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Isuzu Rodeo No Start Stall Idle Problems



  • it sounds like a short from battery to starter not making enough contact. trace the red wire (positive wire) from the battery to the starter see if it is lose . and then tighten it up
  • it could be a sensor , but check your rotor(underneath the spark plug cap .it should go on one way just make sure when you take it off put back on the same way see if there any metal shaving in and around the distributor if it is replace the rotor . and (cap for cracks and shaving and corrosion if is is replace it . Fairly cheap to do less than 30 dollars) and spark plug wires to see if there getting fire ( pull a plug wire and then turn the engine over and see if a spark comes from the wire at the end don't start the engine just bump it over ) one plug wire at a time and put it back on after pulling it then go to the next one if no fire replace it also there is a air filter hose if it sucking air anywhere it will cause it to do that ( there's a diaphragm that the air breather goes to and if it the hose is old cracked or has a hole it, it will suck to much air. Cheap to replace . about 5 at a junk yard and about 15 to 20 at parts store . if that doesn't work you will need to get a diagnostic check at a shop they will hook it up on a machine and the rodeo computer will tell them a code then they look the code up and depending on what # comes up . a lot of times you can fix it yourself once you know what it is . the diagnostic usually runs about 50 to 75 dollars. depending on what state you live in hope this helps
  • stop by a mechanic shop and ask the to show you how to reset it they probably won't even charge you . it real simple to do , about 2 minutes total time
  • sounds like a lose wire from the battery to starter check the red wire on the battery thats the one that goes to the starter , if it is lose tighten it up , and it will start fine
  • when you turn it over if it has a growling sound it is your starter , it is possible if you have a oil leak it has gotten inside the starter and it is not engaging , you can take it off and clean it with crab cleaner let it set for a couple of hours and put it back on. or take it off go to a parts store and have it checked
  • cap and rotor also check the air hose if there is a crack or hole it it will cause it to suck to much air .also check the gas filter take it off blow on it and if air is not going thru it easily replace it(it's stopped up ) not letting gas get thru
  • check your air filter hose it goes from the breather to the intake ,if it is cracked or has a hole in it it is sucking to much air
  • I have a '92 Rodeo 3.1L v6 manual. A couple weeks ago I accidentally left the lights on and the battery died. I tried jumping but it didn't work. So I tried recharging the battery. This didn't work. Found out the battery was bad. After putting a new one in, and changing a blown fuse, it still won't start--doesn't seem like any juice is getting to the battery. Anyone know why this might be happening?
  • my 91 rodeo with same engine has a starter relay in the engine compartment
  • need more details like is there any power to lights,radio ... there is a main fuse in the same relay box (80amp) in mine but it seems that it hard to remove when i tried so i left it alone,
  • There is no power to anything--lights, radio, etc.
  • isuzu rodeo 1995 wont start. Been like this for 10 days till yesterday. Replaced spark plugs, it cranked and ran all day. Today it started then died and wont crank. Fuel pressure is good, fuel pump working. The last few months it sometimes blows black exhaust from the tail pipe and runs a little sluggish when this is happening. We think it is sometimes pumping too much fuel and choking it down like it is flooded. Could it be an O2 Sensor?
  • ivy96ivy96 Posts: 8
    I had the same problem a few months ago and no one could tell me what was wrong. Well, it took a while, but I discovered my IAC motor was shot. It's a small black thing that attaches to your throttle body. It controls the air intake! When I pulled mine out is was black and practically fell apart, lol. This is a $50 part at Kragen and it takes about 10 minutes to fix. If you have a Chilton Guide, look it up and you will see that it's very simple. My 1996 Rodeo has NOT had any problems since I fixed it! And if that doesn't work, check your Mass Air Flow sensor and you ERG valve, but I'm willing to bet it's the IAC, it sounds like you are having the EXACT same problem as I was. Good luck and I sure hope this helps.
  • Thanks so much! I will try that!
  • Havent been able to try yet- it actually cranked today for a short time then died- i smell gas!! Big time!
  • ivy96ivy96 Posts: 8
    YUP! That's what was happening to me. It would run fine for even days at a time, then suddenly die on me at a stop sign or a red light. Check it out this weekend, it could really save you a lot of time and money.
  • thanks for all your help. Got a friend of mine, a mechanic on the way over today to check the IAC motor. Where is it located?? What tools do I need to remove it?
  • ivy96ivy96 Posts: 8
    It's off the throttle body, it has 3 screws that you need to unscrew to get it off, so you'll need a screwdriver. LOL. That's it! Sorry if I'm answering you way late, it's the first time I've logged onto my computer today.
  • Thanks. We got it off and replaced with a new one. However, ist still will not crank. Any ideas on the next step. We think we are going to buy a fuel pressure regulator tommorrow and try that.
  • Fuel filter perhaps? Fuel pressure comes in at 40-42 psi. But despite that could replacing the fuel filter help?
  • maloprmalopr Posts: 14
    have you replaced the IAC (idle air control valve) which is located on the throttle body. If you don't know how this part looks like just ">google in image mood isuzu rodeo idle air control valve.
  • Yes. Replaced the IAC Motor today, and no change. We cleaned the carbon away and put the new one in, but it still wouldnt start. Going to change fuel fitler tommorrow then the O2 sensor. How does that sound?
  • also thinking the crank shaft sensor-
  • ivy96ivy96 Posts: 8
    I'm sorry, I thought for sure it was the IAC. after that, I have no clue where to go from there. But, will you let me know what does work, just in case this comes up with mine again? It's always nice to know where to start looking for the fix. LOL. Good luck to you.
  • Replaced the fuel filter. No change. It cranked for a few sec then quit.
    We put the old IAC motor back on but now when testing it it isnt working. Above the IAC motor on the ERG Valve (i think) are several wires. 2 sets of them and they are disconnected from the connectors. The wires (2 sets) are taped together and not connected to the terminals. Been this way since I bought it and never had a problem. It runs to the vaccum. Not sure if this is related.

    When we spray starter fluid in the intake, it still wont crank. Its not a fuel issue.
    Stuck now- not sure-
  • ivy96ivy96 Posts: 8
    Wow!! Is your Check Engine light on at all? Check your Mass Air Flow sensor, this looks like a square box coming from your air filter, it looks like it's part of the hose itself, but it's not, you'll see hose clamps on either side. Check that, it seems to me that you are having an air intake issue. Also, check all your vacuum hoses and make sure there aren't any holes or rips. Good Luck. I'll look further into it and see if there's anything else that would be causing this problem.
  • Thank you so much for helping. I got a buddy of mine helping thats a mechanic- but we are doing all this from my front yard. I had one mechanic tell me I dont have a mass air flow sensor on this vehicle- something else- i cant remember what it was-

    i think it is air intake also- does crankshaft sensor involve that?? or MAP sensor?

    will re- convene tomorrow!

    Thank you so much!!
  • Check engine light is not on. occasioanally when i would drive it would come on- very rare- black smoke from the tail pipe- seemed to run a little rough- but then minutes later- it was fine- no smoke- ran like a champ- no check engine light on-
  • ivy96ivy96 Posts: 8
    Yeah, now I'm almost sure it's air intake! You do have a Mass Air Flow sensor, sorry, but I had mechanics tell me that I needed a new O2 sensor and Catalytic Converter literally 2 weeks after I had replaced them both! I don't trust them all, lol. No offense to your friend, but your Rodeo and mine are only a year apart (mine's a 96), if you have a Chilton guide, you can see it. and your MAP sensor COULD be the problem! I don't know about the crank shaft. Honestly, I am still learning about Isuzu's too. I've had mine for almost a year, but I've had to fix A LOT! Bought it from a shady used car dealer, but my husband and I love working on cars, so we took on the challenge. We learn as we go.
    Oh, by the way, if your check engine light is coming on, it's a SMOG issue, that's what that particular "dummy" light is for. Which tells me that you have an air issue for sure. Check your EGR valve. It should be on the other side of your throttle body then your IAC was. You should be able to just clean it out, replace the gasket and see if your car starts. And even if your check engine light is going out, there is still a problem, your engine's computer temporarily corrects or compensates for problems, that's why it goes out, but the longer you go without fixing the problem, the longer the light will stay on and the more often it will come on.
  • It cranked twice today for a few seconds then died. I smelled exhaust fumes pretty heavy. I am convinced also that it is air intake. It's not fuel, and unless the spark isnt good, I think it is air intake.

    Gotta tow it to the shop now. Been way to long not running. Any other ideas?

    I will check Mass Air Flow Sensor
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