Isuzu Rodeo No Start Stall Idle Problems

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howdy. the 2.3 engine in my 91 isuzu stalls and idles bad. iam the original owner and have over 177,000 miles on her. i have just recently replaced the spark plugs & spark plug wires, coil and fuel filter trying to fix this. prior to this problem she ran fine (perfect). less than a year ago i had stalling issues and replaced the distributor cap and rotor along with the fuel filter and ignition coil. i have also just cleaned the EGR valve (dirty) trying to fix this problem. im holding off on buying parts that will not fix the problem. any advise that helps is welcomed. thanks in advance.


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    oops. i have also changed the PCV valve trying to fix this idle problem.
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    Hello,, I had a check engine light on my 2000 isuzu trooper where the code fault mark the EGR valve that i replace fixing the fault. Now, 3 weeks later is stalling when stop and or in "park". While running and normal speed works fine but the check engine light flashes on and off .The code marked is PO405 and PO300. Could this be another faulty sensor or does the coil or Spark Plugs needs to be change?
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    There is an ignition sequence that will help reset timing. You are supposed depress the accelerator slightly while starting it. Let it run for three seconds and then turn it off. Leave it off for 10 seconds, then restart. I did this and it seemed to help. Once I pulled the fuse for fuel system and started the car, but not sure if that helped reset or not.
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    my 1994 rodeo would bog down ans black smoke would flow out and i noticed where i parked would have black soot particles on ground,one night it was hesitating real bad and the next morning it cranked,ran like 2 seconds,died and never ran again,there is a fuel smell in the oil as well...HELP
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    got an initial idling problem. 6 cyl 2002 Rodeo. When cold, it won't stay running until I restart 4 or 5 times. Check engine light is on.. faults that showed were EGR and O2 sensor. Runs fine when warm. Any ideas? I don't want to just start replacing parts I don't need.
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    i cant remember if its throttle body fuel injection,so if it is you might want to check the iac[idle air contol] might be dirty with carbon,or need replaced hope this helps.ihis is for the 91.the newer ones with multiport will have the iac also but will give a code for it
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    I just bought myself a new toy a 1992 trooper. it had some problems but it was so low on miles i had to take it. 112k miles. I changed the plugs, oil air filter, most of the vaccume lines, fuel filter, checked most sensors the seem to work, ran sea foam through out entire vaccume line system and break booster line, I think the IAC VALVE could be bad. The problem is when I want it to start I have to really be on the peddle in order for it to start. once started it runs rich a little bit of smoke and then has a fluxuation in the idle between 800rpm-1200 rpm's. ANY HELP PLEASE thank you
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    ok ive changed plugs,plug wires and plugs are only 6 months old.Changing the plugs got the rodeo to where itd crank but its doing as it did before it died,it will bog down and barely go,then check engine light comes on and it runs great,im thinking its cutting something off by default,then when it comes back on it starts messing up again.Does anyone know if im on the right track in thinking its fuel pressure regulator problems?ill change oil next cause i do have the fuel smell in the oil,hence the black smoke from exhaust
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    My Isuzu rodeo died to day while I was driving it. I was driving and the rmps dropped to 0 it is a manual tranny. A fried said it sounds like the fuel pump. It sounds like it wants to start it just doesn't. Does anyone know what it could be if so PLEASE give me a little insight...
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    Fuel pump is a good guess, if you turn everything off - radio, fan, etc, when you turn the key to 'on' you should hear a low hum/whinning sound which is your fuel pump. If you don't hear anything at all, chances are it's the pump, or at least a something in the power circuit of the pump.
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    my 97 rodeo 4 cyl idles rough ,exhaust also smells bad , i can spray carb spray on the map sensor and it smooths out ,seems to have plenty of power and only runs bad at idle
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    I have a 95 GMC pick-up with a 305 engine. I just now put in a modification to run my truck on HYDROGEN (water). How can I adjust the MAP SENSOR so I am getting less gas. The HYDROGEN combined with the gas almost double the octane so I now need less gas to the engine. Is there a MAP SENSOR that you can adjust? I need to fool the computer so I can tell it that the engine is running to rich.
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    This may help: Hydrogen Injection Kits

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    I just towed a friends 95 Rodeo to my house. This is what he told me. He was driving down the highway and all of the sudden he started to lose power. He would press the accelerator but nothing happened. He finally coasted to a stop and then the vehicle died. He was unable to get it to start after that.
    1. I have tried jump starting - that did not work
    2. All lights - both interior and exterior work w/out having to be connected to jumper cables
    3. The vehilce was completely out of oil when I checked. Took 4 quarts to almost fill
    4. I don't think it is the battery or alternator.
    5. The only thing I can think of is:
    a. The starter is bad
    b. He drove the thing dry for too long and locked up the engine.

    Any suggestions? Agree or disagree?

    Vehicle has leaked a lot of oil since I got it home two nights ago.


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    If your friend is lucky then his gas gauge isn't working and he's just out of gas but the fact that there was no oil is not encouraging.

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    The issue is the engine won't even attempt to turn over. Even if he was out of gas wouldn't it at least try to start?
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    Even if he was out of gas wouldn't it at least try to start?

    Of course. So we can now rule that out. :)

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    relay relay relay. the same exact thing hppened to my mom. i thought feul pump, then i thought feul pump relay, and after that i looked at the relay just to the left of the fp relay and saw ithink its the cpm or something relay, but i changed that and it worked fine. almost guarantee thats your problem.
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    My Rodeo wont start. When I turn the key, everything lights up but engine doesnt turn over. I checked the battery, good. The starter,good. And replaced the ignition switch and still nothing.
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    92 Isuzu Rodeo wont start. Fuel filter, pump, injectors & plugs OK. No electric to fuel injectors. Will start when fuel is poured into carb but wont stay running. Please help me out here. Hubby is going in for a bad surgery Friday and we need this fixed and gone. He has tried everything he can think of. Is it the ECm or computer? How do we know? Do we need to reset the computer? If so how do we do that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
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    I have a '94 Rodeo w/ 3.2 V6. Never had a problem until recently. If the outside air temp is below about 70 degrees is fires immediately as always, but if the air temp is above about 70 it'll turn over like crazy but no fire. If it's right on the verge it'll start but idles extremely rough and the engine won't accelerate. When it's running the engine temp doesn't seem to make any difference. It's driving me nuts- any help will be deeply appreciated. Thanks!!
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    Something easy and low cost to to check is the gasoline. Run the tank low and then refill it from a different gas station than where you usually get your fuel. Depending where you live, the gasoline specifications change in late spring.
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    :cry: I just had value cover gaskets put on and now my check engine light will not go out also the car will not start sometime as if fuel not getting to engine. it cuts off if idling to long. please help.
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    I have a 97 Rodeo. It was fine two days ago I turned it on to pull into the driveway, and then I shut it off. Last night I hopped into the car and put the key in the ignition. I went to turn the key and it went to turn over and suddenly stopped turning over while I was turning it. Then I went to do it again and it just keeps roaring to turn on but won't. The lights are working so I am ruling out the battery. I know my fair share about cars for a woman. So I checked the oil it was low. The car has an extremely slow oil leak. Do anyone have an suggestions on how or what my problem might be? :sick:
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    My '93 Isuzu Rodeo has been having problems starting for the last few days, ever since it passed its emissions test. I turn the key, "click", no start. The lights, radio, etc. work, so I don't think it's the battery. It's been starting after a few tries. Any ideas?
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    Hi, my 94 Buick Park Avenue just had its fuel regulator replaced because it was sort of jerking occassionally while driving at highway speeds. After that was fixed, it seemed to drive OK, except at around 1500 rpm, it would sort of shudder and jerk lightly. The mechanic said he would check it, but before I could get it in there, it started dying while braking, but only once in a while. (It is hard for me to get time off work to leave my car, so I put off going back to the mechanic.) I watch the alternator indicator and it doesn't go one way or the other. The car just dies with no notice or noise or anything. Suddenly no power steering. Fortunately, the times it has done this is either right before stopping or as I slow way down to make a turn. Today however, it was totally dead when I tried to start it. Click, click, click. The second time, I tried, it made a metal clanking noise. I got a jump and it started right up, drove quite well for a trip, but as I approached home, slowed down to stop at a traffic light, it died. The battery and alternator were replaced last winter. Also, the computer module was replaced last winter. Any help appreciated.
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    just cleaned the EGR valve on my 2000 Isuzu rodeo and now I am having idling and stalling issues, the descriptions of the "pintle" were confusing, is there any way to resolve this issue? We followed the instructions to the letter, and now the car will stall out when in park, and when placed in drive , it seems as if the engine is about to stall.
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    I noticed this issue with the 91 Rodeo but I did not see where anyone had a good response that fixed the problem. My brother has the same issue with the same model & year vehicle, and after replacing the O2 sensor and cleaning the EGR valve the issue is still present. When the car sits for a while it will start right up, run a bit, then starts to run rough and then dies out. It acts like there is no gas but when we pull the gas lline on top the enginer and turn the ign on the gas comes pouring out - so it's not that. Sprayed carb cleaner around the intake and didn't help. Does nyone have any good ides of what to chek next?
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    After it's been sitting for a while, it starts right up, but most of the time, I have to practically floor it to get it to stay on. I turn the key, hear it start and hit the gas, and if i let the gas go too soon, the engine dies. Husband thought it was just as simple as spark plugs, so he changed them, but the same thing happened. What do i do? What could it be? My check engine light is on right now, but it goes on and off at will (it seems) Im at a loss. Please help
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    it sounds like a short from battery to starter not making enough contact. trace the red wire (positive wire) from the battery to the starter see if it is lose . and then tighten it up
  • sparkplug7sparkplug7 Member Posts: 7
    it could be a sensor , but check your rotor(underneath the spark plug cap .it should go on one way just make sure when you take it off put back on the same way see if there any metal shaving in and around the distributor if it is replace the rotor . and (cap for cracks and shaving and corrosion if is is replace it . Fairly cheap to do less than 30 dollars) and spark plug wires to see if there getting fire ( pull a plug wire and then turn the engine over and see if a spark comes from the wire at the end don't start the engine just bump it over ) one plug wire at a time and put it back on after pulling it then go to the next one if no fire replace it also there is a air filter hose if it sucking air anywhere it will cause it to do that ( there's a diaphragm that the air breather goes to and if it the hose is old cracked or has a hole it, it will suck to much air. Cheap to replace . about 5 at a junk yard and about 15 to 20 at parts store . if that doesn't work you will need to get a diagnostic check at a shop they will hook it up on a machine and the rodeo computer will tell them a code then they look the code up and depending on what # comes up . a lot of times you can fix it yourself once you know what it is . the diagnostic usually runs about 50 to 75 dollars. depending on what state you live in hope this helps
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    stop by a mechanic shop and ask the to show you how to reset it they probably won't even charge you . it real simple to do , about 2 minutes total time
  • sparkplug7sparkplug7 Member Posts: 7
    sounds like a lose wire from the battery to starter check the red wire on the battery thats the one that goes to the starter , if it is lose tighten it up , and it will start fine
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    when you turn it over if it has a growling sound it is your starter , it is possible if you have a oil leak it has gotten inside the starter and it is not engaging , you can take it off and clean it with crab cleaner let it set for a couple of hours and put it back on. or take it off go to a parts store and have it checked
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    cap and rotor also check the air hose if there is a crack or hole it it will cause it to suck to much air .also check the gas filter take it off blow on it and if air is not going thru it easily replace it(it's stopped up ) not letting gas get thru
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    check your air filter hose it goes from the breather to the intake ,if it is cracked or has a hole in it it is sucking to much air
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    I have a '92 Rodeo 3.1L v6 manual. A couple weeks ago I accidentally left the lights on and the battery died. I tried jumping but it didn't work. So I tried recharging the battery. This didn't work. Found out the battery was bad. After putting a new one in, and changing a blown fuse, it still won't start--doesn't seem like any juice is getting to the battery. Anyone know why this might be happening?
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    my 91 rodeo with same engine has a starter relay in the engine compartment
  • badger505badger505 Member Posts: 6
    need more details like is there any power to lights,radio ... there is a main fuse in the same relay box (80amp) in mine but it seems that it hard to remove when i tried so i left it alone,
  • studly_stephenstudly_stephen Member Posts: 2
    There is no power to anything--lights, radio, etc.
  • morross1morross1 Member Posts: 12
    isuzu rodeo 1995 wont start. Been like this for 10 days till yesterday. Replaced spark plugs, it cranked and ran all day. Today it started then died and wont crank. Fuel pressure is good, fuel pump working. The last few months it sometimes blows black exhaust from the tail pipe and runs a little sluggish when this is happening. We think it is sometimes pumping too much fuel and choking it down like it is flooded. Could it be an O2 Sensor?
  • ivy96ivy96 Member Posts: 8
    I had the same problem a few months ago and no one could tell me what was wrong. Well, it took a while, but I discovered my IAC motor was shot. It's a small black thing that attaches to your throttle body. It controls the air intake! When I pulled mine out is was black and practically fell apart, lol. This is a $50 part at Kragen and it takes about 10 minutes to fix. If you have a Chilton Guide, look it up and you will see that it's very simple. My 1996 Rodeo has NOT had any problems since I fixed it! And if that doesn't work, check your Mass Air Flow sensor and you ERG valve, but I'm willing to bet it's the IAC, it sounds like you are having the EXACT same problem as I was. Good luck and I sure hope this helps.
  • morross1morross1 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks so much! I will try that!
  • morross1morross1 Member Posts: 12
    Havent been able to try yet- it actually cranked today for a short time then died- i smell gas!! Big time!
  • ivy96ivy96 Member Posts: 8
    YUP! That's what was happening to me. It would run fine for even days at a time, then suddenly die on me at a stop sign or a red light. Check it out this weekend, it could really save you a lot of time and money.
  • morross1morross1 Member Posts: 12
    thanks for all your help. Got a friend of mine, a mechanic on the way over today to check the IAC motor. Where is it located?? What tools do I need to remove it?
  • ivy96ivy96 Member Posts: 8
    It's off the throttle body, it has 3 screws that you need to unscrew to get it off, so you'll need a screwdriver. LOL. That's it! Sorry if I'm answering you way late, it's the first time I've logged onto my computer today.
  • morross1morross1 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks. We got it off and replaced with a new one. However, ist still will not crank. Any ideas on the next step. We think we are going to buy a fuel pressure regulator tommorrow and try that.
  • morross1morross1 Member Posts: 12
    Fuel filter perhaps? Fuel pressure comes in at 40-42 psi. But despite that could replacing the fuel filter help?
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