. With the crazy amount of snow we've had this winter, Subie's should have solid spring sales numbers.
  • skeletonskeleton Posts: 37
    Subaru is offering 1.9% financing but it's not going to make up the 7000-8000 difference. They should lower their prices by about $5K in my opinion and still offer the 1.9% financing to really discourage Canadians from buying from the US.

    Btw, there are brokers out there now that will do all the paperwork for you for a nominal fee. Subaru better start doing something otherwise it'll become a real big problem. (Basically, they need to figure out away to charge us less money on new units without eroding the residual values of the units they have out on lease.)
  • I agree that 5K less and 1.9% financing would be acceptable, but I don't set my hopes up.

    Some US dealerships are doing the paperwork for 'free'. I got a quote 1000 under US MSRP including paperwork for a LL Bean. (which is PZEV, a big selling point for me, not offered in Canada)

    I guess I'll encourage US economy until Cad car manufacturer's stop gouging us!
  • tntmythtntmyth Posts: 70
    I read somebody's post here that at higher speeds, the 2009 Subaru Forester really runs at 90/10 split AWD with FWD bias? Except for in 1st or 2nd gear which is 50/50? Wouldn't that make the AWD less effective in rain and snow at higher speeds? It seems that AWD would be more effective if it ran at 60/40 or 50/50 all the time, but I am not an engineer.
    Is the 2008 Forester AWD configured the same?
    How does the Subaru AWD compare with other AWD systems like Audi Quattro?
  • skeletonskeleton Posts: 37
    Eventually something's gotta give and at this rate anyone who's purchased a vehicle in 2007 or 2008 will be left making up the difference as those vehicles' current market value will be affected.

    So I'm watching this very carefully and will cancel my order if Subaru Canada doesn't do something with the new Foresters.
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