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Are there any problems with the 08 Odysseys?

philly95philly95 Posts: 8
edited March 2014 in Honda
Hi all!

I am considering purchasing a 2008 mini van for my wife some time between July and Setember of 2008. Are there any known issues, reported, with the '08s that I ned to be aware of?

Thanks for the replies.


  • To anyone thinking of buying Odyssey! Check out the Odyssey Transmission Issue Forum first.

    All Odyssey models from 99, 2000,2001,2003,2004,2005,2006, 20007 have faulty transmissions.

    2008 - 100% chance

    check the facts!
    Dont make the same mistake....
  • Bought a new '06 odyssey and like the van but have had a problem with very small stones or road debris hitting the condenser and causing pinhole leaks. This has happened twice in a year and a half. Honda USA covered it the first time but it has just happened again and it cost me $750 to have it repaired. The local service manager said it has happened on a number of odyssey's and Honda is looking into a design change for the new '09 version. If it happenes again by by Honda.
  • ocuihsocuihs Posts: 138
    I have a 2001, no problems with trans fluid changes every 15K miles. I also have a 2007, no problems thus far (both of my 2001 and 2007 with HondaCare coverages).

    My sister-in-law has a 2002, no problems (you did missed 2002 in your post). She has HondaCare coverage.

    My neighbor has a 2000, no problems with no HondaCare coverage.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    This issue has been addressed in the '08 which now sports are protective grill opening.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Just spend the next several months doing your homework. The Odyssey club website is another good source of information.

    My '05 hasn't had a problem. The transmission was revised in '07.
  • We just traded in a 05 EX-L with 47,750 miles and we had no problems. Hell, we never even had the tranny serviced. We have a 08 EX-L R&N and the tranny is smoother and the ride difference is amazing. Good luck.
  • miguel4miguel4 Posts: 12
  • I've owned a 1999 Odyssey and now a 2006 Odyssey Touring Model. Loved the 99 van but did have transmission issues (the last one a major issue but I believe the transmission warranty had been extended due to a recall). Traded it in for the 06 Touring Model. With the exception of the PAX run-flats, only minor issues to-date. I highly recommend you do your homework on the PAX run-flats if you are considering the Touring model. Not sure, but I believe with the '08 model you have a choice (we did not in 2006). My tires were half-way worn at 9,400 miles and now at 14,970 have to be replaced. There's a pending class action lawsuit filed in California against Honda and Michelin regarding the PAX tires. My opinion--don't get them and save yourself a lot of $$ and headaches!
  • Here's my experience.. I bought a new 2008 Honda Odyseey EX-L from Auto West in CALIF on Dec 26 th and have been back to the dealer's service center 4 times since then.

    1st time. - The rear right side tire was totally out. They said it was probably road hazard, but still replaced it for free
    2nd time - The check engine light and VSA light came on and the engine was making weird noises while idling and with burning rubber smell. Took it to the dealership. They checked out and send they found engine code P1659 and it was just a temporary loss of traction, please watch and advise. I said fine and took it back.
    3rd time - The same problem, this time additionally the power locks and the rear right sliding door stopped working. Came back home and thr door started working again. Took it back to the dealer, they said engine code P1659 showed up again and had to replace some sort of relay switch. Additionally they found a body code and couldn't diagnose what really the problem was since its working now.
    4th time - Again VSA light and check engine light went on. This time to make matters worse, gas pedal wouldn't respond at all.Also power locks and sliding door didn't work also. Had to get the vehicle towed back to the dealership. Now the vehicle is with the dealer and I would be hearing from them on Monday. WIll keep this thread updated about progress.
    The last sounds like a transmission issue to me. Buyers beware. I hope no one ever has my kind aof experience. Mean while I am considering invoking my CALIFORNIA lemon law rights Any advise?
  • hansiennahansienna Posts: 2,312
    Sorry to read of the problems you are having with your Odyssey.

    However, problems are VERY rare for a million Odyssey owners who have love their Odyssey. ;)
  • I am generally satisfied with the performance of the VCM feature on my '07 Odyssey. Not totally seamless, but OK. The new version (6-4-3) seems to be problematic on the '08 V6 Accord sedan. Enough for me to avoid this model for now. Does the new generation of VCM in the Odyssey display the same problems as the Accord? See the Accord forum for the VCM discussion.
  • We have a 2005 Odyssey EX-RES and love it. We have had no powertrain troubles whatsoever.

    We are thinking of trading it in for a 2008 touring. In our 05, we have had a constant rattle in the power sliding doors since day one. Repeated attempts to fix it by our dealer did not solve the problem. Anyone have this problem? Anyone know if there is a fix for the 08 model?
  • Sounds like you may be eligible for lemon law. We bought a new 2008 Honda Odyssey EX in February and have several problems already. I really want to like this car, but we have a few problems too:

    Steering knock - problem found at U-joint in steering spline. Special grease applied fixed problem for 2 weeks, but problem has resurfaced and the clicking noise is annoying again.

    Alignment - car pulls lightly to right at freeway speeds. Unable to correct with adjustments. Not bad enough to effect tire wear, but not perfect either.

    Engine Ping/Knock - This is the most worrisome as of course a pinging engine will eventually punch holes in the valves. Knocks at low rpms under acceleration and especially up hills, same knock as a manual would make when using too high a gear. Have not brought this in for service yet, but I am not encouraged by reading about others with the same problem. Sounds like a typical timing issue to me, but these cars use software to control timing. Could mean that the timing belt is off a by a tooth, but good luck getting Honda to correct that.

    Rattle from front right door at highway speeds with cross winds. I think it is the door molding on top which is not flush and juts out and flaps in strong winds. Not serviced for this yet either.

    Our last new car was a 2000 Dodge Caravan which had virtually no issues for several years. And during the 8 years we owned it, only minor issues surfaced due to normal wear and tear. Frankly I am astonished that our new one-month old Honda Odyssey already has so many issues.

    Now I am hoping that Honda can fix these problems, because the car drives great (engine knock notwithstanding), whether around town or hauling a loaded down car up a twisty mountain road. But I am already looking at Siennas now to replace the Odyssey. Yeah they may not drive like an Odyssey, but it seems that Toyota quality is much higher than Honda's right now. At least the Odyssey has a very high resale value, which will make it easier to part with.
  • irgirg Posts: 197
    I am debating between an '08 Odyssey EX or a Sienna LE. I have a Sienna now, and it has been pretty good. Fuel sensors went bad, and the battery went bad, both covered under warranty. They also replaced my JBL cd player, turns out one of the kids and been putting change in it, so really our fault, but they covered it anyway.

    CR rates these two vans the best, but reliability is definitely on Toyota's side now. The Odyssey scored an average rating, something that most Honda's almost never score, usually abover average or excellent.

    So as I contemplate leasing these two, I have my concerns with the Odyssey, even if it is covered under warranty. I'll probably end up with the Sienna again, but I kinda wanted something different this time.
  • bobber1bobber1 Posts: 217
    Most of what is pulling Honda down is probably transmission problems in the 99 to 04 models which is finally showing up in CR data. They definitely had a problem with those models. They made a significant improvement in the transmission in 07, so gradually the data should improve again.

    We like our 07 Honda. It's been trouble free so far. Sounds like Toyota has treated you pretty well. If I were in your shoes and liked the van, I'd keep driving Toyota.
  • One BIG adavantage to purchasing another Sienna is that it will fit you like a glove, so to speak. Aside from a few new bells & whistles, you should feel immediately comfortable driving and operating it. We went from a Dodge Caravan to a Honda Odyssey and both my wife and I were not thrilled at first, because there was such a large learning curve in both the driving and operating of the car. It took a good month for my wife to adjust to the Odyssey and she is now OK with it. Something to consider though when changing makes/models.

    If you're happy with the Sienna, I'd stay with a new Sienna. Also seems like the Sienna has the quality edge right now compared to the Odyssey (I have already posted problems with our new '08 Odyssey).
  • scottinkyscottinky Posts: 194
    I am having the same issues with the right front door rattling at hwy speed.
    It just started this weekend after 1200 miles. the trim was loose and I put it
    back in, but I still heard it. Pretty dissappointing for having owned 1 month.
    I haven't had any engine issues, but the van does pull to the right. I will
    have these items addressed at the first service interval. I wish I would have
    kept my nearly paid off 2003 Nissan Pathfinder, 70K miles, built in Japan,
    never an issue.
  • I just purchased my 3rd Odyssey. I love the way they drive, especially for a minivan.

    My 2000 EXL was driven over 105,000 miles, with never a single problem. I did not experience any transmission problems despite the high mileage.

    My next Odyssey was a 2005 EXL. I drove it for 40k miles and really liked it. The 05 was the redesigned edition, and I purchased it the first month it came out. It had a sticking automatic right side sliding door when it was brand new, and it took 2 visits to the dealer to fix it. After the repair, I never had any other problems with the van.

    I bought a new 08 EXL last week. It runs great, and has a lot of nice new features that the '05 did not, like the backup camera, the more advanced variable cylinder management, and programmable automatic door locks. So far, I have not had any mechanical problems.

    One disappointment, however, the '05 had 3 power outlets, 2 on the dash and one in the cargo area. There are still 2 little doors for outlets on the dash, so I assumed it would be the same terrific set up, but there is now only one dash outlet, with a metal button behind the second cover. I was pretty disappointed today, as it was great in the '05, with my dash mounted gps and my cell phone each having an outlet, without a need to fumble with the plugs. I wonder why they removed this great feature.
  • I, too, found the one accessory outlet up front insufficient for my needs. I solved the problem by going to Radio Shack and purchasing a 3-outlet accessory power strip. You plug it into the existing outlet and can hook-up 3 accessories on the strip. Hope that helps!
  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    I too have the ratting from the front pass side window area at highway speeds on our 2008 Ody LX. I have yet to find the cause.

  • Ditto here too. New 2008 Honda Odyssey EX also has rattling from pass side window at highway speeds. Boy, that Alabama quality (or lack thereof) is really starting to show on these cars.
  • Well here's my two cents and my wife would agree with me on this subjective complaint about the 2008 Honda odyssey (we have a 2008 Touring).

    They have changed the front seats so that they are very uncomfortable. They are so bad that on a 3.5 hr ride two weeks ago we were both leaning forward to give our backs a rest from the pressure points.

    My service manager gave me his 2006 EX-L to drive and he took my car. After a long drive in it he also concluded that the seats were not as comfortable as his car but fell short or outright calling them uncomfortable. Since me and my wife both feel the seats are so bad we can't enjoy this car for it's intended "Touring" purpose we can't recommend one until this problem is resolved. We love the car otherwise and have had no other issues with it in the 2 months or ownership.

    BTW, the 2006 odyssey he loaned me was far more comfortable than our 2008. I have sat in a cloth version of the 2008 and it has similar problems with the firmness and location of the lumbar support but is not quite as bad for the driver, while the passanger seat is just as bad as our leather version. One experiment you can do is get in a 2008 odyssey and lean the seats back a bit farther than would comfortable drive. This highlights the problem. Put both front seats in this 45 degree recline and go back and forth between the two front seats and you will feel the problem area. Obviously dial out all of the drivers lumbar support to be fair. In the cars I've tested the passenger seat has a very prominent and firm lumbar support that is just too low making in more like sacral support. Mid-back support is lacking. This is just the opposite of the previous models which are slightly more compliant and support concentrates in you mid-back not the hard sacral bone.

    The problem is not immediately noticable during a short test drive and you may even feel you are adjusting to the new seats if you only drive 20-30 minutes at a time. But start to exceed 45 minutes and it just gets really bad and keeps getting worse.

    So please make sure you like the seats before you buy a 2008. Maybe there was a bad early batch and most are now okay. Just protect yourself and check first.

    I frankly can't understand how anyone who had owned an earlier version and is now driving a new leather 2008 would not notice this problem right away. Perhaps there is variability in the new seats.

    SInce its such a surprise that the seats should be so bad all of a sudden, it's easy to blame the addition of active head restraints to the front seats since that is presumably the only change. That's my opinion anyway.

    Meanwhile I'm hoping my dealer works out a fix. But please don't get yourself into this pickle. Take a good long test drive and don't play with the destracting bells and whistles!
  • meetme25meetme25 Posts: 10
    An update to my problem, after the 4th time when the VSA light and check engine light came on, they replaced the PCM(the engine computer) and all was fine til 4/11/2008.

    On 4/11/2008, the exact same problem re-occured, VSA light, check engine light, no response to throttle, slide door not working. I've logged a case with Honda and has been provided with a case # today. I've requested for either a buy back or a replace ment. It sounds like a definite lemon to me.

    Will update this thread once I get a response.

    Meanwhile any advice from anyone who has filed lemon claims? :lemon:
  • I have to totally agree with you on the seats! We have a 2008 EX with cloth seats and the seats are painful on long trips. They are OK on short trips, but anything over an hour and I am doing the same thing - leaning forward to relieve the pain. The support is just horrible, no matter how much the lumbar support is tweaked. I am physically fit, average height & weight, & have absolutely no back issues which is what makes this all the more mind-boggling.

    We have had other problems that surfaced within the 1st 1000 miles - steering spline knock, front door rattle, engine ping at low rpms (all discussed elsewhere in this forum) - but the horrible front seats are really the show stoppers for us.

    Definitely take a long test drive if you are considering the Odyssey and I agree - forget about all the bells & whistles. I am already looking to replace this car next year.
  • scottinkyscottinky Posts: 194
    I wish I would have sat in an older Ody, but I find the seats fine. Certainly
    not like first class cabin seats I had in my Armada. the killer for me are the
    rattles and creaks on this new van. It is horrible. the left side of my dash
    is constantly creaking going over bumps, i hear rattles from the rear doors
    constantly, and all of this under 2K miles. I really like the van, but built in
    the USA is showing, and my next car will be from Japan, or Germany
    (new Audi A4 Wagon)
  • Just wanted to say to some of you who are trying to decide if they want to buy a Odyssey, I have 3K miles on mine and it is everything that I expected, perfect. (Maybe my expectations aren't that high, but great for a minivan). No problems with anything at this point. I would recommend an Odyssey and if your thinking of the touring, I don't think you'll be disappointed. I was a little unsure as to if I needed those extras and I'm happy with that decision, I like those extra's. Especially the Bluetooth - works great. Love the color, interior too. I hope I'm still this happy in years to come, worse comes to worse I trade it in, they hold their value!
  • Agreed - my next car is actually going to be made in Japan. Honda US has lost control of quality IMHO.
  • melvinshmelvinsh Posts: 19
    We just got a white 2008 touring. So far so good. So far about 200 miles. No problem. We have a 2006 Sienna XLE. I think 2008 is a bit more refine than the Sienna in both comfort and technology. I will keep you guys updated if any problem developed.
  • ragtop262ragtop262 Posts: 58
    This lack of 12V outlets is a significant issue for travelling families. I was sold on the Oddysey EX until my wife noted there was only one outlet in the front and none for the middle row. When we travel, we have XM radio, nav system and cell phone chargers to plug in up front. And the kids have a DVD player, video games, I-pod chargers, etc in the back. I wish we could afford a loaded EX-L with some of that stuff built in - but we can't.

    It might seem like a minor issue, but the lack of 12V outlets actually killed the deal for us.
  • fballardfballard Posts: 9
    I recently traded my 05 Odyssey in on a new 08 EXL. There appears to me to be numerous improvements in the 08 vs the 05 and I love the 08 - the 08 rides better, has less wind/road noise, has the rear view camera and the DRLs.The only complaints so far are that the passenger headrest is very uncomfortable for my wife and I purchased a set of the all weather black floor mats and found that the middle row mats snaps do not match the floor snaps - Honda has been notified and hopefully will correct this. I shopped around visiting several dealers and purchased from a different dealer than where I bought the 05. I was very disappointed when the sales person who sold me the 05 called me extremely upset that I had purchased from another dealer. I have always "assumed" that one is free to shop around for the best deal but apparently this was not the right thing to do in my case. Oh well - some you win and some you loose applies to both the customer and the sales person.
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