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Problems with 07 Dodge Caliber SXT



  • Should the Alternator go out on a 2007 caliber with 100,000 miles on it? We are experiencing a rattling noise in the engine. Has anyone had this problem?
  • I don't blame you, I know its been a long time since u posted this message, but I own a 2007 calibre and nothings changed. I belive I will get two bright yellow signs too.
  • I am having the exact same problem. I have had two pulleys changed as of tonight and it is still not fixed. i am so mad right now and i have only had this car for 9 months. i took it back the first few weeks after i bought it and the dealer stated they could not hear any noise, it was real faint at first. As the months have goine on it has now gotten ridiculously loud. i have already spent 130.00 and still no solution. I guess i will have them check he power steering and altenator next. This CAR SUCKS
  • vecsvecs Posts: 1
    I just received the same diagnostic from the Dealer, the only thing is that my Caliber has 41,000 miles!!! I sent it elsewhere for repair, hopefully this will solve the problem and I can live happy!!! I also changed the Fuel pump. :mad:
  • calibreationscalibreations Posts: 1
    edited December 2010
    I am wondering if anyone has found a solution to this problem yet.

    My 07 seems to run just fine...really it's a nice drive and good on gas...except once a week or so... coming up to a light, about to stop, it will just stall. It will start back up no problem. I have noticed at times if I'm parked the idle will fluctuate a will drop and shudder like it's going to stall and then go back to normal, or even idle high.

    I took it back to the dealer and there were no engine codes and they are still trying to figure out what it may be. I'm just wondering it anyone else who has this issue ever found a fix?
  • The only problem with my Caliber is since Nov. 2010 when it rains the passenger side foot area in the back seat fills with water. I found were the water was coming from and repaired the area. I thought I repaired the area, when it rained this past weekend, water was back in the back seart foot area. Anyone have this problem? If so how did you fix the leak and were was the leak.
  • tb12tb12 Posts: 1
    I have a 2007 Caliber with 108,000 miles. I am the original owner. Recently, the engine sounds as if it is going to explode it is so loud. I feel I am driving a diesel with the additional rattling noise. Has anyone received a diagnosis that is accurate?
  • I suspect you have a bad alternator decoupler pulley. It's a high failure rate item.
  • i just got a 08 dodge caliber 2.0L and theres a ticking sound coming from the engine, is that normal?? and when im sitting and a stop light and the car is in Drive there a rumble the whole car rumbles, is that fixable??
  • Hi, i also have owned my caliber sence new i have 157000 miles on it and had to replace the TPS sencor and some minor stuff.
    the car started rattleing and pinging. Well no one could figure it out 7 differint shops! well one day last week the noise really got to me so i thought i would try to figure it out my self so i went to the autopart store to buy a stefscope to listen to all the moving parts. after about 2 min.
    i found out it was in fact the alternator i will replace it my self this weekend because it costs 900.00 and up for a repare shop to do it. i will keep u posted. ok so i replaced the alt. and now i have no prob. with the car what so ever. (do not buy a alt from the dealer) the alt. is a common prob. with the caliber buy a after market 115 amp alt. its been 5 months and i still have no noise works great!!!!! any more questions let me know
  • My car is doing the same thing. Also a family member of mine has the same car and mileage and hers went out and fried the computer.
  • I bought my car in sep 2010, and it is now feb 18 2011. Since I have bought it I have had nothing but problems. For starters I got my tires changed and they were wearing from inside out. I was told to that I need a alignment, so I got that done too.. Well after I got the alignment and started driving my car was pulling hard to the right. I took it back and they told me they forgot to tell me I needed a new camden kit. I got that and it still didnt fix the problem. When I push the accelerator and let go the car speeds up for a sec before it slows back down, which I think is pretty odd. Also when I accelerate or slow down from 5-10 mph you can hear something swishing or scraping. Keep in mind I am slowing down just by releasing the accelerator not using the brakes. Now, I have around 75,000 miles on my car and last month the battery light started popping on and off while I was driving. That finally stopped after about two weeks and then my engine light came on. Then my battery light started popping back on and off while driving. The engine light went off for about two days and now is back on. I have taken it to two people to have it looked at. They have hooked it up to a computer and something about the emissions sonoid? The other person said it wasnt giving any code.. So they still dont know whats wrong with it. I have also noticed that after turning the car off I hear a ticking and the hood is usually pretty hot.. This is from normal driving like to the store and back. Any one else having the same issues? or any ideas? :confuse:
  • I had a problem where a noise started faint and got increasingly louder...I thought it was a pully but it turned out to be the alternator..cost about 400 to im having to have a strut replaced...even my mechanic is like your car isnt old enough to have these problems..i barely had this car 3 yrs..i hope nothing else major goes wrong before i can trade in
  • biggie1987biggie1987 Posts: 1
    edited March 2011
    i had this car for 3 years now and i am constantly having it at the shop
    my headlights kept goin out they were replacing the light buld and it just kept goin out so i started checking it before bringing it in to dodge and here it wasnt burning out it was a wiring problem they said i was luckey the car didnt catch on fire cause the wires in the wire harness were all fried so they had to replace the whole harness so that was that fixed at the same time i was hoping it would fix the idle problem cause when i would stop it would idle up to around 3000 rpms than drop till the car would be litterly shaking but it didnt fix it than i brang it up to get it checked again when my engine light was on and they got a code for the computer and throtle so they fixed them parts and also had to replace my intake valves and the car is still noisy knocking and taping and have a leak in car the passinger side of car fills up with water about 2 3 inches deep and asked them to find the leak cause my underbody on that side is starting to rot out and they said it could cost about 1000.00 to just find the leak and if its a manafacturer body seam that is gone its not covered any water getting in aint covered under warrenty so that sucks big time i still owe 19.000.00 on loan so another 4 years i also had to replace the battery 3 times in the past year and a battery is 170.00 for this car but i never had anything but problems and my car is still doin the idle problem warrenty is up the march 23rd so another 2 weeks and all i can get for a trade in is 5.000.00 so not worth my while and we dont have the lemon law down here and to a full tank of gas which is 60.00 i only get about 350 km to a tank and thats mostley highway driving and i got the lightining bolt problem a couple times and they could still never figure it out but if anyone has any suggestions they can email me or post on here email is [email protected] any suggestions ? and there is only 72000 km on car
  • jzaporjzapor Posts: 1
    Having same issue where my horn is not working when pressing from steering wheel, but horn works find for the alarm system. Did anyone find the solution?
  • wow, I am having the same rattling problem and I took it to 3 different shops and no 1 can tell me what the problem is except for I may need a tune up. Im @ 79,000 miles... I hope this Alt fix will fix my problem, because I am tired of the noise and the stress of wondering will car break down on me! helpful info... thx!
  • you need to trade it in ASAP! those cars aren't made to last... Seriously!
  • Im having the same freaking problem, it seems like the mechanics just tune that sound out! I quite loud and irritating!
  • ok so i own a 2007 dodge caliber sxt. its an automatic... this is the first car i have owned in my own name so i dont kno too much about cars themselves. someone plz lemme kno if they can help or give a suggestion on what to do...

    i bought the car about a yr ago and it was used. car already had about 70k miles on it... now has 99k. the car ran perfectly fine when i first bought it and i have kept the minor tune ups goin since i have bought it. if i am driving at a steady speed for a few mins and then i try to accelerate, the car will jerk back and forth like the transmission is slipping or something. i havent taken it to the dealer because its out of warranty and i havent taken it to a shop because im scared of how much it might cost. if i am stopped at a stoplight for a few mins and then go to take off it does the same thing. it kind of shakes if i stay sitting with the car on and its in drive.

    anyone have any ideas??
  • hey i have a 07 caliber with similar issues with tires and such...Have you checked the ball bearings and tierods...i was told recently after having 4 new tires put on...I have contacted dodge on this issue..check that issue may be your problem..also if it is an 07 you should still be under manufacture warranty for you emissions issue from what i was told from to and get the number from their website...hopefully this helps you out!!!
  • I have been having problems with the sound that started out faint and now sounds like a low grade horn. Like the car is idling up and it get stuck.
    The dealership of course saids it's the altenator and has quoted me $627 to repair the problem. It also does some type of jerking actions. I have had my car for 4 yrs and the two people that I had to look at it also stated that it should not be doing.
  • I bought this car in april of 2008. it was a great car, until i got to 70,000 miles. So far I have replaced to CV axels, 2 lower balls joints, a neutral safety relay swtich, 2 front tie in rods, the synoid on the transmission. Right now I am awaiting a new computer for it, which was a dealer part (just like all the other parts). this is getting to be ridiculous. I will never again by anything affiliated with dodge. my payments are over this year and its outta here. (I am going to eat about 6,000$) but its worth it.
  • :mad: :mad: bought a dodge caliber in 2008 three years later with 71,000 miles later and my transmission is slipping. Took it to a tansmission shop and they took one look at it and already new from other cleints that also own this kind of dodge crap that it was darn ol' cvt transmision. Now the shop that i took it to was a good friend who own a very reliable transmission shop called Golden Empire Transmission and he told me some interesting facts. (1) That no transmision shop wood deal with this transmission and warranty the work due to the fact that no one makes a rebuild kit and no one will rebuild it. (2) that i could buy a used one for $1200 to $3800 used with about roughly 70 to 80 thousand miles on them with no warranty and still be facing what i am facing now.(3) Was told that these cvt transmissions have a life expectly of 100k to 130k thats it and then you need to replace.(4) He also informed me on how this transmission was created,when,and on how it works. So here we go, This transmission was designed in the 70's in chevy vega's at wich time the economy hit a low and unexpected downfall in wichtime some idiot decided to disign a cheap and economical way to build a transmission thus this piece of crap the cvt was born. Now in 2002 don't know if you remeber but nissan came out with a shiftless transmision and so on that note the cvt was re-intraduced to the general public. Thanks alot nissan if it weren't for you we wouldn't have all bought a piece of crap... and last but not least how it works ,welll ... normal transmission have rails, and on these rails are clutch packs and gears well what the cvt tranny is that it still has rails with clutch packs but instead of gears that mesh when a shift arm move the gears to align well in stead there are bands or belts some may call them, that work together instead of the gears. Thus the big problem of the cvt tranny... Because Belts have a certain life till they slip or fail and that my people is why a hate my dodge caliber.. Ohh if your wandering a new transmission for these vehicles are around $6800 from dealer who in my town will only install new, My car only bluebooks at $6400 with bad tranny. Soooo i hate to say but im getting rid of this piece and building my Bmw 525I up because its already a better car eaven if it is 16yrs old. Thank you for reading and hope i could shed some light on the piece of crap DODGE calls CALIBER. tHANK YOU,,, :mad: :mad:
  • crys2003crys2003 Posts: 1
    We have an original Dodge Calibur SXT with a 5-Speed. When I accelerate the engine makes a whining noise, its starting to get louder. When you let off of the accelerator the noise stops. My husband is a trained mechanic, but not on Dodge. Any ideas or suggestions would be helpful.
    Other than tires wearing down fast, this is my only issue with the Caliber. All I can say is it was a cheap car that we could afford at the time.
  • bubbles69bubbles69 Posts: 1
    I also have a 2007 Caliber & it currently has approx. 79000 miles on it. I have had the same problems with the ticking noise. Found out last week, when I had BOTH struts replaced, that it needs an idler, tensioner & belt. Of course the parts are about $100, but their price for doing it is $325. And I also need rear brakes, a $225 job for $40 parts...go figure. I for one am terribly dissappointed in this car & vow to NEVER buy a Dodge vehicle again!! I unfortunately have the tires for life program, which is nothing more than a fat headache because you are to have all maintenance done at the dealership or it voids the program. That would be fine IF, every time I go for an oil change it takes them 2 hours for a 15 minute job & OF COURSE, they always find something wrong that needs to be replaced at the tune of $200+/-. Love the look of the car, but the quality SUCKS!!!
  • If you can trace the rattling noise to the right side of the engine where the serpentine belt is located, it's likely the altenator and/or the altenator decoupler pulley. I would purchase the parts myself as you can receive a "core deposit" if you send your old altenator back to the seller which could save you half the cost of the altenator. A good mechanic will suggest you change the tensioner as well as the tension (serpentine) belt also.
  • I just had my 2007 Caliber SXT with a 5 speed repaired for a similar problem. It turned out to be the bearing that holds the right axle in place, but they had to replace the entire assembly as it is a sealed unit. Hope this helps.
  • jamaccjamacc Posts: 2
    I have a 2008 Dodge caliber Auto Trans, The whining just started after 70,000 miles. the whining/groaning starts as the car is accelerating and not when it is not moving. Does this sound the same as what happened to yours? There is no crunching sound when turning as with a CV joint and I do know one of my struts is probably starting to leak. I did come out to find one of my tires flat with no puncture, I have no idea if this could be related or not. Did you have it repaired at a dealership or chain auto shop? If so how much did it cost to take care of this. I have ruled out transmission or any mechanical problems, so I think it is similar to your issue. Any insight will be greatly appreciated.
  • jamacc

    Yes, this sounds very similar to what happened to me. I don't think the flat tire has anything to do with it though and your struts are another problem. I had this repaired at my local dealership, however I had an extended power-train warranty so I only paid my deductible, but I do believe that the grand total was somewhere around $500
  • yes, my husband bought me a dodge caliber in 2006 brand new car remind you.i have 63000 miles on this car. i have had to have the altornato, the struts, the battery and the tire rod replace. got it out of the shop on 10/28/2011 and now it won't go any faster than 30 miles per hour.i would advise anybody do not purschase the 2007 dodge caliber sxt because they are no good. my husband payed 20,000 dollars for this car and we have not enjoyed it at all.can some one tell me what do we do . people are being cheated out of there money for a no good dodge caliber.
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