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Hyundai Entourage Tires and Wheels

hburghburg Member Posts: 3
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The factory tires on my 2007 GLS seem OK for normal use, but the tread design doesn't appear to be very good for snow.

I would like to get 2 more wheels and permanently mount snow tires on them for short term use in slick conditions. I am fortunate to have a garage and tools (jack, air wrench, etc.) for quick change over.

Anyone know of an aftermarket or used source?

Also, I am in need of a wheel cover for a 2007 GLS. Anyone know of a source? Would like to find used or aftermarket. I'm sure it can be obtained from Hyundai, but likely is pretty expensive.

I expect Kia Sedona wheels will fit. Not sure about wheel covers. Mine are a 7 spoke design



  • ny540i6ny540i6 Member Posts: 518
    Check out sources like the They should have a wide selection of tires, steelies, alloys and some covers.
  • stushstush Member Posts: 62
    I was wondering if you found those extra rims and where you got them. I have the SE with the 17" rims. I'm like you. Want to be able to put a good snow tire on for the winter by just switching wheels. Not worried about what the rims look like, just want to quickly switch them out for the winter, then rotate the other tires back on in the spring.
  • hburghburg Member Posts: 3
    I'm still looking.

    I tried some of the sites like Tire Rack, but no luck yet. The wheel must be fairly new type. Used ones seem to be rare. Dealer can supply for about $120. If by next fall I cannot find used or aftermarket, I may break down and buy from the dealer.

    Suggestions welcomed
  • hersbirdhersbird Member Posts: 323
    I have a 2007 Sedona which is the twin of the Entourage. The wheels use a common 6x5.5" bolt pattern. Same as Chevy, GMC, Caddy trucks and suvs and many Toyota and Nissan trucks and SUVs as well. The difference is in the offset and the center bore. The minivans need a very high offset the factory uses something like a +40mm. The center bore of a GM wheel will be too small and the import trucks too big (not necessarily a problem if "lug centered" wheels are used). The Hyundai needs about a 95mm center bore. I haven't seen any factory import truck wheels with what I think would be enough positive offset. The GM trucks with the change in the body style a few years back did go to a higher offset and although it's not +40 it is +31mm which only pushes the wheel out 9mm given the same wheel width.

    So long story short here's what I did. I mounted studded snows on my factory steel wheels and then bought a set of 2007 18" Escalade wheels off e-bay for the amazing price of $100 for the set of 4 with center caps. Normally these are pretty common for $199 with $100 shipping. Then the center bore has to be enlarged by a machine shop which actually cost me $120 more ($30 each) for a quality job in a small town. I went with 235/55/18 Michelin tires on this setup which I also found lightly used (20%) on e-bay as they are stock on some Magnums, Chargers, 300c's, and Lexus SUVs. I also bought new lug nuts to fit the wheels better and with shipping, mounting, balancing, machining, etc the total was $600.50. I didn't put the pressure monitoring valves in the 18's but they are in the snow tires. I'm not sure how much more that would add to the cost or if the ones in the GM rims would be able to be reprogrammed but my wheels didn't have them anyway.

    They set out a little more then the factory 16" wheels and 225 tires but they don't rub in the turns on the front or against the sliding doors when opened. I'd say they are out 1/2-1" more then the stock tires or about even with the lip of the fender at the top of the arc.

    A rude dealer would probably say this is going to void the warranty but laws are clear the burden of proof is on the manufacturer that the modification caused the failure. I bought this van used so I only have 3 1/2 years left on the warranty anyway and I'd probably swap to the stock tires if I thought I was having a serious warranty issue I wanted checked out.

    I'll try and put a picture up but we are leaving for a spring break. I looks really nice IMO. Next I'll maybe put on some chrome door handle and maybe mirror covers and then leave well enough alone. I think it's one of the best looking vans from he factory I just didn't like the 16" steel wheels with hubcaps!
  • stushstush Member Posts: 62
    Thanks for the post, but, I have no idea what you just wrote. It's safe to say i'm just an idiot. I'm no piston head. I think i'll just stick with hburg's plan. I have the 17" wheels if that also makes a difference.
  • hersbirdhersbird Member Posts: 323
    I know it's not as easy as just buying the factory wheels. Here is the best price I have seen on factory alloy wheels and also they have the plastic wheel covers for the steel wheels but no the steel wheels themselves.

    so a set of factory alloy wheels with shipping would be about $800, snow tires mounting and balancing another $550-600 and then still you would have to buy a set of tire pressure monitoring sending units to go into the new wheels to make everything factory.
  • entourage2007entourage2007 Member Posts: 4
    I don't know about wheels but I did have an issue with my tires in the winter here in Mass. We bought Cooper Mud & Snow tires for winter for $400 for all 4 and included mounting, balancing, storage of summer tires, etc. They were wonderful in the snow this past winter! I went around a plow truck stuck in a hill one day during a blizzard!
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