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I just bought a 2008 CRV and there is an underseat storage bin. I believe it is under the front passenger seat. Can anyone tell me how to access it? thanks.


  • dtstofdtstof Member Posts: 61
    If so you don't get the storage compartment. They must use that area for some kind of electronics. Maybe the radio equipment. The upgraded radio is only on the Navigation models. At least that was last year.
  • admenergyadmenergy Member Posts: 5
    no, I don't have the navigation system
  • dtstofdtstof Member Posts: 61
    Underneath the passenger(fr.) seat there is a pull latch (center)that unlatches the drawer. You can then pull it out
  • admenergyadmenergy Member Posts: 5
    ok, I will look for the center latch to open the underseat storage bin, thank you. another question, inside the console, there is a small audio it something an ipod can plug into?
  • dtstofdtstof Member Posts: 61
    MP3 aux input. Check out your owners manual for details. There is also a 12 volt outlet in there..
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    I just bought a 2008 CRV and there is an underseat storage bin. I believe it is under the front passenger seat. Can anyone tell me how to access it? thanks

    Looks like they forgot to include the OWNER's MANUAL.I would go back and demand one!!!!
  • admenergyadmenergy Member Posts: 5
    haha, they did include an owner's manual, it just doesn't talk about the obvious things!
  • medarameshmedaramesh Member Posts: 2
    Is it available in EX- L Navigation models also ????
  • mtwalitmtwalit Member Posts: 12
    I agree. I can't open the damned thing. It might be a good place for maps that are like books but the driver would have to contort themselves to access it from the driver's seat. It's one of the strange things about the LX. This car could use more storage cubbies.
  • kenneth813kenneth813 Member Posts: 38
    My EX-L has no Navi. and no storage bin under passenger seat. What I can see is something looks like a bass or subwoofer.
  • dtstofdtstof Member Posts: 61
    If you have the upgraded bass speakers, the under seat storage is removed and the electronic unit is installed in its place. I have the stock radio system with a under the seat storage tray. Perhaps the upgraded unit or the bass speaker option is on your car.
  • bjgw66bjgw66 Member Posts: 16
    I think I can help this topic out with some details...

    2007 CR-V the trim levels that get the storage; all except Navi equiped...
    2008 CR-V the EX-L has had the audio system upgraded to the same that the 07 Navi has, so they dumped the bin and replaced it with the subwoofer. (IMO a great idea.) the other thing that I have personally noticed with my wifes EX 4WD, the bin is a little tricky to open, the latch is very tight (which will be nice in 6 years so that when it gets used more it won't rattle while you drive, hows that for a trade off? tight now and right later vs. good now and loose and rattle later???) the little plug some one else was asking about in their center console... yes its for the audio system but only EX-L get the console, the rest of us have a tray that folds down, the LX has the plug, but no power, the EX has both plug and power on the tray and the EX-L, and EX-L Navi have both the plug & power in the (dark abyss)console cubby. For the AUX to work correctly all you need is a "3.5mm stereo head-phone cable" but make sure it is "male to male."

    One other side note, the bin under the seat is a litte tricky to open if you have the all season mats... the lip on the edge of the mat is a little thicker than the factory carpet mats; you have to release the latch then lift the bin a little bit.

    hope it helps.

  • mtwalitmtwalit Member Posts: 12
    It's so strange that while I did a lot of research and thought I knew the differences in the various 08 CR-V models, I did not notice that there is no power outlet in the car (eg equivalent to a cigarette lighter type)
    Oh well, I love the car so I'll get by
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    I believe newer CR-Vs have at least two power outlets, depending on model. The front outlet is located to the left of the first cubbyhole below the gearshift. The rear outlet is on the left side in cargo area, about gas filler door height.
  • admenergyadmenergy Member Posts: 5
    my 08 crv exl has 3 power outlets, one in the front, one in the storage area in the middle and one in the back cargo area.....I still can't find that darn under-seat storage bin....what is that big black box under the passenger seat?
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    '08 EXL models got an upgraded audio system, including a sub-woofer. It's the black box under the passenger seat, replacing the storage tray.
  • ecarfarecarfar Member Posts: 22
    That's interesting.....the current brochures and specs for the 2008 CRV line states that all of them come with the under-seat bin except for the NAVI equipped EX-L models. I can see where the regular EX-L wouldn't as they give you a subwoffer as standard equipment. Also, the 2008 EX-L's now have a power driver seat as standard so I guess they couldn't put the subwoffer under there either. I think Honda needs to update its info if this is correct and state that the EX-L line doesn't not have the under seat bin. It actually comes in handy. My wife has one in her '99 Odyssey and we put all kinds of stuff in there. And, yes, the one in the Odyssey is hard tom open too!
  • newlife0226newlife0226 Member Posts: 3
    I bought a 2008 EX4WD Honda CR-V for 25,336 OTD includes tax, doc fee, DMV fees, sticker. salesman was personable, courteous and professions. The Financial officer pushed on add ons and being naive and new to this type of experience I fell for it. Has anyone experienced this? Lesson learned, go in with your own financing if you can and skip all that DRAMA. of course, if you are all up for the add ons then go for it. They pushed for lojack, simoniz, extended warranty, venture shield and tire protection. I held firm on most but did fall for the venture shield and simoniz only to discover that they were high priced and really not needed.

    Also, did I pay a good price?
  • lzclzc Member Posts: 483
    Since sales taxes vary widely from state to state and different dealers have different doc fees, you need to break out the cost of the car pre-taxes, fees, etc. for a comparison to make sense.

    Yep, that "finance" officer is really the sales guy charged with the task of padding their profit with a host of uneeded add-ons.

    But, you got a great car that'll give you much pleasure for years. Don't sweat the dealer experience. Enjoy!
  • lori56lori56 Member Posts: 19
    According to the 2009 CRV brochure, there's supposed to be an "under-seat storage bin" in the LX /EX/EX-L models. I've got the LX. What am I supposed to be looking for? I haven't found anything under the seat. Is this a misprint?
    Help me out...Thanks! :)
  • motoguy128motoguy128 Member Posts: 146
    The copy of the 2009 brochure I have only shows the underseat storage bins for the LX and EX models. The EX-L as noted in the prevous replys, uses the space under the passenger seat for the subwoofer and/or navigation electronics.

    The storage bin is only under the passenger seat and may be a little tricky to open. Good place to put maps, guidebooks and such.
  • lori56lori56 Member Posts: 19
    Thanks sooo very much! I just found that storage bin! And, yes, it's probably good for lightweight stuff like maps.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Member Posts: 2,798
    Thanks sooo very much! I just found that storage bin! And, yes, it's probably good for lightweight stuff like maps.

    What do you mean found it? Was it laying on the side of the road?

    Or did you mean you did not know about it? Didn't you read about it in the OWNER's MANUAL? :surprise:
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    Didn't you read about it in the OWNER's MANUAL?

    Didn't you read the poster's PREVIOUS MESSAGES where it's all spelled out?

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  • verjoyverjoy Member Posts: 1
    i just bought a Honda CR-V EX-L and i can`t open the storage bin. And i looking for anyone help me and tell me the little trick to open. Thanks so much for Fast reply.
  • snukesnuke Member Posts: 81
    I have a 2012 CR-V EX-L and I don't have an under the seat storage bin. My storage bin is in the middle between the driver's seat and front passenger seat. There is also the glove box under the dash by the front passenger side. So, are you sure you have an under the seat storage bin?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 216,132
    If you have a GEN II CR-V (2002-2006), then you just reach down between your legs and pull out while putting gentle pressure up on the lip of the bin..

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