Toyota Landcruiser vs. Acura MDX Sport Package with rear DVD system

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Though it might not sound like an even competition, it actually is. The Toyota Landcruiser starts at $56,215, while a base MDX goes for about $40,000(base retail prices). That why I loade the MDX with the sport package, and the rear DVD system. But the Land cruiser still has the higher price, at $47,795 for the Acura. The Land cruiser makes only 265 horsepower from the 4.7 liter V-8, while the MDX has 300 horsepower from a 3.7 liter V-8. Also, Toyota's fuel economy are down, 13/17, versus MDX's 17/22. Which one is the better Luxury SUV?


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    I do not think they are that comparable. The LC does not have the interior room and space efficiency of the MDX, as it leans more toward a purpose-built truck. That is, a ladder frame, solid-rear axle, transfer-case with low-range, and heavy duty everything for towing and off-road abuse. All of this adds weight and reduces gas mileage. So unless you are going to tow large loads, utilize the low-range, or just like trucks-and are willing to sacrifice practicality for image/solid-truck drive; then you are better off with the MDX.

    The third-row in the LC, and LX and GX, are really not that practical for daily use; especially anyone over 5 feet tall.
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    They are completely different vehicles. The LandCruiser is a true off-road vehicle. It is body-on-frame construction with a solid rear axle, full-time 4WD and a low range.

    The MDX is a jacked-up minivan. Fine for going to the mall on a snowy day, but not something to take on a challenging trail.

    Pick which one is suitable for you. Most folks will seldom need the LandCruiser's off-road prowess.
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    If you don't care about towing capacity and off-road ability, then get the MDX otherwise get the land cruiser.
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    Honda and Acura never produce V8 motors. At least not for a long time

    In terms of company size, Honda is about 1/3 of Toyota. It takes a lot of effort and cost to make V8 motors well and profitable , especially in today's economy.

    Acura RDX is a V6. High compression V6 to generate 300 Horses.

    I have 2 Land Cruisers 1998 and 2003 and I love both of them. 100% Made in Japan.

    Never driven a MDX and not sure where it is made from. I bet Canada or Ohio.
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    "Acura RDX is a V6. High compression V6 to generate 300 Horses."

    I believe you meant to say MDX is a V6 with 300HP. The RDX is a turbo 4.
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