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2009 Subaru Forester



  • pgb0517pgb0517 Posts: 84
    Thanks to all who responded on the Sportshift. It's been very enlightening. Guess I'll play with it sometime when I'm feeling ... sporty.
  • phdhuskyphdhusky Posts: 85
    When going around 65 I think the rpms are ~2500. You don't notice the engine rpms though and it is very comfortable. My gf drives a 2007 Cr-V and I drove that car around for a whole year. I can tell you that the Forester is more fun to drive than the CRV. You get a better 4WD system and no torque steer. The 4 speed vs 5 speed makes little difference in driver feel to me. You will feel like you are sitting higher in the CRV and lower and more carlike in the Forester. There are trade offs with both cars but I have been very satisfied with my Forester and I didn't want to buy the CRV as it is marketed toward mid 30's women with children and I am 21.

    The best thing is to go look at both cars and see how they feel to you. Send me a msg and I can elaborate on the issue.
  • birdboybirdboy Posts: 158
    For those still considering the Forester, I have owned one for a month thus far. Except for the cost cutting interior , in my opinion, I am very happy with the drive. Last night on a 3 hour Thruway trip upstate @60-65mph, I averaged between 29-31 mpg . This is the third trip with this milage and it still is brand new.
  • Replying to myself, I experimented last night with whether, by using Sportshift, you can start in 2nd (handy for snow starts). The answer: yes, but there's a trick to it. When in Sportshift the car does automatically downshift to 1st when you stop, but if you then bump the shift forward it will go into 2nd and start from there. Be aware that because of the gear ratio it gets going really slow in 2nd, but on a very slick surface I bet it would be great.
  • bigfrank3bigfrank3 Posts: 426
    All my automatic Foresters since 2001 have started in 2nd when that is chosen. I guess that with the new Sportshift there is no "2" to select anymore, true?
  • Exactly--it's only P, R, N and D is at the bottom now, with the Sportshift slot to the left of that.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    very useful to know wrt the sportshift, thanks.

    My CR-V test drive suggested CR-V has somewhat nicer interior, but was not all that responsive despite the 5-speed (one pro review commented its trans doesn't use 4th gear all that much). CR-V ride was also much firmer than Foresters'.
    CR-V AWD, from videos I've seen, is weaker coping with hills than the Forester system is.

    However, CR-V is a tiny bit faster and gets a bit more fuel economy per Motor Trend's recent 2008 comparo.
  • volkovvolkov Posts: 1,306
    Remember kids, the 09's all have TC so I highly doubt you'd need to play with starting in L2 in slippery conditions. We'll have to see how she fares in real world ice or deep snow. Hopefully it's better than the Toyota set-up which favours not moving at all to spinning the wheels. There have been numerous complaints about that.
    On my test drive I took the F9 to a moderate uphill on loose gravel road. From a stop I floored it and it just pulled away at an initially moderate rate of acceleration with barely a sound. Beyond the lack of pebbles flying everywhere, I was most impressed by how smooth it was. Prior experience in the Highlander and CR-V and older Jetta gave the sense of the car fighting against you and against itself whilst the warning light and beeper screamed at you. Nothing like that with Forester. To be fair, the CR-V was the last gen. and I didn't take the new one to that spot but I don't think the AWD and TC have changed since 06.
  • volkovvolkov Posts: 1,306
    I think the Motor Trend article compared FWD CR-V to the AWD Forester. EPA numbers for F09 vs AWD CRV are identical, and the acceleration for the AWD tends to hover around 10 sec for 0-60. So apples to apples the X is equally as fast and equally efficient.
  • bigfrank3bigfrank3 Posts: 426
    I would say that is true. Here in this part of New England (MA) our snow tends to have a high moisture content, rarely light and fluffy. I have never had a problem with up to 9 or 10 inches of snow, even just leaving it in "drive", and I don't have TC. After that the front end tends to lift a bit, losing traction because of the ground clearance, but that seems to be due to the engine compartment shield that is no longer used on the 09.

    The only time I have ever got stuck was in 14" of very dense snow when I got high-centered because of the shield. Removing a few shovels of snow from under the shield brought me back in contact with the road and off I went.

    I have used "2" more when I want more control, no upshifts or downshifts while already moving. It also gives great control when approaching a corner and you want to slow a little but not use the brakes. Very much like a manual transmission.

    Areas with no other traffic or obstacles can be a lot of fun in the snow with a Soob! :)
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    There is worse pricing pain for Subaru buyers than in Canada.

    The roughly $29,500 Forester XT I bought here would have set me back $47,697.63 in Australia. :surprise:

    Blame their import tariffs and additional distributor markup.

    It's not the currency...aussie dollars are very close to USA dollars right now.
  • irollitirollit Posts: 20
    I just purchased a 2009 Forester 2.5X Limited with a moon roof. It will be here by the end of June. I ordered the "bubble" air deflector, thinking it would make less noise with it. Now I wonder if the mileage will be affected.

    I have read of people getting more than the 20-26 mph listed on the sticker. I do not want to jeopardize the great mileage that the Forester is capable of giving us.

    Does anyone have experience with the "bubble"air deflector and decreased mileage?
  • irollitirollit Posts: 20
    What are Subaru bucks? I asked for a rebate or incentives but got a negative answer when purchasing a 2009 Forester.
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    If you have a Subaru Credit card, issued by Chase Bank (I think) your purchases on the card accru Subaru Bucks.
    Would suggest you read the application carefully - there are some potential gotchas from Chase.
  • board_jayboard_jay Posts: 22

    My 2009 Forrester Premium 2.5X w/all weather is due in at the end of June. I have been looking to see if there are any window side deflectors available for it yet for the front windows? I have had them on all vehicles I've ever owned and will miss them! Thanks.
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    Subaru of America is notoriously skimpy with the available accessory choices. Many Subaru enthusiasts end up ordering items from the accessories catalog Subaru offers to its customers in Japan. A reputable website for that is here's a link to their page with Forester interior/exterior accessories (there are other categories as well). Looks like a full set of the door visors runs about 23,700 Yen or $220 US. Good luck! - er=&volkey=
  • A lot of cool stuff on particularly like the "Center Corn Sole Pocket".

    Anybody know if the HID bulbs would work with the US headlight system?
  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    Weather Tech makes side window deflectors..they advertise extensively in Car and Driver and other automag pubs.
  • mwasnidgemwasnidge Posts: 28
    Maybe keep your eye on this thread: 66/

    US vendors are trying to get supplied through SOJ.
  • mwasnidgemwasnidge Posts: 28
    Anyone know what the moonroof air deflector will look like with the aero crossbars? Is it feasible to have both and not be too crowded up there?
  • sylviecatsylviecat Posts: 10
    This might not be the proper place for this query, in which case, I am very sorry, but i've been trying to figure this out. If you need to rder the 09, and they seem in short supply, if you want specifics (working out a few things, then I want to get the xPremium AWP or X Ltd in Newport Blue)

    If you have to order from the dealer, is there still a way to negotiate price? and if so, any advice?

    Many thanks!
  • johnc19johnc19 Posts: 15
    I am considering purchasing a new 2009 Forester, but in reading the posts in various Subaru discussions, it appears that at one time Subaru had some real issues with head gasket failures leading to expensive repairs or engine replacements. From what I can tell (not having ever owned a Subaru) most of the failures mentioned in these discussions occurred on late 1990s to early 2000s model years.

    I don't really see any discussion of issues for the most recent models. My question for someone with knowledge and experience with these engines is, did Subaru do something specific to improve head gasket durability, or is the reason that late model years aren't having failures is just due to a lack of time/mileage?

    I really like the design and styling of the new Forester better than any comparable smaller SUV, but wouldn't want to be in the position of having to make a major engine repair after 6 to 8 years of ownership.
  • johnc19johnc19 Posts: 15
    Thanks for your thoughts about the differences between these 2 vehicles.

    Can you elaborate on what's better/different about Subaru's 4WD system compared to Honda's. I've never had a 4WD vehicle because it's not absolutely crucial to me living in Northern VA. However, I obviously can't buy a Subaru and not have it be 4WD.
  • board_jayboard_jay Posts: 22
    Thanks! I went to Add-On and Yipes Stripes today (local add-on accessory shops) and the folks at both places told me that Weather Tech and Auto Vent Shade don't have them available for the 09 Forresters yet, but expects them to be out in 2-3months.
  • birdboybirdboy Posts: 158
    This morning while trying to lift a small cup of coffee out of the deep square coffee holder the lid came off spilling hot coffee all over. This created a very unsafe situation in several ways. Has anyone out there found a remedy for this ? poor design in my opinion and I think Subaru should offer us an safe insert.
  • w8ifiw8ifi Posts: 78
    You might want to do a search on "head gasket" in the Subaru threads here. Your question comes up fairly often. There was a period when some head gasket problems were occurring but not on every engine. Still it was enough that Subaru worked on the problem quite aggressively. For the last six years or so it apparently hasn't been an issue, so whatever they did fixed it. It doesn't mean it can't happen but it is very unlikely. No manufacturer has a 100% perfect record on anything as complicated as a vehicle.
    Subaru's are still noted for their excellent reliability. Their engines are certainly at the top for reliability and length of service. I've owned two Dodge Omni's, one "K" car, and a Neon ,all 4 cylinder, and every one had head gasket failure. Chrysler wouldn't provide financial assistance on any of them. Many Subaru's are on the road with over 200,000 miles with no engine issues.
  • pgb0517pgb0517 Posts: 84
    Search for "cupholders" in this discussion and also for my name "pgb0517" -- I posted an update on my quest for the perfect cupholder insert not long ago.
  • birdboybirdboy Posts: 158
    I just googled and found a black molded plastic insert @ They come in 2 sizes and are inexpensive. They come in 2 sizes. Model ch-2b Standard 2-7/8"x2-3/4 diameter or 3-3/4" diameter. Any suggestions or thoughts on this product? Thanks.
  • pgb0517pgb0517 Posts: 84
    I have found several products like these in the RV/boat accessory lines. Problem is, they are a single size. I prefer either the ones with graduated sizes (bigger at the top, getting down to soda-can size in one or two steps), or those that somehow adapt to different sizes. My post on cupholders from a few days ago has some options. I'm still researching. I've also e-mailed SOA telling them to come on fer cryin' out loud and make us an insert. It's 2008, manufacturers should have this nailed!
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    sgloon: on the 98, the fender flares covered part of the rear door, protecting then when you opened the door. I guess I'll have to take a closer look at the new wheel well covers to see if it's the same way - doesn't the rear door overlap a bit with the rear wheel well?

    Plus is protects you from other cars opening their doors.

    johnc19: our 2009 Forester actually shifts more smoothly than our minivan (2007 Sienna), even with fewer ratios.

    birdboy: 29-31 mpg sounds great. Ours is already up to 22 mpg and we're still on our very first 1/4 tank.

    redherring: thanks for checking the starting-in-2nd for the snow.

    volkov: my Sienna nearly stalls up a snowy hill because the TRAC is so invasive. I think starting in 2nd will be more effective because there may be no slip to begin with. Either way, it's nice to have the choice and full control.
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