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2009 CTS



  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    not to cast stones...but the dealer delivery should have caught most of the issues....loose glovebox, improper closing door resulting in body damage...the recall isnt bad...30 minutes for the sensor adjustment.....

    what was the reason for rear dif replacement...early model CTSs were notorious for rear diffs leaking and failing.....but beleive that problem was corrected with a newer diff design.......would continue to work with the dealer and GM customer service......while the dealer making things right? concern would be the dif replacement...
  • I called a local dealer here in Houston, and they said no one in town has a manual transmission CTS and I could only get one by special order. Apparently no one wants them. I don't really want to buy one unless I can test it first. Is the same manual used in any other cars that I could test?

    Makes me worry about resale value. I want to buy American but this may scare me off. Might need to look at Infiniti or BMW.

    Any ideas? Don't tell me you love your automatic - this is a deal killer for me. I couldn't believe when the idiot dealer told me that I would get tired of driving a manual in city traffic - I've been doing it for 20 years! And yes, I have driven the new manumatics.
  • I have received this offer for a 2009 CTS with Premium Collection and spare tire - bottom line is $39,447. This is a quote on a specific car - I have the VIN #. I do not know how long the car is going to be there for, so any thoughts would be appreciated. Below is what the internet manager told me when giving me the bottom line price. The source for my reference invoice price was Costco Auto.

    I'm not sure what you're looking at as far as the invoice is concerned, however the invoice on this vehicle is $47,282 and we are selling it for $45,447, so we are actually below invoice.

    There are only been $6000 in rebates. I previously showed you $7000 because I had coupons from GM that I could use, however those have all been used on customers who have already purchased a vehicle.

    The difference between MSRP and supplier pricing is not the same on all cars.

    Like I mentioned previously, the amount due at signing hasn't changed. It's still right around $1900 (I think the exact amount before was $1887). The amount due at signing line includes the available rebates.

    When you calculate the lease payment on your own, it is never going to exactly equal what we calculate because of the license fees, dealer fee, acquisition fee, etc. There is always going to be a slight difference, no matter how you are doing your calculations.

    The bottom line on the car without the wheels is $39,447 and this is the best I can do.

    Thanks for any thoughts.
  • Hi, Gator,
    I think $39,447 is a ver good deal. I bought my CTS w/ premium package and DI 2 months ago for $43,200 ( MSRP was 49,200 ).
  • Gator,

    Can you tell me what the specific rebates for this CTS are . I know there are 2000 of rebates on the car, so not sure about the total of 6000. Please let me know as I am shopping for the exact same car.

    Thank you so much,

  • Alex, there is a $4,000 rebate if you are coming out of a lease from anyone. It was originally a out of lease to finance purchace, but-I was told it has been extended to a lease to lease situation.

    Hope this helps. I might be pulling the trigger today if I can chose between leasing and financing. Please let me know what you end up doing. Thanks.
  • So I was listening to a lecture the other day and loved it but the guy told a story about his V-series car that needed more oil. He said that he was about to buy Synthetic because it looked the best but someone told him to look in his owners manual and in there it said that using Synthetic might cause the engine to explode.

    I dont know what year car this was or which V-Series car it was but is it possible the story could be true? Would Synthetic oil cause any V-Series engine to explode?

    My email address is if you want to contact me directly.
  • anyone out there know location of oil filter on 2009 cadillac cts di engine? also has anyone figured out how to make changes in nav system while driving. annoying having to stop vehicle when wanting to make a change.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    . . .location of oil filter on 2009 cadillac cts di engine?

    Is it such that the owners manual doesn't include this information? It may well not, given that the assumption may be that no Cadillac driver would be caught dead changing their own oil.

  • re oil filter. i found it. located opposite dipstick reachable from under hood. very nice. i have been changing oil on all my vehicles for 50 years. just because its a cadillac dont intend to stop. gives me something to do. thanks.
  • hey guys, 2 questions: 1) in a CTS that does not have a factory installed Nav system, does the LCD display still rise out of the dash board so you have the touch screen for the radio, etc?

    2) Is it possible to have a factory nav system installed after the fact? I've been looking for a used CTS with nav system but most that I've seen don't have it.

  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    NO and NO

    would be extremely cost prohibitive to put the OEM like NAV in aftermarket IMHO,,its possible with enough $$
  • Given all that is going on with GM these days, I am seriously balking on getting a CTS i had my eye set on buying. The temporary bailout, the prospects of a bankruptcy even with the bailout, potential of dealership closures, etc. Am I being paranoid? What would you guys do here?

  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,783
    I have to admit that I am seriously concerned about warrantee issues if GM goes bankrupt. I know that you would still be able to get service, but who would stand behind the warrantee? From some of the posts here it looks like you will need someone to do so.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv, 2001 Jaguar XK cnv, 1985 MB 380SE (the best of the lot)

  • Well I'm the same. I have been ready to drop the dough and purchase a CTS but I am somewhat concerned about the situation with GM bankruptcy. I don't think the Gov't will let them fall into that but its still possible. I would like to benefit from the Red Tag sale but I'm willing to wait this out and see how this works out. I am hopeful I will still be able to get a deal like this in the next few months...but right now with the state of the economy, I think being conservative is a good move...I might have to pay a little more later but that's probably the better approach right now...

    But I LOVE the CTS...Has anyone heard if a true backup camera will be included in the 2010 model???
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    purchased my 09 metallic red cts fully loaded at the end of Sept during the employee processing.....great deal on a 50K car.......not concerned about the warranty.....they arent going away..even in bankruptcy.....look at the many have come back from it........I know there is an argument that its not the same...people still flew a bankrupt reason you shouldnt make the purchase unless you are not in a financial position to do so.....

    dont be afraid of buying an american car....this industry isnt will be restructured...dealerships will go away...but not all.....its called downsizing to meet a proposed business model....

    it is a great will love it......just my simple opinion.........
  • How do you find the seats? During my test ride they felt pretty stiff in the middle. Do you get used to them?
  • Well I don't disagree but to me it's one thing to buy a $500 airline ticket and risk loosing that vs paying $40K+ for a car and risking losing something on that investment. I don't think you can compare the two. yes people still flew bankrupt airlines but they had no significant investment other than maybe 1 ticket.

    I love the car, but will probably wait this out. Worst case, I lose a couple grand on the deal but best case, I save years of frustration over trying to get warranty issues handled.

    Best of luck folks and Happy Holidays.
  • Many of you long timers on this board know my posts and I usually like lurking here but the depressing situation of the automotive world has kept me away from the forums. But GM and Chrysler have some money now and I think the next Congress will treat them differently. So today I had to return to my dealership to get some replacement brake pads for my '05 SRX. It's early in the morning (7:30 AM) but my sales rep enters the building and says "Hi Rick....seen the V yet?"

    I stop. The V? CTS-V? It's here???

    "Yup" as he pointed to a Thunder Gray example in the middle of the showroom. "First one off the assembly line."

    "First one? Really?"


    Apparently the first CTS-V had been auctioned off at a charity event in NYC a while back. The car had fetched $76K but the buyer had convinced a few well-heeled friends to match donations so the car had really earned about $300K. The car had literally just arrived and was sitting in the showroom waiting for its owner to take delivery.

    "Can I sit in it?" I drooled.

    "Yeah, let me get the keys."

    A few minutes later I was sitting in a brand-new, #1 off the line CTS-V automatic. Now for you CTS owners, the CTS-V is indeed a familiar place but there were many changes of note. First, the CTS-V standard is $58K, and you can choose five different options. That's different than the old car which only had the sunroom as a deleted option. This car was loaded with the "extras" meaning Recaro 14-way seats & metal pedals, the sueded steering wheel and column shifter, chromed 19" wheels (versus the painted standard ones), the Nav system is an option and the Thunder Gray paint is extra cost just like it is in the standard CTS. Finally, the sunroof is extra cost which is good news for those of you who would rather have steel above their heads. Total costs of the options were $11K raising the final price to $69, including destination charge.

    Now for the standard changes. I didn't have the car on so I didn't get to see the dash light up. All controls are standard CTS (save the Recaro seat adjustments). The material in the sueded seats is also repeated on the door panels where there normally is the leatherette material. The dashboard has the obsidian shiny plastic versus the brushed metal or wood look in the lesser cars. The only problem with the black is that I think it may be easy to scratch. If I were an owner, I might try a light coat of car wax to keep it in good shape, especially in the high traffic areas around the cup holders.

    The emergency brake is gone from the floor, replaced by the button on the center console. This needs to be standard equipment on the regular car. Your left foot notices the difference immediately. The metal pedals are a nice touch too in this car, but would probably be really sweet with the manual transmission version.

    The Recaro seats immediately tell you this is a different animal of a vehicle. I've never sat in 14-way seats like this but in addition to all the regular controls, the Recaros have 4 extra controls that literally determine how snug your butt and backside are in the seat. It's fun to play with them and everyone whould find a good position. There is one manual control...the thigh support panel is adjustable...good for me with my extra long legs. Also for tall drivers, the seat goes back as far as the regular seats.

    I had to see the engine and within a few seconds, I had my view of engine porn. Although the engine is mostly shrouded by the large plastic NVH panel, it's clear this isn't a normal CTS engine bay. The airtake is thicker and instead of entering the engine straight from the front, it enters at an angle to hit the supercharger. All of the fluids are in the same places, but the engine is wider, deeper and a bit taller. The old CTS-V had a special brace across the engine compartment. The new standard CTS has this anyway, an advantage of the new car being designed with the V-series in mind from the start.

    Other things I noticed...the brakes are the size of dinner plates. The body moldings are more agressive in this car on the side and rear...the front clip changes are obvious. The rear center light on the trunk has an elevated spoiler lip versus the standard car.

    Mileage for the new vehicle? A decidedly ungreen 12/18. But did you really care about that? :) And availability? Well in addition to this spoken for vehicle, my dealership had two more that also arrived at the same silver, the other black. Man, it's time like this when I wish I had $70K lying around.
  • cdnpinheadcdnpinhead Forest Lakes, AZPosts: 4,056
    Thanks for the review.

    Have a happy holiday season!
  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    agree the comparison is not the same...but you also must consider that the warranty issue effects 06 MY GM cars and forward with the 3/36K basic warranty and 04-05MY GM cars that come with the 4/50K basic warranty, then you add that starting in 07 all GM cars come with 5/100K drive train warranty this issue probably effects several hundred thousand if not several million vehicles already,,certainly an issue that cant be overlooked by any reorganization, loan, bailout or bankruptcy......
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,783
    The first problem was my rear differential that needed to be replaced. The 2nd was a very loose glovebox that was making a lot of noise. The 3rd was the passenger door that was not closely properly that needed adjustment. 4th was the body work needed was result of the 4th problem. Now my CTS needs to go back again for a recall. 5 problems in less than 2 months.

    I use the above text from kevincito to illustrate my concern about warrantee issues. In the case of flying on a bankrupt airline, if it keeps flying for a few days, you are back home and out of danger. In the case of a car, you are at risk for years. My guess is that any bankruptcy proceeding would preserve coverage of safety or emission related issues. Loose gloveboxes and misaligned passenger doors, not so much.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv, 2001 Jaguar XK cnv, 1985 MB 380SE (the best of the lot)

  • bobl8bobl8 Posts: 6
    If GM goes bankrupt and doesn't honor their warranty commitments, we all have much bigger problems than where to get the transmission fixed. It would precipitate a mammoth depression that would make 1929 look like a Camp Fire Girls picnic. It ain't gonna happen. The volatility of the American populace would produce a chaotic situation that might actually lead to the dissolution of our Nation as we have known it. I bought a 2009 black cts with sunroof, AWD, about 1 month ago. It was the easiest car buying experience I ever had. We only have about 1400 miles on it, but so far, it is one of the best cars I have ever owned--only my 1985 Toyota Supra is it's match, and that was one hell of a car! I am getting an honest 25-26 mph on hi-way and about 16-17 aroung town. We had snow before Christmas and Chanukah and the car went through it without a bit of drama. Now for the best part--We bought it for $30,000!!!!!!!! It listed for $40,205.00. Now I see that the same car if going for $31,995.00. That means that they are selling pretty well. Jump on the car NOW--If we go down the tubes, at least you'll be traveling in style!! And no, I do not own GM stock, I am not a dealer, and have absolutely no connection with the auto industry in any way. We do have excellent credit and financing was absolutely no problem. Car is a 9 to 10 in every category--even my wife LOVES it. Have a great New Year. G-d bless America!!
  • Well, bit the bullet yesterday and got about $6K off a CTS. Black w/ titanium interior, sunroof, nav system. Didn't get fully loaded but found one with the things I wanted for under $40K. So I was happy. Pushed for the low interest financing as well but could not make them budge. It was rebate or low interest, which for me, the two came out to the same costs in the end. Funny how that works out. So, for me, this is the most $$ I've ever spent on a car, and I'm still a little numb until I look at the CTS. What a sharp car. Happy New Year folks!
  • I had a 2004 CTS and currently lease a 2007 CTS. The biggest difference going frrom 04 to 07 was the Performance Pkg, with 18" wheels and Potenza performance tires. It can really corner.
    The 2009 Perf Coll includes a Sport Suspension with 18" tires, but they are still the Michelon MWM4. Are these sporty enough for this FE2 suspension?
    The 18" Perf Pkg has summer tires and is FE3. Shouldn't they offer perf all season with this pkg?
    Does the 5.1 stereo sound better than the base 8 speaker Bose?
    The 5.1 appears to eliminate the 6 disk CD changer.

    Every little design quirk I have with the 07 CTS is improved in the 08+ model. I do feel that the read visibility in the 09 could be better, trunk a little bigger and the mid level suspension should have upgraded tires, not just 1" bigger. What do you think?

    You don't really need a trip to test your best case gas mileage. Just go to a highway, turn on the cruise for 60, 70 or so and watch the Instant MPG on a flat straight section of highway. That is about the best you can get.
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    if the dealer is actively solving the problems......what more can you expect?....
    I would expect not to have these problems in a second year of a new design.
  • bhill2bhill2 Posts: 1,783
    I became interested in the redesigned CTS, great looks and great reviews. I am intrigued, however, with the idea of getting a manual tranny. I much prefer them and Cadillac offers one (I'm not thinking about the CTS-V). What little I've been able to find on the manual indicates that it is not a great box, but isn't a disaster either. Does anyone have experience that they would like to share?

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv, 2001 Jaguar XK cnv, 1985 MB 380SE (the best of the lot)

  • paopao Posts: 1,867
    not many manuals out there for the CTS.....I would say 99% of us went with the auto which comes with a sport mode shifter.......the manual trans would be a special order most likely......the problem will exclude many of the option packages by sticking with a they are only offered in combination with a auto trans.....that simply leaves you with a basic bone stock CTS...
  • Picked up my 2009 cts awd di 1-12-09 had vibration between 45-55 mph, took it to cadillac 1-19-09 service checked wheel balance etc,they called cadillac and were told normal charecteristic of vehicle. "Vehicle operating to gm standard at this time" Only have 200 miles on it
  • I'm in the market to purchase a 2009 CTS 3.6 (2) wheel drive with the PDP Pkg. Could you please provide me with the name and telephone number of the dealer that you purchased yours from.

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