Nissan Rogue Premium Bose vs Factory Audio system?

bmw98bmw98 Member Posts: 3
I test drove Rogue and liked it but I it gets expensive with options which I want to cut down. The only thing which matters to me is premium sound. Now I listened to the Bose installed and it was not what I was expecting it (not as good as Harmon Kardon in my beamer). Than I also listened to the factory stereo on another Rogue and it was pretty decent. I would really like to know if you are satisfied with the Bose in Rogue? If you have to say anything about the audio system in Rogue I would like to hear it. If the Bose doesn't sound that spectacular than I can settle with the base system. Thank You.


  • gobruins2gobruins2 Member Posts: 2
    I just picked up my Rogue 2 days ago, and it has the Bose. My last car was an 06 Audi A4 with the standard stereo, which I thought was pretty decent. In my opinion, where the Bose really makes a difference is when you crank it up. When the volume is down low, it sounds a little tinny, and the sound seems to be most noticable from the middle speaker. But when you turn it up, it seems to come from all around and is very crisp and clear. I love it! My first time with satellite radio as well, which I could really get use to. 3 months free XM with the Bose. Another great feature with the premium package is the Bluetooth, which I didn't realize how much I would enjoy.
  • ticmxmanticmxman Member Posts: 48
    I agree with gobruins. I am very pleased with the Bose System, I don't recall seeing many posts from anyone disappointed with the sound maybe a couple of posts.It come down to a personal choice really. The Bose sounds best at moderate to high volume. I also like the disply much better than the RAV4 JBLs. If you want the Bose in the Rogue you will have to get at least the SL model with the Premium Package in 2wd or AWD.

    See Edmunds link below for a system review.
  • grrrldrivergrrrldriver Member Posts: 8
    Off the cuff, on the fly (although music is really very important to me and I'm currently having a hissy fit over the Rogue's XM vs. Sirius, which is my drug of choice. I mean, do I wait for the much-anticipated merger; get the upcoming XM-to-Sirius converter, or do I spring for a Sirius plug-n-play? %#$ XM...)

    Thanks to XM, for the past two weeks I thought the Bose in my new Rogue was busted. I knew XM's channels sucked little green ones, but I've been amazed at the tinny, puny, and pathetic sound of the Rogue's Bose. I figured it had something to do with the smaller cabin of the Rogue and let it go.

    Until last night. I finally thought to put in a freshly-burned CD. It had Sinead O'Connor's "Downpressor Man" on it. I heard instruments and nuances that I hadn't heard on home or work system, or even on Sirius Disorder where I had originally heard song; the Rogue's Bose just blew me away.

    So it's been frickin' XM the entire time. And the Bose is definitely worth it, IMHO. If you haven't bought a Rogue yet, take your favorite CD to the dealership and try it for yourself. Please don't let XM guide you to Bose or factory. (Hate to sound like a 1950s B-grade sci-fi warning siren, but the tinny, puny, pathetic sound is coming from ...doo-doo-doo-doo, XM...) :shades:
  • cdmuilecdmuile Member Posts: 152
    I put in my favorite Bill Haley CD and didn't notice any difference.
  • justritejustrite Member Posts: 1
    I bought a rouge 3 months ago radio sucks , if you hook ipod up sound great ... and even better at high volume... but my mpg sucks.
  • rkoko164rkoko164 Member Posts: 10
    I wasn't that impressed during my road test either but after living with it for a week now it's great!
  • nitehawk25nitehawk25 Member Posts: 2
    The Bose system on the Rogue is nice. I must say, I've had better factory car stereos. This Bose system in the Rogue is best when listening to CD's or MP3's. It's good with AM/FM radio and a little down market (noticiably weaker) with the XM radio feature. The clarity is always great with a Bose system, but I've notice the weaker bottom end performance. Out of a 10, I would rate this system at a 7. My first Bose system was in my 1999 Nissan Maxima. That was distinctly louder than this system, even had better bass.
  • bobalbe1bobalbe1 Member Posts: 14
    My first impretion on test drive was tini sound at low volumen, but as you crank it up the sound remains clear, which is important to me. The bass is fine but not deep enough for my taste. Overall is a nice sound that I can live with.
  • pitkeyspitkeys Member Posts: 18
    Our 08 Rogue's Bose system is much better than the Bose we had in our previous RAV4. It's quite clear at highway speeds. That said, and being in the music biz, IMO no automobile system will provide the clarity of a good fixed system. We make our own song files and they sound OK on the road with the Rogue/Bose. When we EQ these files for the Rogue/Bose, they sound better, of course, in both CD and MP3 modes.
  • rdoug1rdoug1 Member Posts: 2
    Radio swap Question
    I relly don't like my 06 XTrail radio.
    Will the Bose unit from a 2009 or 2010 Rogue fit?
    I can get one cheap.
    I know. You're thinking, What's an XTrail?
    It's like a 2/3 size Pathfinder.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 232,939
    I think the XTrail is the XTerra in the US, right?

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  • rdoug1rdoug1 Member Posts: 2
    No,. It's not the Xterra. We've got them in Canada to.
    The XTrail is still available everywhere but North America.
    It was also sold in Canada in 05 & 06.
    XTrail continues to be the largest selling mid-sized SUV in the world.
    They have been in production for about 10 years.
    Very popular in Austrailia and the U.K.
    You can even find them in Mexico, Aruba and throughout Aisia.
  • coachd66coachd66 Member Posts: 1
    after the Bose system in my 2008 Rogue essentially died (the lights were on and appeared to function, but no sound) I went thru a process from fuses to amp up to Bose. told head unit (Nissan part cost:$1,055.08!!) was bad but Bose and Nissan had arrangement to replace bad units for $350.00. too bad nobody told Nissan. nothing but hassles. STEP AWAY FROM THE NISSAN/BOSE STEREOS! good at first but then the nightmare.
  • mkaccountantmkaccountant Member Posts: 1
    hi coachd66! Can you give me some more info on the Bose/Nissan replacement plan? I am having problems with mine. At first you couldn't load a disc in slot 5 now 3 too. From reading other boards, looks like it is the start of a headache.
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