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2008 Chevrolet Cobalt

I traded in my 05 Cobalt for an 08 in september. I loved the 05 but it did have some issues like shifter assembly changed, Fuel Sensor changed, recall for roof padding etc. But I did log over 47,000 miles on it through the 3 years I owned it. It never stranded me.

Since I see very little on the 08's I thought I'de add some. The 08's are a much better car than my 05 was. Much better fit and finish, Love the XM radio and ofcourse the remote start. Also noticed that even though it has the same aluminum wheel's my 05 had they now have 5 lugs instead of 4. To top this all off I paid 17,900 after incentives for a LT-2 with auto and the performance package, this was cheaper than my 05. So far after 4,000 miles the car has been flawless. I'm very happy with the 08 and plan on running this into the ground.


  • I ordered a new 08 on Dec 15th after I totaled out my 06. I also was amazed that even with a price increase that the car was cheaper than my 06 with the same options , infact the car has more. I ordered the LT-2 with Leather, Performance Package, pioneer sound system and Auto, Plus now The 08 comes with side airbags which was a 200 plus option on my 06. My total price before taxes was 18,155, my 06 was 18,630. I don't know what rebates will be in effect when it comes in mid January, but that will come off the price. The mechanic told me at the dealer that the 08's have all the Cobalt issues resolved. When I asked what was the most common issues he said the 05 and 06's had the most and they were, bad shifter assembly, faulty fuel sensor, warped rotors, sunroof moulding, loose ignition wires, a/c drain pan and a few others I forget. Counting the days till It comes in, I did love the car.
  • pjm16pjm16 Posts: 13
    I've owned my 2008 cobalt coupe special edition since(Dec 20 '07) I haven't noticed any problems,yet. If you know of any please inform me.
  • pjm16pjm16 Posts: 13
    I have a concern about getting new wheels for my 08 cobalt. It's got a 4 bolt pattern and my tire size is P205/60R16, I haven't been able to find any acceptable wheels. Does anyone have any suggestions? :(
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Though they are expensive like most any dealer available accessory, Chevrolet has a lot of custom parts available for their cars. The parts department can show you different wheels and based on that information you should be able to shop elsewhere for the best price, style. Their is a special accessory catalog from GM available for this car that has every part you can think whether stock or high performance including stock or modified engine blocks for racing, aluminum pistons, heads, etc. It cost something like $20 just for the catalog. For wheels make sure you buy the correct wheel with the correct offset because you don't want a Mexican looking car, no offense, with the wheels sticking past the wheel wells of the car. Not only does this look stupid but is very bad of the suspension components and can be very dangerous, and is illegal in most states to have tires hanging out the wheel wells.
  • jtk152jtk152 Posts: 139
    Which engine and transmission on your 2008? You don't hear of any real chronic issues aside from maybe some interior and suspension noises here and there and your occasional power assist steering issue on 2005's. The only issue I've heard of on 2007 2.2L, autos is a crazy surging you get when the torque converter tries to lock. Mine does it and I've heard of about 3 others who have the same concern.

  • pjm16pjm16 Posts: 13
    I haven't had any suspension problems or problems of any other kind..SO FAR. As far as i know my torque converter doesn't do that.When i get up & go everything does what it's supposed to do,believe me when i say it get's up & goes, wheww hold on to your seat!!! When i steer it's just perfect.I have a 2.2L Automatic. :shades:
  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,870
    What are the special features not found on regular Cobalt's?
  • There are no features on the Special Edition that can't be had on other cobalt lines. The difference really is anti-lock brakes and special design 16 inch wheels. The wheels are unique to the special edition although they are only 4 bolt pattern unlike the 5 bolt pattern on the LT-2 with sports appearance package. The other difference would be the shark tooth stripes , but most dealers order the car without them. My dealer has 3 special ediation cobalts and says there very hard to sell, because of the higher price tag and limited options. There basically LT-1's with 16 inch wheels and anti-lock brakes.
  • hey man i recently got in an accident and my 03 cavalier sport was totaled.

    in any case it looks like ill be getting a cobalt, 07 or 08 is not decided just yet, prob an 08.

    do all cobalts have the 4 bolt pattern? i have a set of tires/rims that i bought for my cavvy but the bolt pattern is 5.

    also the car i might get is navy blue with the white/silver racing stripes. it has a wing and a diff grill setup etc. i understand it it below the ss model but is it just below? what is the lt-2? all lt's ive seen dont have a wing or grill or anything this one has in the showroom but ur post suggests its still below an lt2?

    thank you kindly
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    check page 1 pjm has one. and the ss model has a 5 bolt pattern
  • ah bugger it seems the ss are just outa my price range to

    the special edition is in my range tho so i might settle, maybe sell my rims and get new ones with a four bolt pattern.

    maybe i can squeeze out an ss, are there any ss's models with the special paint scheme's?
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    ah no pantra hahaha
  • The 2008 LT-2 cobalt also has 5 bolt pattern rims as well as the SS, at a much cheaper price.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    The LT2 is a loaded model with just a few options.
  • I received my ordered Cobalt LT-2 last week, Long wait ordered on 12/21. First thing I noticed was the headlamps they looked darker than my 06 had. When I asked the dealer about them he said that gm has been throwing the smoked headlamps from the revolution on the LT-2's lately. I didn't even realize that they made a smoked headlamp. I don't mind the look, they look like there lightly tinted. Has anyone else heard about these tinted headlamps? Just thought I'de bring this up, it was news to me. Is GM just getting rid of surplus or is this the norm? Other than that the car came in looking ok, just had a cracked rear cup holder from what it looks like someone jammed in and left.
  • Has anyone had any problems with the headlights on the 2008 Cobalt where they sometimes don't light up at night?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    You might try posting this over in the electrical topic.
    Chevrolet Cobalt Electrical Issues.

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  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    Howdy, I have a 2006 Cobalt LT with the sport package and 16 inch Pirelli P6 H rated tires. I need new tires and the tire store said my car recommended H series tires.
    Now, I know the 2008 Cobalt LT2 has 16 inch touring tires so why would I have to get H rated tires since touring tires are not H rated? I want to improve the quality of the ride and H rated tires are low profile while touring tires are not.
    My question to you guys is what brand and model tires came with your Balts, and what is the speed rating?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Sorry, I don't have one yet but I too would probably go the touring tire route because I am not much into racing anymore. Your dealership probably got your Cobalt with Michelins also. H-rated tires are rated to 130 mph. They probably want you to have a tire that is original equipment rated for safety reasons. If you were not inclined to exceed 100 mph then the S-rated would be a nicer riding tire and save some money as well. I drive a small truck and never exceed 80 mph so I am not concerned about tire failure caused by speed.
  • pjm16pjm16 Posts: 13
    I have the GoodYear EAGLE ResponsEdge P205/60R16 92V(V Rated).I got them for performance.I think they can handle speeds up to and over 140 mph.I have a 2008 Chevy Cobalt Special Edition. :shades:
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    my 06 ss/sc comes with pirelli pzero rosso that are z rated. your car has a nanny set at around 100mph. most any tire you choose will operate at regular hiway speeds. it generaly is the cornering performance that you see the difference in when you go to the touring tire.
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    Well, I like the car to take corners without a problem, but I dont go above 75 MPH on the Freeway (I have cheap insurance and I want it to stay that way).

    I'm trying to decide between the Michelin Destiny and the Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S.
    Right now the ride on the freeway sucks and the car takes bumps rough, I'm trying to get a smoother ride and get a good tire also.
    Aren't H rated tires low profile therefore would be harder on bumps?
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    typically the aspect ratio determends the profile. so with that in mind the circumference of the tire is what you need to keep basically the same. a tire size change may also benefit your ride more so than speed rating. have you asked the guys over at the tires forum. :shades:
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    I didnt even know there was a tire forum.
  • okko1okko1 Posts: 327
    yes it is in maintenance and repair forum. you can get great info there about price and opinions on ride quality.
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    OK, I'll check it out but I really want to find out which 16 inchers are on the 2008 Cobalt LT2, because if it is a touring tire, not h rated, then it shouldnt matter as much as that guy at Discount Tire said it would.
  • steve333steve333 Posts: 201
    It matters. H rated is the way to go for the 16 inchers.
  • grosloupgrosloup Posts: 239
    I've always driven' S.U.V.'s or Vans (Blazer, Venture, Safari and now an Equinox). I'm thinking of trading the Equinox for a Cobalt Coupe next year, (less expensive, better gas mileage, smaller to drive).
    My questions are.... is it reliable and a safe car? (crash test). Is it good in snow driving? Will it be able to tow a small (open) utility trailer. (for carrying wood, furniture, snow blower) ect... without damaging the car?
    We're both in our 50's and all our children are now gone and married.

    I really don't know what I should do and I need help with my decision.
  • jgrandeljgrandel Posts: 2
    Hey everyone,
    I currently own a pos 1994 Honda Accord. The thing is pretty much a project car, and I have had to replace a fan and some gaskets in the block. I have worked out a deal with my parents, and they have agreed to match what I have to buy my first car. Although I already own a car it is due to the fact that we had some issues in which I HAD to buy a car and spent all I had on this. I have found a used 07Cobalt the color I want and it has 33,000 miles on it for $10,000. I REALLY like this car and was wondering if anyone who sees this could let me know what they think of the car on ALL aspects. I just don't want another project car and by looking at some of the reviews (and by working for a fabrication shop) was wondering if this would make a nice tuner car. So yeah, any information would be appreciated.

    Thanks everyone!!!
  • jgrandeljgrandel Posts: 2
    Just get in touch with a local fabrication shop. The place I work at orders parts for the customers and we instal everything. You pay for the part, shipping and handling, and then a pretty acceptable labor fee.
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