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2009 CTS

I know I'm jumping the gun a lot here, but I am planning on ordering a CTS at the end of February. I'm wondering if it doesn't make more sense to wait an additional 6 months or so and order an 09. Anyone have any info on what tweeks will be done to the 09 model? I would guess bluetooth, but that's not big deal to me. But maybe a rear camera? Any inside info? Anyone?


  • arby1arby1 Posts: 83
    A 2009 would not be able to be ordered before August because the 2009 would not come to the showrooms before September .
  • That kind of fits in with my original question doesn't it?

    I'm wondering if the tweeks to the current car will induce buyers remorse at that time.
    I would not be regretting a purchase of an 08 CTS right now if I bought one now.
    But I didn't and dont figure I wil be ordering one prior to the end of February. That makes me pause to wonder what improvements will b emade to fix the issues of todays car. A normal moon roof perhaps? Bluetooth? etc etc etc...
  • Hello All...I found this forum in my never-ending quest of purchasing my next car. The good news - I'm 95% certain it's gonna be a Cadillac. But just when I had decided on getting a 2007 XLR (I certainly can't afford a brand new one!), my stepdad sends me a link to the CTS and I fell in love all over again!

    Awesome writeups and credentials. Just when I'm ready to change my mind and buy the 2008 CTS, I find out they're anticipating a coupe version out this coming Summer. Now I'm REALLY torn! Any truth to that rumor?

    While I don't see me finding any SEXIER car than the XLR, it's cost prohibitive for me. Sure, I could buy one a couple of years old, but then it's not really new any longer. I could certainly wait until August if in fact Cadillac presents a coupe version of the CTS - CTC?

    What's the buzz...and excuse this poorly written first post in this forum.
  • Unlike most of you, I have been very disappointed with my new CTS. I just bought a brand new CTS 2009 with premium package a month ago. In the past 30 days, my car has been back twice to the dealer with problems. First it was the differential problem of the rear drive, now it has rattling sound coming from the dash. The car has been in service for 10 days already and I am still driving a loaner car. I don't know what else to do, please help me. I should have kept my Infiniti and not bought this CTS!!!

    A very disappointed CTS owner in Austin, TX.
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    Does anyone know a factory schedule as to when they would start building 09?
    I ask because a lot of people assumingly who work at GM knew that the plant would shut down for two weeks recently.
  • vic10vic10 Posts: 188
    Have you considered the STS? I'm hoping to buy my first Caddy this year (currently have a 300C) and was lured into the dealership by the CTS. Found it a tad too small. Tried the DTS and found it a tad too old. But just drove a V6 STS and was very impressed. Am anxious to try the V8 version.
  • beerme1beerme1 Posts: 67
    I have zero interest in the STS.
  • tntmythtntmyth Posts: 70
    Personally, I have decided to wait for the 2009 CTS. I want to see what improvements they make and new cheese they are putting in to attract us mice. Plus the car will be a model year newer. I am driving an 2001 Isuzu Trooper right now which is paid off and has only 58K miles. I am itching to get a sports sedan to have some fun with after 6 years driving a truck. But the Trooper is bulletproof. I will probably have to shoot it (with a Bazooka) before it would die. So I am not under any pressure to buy the 2008. If you are not under any pressure, why not wait for the 2009? We already know that the 2009 CTS will have Bluetooth since the 2009 CTS-V has it. And I bet they will do something to address the complaints about the translucent sunroof cover. I am guessing that the easiest fix would be to just make the material of the cover not translucent. That way they can just leave the sunroof as is. The current double panel sunroof is nice, just not the light and heat of the sun coming through in the hot Florida/California/Arizona/Texas/Nevada weather. If they offer a "standard" sunroof, that would be fine too. Plus maybe the other minor tweaks. Like getting rid of the rattles and stuff that some have mentioned on this forum. And maybe they will come up with some new color or interior options???
  • When the 2009 comes out, do you think prices will come down on the 2008s? I imagine dealers have more incentive to get the older models off the lot.
  • tntmythtntmyth Posts: 70
    I think it depends on how many 2008's they have on the lot the month the 2009 ships. Cadillac dealers have been keeping their inventory just at the level to keep the 2008 CTS exclusive, just enough to meet demand. If they can keep that up, then they can just taper down their inventory on the 2008's and bring in the 2009 without a hitch and without discounting. But if they have 2008's on the lot, they will need to discount them to keep the sales going.
  • One of the things I hope for if I can wait it out is that the airbag light gets moved back up onto the rearview mirror. I hate that orange light on the center stack. I am torn right now after attending an auto show last weekend.
    The cheese for us mice will be the bluetooth as you have suggested. Perhaps a sunroof fix although it doesn't bother me. It would be nice if they added the heads up display also. Perhaps paddle shifters also?
    And the added benefit of having the bugs removed would be a nice incentive but I'm not sure after selling my car in December and now driving a super charged regal that I can wait till likely August for delivery. And even then I have no clue when our dealer would be able to write an order and importantly know what the options really are. Our dealer says he would expect a 3 week delivery on an ordered car if I do it now. They only sell Cadillac so maybe he is right.

    p.s. I swear I saw a link for a car and driver video somewhere. I can't find it now. Not even on C&D website.
  • Just wondering who would buy a 550 HP Cadillac CTS-V when they come out in Q4?
    With gas prices in the 3.00+ up to $?.?? is a 6.2L Supercharged V8 that will probably get in the neighborhood of 12/22 mpg something you want to buy?

    How much does a CTS-V weigh anyway? 4000 pounds?

    FYI I am not a CTS owner... Yet :shades:
  • rvothrvoth Posts: 147
    Specs are 3871 manual and 4101 with auto and awd. CTS 08.GM specs. :shades:
  • I don't know why there is such a issue with the sunroof. I live in the desert. All I did was spend 30 bucks and have a additional layer of tinting put on. Problem solved.
  • wc1wc1 Posts: 11
    Man, I sure hope the fix the speedometer. The speedo reads 0, 20, 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 140, 160. The numbers 140 and 160 are in a noticeably smaller typeface than the others. I could almost understand if 100-160 were smaller since they are three digits, but having 100 and 120 larger than 140 and 160 makes no sense at all. This had to be an error. And it was a deal breaker for me. This is pathetic. GM, are you listening?
  • sevenfeet0sevenfeet0 Posts: 486
    You taking your CTS out to the track anytime soon? :)
  • In September 2007, I went with my dad to buy his new 08 CTS, he ends up by buying a Mercedes E350 just because of the translucent sunshade; it’s simply not acceptable.

    While I was at the Cadillac dealer I fell in love with car; I drive a Lexus and I never thought that I would consider buying a Cadillac. In my book, Cadillac is for old people, but not the new CTS. The only problem I have is also the sunroof, we live in California and it gets really hot in the summer, so I definitely need a good cover over my head, but according to my Cadillac dealer there’s no such loaded CTS without the translucent sunroof.

    I strongly believe that the 2009 Model will have either an opaque, or the conventional sunroof like all other luxury cars. It will be very unwise of Cadillac to lose at least 15% of their customer just by not adding “traditional sunroof” option.

    Any idea when Cadillac usually announces the New Year model Specs?

  • mikeyb2mikeyb2 Posts: 3
    The CTS coupe is hot. I saw it at the NYAS. I love the hidden door handle, much straighter lines, love the back lights that they run from the trunk and up, gorgeous interior (aside from the yellow interior)love the ambient lighting....all the makes for a beautiful car. If you are interested, here is video from the show:
  • mikeyrbmikeyrb Posts: 1
    I think I want to hold out on a new one until I see if the CTS coupe concept car that I saw at the NYAS comes to fruition. My brother has the CTS and I love it, but, the coupe just really has this wow factor. To me, it is worth the wait. The video of it is here from the show:
  • Working for GM I have not heard of any changes in an 08' cts vs. 09 except for the release of the cts coupe and the cts-v. There is however big discussions going on about the redesign of the STS ,which is imho quickly becoming out dated and possibly building once again a rear wheel drive DTS. Side note: the other big hitter coming from Cadillac for 09' is the Hybrid Escalade.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    I spoke with 3 dealers this past week who claimed to not know the pricing for 2009. Imagine my surprise to see the 2009 prices on
  • I walked in this morning and to my surprise I have 36 2009 CTS's on property.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
  • Phoenix AZ, info should be in my profile. :D
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    2009 CTS, 1SA, radiant silver/ebony leather, automatic, PDW, PDR.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    Topped off my tank at 171 on the odometer (about 50/50 city/highway), because I was passing a station at $3.84/gallon. It took 7.8 gallons.
  • 150mphclub150mphclub Posts: 316
    I now have 750 miles on my odometer. I just filled up after a 425 mile trip (about 85% highway & 15% city). I got 28.4 mpg for the trip.
  • 3500 miles on the odometer. I drove from Vail, CO to Indianapolis yesterday & today. The car is so comfortable, smooth, and quiet, I could have kept on going. I got 27.1 mpg. My only regret about this car is that I bought it before GM announced employee pricing.
  • Does the 2009 have an electronic parking brake, and I mean not just the CTS-V, but all models? I read somewhere in a description of the European models that they do, but I want to know if the 2009s in North America are so equipped. Did they also do anything about the translucent sunshade?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    picked up an 09 fully loaded CTS on Sat, less AWD,,,not sure you reference to electronic parking brake....still have to push in the pedal and release it with the lever......the sunshade is still fabric, really doesnt bother me at all....and the bluetooth works great, easy to pair the phones...accepts up to 5 cells, and nice voice commands....

    got the metallic red with the cashmere and cocoa interior with the premium lux collection at the GMS offered pricing...
  • My 2009 CTS does not have a sunroof. Currently only the 2009 CTS-V has the electronic parking brake.
  • Can you get a back up camera on the 09?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    not OEM option...there are plenty of aftermarket applications...
  • I am actually waiting to see the sport wagon. I think it is beautiful! But, the visability doesn't look so good. I would hope it would have a back up camera.

    If not, how do you add one on with the motorized nav screen?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    not sure if the wagon will have one or not...doubt you can add an aftermarket one to the OEM Nav...the ones I have seen are integrated into aftermarket head units
  • 6100 on the odometer and trouble free so far. Just drove from Indy to ABQ to Santa Fe and back. 26.3 mpg for the trip. A little disappointed with the gas mileage, but otherwise a very comfortable and trouble free trip.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    if the dealer is actively solving the problems......what more can you expect?....what differential problems?....rattling in the dash can be problematic.....hopefully they can find out what it is.......not sure what help you are looking for......let the dealer do the work under warranty......assume they arent charging you for the they are doing what they can at this point
  • I think I just wanted to express my frustration. I truely have lost my excitement for this $40,000+ CTS after having to deal these back-to-back problems within one month of purchase.
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I understand your sentiment......just completed an 1600 mile road trip in our 09 and very pleased with it will go back to the dealer......the shop had to correct some paint blemishes...but the hand labelled where to blend to clear coat...and didnt quite get the BL out of blend out of the paint....needs to buff it out....and the brakes squeel ever so slightly coming to a complete stop......will have them check that out as well...otherwise..very pleased with it....average 28 MPG on the as high as 31.....and in town around not too bad......

    understand the back to back problems.......still have an 06 pontiac solstice that has been in the shop 4 times for the differential....service department has been great and we finally got a new diff installed with GM permission that solved all the issues......
  • doczuckdoczuck Posts: 11
    is there any way to get the poi icons to be displayed on the map
    my 2006 sts did but i can't figure it out on the cts
  • Hi folks,

    I am close to pulling the trigger on a 2009 CTS but as I look at the different models at my dealers, I see 1SA and 1SB listed and I can't seem to find anything anywhere that explains to me what the differences are between these.

    Any ideas?

  • I saw this also , the pdq is the package that has every option
    the only thing you can add is awd
    if yo don't want nav get luxury and performance packagage
  • 1SA has standard engine and manual transmission.
    1SB has DI engine and automatic transmission.
  • I bought cts 2009 with nav there is no disc is there supposed to be one
    how do you change the zones ofr different parts of the country

  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    no disk....but you should have gotten a seperate owners manual for the NAV system....
  • Thanks I did get the black book

    So I don't have to do anything when I travel to different parts of the country to see the p.o.i. icons on my 2006 sts i had to change the map setttings
  • Does anyone have any concerns buying a CTS given GM's financial situation right now?
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    NO..bought mine back in Sept during employee pricing.......even if they file bankruptcy...they will still make cars..and the reputable medium to large dealers will survive....on used car sales and service/parts....the smaller ones with low volume sales and service will be the ones to disappear..dont believe you will see 7000 plud dealerships by the end of 09

    we have had major airlines file bankruptcy and continue to operate....just name the big three and they all have had to reorganize.....I see GM cutting some models.....cutting dealerships by 1/3 at least.....but they will survive in some form...

    so after you buy the car....its between you and the bank and the warranty servicing from your dealer........
  • So I have been on the fence ready to buy a 2009 CTS but just waiting to see if the other shoe drops for GM and maybe they do another price cut on their cars, but I really can't see them doing that since they already lose money on the cars they sell with the rebates and such. But the RedTag sale goes till Jan so I'll probably sit back and see what happens over the holidays...
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    I dont see them cutting prices any further..they cant give them away......I got over $7K during employee pricing....fully loaded CTS less AWD and the DI engine....topped out at $ it for $42K and TTL.....I was happy with the deal.....and had several financing options to choose from...put $5k down on the car...and financed the rest......happy with the deal...the dealership and the car......two months later...and almost 5k on the car now....
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